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Tara's Search


Tara has this obsession with her own feet. The way they look in her high heels or any open type of show she wears. She is always checking out the other ladies feet.

Just looking for ones that matched hers. With us being friends she's always doing my nails or wanting to touch my feet. I love the way she touches them.

I get so wet watching her work on my nails. Tara loved my feet but they don't look like hers. That didn't stop her from doing what she did best though.

My feet are wide and I have chubby toes. She says they are cute. I tell her she needs to update her contacts. I knew she wasn't happy and wouldn't be until she found another pair of feet like hers.

Tara's feet were long and elegant. Her toes were neither too long nor too short and they were neither to fat nor to thin.

Basically she had perfect feet. The kind of feet that any one would want to feel all over them. And when she wore stilettos. All I can say is they are gorgeous!

Tara has those legs that most women would die for and she doesn't even have to work out. Tara is an impressive woman.

She stands about six foot with long almond colored hair. Her eyes are a dark jade green and she looks as if she should have been one of those run way models. Tara does not see herself as anything but plain which she is not.

I have been looking for another set of sexy feet that match hers and guess what! I found a set! I was in the shoe store at the mall around where we live trying on different shoes.

You know, trying to find a pair that made my feet look sexy with out killing my feet. Forget the heels even thought I would die for a pair. I would end up killing myself.

I envy the ladies who can wear them. Anyways, this lady stopped by me. From the feet I thought it was Tara. When she tries on shoes she walks around barefoot. I was already on my knees looking at this pair of shoes.

I bent over and licked the arch of her foot. Then I ran my tongue over the top and along the toes. I grabbed these feet and ran my hand up the calf and slapped the leg.

The lady didn't even move. When I looked up I saw it wasn't Tara! I was so embarrassed but she didn't seem to care. She smiled at me and told me her name was Sara.

How ironic that their names would rhyme. I told her I had some one she absolutely had to meet and I knew Tara would be so happy.

Sara was five foot eleven with long coppery hair that fell in ringlets from her head. Her eyes were the most intense blue I had ever seen and she did not have contacts in.

Sara's blue eyes resembled the color of the ocean. She was not thin but she was fat. I would say she was a comfortable in between. Let's say she looked healthy. Plus she had thin elegant looking feet just like Tara's!

That day was Tara's birthday and I had found the perfect gift! That night I had Tara lie on the floor while I gave her a massage.

I applied the right amount of pressure that had Tara making light moaning sounds. I alternated between massaging her toes and sucking on them. Letting each foot rest on my breasts while I did the other.

When I was done I told her to stay there and close her eyes so I could get her birthday present. I brought Sara in who had been watching the two of us. She was smiling wildly. I could tell she was as anxious as I was to see Tara's reaction!

I had Sara sit on the couch and place her feet on Tara's chest. They rested between her breasts. Sara had painted her nails a delicious red color. Tara never said or word and didn't move until I told her too.

When she opened her eyes she was in shock. There staring back at her from her chest was a pair of feet almost as beautiful as her own! She had squealed in delight and without any hesitation she started touching Sara's feet.

Sara was all smiles as she introduced herself and told Tara how I had mistaken her for Tara and what I had done to her.

Of course they both had a laugh at that one! We spent the rest of the night caressing each others feet as we talked. All three of us leaning up against the other.

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