Taste of True Friendship Ch. 04


I shifted around to where DeDe and I were sitting side by side. I still had one arm around her shoulders as I continued:

"I got this urge to find out was sucking cock was like and I took that into the adult bookstore arcades. I have sucked a lot of dicks in the past few months and have had a lot of fun doing it. It felt good and it tasted good, pretty much all of them. But to be honest, it wasn't fulfilling, all that anonymous sex. But the night off the porn shoot, I felt something different, like I was doing something that was exciting and that I enjoyed. On top of that, I truly enjoyed having other folks around doing the same thing, watching them do it, and watching them watch me do it. My experience with Kim was wonderful but, don't worry, I don't have the save feeling for her that you do. I can tell you and Kim are something special. I barely know Kim. I do know, though, that she gives (and receives) great head. I really enjoyed that and I'd like to experience it again, not just with Kim but with.....whomever! I was hoping that Kim could help me get going in this porn business. That's why I'm here- -not to try to steal Kim away from you."

"Really, REALLY?" DeDe was close to tears again. "You don't know how happy that makes me, Wanda. You just don't know. I could just kiss you!"

And she did. She REALLY did. She took my face in her hands and pressed her lips to mine. Her tongue began to probe between my lips, snaked its way into my mouth, and began to tease and play with my tongue. Her hands went around to the back of my head and forced me closer to her while her tongue filled my mouth. Her lips were warm and soft and her tongue was downright hot. She was on fire!

She pressed her body to mine. I could feel her firm, large breasts press against mine. I felt her lean against me harder and, even though I was four inches taller than her and outweighed her by about 25 or 30 pounds (at that time) she used her leverage to topple over onto my back on the couch.

Now her body was on top off me. I could feel every rounded part of her putting pressure on every rounded part of me: her breasts to mine, her tummy to mine, and her thighs to mine. All the while, her kisses became deeper and more passionate, her tongue fencing with mine.

She moved her hands from behind me and began to massage my neck, shoulders, and breasts as she continued her kiss. She removed her tongue from my mouth and began to lick my lips, and peck away at my face, and move down to my neck tracing little circles with her tongue. She paused at my throat and began to suck on the fleshy part just above my breastbone. I could tell I was going to have a hickey from that.

She raised up and proceeded to pull off over her head the white cotton dress she was wearing. In an instant, she was completely naked. Her large, soft breasts were directly in my view- -they were magnificent- -and the wobbled back and forth as she tossed the dress onto the floor next to the couch. She scooted up a little and leaned forward again. Her smooth, warm breasts were now against my face caressing it as she moved her shoulders side to side. She giggled as she did this. She was having fun.

"Well, are you going to...?" she prompted as she continued her breast play. "You're not going to ignore them, are you?"

No, I wasn't! I reached up with my hands and began to stroke both breasts at the same time. I moved my right hand over on her left breast and began to tweak the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She had medium sized, smooth nipples that were pink against the whiteness of her skin but, as I began to pinch, her nipple contracted and became erect. It stood up looking to be about the size of the tip an eraser on a pencil. I repeated this treatment with her right nipple and it had the same response. I lifted my head up and grasped her right nipple with my lips and began sucking on it. Her nipple protruded between my lips and I gave it a gentle bite while playing with it with my tongue. She let out an audible gasp. And I moved my mouth to her left nipple and gave it the same treatment. I went back and forth a half-a-dozen times doing this, all the while stroking and massaging both breasts.

She straddled me and her hips began to grind against my tummy the more I worked on her boobs. She began to inch her body up farther each time I switched from one breast to the other. Pretty soon, I was straining to keep my mouth in contact with her. And then, it was impossible.

By this time, she was astride my chest on her knees and scooting up and I began scooting down. Abruptly, she got up, turned around, and then knelt back down on the couch, facing my feet, with her snatch above my face.

"Well, are you going to....?" she asked with another giggle. "You're not going to ignore it are you?"

I reached up and put my hands behind her legs and pulled her pussy down to my mouth. As I said before, DeDe had an absolutely hairless genital area, bald and smooth. Her scent was pretty much neutral, perhaps a little like delicately scented soap, but not pronounced. She had a neat, symmetrical pussy. The lips were not fleshy nor large and were nicely folded in; the opening itself was not long and there was some space between it and her asshole; her clitoris was hidden at the top as was the little hood that covered it. As I began to work on her slit with my tongue, it became moist- -surely some of this was my saliva but I could also sense a tanginess on the end of my tongue that had to be from her. The more I licked, the slicker her cunt got. I probed between the lips with my tongue and flicked upward toward her tiny clit. She let out a sigh as my tongue came into contact with it. I worked on it and around it for quite some time not only moving my tongue but moving my whole head up and down. Her hips were moving in rhythm with my licking and she pressed her pussy harder against my face the more I played. Her tempo sped up and slowed down and, every now and again, paused putting more weight against my mouth and tongue and then started up again with her friction against me.

Then she stopped and I felt her thighs quiver as she literally sat down on my face. Her thighs were vibrating, her tummy was in spasm, and she leaned forward and gripped my thighs with her hands. She let out a moan from deep inside her and then relaxed. A moment later she was back to grinding her pussy against my face and mouth. I could now feel fluid with a very distinct flavor coming from her pussy. It was slick and and tangy/sweet and tasted almost fruity, like nectar. She definitely had an orgasm. And, a few minutes later, I sensed that she had another one.

Then she leaned all the way forward, pulled her pussy off of my face, rested her head on my tummy, and just lay there breathing heavily. I was a little winded myself. Those last few minutes with her vagina pressed against my face made it a little difficult for me to breathe.

"Well, girls, THAT was quite performance!" It was a female voice coming from across the room. "It makes me wish I had my camcorder."

It made me think what a scene DeDe and I made. There I was fully clothed with a voluptuous naked blonde sitting on my face and lying across my body breathing heavily. That'd make a great picture for an Internet porn site!

DeDe and I looked up simultaneously to see Kim standing where the entry way meets the living room with her hands on her hips and a gleeful look on her face. In fact, she was beaming. I had no idea how long she'd been there but I guess it was long enough to make an accurate assessment of the situation.

"That WAS quite a performance. My, oh my, oh my!" Kim was laudatory. "DeDe? Do I sense that you had an orgasm?"

"Hmmmm.....Mmmmmm...Yesssss," DeDe cooed languidly. "I sure did." And then added quickly, "But not as good as the ones you give me."

"That's O.K., DeDe. I know all orgasms aren't the same." Kim had a loving tone to her voice, not in the least catty. "There's terrific ones and fabulous ones and monumental ones and....well you get the idea. I'm glad that you could experience one with someone other than me."

"Wanda! I'm glad you could 'make' it!" Kim laughed out loud at her own witticism. "It must have been an experience getting to know Ms. DeDe like I do."

I hardly knew what to say. For some reason I felt a little guilty. I hadn't meant for anything to happen but one thing led to another and that was that. Plus, I had never had anyone walk in on me when I was having sex. That was disconcerting in itself.

"I'm sorry, Kim. I had no idea anything like this would happen." I must have sounded very chagrined and apologetic.

"Wanda, Wanda, Wanda. You have nothing at all to be apologetic about." Kim was mild and friendly. "I understand completely. DeDe was horny and you were willing. There's nothing complicated about that. I love DeDe and I want to see her happy. And, if that makes her happy, then I'm happy too."

I marveled at how composed Kim was. I don't think I would have been anywhere near as calm had I walked in on my lover having sex with someone else. If not jealous, I would have been at least startled. And I don't think I could have stood there and watch the lovemaking unfold up to and including orgasm without betraying my presence. But, then, that's me not Kim.

DeDe got up off the couch, grabbed her dress from the floor, and slipped it back on. I couldn't help but notice again how it clung to her breasts. I sat up on the couch and straightened my clothes. I resisted to urge to wipe my lips with the back of my hand.

"DeDe, not so fast." Kim was direct and firm but not angry. "Slip that dress back off your body, young lady. We have company and I want everyone to feel comfortable."

That comment mystified me until I saw that Kim and begun to disrobe in place. As she slipped her knit top over her head and exposed her breasts (she was not wearing a bra) she motioned to me to do the same thing.

"We have a little custom here in our household, Wanda. We're usually naked. I think it is very freeing as well as being very sexy. So, C'mon, you can get naked too unless, of course, you have some huge objection."

Well, I did- -in a way. I've never been really proud of my body. And even though I had slimmed down quite a bit from my heavy days and had even done that porn shoot, which did distract me from being self conscious about my naked body, I still felt uncomfortable just getting naked in front of people. On top of that, DeDe and Kim were gorgeous and I still felt pretty frumpy. Both of them were trim specimens of womanhood, with shapely boobs and were superbly groomed from their toenails to their eyebrows. There wasn't any excess hair anywhere- -and no hair at all on their armpits, pussies, or assholes. I, on the other hand, had some extra flesh on my tummy, butt, and hips; my boobs, while not unattractive, were a bit pendulous and, though I was well kempt, I didn't go in for manicures or pedicures; and, while I did shave my armpits, I had a thick patch of untrimmed pubic hair exactly where it would naturally grow- -no waxing, electrolysis, or lasers for me. In short, they looked extraordinary while I looked just ordinary.

Still, Kim and DeDe made being naked seem ordinary. So, as DeDe was naked and Kim was slipping out of her jeans, I decided I would go along with it and began to take my clothes off too. I unbuttoned my blouse and threw it on the back of the couch followed by my bra. I kicked off my shoes and then slipped my slacks and panties together over my hips and down to the floor. I picked them up and put them next my blouse and bra on the back of the couch.

As I stood there nude, I felt the air coming in through the window on my body. It gave me a little shiver even though it was a warm day and it was gently cooling breeze. I didn't exactly get goose bumps but I noticed that my nipples puckered a little. I had the feeling that I ought to cover my breasts with my arm and my snatch with my other hand but I resisted that and just stood there in all my glory for DeDe and Kim to see. Well, it wasn't like they hadn't seen me naked before.

"Wanda, you have a perfectly wonderful body." Kim looked me up and down. "Your body has some 'character' not like some of the plastic looking women I see all the time. I think you are simply luscious!"

I felt myself blush a little but answered with a simple "Thank You".

"DeDe, where are our manners?" Kim motioned DeDe over toward me. "When I came in, Wanda was giving you a full fledged orgasm that left you aglow but we just stand here looking at her and are doing nothing? Shame, Shame. SHAME on us!"

DeDe approached me, put her hands on my shoulders, and turned me to face her. My back was to the couch and it didn't take much effort for her to tip me backward to where I plopped down sitting on the couch. Meanwhile, Kim had climbed up on the couch on her knees to my right and was crawling toward me. DeDe knelt on the floor facing me with her hands on my knees.

Kim went right to work kissing my face gently all over and zeroing in on my lips. As her mouth met mine, her hand moved behind my head to press me closer to her and her other hand went to my chest where her fingers sought out my breasts and nipples. She caressed each breast in turn and her fingers paused to give each of my nipples a light brush that made them pucker even more than the cool breeze. Kim's mouth went back and forth from my lips, to my chin, to my throat and back up again. When she reached my mouth each time she would give me more of a kiss, using her tongue to flick around my lips and penetrate between them a little more. At length, she had her tongue fully in my mouth playing with my tongue as she tweaked my nipples.

Meanwhile, DeDe had spread my knees apart and had kissed her way up the inside of my thighs to where her tongue was beginning to play with the curls of my pubic hair. I could feel her warm breath on my skin through my bush. It made me shiver too because it was stimulating a very sensitive part of my anatomy. As her hands separated my legs more and began to tease the area between them, her tongue probed farther into the thicket covering my pussy until it found the top of my slit where my clitoris lay. The touch of her tongue on the area surrounding my clit sent tingles into my vagina and into my tummy and then she found my clit itself. That was like an electric shock shooting through my whole body. I flinched but she persisted in plying my clit with the tip of her tongue and the electric shocks intensified.

Kim had worked her mouth away from mine and down to my chest. While she massaged a breast with one hand, she cupped the other breast with her other hand and used her lips and tongue to excite that nipple. She went back and forth from one breast to the other. Each time she sucked on a nipple, it re-doubled the sensation that I was getting from DeDe's tongue on my clitoris. It was becoming almost unbearable.

I began to squirm on the couch, my buttocks ground away against the soft velour of the cushions, and my hips began to raise up in response to DeDe and Kim's ministrations. As my hips undulated, DeDe's tongue worked its magic more vigorously and Kim's mouth applied more suction to my nipples. I was on fire!

I felt a moan rise up from my chest into my throat and then, when I couldn't control it any longer, it escaped my lips filling my ears with the sound of my own orgasm. It went from low to loud and lasted I don't know how long- -it seemed like minutes but was probably only seconds. My body arched and then settled back down on the cushions. I put my hand out and touched the top of DeDe's head.

"Please stop! I can't bear it!" I pleaded, "Please, please, please!"

But both DeDe and Kim kept on and sent me into a second orgasm even more intense than the first. I thought I was going to buck both of them off of me with the violence of my contractions but they both stuck with it, DeDe pressing my pussy closer to her mouth and Kim holding, caressing, and sucking my breasts.

"No more! Please NO MORE!" I screamed in the midst of my second 'coming'. "You have to stop now. Oh, please stop now!"

Well, they finally did stop. They didn't let go of me until the aftershocks of my orgasm began to subside. In stead of licking my clit, DeDe simply kept her face pressed between my legs gently breathing. Instead of sucking on my breasts, Kim simply pressed her cheek against them and held me.

When I finally calmed down and caught my breath, DeDe and Kim were sitting on either side of me on the couch. Kim was holding my hands and DeDe had her hand on the top of my thigh. They were very gentle and loving.

"Kim? DeDe? That was fabulous!" I addressed them still euphoric. "I thought I was coming over here to get some pointers on how to shoot some porn and I got a lesson in how to enjoy sex! How was I to know?"

Kim was chuckling as she gazed into my eyes. And DeDe was giving me a knowing look. Kim reached over to a black box on the end table and pressed a button. A red light on the box turned off.

"Why, Wanda! You may not know this but you did both!" Kim kissed me on the lips as she said this and again as she added, "Wanda? This apartment is wired for video and audio for the Internet. All of this was captured, saved, and aired on our web site! You're a star twice in one week!"



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