tagMatureTarget Ch. 02

Target Ch. 02


Bill slid off the bed onto his knees. Crawling forward until he could reach Janice's lips he said, You will not sleep but you will rest. In an hour you will arise rested and eat solid food." Leaning over Bill kissed Janice tenderly. He crawled up the wall to a standing position. Walking to the bathroom door he shut down the lights and closed the door. Working his way across the threshold Bill turned out the lights and silently closed the door behind him.

Hobbling now Bill crossed to the entry closet, threw open the door and extracted two furry blankets. Crossing to the chair he favored Bill folded one blanket and placed it on the floor in front of the chair. Fanning out the other blanket he draped it over the arms of the chair. Bill lay down on the floor blanket with his feet close to the chair. Slowly he raised his legs fitting them so the backs of his knees brushed the front of the cushion. Grabbing a piece of the other blanket he drew it down so that it covered him to his lower chest. He laid his head on the blanket and began to release the arch in his back. He heard the vertebrae and cartilage slide back into place but was unable to stop the groan of pain escaping.

Janice heard the popping sounds and the groan of pain. She wanted to go to Bill's aid but knew that there was nothing she could do — today. Her body was reliving the delights of the day. Was she imprinting Bill on her body or was it the other way around?

Without looking at the clock Janice knew it was just over an hour when she rose from Bill's bed, performed a series of full body stretches, and walked toward the bathroom. Opening the door Janice flipped on the lights and approached the toilet. The bathroom was pleasantly warm so Janice slid her robe off and hung it on a hook by the shower. Having performed her toilette Janice started to wash her hands when she realized that her thong rested on the bottom of the sink.

Grinning with mischief in her eyes Janice reached for the bar of soap. Giving the garment a thorough washing and squeeze dry she arranged the damp thong on the counter in as much a camel's toe as the garment would allow. Drying her hands Janice slipped on her robe. After turning off the lights and closing the door she went to see Bill.

Bill's sixth sense kicked in. Someone was close, very close. Opening his eyes his face changed into a Cheshire cat grin. "What a lovely sight to awaken to," he said.

"Ah, the male Cheshire appreciates the tasty morsel in front of him?"

"You are no mere morsel but a cornucopia of delight."

Janice's version of a Cheshire cat grin appeared on her face. "Can I assist you in standing up?"

"No, but you may as well watch. It's not pretty but it gets me to my feet."

Janice stepped away and watched. He pulled his legs off the chair towards his chest and rolled over on his side facing the wall. Bill rolled again this time on to his hands and knees. Turning he faced the wall and started to hand walk up it. Bill was now vertical from his head to his knees. Raising his right knee Bill placed the foot carefully to provide support as he continued his upward progress. Janice noticed the hesitation in Bill's leg and the foot drop when he planted his left foot on the floor. Janice saw Bill grit his teeth but it was the thin line of perspiration across his upper lip that moved her to action.

"Pain medication? Where?" Janice said with authority.

Bill glared at her but his shoulders sagged. "Kitchen! Next to the coffee pot. One caplet and some water, please."

Janice turned and stalked into the kitchen. When she came back the robe she wore flowed out behind her. Handing Bill the medication and water Janice watched to make sure he did indeed take the medication. He swallowed the pill and several seconds later he drank half the water. Then he sheepishly drank the remainder.

"Do you know how beautiful you are?" Bill asked Janice. Her move startled him. Stepping two paces back Janice slipped the robe off her shoulders letting it fall in a heap on the floor. Raising hands to her hair she ruffled it and then shook it out. Janice then stretched her arms above her head and did a slow 360 degree turn allowing Bill an unimpaired view of her body.

"Can I taste you?"

"You are in no condition to play right now."

"A simple taste to satisfy my curiosity." Bill said beckoning her with his finger. Janice approached, an eyebrow raised in question. Bill lifted her arm and ran his tongue over the entire underarm. Finishing he said, "Will you assist me to a dining chair?"

"Yes, and then you will explain your testing procedure."

"Agreed." Bill put an arm across Janice's shoulders and took a step away from the wall. Janice slid an arm behind Bill's back but kept it up near his shoulder blades. Together they walked across the room to the dining chairs. As Bill started to sit Janice bent forward to assist with his descent. He slid his arm off Janice's shoulders but captured her arm as she removed it from behind his back. Leaning forward slightly Bill kissed Janice tenderly on the cheek saying, "Thank you." Janice blushed. Bill didn't say anything.

"Do you think the coffee is hot enough to drink?" Bill asked then added, "Damn it! I told you I would feed you and failed to deliver."

"We can perform a joint effort. But let me check the coffee first." Twisting the lid off the carafe produced steam.

"Will you pour us both a cup while I use the head?"

"Okay." Turning around Janice began fixing two cups of coffee.

Bill rose from the chair and made his way towards the bedroom and the bathroom within. He didn't notice Janice following silently behind. Opening the door Bill flipped on the lights. Only after he settled on the toilet did he glance at the vanity top. He burst out laughing at the sight of Janice's thong arranged in a good approximation of a camel's toe. Bill caught Janice's image in the mirror. Looking at the image but speaking to Janice Bill said, "Has my home been invaded by a mischievous imp?"

With a grin Janice replied, "This mischievous person is merely visiting the resident master who is ensconced on his throne."

Bill's response stopped mid-throat because Janice stood away from the door frame and began a lewd bump and grind. Her last grind presented Bill with a port quarter view of her body. Hands appeared between wide spread legs and started to massage Janice's inner thighs. When her hands were removed from his sight Bill knew that Janice was teasing her pussy because the buttocks facing him began a dance of their own. Janice's left hand slid between her legs allowing her middle finger access to her rectum.

Janice ran her finger around 'Rosebud' several times before she began to tap gently at its center. When it started to wink at Bill Janice stopped. Curling her finger into a hook Janice slid her hand forward and up. It slid easily into her vagina. Still pumping her finger in and out of her vagina Janice turned to face Bill. Slowly she rose to an upright position which forced her finger out of her vagina and up across both sets of lips. When her finger rasped across her clitoris Janice shook from head to toe. The complete the scene Janice brought her finger up to her mouth and made a production of sucking the juices off.

"Damn! You are hot!"

"Oh but sir. You saw me take my temperature. I can assure you that I haven't even reached a simmer. Perhaps your probe has a malfunction. Would you permit this body mechanic to investigate?"

"I think it might be necessary."

"I fear to approach and test. It is said that probes like yours spew liquid waste."

"You may approach and test. That piping shut down with your last bump and grind."


"All systems were on automatic when you finished taking your temperature."

Janice, walking slowly, began to massage her breasts in a very erotic manner. She finished by flicking her nipples into hard points.

"Sir, there is a very serious problem with your probe. I just saw it bulge but there was no release of pressure."

"Perhaps a closer visual inspection will reveal a solution."

"Possibly. This body mechanic suspects that she will have to perform an oral inspection to ensure that there are no internal fractures."

Janice stood in front of Bill, scant inches from his knees. There was no denying the lust in his eyes. He needed her and she wanted him. Squatting down Janice adjusted her stance so that her arms fit freely between her knees. Reaching out with both hands she pushed Bill back against the towel she had used previously. As her hands retreated one slipped down between her thighs while the other grasped Bill's cock and began to sensuously stroke him. Leaning forward Janice dropped her mouth over the head of Bill's cock. Her tongue began to dance around the head when Bill's stomach grumbled. Removing her mouth to say something Janice's stomach grumbled in response. "Damn it! Just when things were going somewhere."

"We had better have our chowder before we play."

Janice started to stand. She was about two-thirds of the way up when Bill's orgasm erupted. The first blast hit Janice's pussy full force. The second blast lubricated both breasts. Janice had recaptured Bill's cock when her own orgasm struck. Bill's third blast filled Janice's mouth as her vaginal walls began their dance.

Bill, with some difficulty, reached behind him grabbed the towel he rested against and tossed it on the floor between Janice's thighs.

Janice noted the towel on the floor but was busy milking Bill's cock with one hand while her other hand was playing with her pussy. She kept busy nursing at Bill's cock attempting to get more of his silky cream. Sensing that she wasn't going to get any more Janice slid her mouth off Bill's cock. Her hand felt his cock convulse one last time. The resulting blast did a good job of covering her face. "Couldn't you give a girl some warning?" Janice said recovering from her surprise.

Bill, face flush with embarrassment, said, "I'm so sorry. I normally know when I'm about to cum. But there was no warning."

"Apology accepted." Janice said as she rose slowly giving cramped muscles a chance to relax. "I'm going to need a shower before I do anything else."

Bill stood up and before Janice could react molded himself to her body. His partially erect cock slid neatly between her thighs nudging aside the outer lips and caressing the inner lips as it passed. Tightening his grip Bill brought Janice's chest securely against his own. Lowering his head Bill's lips found their counterpart and began an intense sexual kiss. His hands caressed Janice from her buttocks to her shoulders.

Janice couldn't resist the renewed passion that surged from within. One leg locked behind Bill drawing him closer. Her pussy beat a tattoo against Bill's pubic bone. Her breasts slid side to side over Bill's finely haired chest reveling in the contact. Arms wound themselves around the neck of this strange, mysterious man drawing her body ever closer. Janice returned Bill's kiss with equal vigor. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed against her shores. Her nectar flowed out covering the base of Bill's cock, his balls, and ran down their thighs. Finally the waves receded to be replaced with gentle ripples. When she could Janice removed her lips from Bill's, laid her head on his shoulder and asked, "Why?"

"Because I wanted to."

"You didn't wipe before you stood up."

"I came in here to relieve my bladder not my bowels."

"Oh!" Janice said lifting her head from Bill's shoulder. Then she added, "Just look at the mess you've gotten us into."

"But such fun when we clean each other up after we eat." To emphasize the point Bill brought a hand around to Janice's face. His finger scooped a generous portion of his cum and stuck it into his mouth. After sucking and licking his finger clean Bill said, "I'll have to try again. I let it get cold."

"Your whole apartment will smell like a 'cat house' and I can't leave a mess like before,"

"I don't give a damn about the smells. They are happy smells. The mess can be cleaned up as easily as the first. To emphasize his need to share Bill spun Janice around to face the mirror. Tracing the outline of Janice's sexual blush he said, "Did this happen because you were sad or deep in thought or easing someone's pain at your clinic? No! You are happy, fulfilled and your body wants to do it again." Bill spun Janice around to face him. Tracing the outline of his own sexual blush Bill said, "I want — No! I need to share the after glow we are experiencing. To see my cum drying on your beautiful skin. To feel your nectar drying on my cock, balls, and thighs. Our scent mingling together. Will you share with me?"

"Yes! Yes! Oh God, Yes!" Janice said in a husky tone. "I fix the coffee while you start the chowder. Then we make burnt offerings together." Taking Bill's hand in her own Janice led the way to the kitchen.

Coffee was quickly prepared and consumed. The chowder was coming to a slow simmer under a low flame. Grilled cheese sandwiches were not burnt. They came out a toasty, golden brown. The sandwiches were put on plates accompanied by a bowl of steaming clam chowder. They ate in hungry silence. Their conversation resumed after a second cup of coffee was prepared.

"Now sir, I want an explanation of your taste test." Janice said.

"Simple, no alcohol." Bill replied.

Picking up her spoon Janice waved it at Bill in a threatening fashion. "That is the result, not an explanation."

"I surrender!" he said, "The day we met some five weeks ago you weren't wearing any perfume and there was no residual odor of alcohol coming from your clothing. That information was stored with your mental photograph. More pieces of the puzzle were added today. No alcohol residue on your hair and none coming from your skin. Confirmation comes from a surprise source — Me! My whole body responded to you it did not react."

" Bill, I'm afraid that your logic and conclusion escape me. Tell me what I'm not hearing."

"You are a recovering alcoholic and have been for a number of years."

"My anonymity broken by a simple taste test done to my underarm. Oh you! Just how old are you?"

"I'll be twenty-four before the year is out."

"Then I bow my head as a sign of respect to your longevity."

"Be careful, young woman."

"No, I won't because I will be fifteen before the end of the year. Now turn your chair around so I can get at you, please."

"Since you asked nicely," Bill said, "I'll comply." Putting actions to his words Bill slid his chair away from the table and turned it so Janice could approach him.

Standing up Janice walked around the corner of the table. As she lowered herself towards Bill's lap Janice picked up his soft cock holding it against his lower abdomen. Sitting down on his thighs she scooted forward to entrap Bill's member. Releasing his cock Janice put her hands behind Bill's neck and scooted forward several more inches. Janice wanted as much of Bill's cock against her as she could get in this position. Satisfied she said, "If we are to have a whole body relationship I need to hear the short version of your physical and mental health disabilities."

"Wow!" Bill said expelling a huge breath, "Will you be equally candid?"

"Yes! I'll go first since I believe my list is shorter than yours. I'm sixty and fourteen respectively. My stats are 36B-26-38 and 130 lbs. I enjoy excellent health and maintain my shape with regular exercise and diet. One near death experience... ovarian cysts, both removed. Other than the usual bumps, bruises, and emotional scarring what you see is what you get."

"Before I start do you think that we can fix a cup of coffee for both of us?"

"Sure, I think we can manage that."

Using one hand and arm apiece Janice and Bill filled two cups with coffee and the sugar needed to sweeten them having several giggles along the way.

After taking a few sips Bill began. "My first combat cruise started on my twentieth birthday. Combat support in northern South Vietnam and bombing raids in North Vietnam. Went from 180 to 150 by the time we hit the States in June of '65. At the start of the second cruise, while still twenty, I had all four wisdom teeth surgically removed. No room in my mouth. Good cruise, only lost thirty pounds. Went from 160 to 130. April '67 saw the removal of a combined total of nine internal and external hemorrhoids. First spinal didn't work. Rather than risking a general on top of a spinal they shot my spine a second time. Rolled over the first night and ended up with a spinal headache. I think it was the morning of the ninth day after the successful operation when they pulled the packing. Mid-May to the end of June '67 I spent time at Danang. Separated late July with ten percent rating because of my piles."

Bill having paused for coffee and a breather allowed Janice to ask, "What was the weight they used for the spinal?"

"I think it was 180 pounds."

"And you took a double dose for a simple hemorrhoid operation?"

"Yes, at the L5-S1 disc space."

"Okay, I'll shut my mouth and let you give me the next installment."

"Fast forward to '79. US Army. Bent over one morning to tie my boot. Was on my face with a sharp pain in my lower back, across my left buttock and down the left leg. Low back strain — back school and meds. Fast forward to '82. Same symptoms, bi-lateral this time. The Navy attempted everything in their book. 1983, ulcer bleed, near death. 1986 — chest pains, mytral valve prolapse. Confirmed by the VA with the note that the leakage occurs on the compression pulse and not the relaxation pulse." Bill stopped at that point because he needed a break to rest his jaw, wanted a slug of coffee and needed to piss.

"Bill, you are a mass of contradictions. I've known men who couldn't stand up to a third of what you've been through. And yet something drives you but eats away at you."

"So, are you going to cut and run down the hall nude so the manager can evict you and save you from this mad man?"

"Damn you! You're wrong! I want us to develop a friendship, earn your respect and have a wonderful sexual relationship. I offer you that opportunity under the precepts of Alcoholics Anonymous. Perhaps it is you that can't handle a relationship. I need to use your bathroom. When I come back I'll have your answer. If no, I'll walk out of here knowing I did the right thing." Janice stood up and took two steps back. Defiance was etched in every inch of her 5' 10" frame.

Before she could turn to leave Bill rose from the chair, his face gaunt from pain. "Janice, you'll have my answer now even if I have to mop the floor." Bill spit in the palm of his hand and extended it to Janice. "I accept your offer."

Solemnly and silently Janice grasped Bill's right hand and after the traditional three pumps broke the connection.

"Damn, I should have looked at the clock when you took your meds. Screw the directions. You are taking another right now. Then we will shower and I'm putting you to bed."

"I can manage."

"No, you can't. You're caving in from the pain. You helped me when I was a mess. Let me help you when you need it. I'll walk in front of you so if you stumble you can catch your balance on me."

As they entered the bathroom Janice opened the shower door and turned on the water. Testing the water Janice told Bill to step in and support himself by placing hands on the wall. Stepped in behind him and closed the door.

Bill came to slowly. He was lying on his back and on the left side of the bed. Both positions were somehow wrong. There was something else that didn't fit which Bill couldn't quite define. Lying there his mind gradually cleared of its mist. Kitchen, pact, medication, and shower — the elements were there but felt like amorphous tentacles. Bill let them slip away. Slide, slip! No — rocking. That was it. His bed was softly rocking.

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