tagMatureTarget Ch. 01

Target Ch. 01


Janice: Age - 60; Stats: 36B-26-38, 130 lbs. Height: 70 inches. She could not be considered beautiful in the Vogue sense but Mature would have signed her to a contract without hesitation. Knowing which colors and materials brought out her best side she dressed in unstated elegance. Weight would never be a problem. A Wholesome diet and regular exercise maintained her figure. Men and women were constantly having a good, long look.

Bill: Age - 65; Stats: 44-34-38, 195 lbs. Height: 74 inches. Men don't have a cup size. He wasn't model material but there was a presence that was reinforced when he looked at you with his hazel eyes. He kept in shape but was loosing the battle for control of his abs. Injuries to his spine prohibited the type of exercise that would have produced flat abs. The cut and color of his clothing had been selected to accentuate his overall appearance but not draw attention to his height.


Janice had been a resident of the complex for five years. She participated in the sponsored activities on an irregular basis. There had been men at the complex that provided a casual 'roll in the hay'. When Janice attempted to engage their minds all were lacking. They thought with their gonads and their intelligence was limited to football on TV.

Bill was a newcomer of just six months. He had met many of the residents while checking his mail, doing his laundry or paying his rent. It took awhile for names to earn a place in his memory. Faces were there like photographs without captions. Janice's face was there, but unlike so many others, with a caption attached. The lady in his mental photograph had mischief behind the eyes, a damn good-looking body and a spark of something. If something happened fine, if nothing happened that was okay as well. He had never been taught the signs that a woman was interested in him and he should follow up.

It was a chance meeting that made Bill stick in Janice's mind. Oh she had seen him around. Janice might have said hello while getting her mail or even finishing her laundry. The meeting took place at the complex office. She had a meeting and didn't want to be late but her rent was due. If Janice waited until after the meeting the office would be closed and in her mind the rent would be overdue.

Being in a rush Janice didn't see the office door being opened. She did feel the body she bounced off of. Janice also felt the hands that grasped her arms to prevent her from stumbling backward. When she inhaled Janice caught Bill's scent. Sunny, woodsy and a scent she had trouble defining. Janice was about to apologize when she heard.

"I'm sorry, I should have been paying attention to where I was going," Bill said.

"Oh, I didn't see you come out the door. I was in a rush," stammered Janice.

"Then I shall not delay you further," Bill replied with a half bow while holding the door open.

"Thank you," Janice said as she entered the office.

Janice paid her rent and was almost out the door when she turned and said, "Jim, who was that man I practically ran over?"

Jim replied, "That's the new guy, Bill. He lives in 207."

"Thanks, I have to run. Bye!" Janice said as she left the office.

Bill having returned to his apartment searched through his mental photographs. He still didn't know the name but the caption was updated. She was attractive with a firm body and her scent was cantaloupe and forest dew. Filing the information away Bill went on about his normal routine.

Janice made the meeting with a few minutes to spare. By the time the meeting was over she was slightly churlish and testy. Her clothes added to the dilemma. They didn't seem to fit right and they irritated her skin.

Marie, a long-standing co-worker came up to Janice after the meeting. "Are you alright?" she asked.

"I don't know." Janice replied, "Usually these meetings are no big deal."

"Well, knowing you as I do," Marie said looking at Janice's blouse, "I'd say that you were bitten by the horny bug."

"Nonsense!" Janice said tartly, "I'll go home, have a bubble bath, enjoy a glass of sparkling cider and relax. Be back to normal tomorrow." Saying good-bye to Marie and the others present Janice left for home and follow the advice she had given herself.

As Janice drove home her thoughts were on things external that might change the way her skin was reacting to her clothes. 'Did I change the brand of detergent or fabric softener', she thought to herself.

Arriving home Janice checked her mail and after securely locking her door she hung her overcoat in the hall closet. Crossing to the living room windows Janice started to close the blinds. Working the drawstrings Janice glanced out the window. She caught a movement out of the corner of her eye. Janice saw the head and shoulders of a man in the apartment directly across from hers but on the second floor. Doing a quick calculation Janice realized she was seeing Bill, the man she had bumped into earlier that day.

Finished with drawing the blinds Janice lowered her arms. The action renewed the skin irritation. Janice tugged her blouse from her slacks as she walked towards the bedroom. Passing the linen closet on the way Janice slid open the door and peered inside. There on the normal shelf lay her regular brand of detergent and fabric softener. Stepping into her bedroom Janice finishing the process of unbuttoning and removing her blouse. She realized, while tossing the garment into the hamper, that the irritation was partially gone. Reaching behind her Janice undid the button that secured the waistband of her slacks. Sliding the zipper down removed more of the skin irritation. Janice walked over to her bed, turned around and slid her slacks down over shapely hips. Letting the slacks fall to the floor Janice sat down to finish the removal process. As she bent over to retrieve her slacks Janice caught a whiff of her own scent.

Janice left her slacks on the floor. One hand hovered above her crotch. It felt heated. Her other hand did a close scan of her breasts. They felt heated too. 'Horny bug indeed', Janice thought to herself as her fingers flipped the front closure bra open and peeled the cups away from her breasts. A sigh of relief escaped her lips as warm air caressed her now nude breasts. Glancing down Janice saw her nipples swell into hard marbles. Standing up Janice slid the bra straps off her shoulders. Lowering her arms she allowed the garment to fall onto the bed. With hands and arms free Janice lowered her tap panties over her toned buttocks to join the slacks on the floor. Stepping out of the puddle of material surrounding her feet Janice bent down, picked up her clothes and tossed them into the still open hamper.

'Free at last', came to her mind as Janice quickly did a series of full-body stretches. 'No horny bug here', she said to herself, 'Just a bitch in heat. This is going to take more than a bubble bath and a glass of sparkling cider'. Walking around her queen size bed Janice opened the bottom drawer of the nightstand. Extracting the Ben-Wa balls lying within she closed the drawer and headed towards the adjoining bath. "Oh my God!" Janice yelped out loud. She had been so involved in finding out the cause of her skin irritation that her bedroom blinds had remained open. Blushing with embarrassment Janice rushed to the blinds and closed them. Continuing on towards the bathroom she clutched the Ben-Wa balls tightly in her hand. Approaching the toilet Janice placed one foot on the toilet and slid the still cool balls into her vagina. A small shudder swept across her body.

Talking to herself Janice said, "No bubble bath for you, girl. This situation requires a full session of self-gratification." The decision made she raised the toilet seat, sat down, and relieved herself. Finishing her toilette Janice wandered into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Janice was chopping up the last of the spiced chicken when she knew Bill's unidentified scent. Sex! Damn the man. He knows you showered after a good session. If he hadn't had sex then he recently masturbated and didn't wash.

'Now, don't blame the man for you not recognizing the signs of your own horniness', Janice thought to herself. Thinking back she couldn't come up with a date when she last played with a hard cock. Janice settled on a figure of several months.

Having finished preparing dinner Janice poured a glass of sparkling cider, sat down, and ate her meal. Tidying up the kitchen she refilled her cider glass and strolled into her bath for a nice refreshing shower.

Stepping into the steam filled shower Janice scooped up the bottle of shampoo and squirted a generous amount into her hand. Replacing the bottle on the convenient shelf she attacked the mass of hair covering her head. With a final rinse Janice started lathering her skin with the lavender soap she preferred.

Her breasts and pussy responded to the attention Janice paid to her arms, legs, and feet. Their swelling produced delightful little shudders. Filling her hands with lather Janice began to wash her breasts. Using both hands she lovingly washed one breast and gave its nipple a gentle tweak. Repeating the process with her other breast Janice found herself sitting on the built-in seat as her pussy gave a gigantic contraction of orgasm. She sat there stunned. 'Oh my! We haven't even been introduced', Janice thought to herself.

After recovering from the intense orgasm Janice turned off the water, stumbled from the shower, and dried off. With another towel and her masturbating lotion Janice walked to the bed. After arranging the pillows to her liking she double folded the towel and placed it in the middle of the bed. "Damn, I forgot my sparkling cider." she said to herself. Retrieving the cider Janice took several sips and then placed the glass on the nightstand. Opening the bottom drawer she extracted her favorite toy. The life like dildo was eight inches and 1½ inches in diameter. It had the added benefit of a built-in vibrator. Laying the dildo on the bed Janice lay down in a semi-reclining position. After making sure the towel was centered under her butt she began to lotion her arms and then legs. As Janice raised one leg to lotion the calf and foot she felt warm steel kiss her anus. Placing the Ben-Wa ball on the towel Janice delicately inserted a finger into her pussy and scooped the other ball out. When both balls were safely on the towel Janice said out loud, "I won't be needing you anymore tonight."

Bill was doing research on the Internet when he caught a flash of movement out of the corner of his eye. Curious Bill shifted his gaze down across the courtyard to the window that the movement occurred in. What he saw made his eyes light up and a large smile spread across his face. "Now that's a sight for sore eyes," Bill said aloud as he watched the nude figure performing full-body stretches. The stretches stopped and the nude form drifted into the shadows. As Bill was about to continue his research he saw the face of the nude form as well as her breast as she rapidly closed the blinds. "Was that show for me?" Bill asked himself. "No, she probably forgot to close the blinds." was his immediate response.

Janice, now comfortably ensconced on her bed, picked up the dildo and lovingly stroked its length. Knowing that she didn't need additional lubrication Janice turned on the vibrator function and placed the tip at the top of her pussy. Raising her legs Janice rested her feet flat on the mattress and let her knees fall to their respective sides. In this position the dildo would have access to all her private parts. Intent on her mission Janice pushed the head of her dildo between her outer lips as she forced the object towards her anus. Just it arrived Janice reversed the dildo so that it would enter her vagina. Feeling the head pass her inner lips Janice kept up a steady pressure pushing the fake cock into her vagina until it poked her cervix. She didn't need to tease herself. She needed a mind-blowing orgasm. Holding the fake balls with one hand Janice used the other to twist the control knob to its full on position. Then Janice brought her knees together and lowered her legs to the mattress. This effectively trapped the dildo deep inside her pussy. With the fake cock stimulating her vagina Janice brought her hands up to fondle and caress her breasts. Softly at first but with an ever-increasing urgency Janice was soon mauling the twin globes. The final act was when she squeezed both nipples to the point of pain.

The explosion of ecstasy started at the roots of auburn hair, traveled the length of her body to her toenails, and came back up. Janice's breasts felt as though they would explode while her pussy was convulsing in ever-sharper ripples. Wave after wave of orgasmic delight slammed through Janice's body. Finally, with great effort, Janice reached down and rotated the control knob to its minimum position.

Slumping back on the bed Janice slipped into a sexually sated sleep. When she awoke, around 4am, Janice realized that her pussy was still gently throbbing with gentle delight. "How long was I asleep with my pussy full of fake cock?" she asked herself.

Bill awoke the next morning with dry cum coating his lower abdomen and pubic hair. Looking down at his hands he saw no dry cum there. 'Damn,' he thought to himself, 'I haven't had a wet dream like this in years.' Rising Bill wandered into his bath. Having shit, showered, and shaved he sat eating breakfast. 'If I got that stirred up by a nude body,' he said to himself, 'maybe I should find out who she is.' By mid-morning those thoughts were displaced by the entertaining research he was conducting on the Internet.

One Thursday evening several weeks later Janice tossed aside the novel she pretended interest in. 'Enough of this crap,' she thought to herself, 'My pussy is constantly damp, my work is affected, and I'm tired of being irritable.' "I'm taking a mental health day tomorrow," she said to herself. Putting actions to her thoughts Janice picked up the phone and called her co-worker, Marie. Marie answered the phone on the third ring.

"Marie, this is Janice. I'm taking a mental health day tomorrow. I'll see you Friday."

"Janice, tomorrow is Friday and it's a three day weekend. I'll see you on Monday."

Hanging up her phone Janice said out loud, "That mystery man is going to fuck me or I'll know the reason why he isn't interested." Bill had no idea that he had become the "target" of a sexually starved woman. Walking into her bedroom Janice began to assemble her wardrobe. While sliding hangers back and forth her knee-high boots fell over. Seeing the boots Janice changed the direction of her wardrobe selection. Taking the boots out of the closet Janice tossed them over by the bed. Going to her dresser she chose a black stretch Merry Widow with half cups. Sorting through another drawer Janice found a black thong panty tucked in the back corner. Talking to herself Janice said, "Why are these way back there? Oh, I remember. They are two sizes smaller than I normally wear. They make my pussy look like a camel's toe. Ah! They'll be just the right touch."

Tossing the thong and Merry Widow on her bed Janice walked out of the bedroom to the entry closet. She was deciding on which coat would provide the necessary cover when her ski jacket fell to the floor. Picking the coat up Janice closed the door and returned to her bedroom.

"Now," she said talking to herself, "let me see the overall effect." Dropping the coat by her full-length mirror Janice went to her bed. Sitting down she slid the thong panty up her legs as far as it would go while she was seated. Reaching for the Merry Widow Janice wrapped around herself and began closing the twenty odd hook and eye fasteners. One by one Janice slipped into her knee-high boots. Standing up she was pleased to feel the boots hug her calf's without cutting off the circulation. Drawing the thong panty over her thighs Janice fit the front panel over and around the outer lips of her pussy. Reaching behind her she slipped the thong into the crease separating her buttocks. Finally Janice lifted the waist thong up until it settled over her hip bones. Stepping over to the full-length mirror Janice saw how the waist thong adjustment accentuated her pussy. "Yes, my pussy looks like a camel's toe." she said out loud.

Giving the Merry Widow a gentle tug left and right Janice lined up the fasteners along her breast bone. Leaning forward she patted the half cups of the Merry Widow forcing her breasts to settle firmly into place. With a few side to side pushes Janice focused her nipples straight ahead and even with each other. Standing upright she surveyed the result of her intimate ensemble. "Oh yes! This should do nicely." Janice said to the image in the mirror. "If the man in him doesn't stand up then he has serious nerve damage below the waist."

Quickly Janice picked up the coat resting on the floor and put it on. She zipped the coat up until the zipper was at the bottom of the Merry Widow cups. The zipper column was stiff enough to gently fall to the side instead of flopping over to expose Janice's breasts. The subtle effect was a hint for what lay beneath. Shrugging the coat into place Janice was pleased to see a bare six inches of leg showing between the bottom of her coat and the tops of her boots. Turning her back to the mirror Janice bent over at the waist. Looking between her legs she searched the image before her for any sign of puckered anus. There was none.

Walking to the nightstand Janice set the alarm for 6am. Chuckling she said out loud, "The early bird catches the worm." With a renewed purpose Janice stripped off her garments and boots. Leaving everything where they lay she entered the bath to take a refreshing shower before going to sleep.

6am arrived and triggered the alarm. Its rather raucous chirping forced Janice to open her eyes. A hand slapped the top of the alarm to stop its chirp. Tossing off the covers Janice stood and went through the usual series of full-body stretches. Finishing those Janice entered the bath and attended to her toilette.

Speaking to the image in the mirror she said, "How do I accentuate my best assets? Oh, I know." Reaching into a drawer beneath the counter Janice selected a bright red, raspberry scented lipstick. Carefully she applied the lipstick to her full sensuous lips. Then in a daring move she covered her nipples. This was followed by a single bold stripe down the center of the outer lips of her pussy.

Upon her return to the bedroom Janice took extra time with each garment she put on. She was aiming for the same look and feel achieved the night before during her trial run. Satisfied Janice went into the kitchen to get an empty coffee cup. Slipping the front door key into her coat pocket Janice set forth on her bold and daring seduction of Bill, her "Target".

Bill, through the force of habit had risen at zero six hundred hours. Having completed his normal routine of shit, shower and shave he was reluctant to start the rest of the day. Getting his act somewhat together Bill entered the living room, turned on the radio to catch the 0700 news and was turning toward the kitchen to start the coffee when his doorbell rang.

Looking down at his attire Bill decided that if the uninvited guest took exception to his dress they could stuff it. Without looking through the peep hole he unlocked the door and swung it open. Looking at vision across the threshold Bill almost swallowed his tongue. Instead he was able to say, "Good morning, may I help you?"

"You can start by inviting me in." Janice replied, "It's chilly out here."

"My apologies," Bill said, "please come in."

Janice stepped through the doorway and slid to the side allowing Bill to close the door, which he did, and lock it if he so chose. With a twist of his wrist Bill locked the door.

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