tagFetishTaste of True Friendship Ch. 02

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 02


Jerry went over to his "spot" that had been placed near the back door and out of the way of the "action". It consisted of a chair with three monitors in front of it and each of the monitors were hooked by a cable to corresponding video camera each being held by a cameraman. There was one guy running around keeping the cables clear of each other so that none of the cameramen would trip on them and there was one guy who was documenting the whole process with a hand-held small camcorder and silently motioning to the actors when he felt they needed to shift post ion or look at the camera or something like that. Finally, there was one other guy who was pretty much a "gofer", shuttling around doing whatever else needed to be done, adjusting lighting, moving props, getting the "cast" drinks- -you name it.

Jerry put on a head set. I wondered why. Then I saw that each of the cameramen had on a headset too. It was a wireless intercom system. This would allow Jerry to direct them around the scene and get the best shots without having to shout out commands that would spoil the "ambience" of he scene.

Once he had set up the scene with the "actors" and called for action, Jerry's chatter went something like this"

"Number one, move to the right and zoom in on DeDe's butt. Number two, get a wide shot of the DeDe and Jock. Number three, pick up Jen and Louie watching DeDe and Jock- -get their reaction. Number two, close in on them (DeDe & Jock) a little tighter, not too much, I want to see the humping." And so forth.

He was like a juggler, puppeteer, and air traffic controller all-in-one. Notwithstanding the fact that he looked like an unmade bed and had a small dick, I could tell he pretty much knew what he was doing.

But I get ahead of myself.

After Jerry plopped down on his chair, he got the "cast"together. As I said before, there were three girls and three guys. DeDe was the petite (except for her boobs) blonde, Jen was the red-head, and Kim was the taller blonde. The guys were named Jock, Louie, and Jay. They all looked about the same- -HUNKY. Really, I had a hard time telling them apart. They all looked like they worked out and, as I later saw, they all had pretty good sized cocks but it looked like cookie-cutter copies of each other. I suppose that the "spice" was the variety of the girls not the guys.

So, Jerry set up the scene.

"Look, DeDe and Jock, Jen and Louie, you are two couples on a double date that decide to come to a porn shop to see what it's all about and maybe get a little thrill. DeDe and Jock start browsing the magazines and Jen and Louie are looking at the DVD selections. Jock is paging through an oral sex mag and DeDe starts to get hot and starts to love up Jock. She goes for the bulge in his pants and starts massaging his cock, then gets down on her knees on the floor, pulls his pants off and starts going down on him. O.K?"

He was giving them a general idea of what he wanted but was also being specific as to the sequence of events. It seemed that he knew he was working with pros who knew how to bring off a scene but he had to give them a routine. He didn't concentrate on dialog too much, just enough to get a scene going. After that, conversation wasn't the focus of the activity.

"O.K. Jen and Louie, you two catch what DeDe and Jock are doing and start to get busy with each other. You know, kissing and heavy petting, and then off with the top, bra, jeans, panties. Louie, you get naked too and then you go down on Jen. Don't forget to stroke your cock while you're eating out Jen."

In order to accommodate all of this flesh rolling around on the floor, the crew had put down quilted loading mats. True, it was a little bit of a discontinuity but I don't think anyone, let alone porn actors, would like to fuck on the grimy floor of a porn shop or risk contusions to various sensitive body parts from humping on hard asphalt tile.

The whole thing was sort of "cinema verite'". No make up, other than what the girls normally wore, no special costumes just regular clothes- -besides they wouldn't be staying on that long anyway, and not a lot acting refinement. It would be a cut above homemade movies but a cut below slick porn. I'm sure it would sell.

I was waiting for my direction.

"Wanda, pay attention to what's going on." Jerry said as an aside to me. "You're going to be in Act II."

The foursome went through the numbers for the cameras. DeDe and Jock went from a blow job, to fucking in the missionary position, then to DeDe on top, and finally some doggy style with ass fucking thrown in.

One cameraman was dedicated to this couple, another to Jen and Louie, and the third cameraman moved back and forth between the two couples capturing the best shots he could- -of course, with Jerry prompting all of them as to which shots to get.

I couldn't help but notice that both DeDe and Jen had shaved pussies. I mean, they were more than shaved- -they were absolutely bald. And not only their pussies, their assholes were slick as peeled egg. That had to be more than just shaving. It had to be some serious waxing. OUCH!! My guess was that Kim's snatch looked about the same. And both of the guys had shaved crotches. They didn't look waxed but it sure looked like they gave themselves a swipe with a razor every day. It emphasized the size of their cocks- -LARGE. It occurred to me that I never shaved my pubes. I had a full bush and I rather liked it. I hoped that wasn't going to present any kind of a problem for anyone.

DeDe had a nice pair of boobs, large for her stature. My guess was that they were probably D cup, certainly a full C. And she was kind of long waisted with legs that were a little out of proportion, and a little fleshy. Jen was taller than DeDe and pretty well proportioned with nice full breasts, easily a C cup, with silver-dollar sized nipples. She had a dancer's legs, very muscled but shapely. Oh, and did I mention it before? The guys were HUNKY!

When Jock finally came it was after he had been fucking DeDe in the ass for quite some time. He pulled his meaty cock out of her anus and shot his load all over her back. There was a lot of cum. It spurted out of his Jock's cock and all the way up to the back of DeDe's neck but most of it pooled in the concavity of the small of DeDe's lower back.

Jock rolled over on his back after he came and lay there exhausted. He had, indeed, worked hard to get his rocks off. DeDe knelt there on all fours with a non-plussed look on her face. The "gofer" finally arrived with a washcloth and cleaned Jock's semen off of her. I had to restrain myself from jumping in and helping him- -and I wouldn't have used a washcloth. I'm thinking "Yummmmmm!"

Jen and Louie were busy themselves. They had gotten into a "69" position with Jen on top. She was sucking like crazy on Louie's cock and he was slurping mightily on Jen's pussy. Two cameras were shooting them: one on the right side catching Jen's action, the other on the left side focusing on Louie's work. I could hear Jerry whisper emphatically into his mouthpiece to the cameramen to be careful not to get each other in their frames. That would spoil things.

Louis came after Jen had taken her mouth off of his cock and was jacking him off with her right hand. He spurted a pretty good load too but most of it ran down the shaft of his penis and over Jen's fist as she encircled his cock. But then Jen did something I thought was pretty classy. She not only leaned down and licked Louie's cock clean, she licked his jizz off of her hand too. My kind of girl! Don't waste a drop of it. I heard Jerry instruct the cameraman in a satisfied voice to get a close up of that action. After that shot, they pretty much ignored Louie's efforts on Jen's cunt. That was- -pardon the pun- -anti climactic.

"O.K. Cut!" Jerry spoke loudly into his mouthpiece. "Let's take a break for a few and set up the next sequence."

DeDe and Jen both went over near the shop counter and each of them put on a robe and slipped into some flip-flops. I don't blame them on the latter, the floor over there looked pretty scuzzy. I wouldn't want to walk on it barefoot. Jock put on some sweats but Louie got fully dressed again: pants, shirt, shoes.

"Gofer" brought over some sodas for DeDe and Jen, coffee for Louie, and (of all things) a big glass of cranberry juice and a banana for Jock. I must have given him a funny look because he just blurted out,

"Hey, it's the best thing. It gives me a "recharge", you know? If I have to work myself up to come again, I can."

I nodded my head with mock understanding but I had no idea that combination could or would "reload" a cock. I filed it away for future reference.

Jerry walked over to the counter and began to confer in a whisper with Kim and Jay who were standing there both sipping on some coffee. I couldn't hear much of what Jerry was saying but I could see Jay and Kim both nod their heads and give a little bit of a chuckle at a couple of points. I started to walk in their direction but Jerry gave me a "stay" gesture with his hand and after another few seconds of conversation with Jay and Kim, headed over to me.

"Wanda." Jerry began, "I have to give you some general rules here before we get you into the next scene. First, you have to go with the scene as it unfolds- -you can't get balky or stop in the middle of a shot if something comes up that is, well "unfamiliar", or maybe seems a little kinky. It has to flow. In a way, it is like a dance: Jay and Kim will do the leading, you just follow along. Second, Abe tells me that you are a demon at sucking cock and I know he's right, judging from our little session a while ago. But, you're going to have to be a little flexible here- -open-minded- -because we're going to play around with this plot. Don't worry, you'll get a chance to suck some more cock but we have to work toward that logically in the context of the story. Besides, what the hell, it IS a porno film! Third, I doubt that you've ever gotten naked in front of a camera and you're probably going to be more than a bit nervous. Just remember to concentrate on what you're doing and don't look around checking where the camera is or look directly into the camera if you happen to see it. I have a feeling that, once you get into it, you'll be fine. And, finally....well, you're going to be fine." I think he was maybe a little more nervous about this than I was.

Jerry turned back and motioned Kim and Jay over to us. "O.K. here's the set up. Wanda, you and Kim are coming into the front door of the shop. You've got your hoodie and cap on and- -here put these sunglasses on- -you're looking like a bad dude. Kim is your "date" coming into the shop with you. Kim is going to see Jay standing over by the lesbian magazine rack leafing through a hot girl-on-girl pictorial. She will say something to you and you will both walk over to him. He'll do a meet and greet thing, exchange a few private words with Kim, and then the fun will begin. Now, remember, just go with it. Jay and Kim will lead you through it. O.K.?"

I took a deep breath and nodded my head. In unison, Jay and Kim said, "Let's do it!"

Kim and I positioned our selves at the door, holding hands. Jerry yelled, "Action!" and we began walking. The camera picked us up as if we were walking in from outside. We walked in a few steps and Kim said to me, "Hey, wait here. I see someone I know."

I decided to ad lib a little and asked, "Who? That guy over there?" I pointed to Jock. "Who's that?"

Kim picked it up right away and said, "That's my ex. I'll tell you about it later. Just stay here while I talk to him. O.K.?"

I nodded my head inside my hoodie as Kim broke away and walked over to where Jay was standing. I stood there trying to look "bad" because that's what Jerry indicated my part was to be. I folded my arms and glared through my sunglasses.

I heard Kim say to Jay, "Hey, it's been a while. What are you doing here?"

Jay came back, "Yeah, baby. It has been a while- -well, maybe not that long though." He continued to flip through the girl-on-girl magazine as he spoke but all the time kept his eyes on Kim. "To be honest, I came by here because I thought you might be here, you know, like we did before?"

"Yeah, I remember all that." Kim tried to get a little sass in her voice, "Too bad you couldn't get your mind around what was going on."

"I know, I know." Jay tried to get a conciliatory tone in his voice. "It's just that it took me all by surprise. I wasn't quite ready for it then. But I was thinking....."

Then Jay pointed to me, "Who's the dude?"

"My friend." Kim's tone was purposely evasive. "Just a friend."

"You been getting it on?" Jay probed

"Well, sure....a little" Kim teased. "That bother you?"

"No, not now." Jay gave her a knowing look. "I've got you figured out now so what's to be bothered about?"

"So, sweetie, you want to try it again?" Kim was starting to get sensuous with Jay. "Now that you know how it goes."

"Sure I do." Jay put the magazine back on the rack, put his arm around Kim, and puller her closer to him. "I SURE do!"

Kim motioned me over to them and I complied. I was just a few feet away so it wasn't much of a walk but I tried to look "bad" as I covered the distance. While I was doing that, Jay and Kim had begun to kiss, a long deep kiss- -lots of tongue- -and Jay's had was starting to roam around on Kim's body targeting her boobs.

When I got there, Kim held out her hand to me, grabbed my hand, and pulled me into their couplet, making a group hug out of the deal. Then she removed her lips from Jay's and transferred his kissing to my face. This was a change up for me. Even though a lot of folks probably thought I might be a lesbian, I had never been into girls. So, I was a little taken aback when Kim started to put the make on me. But I remembered what Jerry had said: I just went along with it.

I don't know what I was expecting, kissing another girl. I guess I thought it would feel different. It did and it didn't. I mean, the feel of her lips and tongue were about the same only maybe a little softer and more delicate but the pressure of her kiss was gentler and more tender than I had experienced with guys. And there was a different thrill to it- -hard to define- -but different in the pit of my stomach. It felt good.

While Kim was smooching away with me, Jay began to work on Kim's clothing. He had one hand pulling up her top and massaging her boobs and at the same time had his other hand behind her unsnapping her bra, all the time kissing her neck. It was pretty crowded.

Kim pulled back a little raising her arms and Jay managed to pull Kim's knit top over her head. As he did that, Kim's bra fell forward and exposed her breasts. Now, DeDe had big boobs, Jen had soft boobs with large nipples, but Kim had firm well rounded breasts with small, firm nipples. No implants there, just naturally gorgeous knockers! Kim was a C cup, just like Jen, but Kim's breasts stood up and stuck out. I was impressed.

Kim continued kissing me and caressing my face with one hand and slipped my hoodie off of my head with the other. Then she pulled my ball cap off and let my hair fall loose. At this, I heard Jay give a mock gasp.

"What's this? A chick?" He addressed Kim. "I thought you were with another guy, like last time. What's with the chick?"

"Hey, numb nuts!" Kim kicked back at him. "Variety is the spice of life. I though I'd have a little spice in MY life. Can you handle a little spice in YOURS?"

"I suppose I can." Jay answered. It sounded stilted but, what the fuck, I don't think he was hired for his acting ability.

"Sugar,You o.k.with some spice?" Kim addressed me. I nodded my head not knowing what else to say or do. Besides, I was waiting for some more of her kissing.

Kim got busy with me. As she planted more and more kisses on me, she pulled my hoodie over my head and tossed it aside. Underneath my hoodie, I was wearing just a plain t-shirt- -no bra. My nipples were hard and poking against the sheer material. Out of the corner of my eye, I sensed a cameraman getting a close-up of that. Then Kim pulled away, knelt down, unbuttoned my jeans, and pulled them down over my hips and all the way to my shoe tops. She tapped my right leg with her hand. I knew what that meant and lifted my right foot up off the floor. She slipped off my shoe and pulled my foot through the leg of my jeans. Then she repeated the process with the left leg. I was standing there in my t-shirt and panties.

At the same time, Jay was working on Kim's clothes. He slipped her jeans off of her pretty much the same way, only Kim wasn't wearing shoes just some nice leather flip-flops. When he got finished, Kim was standing there topless wearing just a canary yellow thong.

Kim put her arms around me and began kissing some more while at the same time tugging me down toward the floor. I went with the lead (like Jerry had said, it was like a dance) and found myself kneeling on the floor (actually the loading pads) with Kim, facing her, and still getting kissed all over my face by her. I could see over her shoulder that Jay was unceremoniously stripping off all of his clothes. (I am sure the cameramen were focusing on Kim and me and were paying no attention to Jay's disrobing, however, I couldn't help but notice Jay's cock spring into view when he pulled off his briefs. Nice cock!)

As she kissed my cheek, Kim whispered, "Raise your arms." I did that and Kim pulled my t-shirt up over my head leaving my topless with my breasts waggling in the breeze. I had never been topless in front of people before, let alone in front of a camera. I couldn't help but feel the excitement well up in me from the pit of my stomach all the way up to my face. I had to be blushing. Then Kim pressed her body against mine forcing my backward. I got the cue and leaned back and let Kim put me on my back with her on top of me. The kissing continued.

She whispered in my ear again, "Spread you legs apart a little." As I did that, she raised up, grabbed my panties and slid them down over my hips, off of my legs, and tossed them aside just like she had done with my hoodie and my t-shirt. Now I was completely naked, flat on my back, with Kim kneeling between my legs.

Kim's breasts were taut and her nipples hard as she brought her hands up to caress them herself. Then she motioned to me with her hands as she leaned forward again. She wanted me to caress her breasts too. I reached up and cupped one breast in each hand and gently massaged as she forced her way forward again. I am bigger than Kim but she had the leverage and gradually pressed my hands back with her chest to where she was being supported by them almost horizontal. I gradually relaxed and her body came forward until it was pressed against mine. I put my arms around her and we began to kiss again. Her kisses went from my mouth, to my chin, to my neck, to my chest as she moved her body down. Her lips found my breasts and and her tongue began to play with my nipples, first the right and then the left and then back again. Her soft hands massaged each of my breasts in turn and her fingers tweaked the nipple that was not being sucked by her lips. That thrill I felt in my stomach at kissing another woman and at being naked in front of a camera intensified as Kim played with my boobs. I could begin to feel my pussy getting warm and moist.

Kim kept kissing and nibbling her way down my chest to my stomach and then to my navel and finally to the top edge of my pubic hair. Now, I said that I had what I thought was a nice bush and it seemed to me that Kim was enjoying it as her tongue traced its outline at the bottom of my tummy. Then I felt her breath warm on my body through my hair as she crept down toward my snatch with her lips gently pulling on my pubic hair and her tongue touching my flesh through its curly strands.

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