tagFetishTaste of True Friendship Ch. 06

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 06


After our porn session, Tanya and I got dressed in the rec room together. We didn't' talk much but I could tell that she/he could tell that there was an attraction there. We arranged to meet for dinner that evening, and left in separate cars.

Tanya selected the restaurant and we met there. It was not a flashy place but it was better than your garden variety steak house in a better than ordinary part of town. She was dressed conservatively, not anything like I had seen her at the porn shoot, but not so conservatively that one couldn't tell that she was a shapely and sexy woman- -little did they know. She wore a nicely tailored dark suit that showed a nice patch of ruffled linen at her throat, black stockings, black leather pumps with only two-inch heels, and her hair was straight and glossy black. I wore a black and white print skirt, a white blouse, and a black light weight sweater. My only concession to casualness was my t-strap high-heeled sandals. I thought I looked pretty nice; I knew Tanya looked very nice.

She had chosen a booth in the back corner, away from the kitchen, where we could dine quietly- -and talk.

Tanya and I settled in at the table and she began to tell me about herself. Her narrative sounded like a movie script:

Tanya's real name was Dan, short for Danillo.

His mother's name was Ayisha. She was an American nurse in the military just after the Vietnam era. She was a tall, black woman who grew up in a tough part of Los Angeles. She was lucky, though, because she was tall, athletic, and smart. She managed to win a volleyball scholarship to a major university and capitalized on that to get her nursing degree. She was in ROTC during her college years and went on active duty once she graduated and passed her nursing boards. She went in the service as an officer and did well there too. Even though there was a lot of scaling back in the post-war military, she got promotions and gained in professional stature. She wound up in command of a nursing corps in a southeast Asian country.

That is where Ayisha met Dan/Tanya's father, Reynaldo. He was himself from a mixture of cultures. His mother was a Filipina with Portuguese blood and his father was Chinese and Indonesian. Like Ayisha, Reynaldo was tall and, also like Ayisha, he was very, very bright. He was a local politician (read quasi-warlord) with whom Ayisha had dealings as part of the medical outreach from the military base. He was already married but Ayisha didn't care. She fell in love with him and wanted to have his child. Back then a pregnant woman in the military was unacceptable and a pregnant unmarried woman officer was an absolute affront to military decorum. So, it was no little problem when Ayisha became pregnant. She got shipped back to the USA and was mustered out of the service for "conduct unbecoming an officer". She never saw Reylando again and he never saw their child. Shortly before Dan was born, Reylaldo was killed in a local political coup.

Dan's mother raised him all by herself. She never married. She maintained a professional career as a nurse, worked at local hospitals, and kept studying. She eventually became a nurse practitioner- -one of the first to achieve that designation- -and became a well respected member of the medical community in her city. She died of cancer just after Danillo graduated from college.

Dan has always been a good looking child, and smart. His mother had made sure that he didn't become "ghetto-ized". She lived in a very nice middle class area of town, sent her son to private schools, and raised him to appreciate the best of all of his cultural origins.

He was always an exotic looking child. In a way, he didn't exactly fit in the black culture, he was too light skinned; and he didn't fit in the white community, he was too dark skinned; he wasn't Asian looking enough for the Chinese, Indonesian, or Filipino ethnicities. But, in a sense, he also fit into all of those. And, he had enough of a Latino look not to seem out of place in their gatherings. Plus, he was smart- -with a capital "S". It didn't take him long to find out how to get along no matter what group he was with.

He knew growing up that he was different, not just in a cultural sense but also in a sexual sense. He wasn't a rough and tumble boy but he did play with the other kids and got along but he always had a sensitive and artistic nature. He much preferred browsing through his mother's collection of art books to going out and playing cops and robbers with the neighborhood kids. He developed a talent for music and his mother indulged him by making sure he had music lessons. He knew how to play the piano, the violin, and the guitar. His musical tastes eventually ran the gamut from classical to jazz to rock- -everything but rap, which he didn't consider to be real music. He had a fantastic sense of rhythm and was an energetic dancer but more recreational rather than classical. He had an artist's eye and drawing and painting, though not an end in itself, morphed into an interest in fashion design. His college degree was in graphic arts but his real love was clothing.

As a teenager, he struggled with his sexuality. He had fun with women for whom he was a sex object- -they all wanted to get a piece of him. What woman wouldn't? He was a handsome, talented, sensitive man. Not many of them running around on the loose. But with women what he loved their softness, sensitivity, and creativity not their tits and ass. He also enjoyed the company of men, not in a testosterone driven sense- -sports and hunting and fishing and cocksmanship all left him cold- -but in a character driven sense. He respected strength not brutality, bravery not bravado, loyalty not chauvinism, and sexual fulfillment not sport-fucking. Given that, he didn't fit in with a lot of male groups. Notwithstanding all of his attractive qualities, on a sexual level, most of the girls began to believe he was gay- -and so did most of the guys.

His first sexual experience was with a man not a woman and it wasn't until he was a senior in high-school. He had just celebrated his 18th birthday and was working late in the band room at school cleaning up after rehearsal. The music teacher's assistant, a clarinet player, was also staying late not necessarily to help straighten up but to be with Danillo on whom he had a crush. The clarinet player was gay.

"Danny, I need some help with this." The clarinet player spoke softly. "I can't get this portfolio unzipped."

Dan went over to help out as asked and Mr. Clarinet said, "Zippers are such a problem! Why can't they just use old-fashioned string ties. I need more practice with zippers."

With that Mr. Clarinet boldly reached over and unzipped Dan's pants. No prelude, no "by your leave", he just went for it. Dan was a little taken aback but decided to go with it and see where it wound up. The T/A zipped up Dan's pants and then unzipped them again. "Your zipper is a lot more cooperative than the one on this portfolio- -and more fun to play with. And, speaking of 'cooperative'......."

With that, Mr. Clarinet unzipped Dan's pants again, pushed his hand through Dan's fly, and began searching around for Dan's cock. Dan wore boxers with an opening in the front so it didn't take long for the T/A to get his hand around Dan's prick and tease it into the open.

"My! What a handsome young fellow you are!" Mr. Gay Clarinet-guy was addressing Dan's penis more than Dan himself. "And so stout!" Dan's prick began to grow as it was being handled.

Now, Dan was not naïve. He knew something of masturbation, as virtually every teen-age boy does. He had indulged in it himself more than once- -a lot more than once. Plus, he did have a decent education as to sex. His mother being a medical person made sure he knew all of the correct anatomical terms and physiological functions. She also made sure that he was versed in proper hygiene and protection. (AIDS had been on the scene long enough a that time to cause her to have no qualms about making sure her son didn't commit suicide.) And had been privy to enough talk from the girls and the boys as to who did what to whom and how. So, it was with a little detached interest that he observed this obviously gay person put the make on him- -or, more properly, his cock. Not that it didn't stir him but he decided to be passive rather cooperative.

Dan stood there as the T/A leaned forward and put his mouth to Dan's hardening dick. His lips enfolded the head and his mouth gently sucked it in to where about half of the shaft was inside. Dan's cock got harder and the harder it got the more Mr. Clarinet sucked on it. He brought his hand up around the base of Dan's shaft, not unlike grasping a clarinet, but he didn't "finger" it, he stroked it up and down as he moved it back and forth in his mouth.

Despite his detachment, Dan felt it was a novel and exciting experience. He came quickly shooting his semen directly into Mr. Clarinet's mouth. Mr. C. tried to pull back but Dan reached out and put his hand on top of Mr. C.'s head and held it there until Dan had finished shooting his load into his mouth. There was gurgling and gagging coming from the clarinet player's throat as he swallowed Dan's jizz but he got all of it down. He licked Dan clean as he extracted the softening member from his mouth.

"My, my! You are a tasty fellow!" again, Mr. Clarinet T/A was addressing Dan's cock. "I believe I have rarely had better." And then, as he got up off of his knees and looked Dan in the face "I thank you, young man for your cooperation and assistance." He turned around and walked out of the room.

From then to the end of the school year and graduation, Dan saw Mr. Clarinet in music class and around campus. Dan could see that Mr. C. would have liked to have had a repeat performance but Dan pretty much made it clear by body language that he wasn't inclined to do that. That made Mr. Clarinet look sad. Dan rather enjoyed that.

Dan did have a best girl friend. It was more a girl that was a friend rather than a "girlfriend". She wasn't a fellow high-schooler; she was a college student- -a sophomore when Dan was a high-school senior- -whom Dan had met through her mother, a Russian woman named Ludmilla who gave Dan music lessons. The girl's name was Tatiana (sometimes her mother called her Tanya). Tatiana was smart, very musical (cello and piano), a good chess player, and a good friend. Dan had shared things with her that he hadn't even shared with his own mother- -and he and his mother were very, very close. For example, Dan shared with Tatiana the experience he had with Mr. Clarinet and even admitted to her that it was his first sexual experience with another person. Tatiana's reaction was not shocked or judgmental. She seemed very accepting of the fact that Danillo was coming into his own sexually.

But she did ask, with her Russian accent, "Danillo? You are such a good looking boy. How is it that you haven't had sex before this? I would imagine there were lots of opportunities."

His answer surprised even himself, "I just wasn't sure which way I would go with it. I like girls and I like guys- -I fantasize about both- -but I never felt an overwhelming urge to 'break the ice', so to speak. But the occasion presented itself and I decided not to resist it."

"I can understand that, Danillo." Tatiana sounded proper, almost formal. "And I respect that. But sex isn't just one thing, one way for ever. It offers such a wide spectrum of experience. You should consider the possibilities."

Now, as I said, Tatiana came from a Russian family that was scholastically traditional. Her father was a mathematician, her mother was a music teacher, and she had two older brothers that were both well into advanced studies- -one in mathematics and the other in physics. Tatiana was majoring in music. But in a cultural sense, she was a liberated person, even at her young age. The Russian society had created a class of liberated females long before the Americans had caught onto it in the 60's and 70's and her mother was one of them. She raised Tatiana in the same mold. Tatiana did not abide at all with observance of traditional female role models. And she was sexually liberated, not licentiously but in a practical "sex-is-sex" sense. There was no Puritanism in her but neither was there any hysteria that sexual gratification was the only aim in life. Paradoxically, she was so matter-of-fact about sex that Dan had never really thought of her as a sexual person. But she was.....

One afternoon, having finished his violin lesson with Tatiana's mother, Dan and Tatiana were sitting in Tatiana's living getting current. Being friends, he had stayed on many times after his music lesson just to share conversation, perhaps a chess game, and once or twice an impromptu' duet- -Dan on the violin and Tatiana on the cello.

Tatiana's mother encouraged the relationship. Ludmilla liked Dan, thought he was a good student, and he gave her daughter a like minded companion who fancied a string instrument- -and she thought Dan was gay. Not that the latter really made any difference to Ludmilla; she wasn't by any stretch a homophobe. And, as far as her daughter having sex, Ludmilla had raised her daughter to be realistic about sex and would rather see her daughter have sex at home rather than in the back seat of a car or in some dorm room at college. But Ludmilla never gave a thought that Dan and Tatiana might be anything other than just friends. And it seemed to her that Tatiana felt the same way. For that matter, it seemed that way to Dan, too.

But this particular afternoon, their conversation turned back to sex.

"Danillo, my friend," Tatiana's accent was just as pronounced as her mother's, "How have you been doing with your romances?"

Dan thought she was talking about practicing the Beethoven piece that Ludmilla had been trying to introduce into his violin repertoire. "Difficult, Tatiana, very difficult."

Tatiana frowned at Dan's revelation. "How so? How are they difficult?"

"Well, for one thing, I find the fingering very difficult and, for another, the key changes have me mystified." Dan went on flatly. "Plus, it is hard to conceptualize the piece without hearing the orchestral accompaniment."

Tatiana laughed out loud. "Danillo, I didn't mean your music. I meant 'romances' like...." She searched for words, "I mean your 'romantic' life. Perhaps better words would have been 'your love life'...you know?"

Dan was non-plussed, Tatiana's question coming from left field as it did. But he regained his composure and chuckled along with her.

"Oh, just about the same, you know." Dan answered dejectedly. "Nothing of any consequence has been happening. One or two girls have come on to me but they seem so ditzy. I know they'd love to have sex but I don't think I could handle their inane conversation long enough to get worked up to do it, or really enjoy it knowing that I'd probably have to talk to them afterwards."

"Yes, I can understand that." Tatiana's mirth turned to sincerity. "And, with the men? Anything?" The she added hastily, "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

"Oh, no...That's o.k. Nothing there either." Dan didn't seem embarrassed at all at the question and was matter of fact about his answer. "I have noticed 'Mr. Clarinet' eyeing me from time to time but I don't want to repeat that performance. It might have been interesting once but, to be honest, he's a little too creepy to suit me. Otherwise, frankly, I'm really hesitant to step out and make any moves on anyone. I'm still just not sure, you know?"

"Yes, I DO know what you are saying to me." With Russian being her first language, Tanya's way of saying things sometimes seemed stilted, overly proper. Dan wondered how well he would do if he had to speak Russian.

"I have had similar experience." She continued, "At college not long ago. Shall I tell you?"

"Yes, Tatiana, please do." Dan was glad to have the attention off of him. "I'd like to hear about that."

"Well, I was at a- -how do you call it?- -a 'frat' party." Tatiana talked easily as if she were glad to have an outlet for this story. "There were a lot of people drinking a lot, mostly beer but some hard liquor too. I had taken a couple of glasses of wine but I wasn't drunk, or anywhere near it. There was some craziness going on the more people drank. A couple of the boys became naked and jumped into the swimming pool. That didn't shock me- -I have two older brothers and, believe me, I have seen male nakedness before. But these two were pretty much out of control and it made some of the others there a little crazy too. Two or three more boys took of their clothes and jumped into the pool and then a couple of the girls did the same thing. There was some hugging and kissing going on in the water but no real sex that I could see, though it seemed like that was going to happen real soon if things continued as they were."

She paused for a breath as if to say, "Here's the interesting part."

"Then one of the college girls who had been drinking a lot came over to me with a beer in her hand. She had gotten wet from the water being splashed out of the pool and I could plainly see her breasts and nipples underneath her t-shirt. She put her arm around my shoulders. She said something like, 'This is a blast, huh?' and I said, 'I suppose so." and then she leaned over and kissed me right on the mouth. I could feel her breasts press through her soaked t-shirt against against my breasts and she got my t-shirt a little damp too."

Dan interrupted, "Well, that all seems like a garden variety frat party to me. Kids get a few beers in them and away go the inhibitions."

"Yes, but there's more." She continued beginning to build a little excitement in her narrative. "Then this girl kissed me again but this time slid her tongue between my lips and into my mouth. I was shocked. It's not like I haven't kissed a woman before- -we kiss sisters, mothers, aunts on the lips and I've kissed boys that way- -but I'd never been kissed that way by another woman before. It wasn't unpleasurable, though. Aside from being surprised, I rather liked it. But I felt my nipples- -how do you say?- -'pucker' under my t-shirt and became embarrassed that someone might see them that way, so pushed the girl away from me and said something like, 'Please!' She stopped trying to kiss me more and went off into the crowd to spread her kissing around some more."

"That all sounds rather sexy, Tatiana." He tried to give it a positive spin. "At least you know you are kissable be it man or woman."

"I told you this story for a reason, Danillo." Tatiana turned serious again. "I have made up my mind that, if something like that happens again, I am going to 'go with it'- -is that the right saying? It would be a novel experience having sex with another woman, I think. But that setting wasn't the right one. The next time I think I will. Now, I don't think that I am a lesbian. In fact, I love to have sex with boys. But I think trying something different is a good thing. One can't decide whether or not one should do something again unless one has done it the first time. Do you understand?"

He nodded his head. "Yes, I see what you mean." It seemed obvious to him what she was talking about. She should try some different experiences.

"Danillo? Do you understand?" Tatiana asked again.

"Yes. I just said 'yes'. I understand what you are saying." He was puzzled at her asking again.

"No, Danillo. I don't think you grasp my meaning." She was lapsing back into her stilted English. "Please think a little about what I said."

He sat there looking at her trying to form some thoughts but he wasn't sure where she was going with this. He was not a stupid person but he was missing something here.

"Danillo, what I am trying to tell you is this:" Tatiana became forcefully direct, "If you've never had sex with a woman, how can you tell whether or not you enjoy it more than having sex with a man?"

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