tagFetishTaste of True Friendship Ch. 07

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 07


Dan kept up his weekly music lessons with Ludmilla. And, as usual, he took time to chat with Tatiana afterward. But now, more often than not, he and Tatiana would go upstairs and have sex as well. Tatiana was willing and enthusiastic but Dan was conflicted.

They experimented with sex, almost like a self taught lab class. Tatiana's talents ran the gamut from regular missionary position intercourse, to her being on top (as they had done the first time), to doggy style, to oral sex- -pretty much everything but anal sex, which Tatiana did not like. Dan participated in all of these partly out of the novelty, partly to please Tatiana, and partly to explore just what type of sex he did like. Though he did climax on occasion, he did not do so easily nor was it the ecstatic sensation he thought it should be. He enjoyed it but wasn't enthralled by it.

One experience that he enjoyed more than the others was when either Tatiana was giving him a hand job, or he was jacking himself off while she played with his body- -kissing him, sucking his nipples, and the like- -while he fantasized about an idealized sexual encounter. Most of the time it was just in his thoughts, but more frequently he had begun to say out loud to Tatiana what his thoughts were.

For example, one time Tatiana was sitting between Dan's legs working on his penis with both hands using lotion not only to make it seem more like a lubricated pussy but also to prevent chaffing.

"Tatiana, would you try something for me?" Dan asked casually.

"Yes, Danillo. What is it that you want me to do?" Tatiana was compliant.

"Well, since you have lotion on both hands, why don't you stroke my cock with one hand and slip one of the fingers of your other hand into my ass." He seemed a little self conscious asking that but also thought that they had become well enough acquainted physically for that request not to seem outrageous. "Do you think that strange?"

"No, Danillo. Of course not." Tatiana was matter-of-fact. "If you want to try that, I am happy to help."

Tatiana proceeded to perform his request. She kept jacking away with her right hand and inserted the middle finger of her left hand gently into Dan's anus. It did not go in easily at first. His sphincter resisted penetration. But with a little gentle persistence, Tatiana was able to gradually insert her finger up to her second knuckle. Dan let out a sigh as she did this.

"Is that hurting you, my dear?" Tatiana was solicitous. "I do not want to hurt you."

"On the contrary. It feels good." Dan was obviously enjoying the sensation. "Please, move it in and out while you are stroking my cock."

Tatiana complied and Dan's response was an pronounced sigh. "More!" Dan almost pleaded.

Tatiana now applied herself to the task with vigor, working her finger in and out in rhythm with her quickening strokes on Dan's cock.

"Do you know what I am thinking, Tatiana?" Dan asked that question in a rhetorical fashion. "I am thinking that I have a man putting his penis into my ass while another man is sucking on my cock. I can visualize that clearly."

"Is that good for you, Danillo." Tatiana asked with no little curiosity. "Is that good?"

"Oh, yes it is. It feels marvelous." Dan was becoming enraptured. "Don't stop!"

It took but a minute for Dan to climax but that was none too soon for Tatiana as her hands and arms were becoming fatigued working at those odd angles. Dan's abdominal muscles contracted in concert with his spasming penis and his semen spouted out of his dick and onto his stomach and chest. Tatiana found a hand towel on the floor and cleaned off her hands. Dan reached for the towel to clean his jizz off of himself but Tatiana stopped him. He knew what she wanted. Tatiana leaned across and licked every bit of Dan's cum off of him and swallowed it as if it were a delicacy- -which to her it was.

" 'Etiquette?' " Dan asked with a smile.

"Yes, my Danillo....'Etiquette'. One should never leave a mess behind." Tatiana said slyly. "One should always 'clean up' after one's self."

"Tell me, Tatiana. Do you think my fantasies are odd?" Dan was reluctant to pursue this line of questioning but knew he had to. "Do you think my dreaming of having sex with a man is perverted?"

"No, I don't. It is just another type of sex, as far as I'm concerned." Tatiana answered in her level, straight-forward manner. "If it makes you feel good then why would it be bad? Whom are you hurting by it?"

"Nobody, I suppose. It is just that I think that I should feel that those things aren't right." The conflict was obvious in Dan's voice. "I don't like to think I am gay but I do think sex with another man would be enjoyable. Sometimes I think I feel like a woman would feel when she desires a man. I just don't know."

"Danillo, you like what you like; you feel what you feel; you ARE what you are." Tatiana was pressing her point. "Why should you be worried about how you THINK you should feel? Feel what you feel. Like what you like. If you don't know what you like, then experiment. That's what we've been doing isn't it?"

"I know, Tatiana. But what if I told you that I really feel like a woman? That I don't really feel like a man?" Dan almost had to force those words out. "It is so confusing to me!"

"Danillo, let me tell you something. I feel BOTH ways sometimes!" From the sound of her voice, Dan had a feeling he was about to hear a revelation. "I love sex with boys but lately I have been experimenting too"

She went on, "Do you remember that experience I shared with you about the girl at the fraternity party? Well, as chance would have it, I met that person again in the Student Union at school a couple of weeks later. We wound up next to each other at the coffee bar. She seemed a little embarrassed when she recognized me. She introduced herself to me: Darla is her name. Then she apologized for her actions at the party and said that she was sorry if she had made me uncomfortable. I told her that I wasn't angry with her, that things like that sometimes happen at parties, and that she shouldn't feel bad about it at all. Then she asked me if I would like to sit with her while we drank our coffee. I agreed to do that. Frankly, I was intrigued as to what possessed her to pull that stunt at the party and- -I have to admit it- -I found her to be attractive."

Tatiana shifted into a more comfortable sitting position on the bed, leaning against the pillows. Dan thought that it was fitting that Tatiana was naked while she was telling him her secrets.

Tatiana continued, "We sat a table and chatted. Darla told me that she had only been at the school since the beginning of the semester and was still trying to make friends. We came back to the subject of the party. She said that the party presented her a chance to meet new people but she got a little carried away with her drinking. She added that maybe it was just that she was away from home for the first time, or maybe it was because she was with new people who didn't really know her, or maybe the alcohol just freed her from her inhibitions, but she felt a little wild at the party. And then she said that when she saw me she just had the urge to kiss me and did so. She was very open about this and I was both a little uneasy and a little flattered. I tried to make her feel better by saying that my reaction to her kiss was more out of being taken off guard rather than feeling it unpleasurable. She brightened at this and thanked me at being so gracious. She had to go to class and our conversation ended.

"Two days later, I was back at the Student Union and who should be there? Yes, Darla. It turned out that we both had a break between classes at the same time. We both got some coffee and sat again at a table and continued our conversation. I told her about myself, my background, my studies. She didn't seem at all surprised when I told her I was Russian- -Can you imagine? She laughed at that, a charming and musical laugh. It occurred to me that I liked Darla and, maybe, she could be the one with whom I could 'experiment' but I was reluctant to broach that subject with her so soon. But she was on my mind.

"Over the next few weeks, we made a regular date of having coffee at the same time every day. We got to know each other well in that short period. One day, I invited her to visit me here at home just to meet my mother and see where I lived. We came up here to my room so I could show her where I did my studies and practiced my music. She seemed very interested. Then I asked her, 'Darla, do you remember the party? When you kissed me?' She said she did. And I said, 'Would you be troubled if we did that again? Now?' She didn't answer me with words but put her hand under my chin and drew my mouth toward hers. She gave me a long, passionate kiss using her tongue to tease my tongue inside my mouth. 'How was that?' she said, 'Would you like more?' I nodded my head and we embraced. Our bodies pressed together as we started kissing and caressing. I felt my- - how do you say? 'juices' begin to flow. It was exciting.

"She guided me over to the bed and we fell together onto it. That is when the frenzy began. We practically tore the clothes off of each other. In what seemed like an instant we were both naked on the bed and devouring each other with our lips, probing and massaging each other with our hands, and rubbing our bodies together. Darla went down on me, her lips and tongue ravaging my pussy and clitoris. I turned our position into a '69' and reciprocated with my mouth on her pussy and clitoris. I don't know how long it took- -it seemed like both hours and seconds- -but I climaxed as did she, not once but three times, that I could count. It was ecstasy. We have repeated that since, more than a few times.

"So, you see my Danillo, that if I hadn't been willing to try that, I would have missed out on a wonderful experience with a dear person, not to mention opening up a whole new area of sex for me. But, I had to be willing to take the chance."

Tatiana looked Dan straight in the eye. "My dear Danillo, don't you think that if I can take that chance, you can too? Don't you think that perhaps you MUST take that chance?"

It struck Dan that Tatiana was right. It was something he needed to explore but how should he do it?

****************** ******************

The school year wound down, Dan graduated from high-school, and he prepared to go away to college. His interest in things artistic made it imperative for him to leave his home town to go to school. He picked a college upstate in a fairly large city. It had a wonderful art and design department. He had interviewed with them in person. The dean liked Dan and thought he would do well at the school.

But going away to school meant that he was leaving a lot behind. He would be leaving his mother for the first time in his life but she had brought Dan up to be independent and, other than the natural bond between mother and child, Dan felt equipped to be out on his own. For her part, Ayisha had no doubts that Dan could make his way in the world. Plus, Ayisha had invested well and had no problems supporting Dan financially while he was at school. Secretly, though, she did wonder how Dan's relationships and love life were faring. She suspected that there was something going on inside of him that he was unwilling to share with her but she trusted that he was level headed enough to find his own direction wherever it might lead him. She only hoped that if Dan was indeed gay, as she thought might be the case, he would have learned enough from her about the facts of life to keep him from doing anything to put his health at risk.

And he wouldn't be seeing as much of Tatiana but, then, their sessions had tailed off- -no pun intended- -since Tatiana had developed an interest in Darla. Dan and Tatiana would still talk after his music lessons but their sexual experimentation had pretty come to an end. Dan had to resort to fantasy and plain old masturbation for his gratification.

He would miss Ludmilla, too. She was a wonderful teacher but she was also a second mother to him in many ways. Dan's mother had a detached and clinical air about her, even when it came to her son. Ludmilla, on the other hand, expressed her emotions readily and lavished praise on Dan as well as providing him a sense of comfort. He had never shared deep secrets with her but he knew that Ludmilla had his best interest at heart and would help him in any way she could. He felt he could talk to her about anything, if he needed to.

Beyond that, Dan felt that he wouldn't miss his home town much and relished the idea of being in a new place and making new friends free from having to adhere to his adolescent stereotype.

Dan was at Ludmilla's working on one of his final violin lessons. He had studied the Beethoven piece for weeks and felt he had a grasp of it. As he played passages of it for Ludmilla, he could tell that she was proud of him not only for his talent and studious progress with his instrument but also for his developing into such a nice young man. The fact that her daughter was close to Dan only deepened her feelings for him.

"Danillo, my boy. You have come so far." Ludmilla's Russian accent was much more pronounced than Tatiana's and her English grammar was tortured sometimes but she communicated extremely well with Dan. "I remember only a couple years ago when you were struggling with the instrument. Now you have a fine knowledge of it now. I even feel you could play for an audience now."

Dan felt himself flush a little. And he felt a little sad. There wouldn't be many more times when he would spend time with Ludmilla. "Thank you Ludmilla. You are the best!"

"Danillo, may I ask you something?" Ludmilla went from happy to serious in an instant. "I have something I need to know from you."

"Of course, Ludmilla. Go ahead." Dan put down his violin in its case along with the bow.

"Danillo....This may be hard to answer for you but....Danillo, how do you feel about Tatiana?" The mother's concern came out in her voice. "I know you have been close with her and...well...she and I have talked and I know you and she have had not just a platonic relationship. She tells me that the sex that you have had has been good and adventuresome and fun. But I need to know how you feel about her...for me, I need to know."

"Ludmilla, my dear teacher." Dan tried to sound adult about this. "I think a lot of Tatiana...by that I mean that I think highly of her. She is such a wonderful girl and so very good to me. I can't think of anyone with whom I would feel comfortable sharing the things that I have shared with her. I feel a little strange talking to you about our sexual experiences but she has told me that you and she are open about that and, if she isn't embarrassed about talking to you about it, then I suppose I shouldn't be either. You should be proud of her. You have taught her right. And she is a solid, reasonable young lady. I am very fond of her."

"But, Danillo, what I need to know...what I need to ask is....are you in love with her?" Ludmilla was intense with this question. "I do need to know that, Danillo."

"Oh, my. Am I in love with Tatiana? Ludmilla? Let me tell you." Ludmilla settled into her chair as if she were unsure whether my news would be good or bad. He went on, "I feel closer to Tatiana that I have felt with any other girl. But I can't say that I am in love with her. I think that if you asked her the same question she would answer it pretty much the same way. We have been close, and we have shared much, and she has been generous enough to share her body with me to help me understand my sexual feelings as well as my feelings about a lot of other things. Tatiana and I are friends, very special friends, but nevertheless just friends- -not lovers, not mates, not partners- -friends. I would do almost anything for her and I think the same is true from her standpoint. But Love? Special Love? I can't say that I do. I'm sorry if that hurts you."

Ludmilla sighed a deep sigh and spoke up, "My Danillo, I am so relieved. I was worried that you were caught up in some sort of infatuation with Tatiana. That would have been so sad if that were true. And I HAVE asker her the same question and I DID get the same answer- -not word for word but the same. I am glad that you are friends, that you have shared all of the things you have shared- -including your sexual adventures- -and I am so happy that you can remain friends without some unachievable expectations of 'Love'. My boy, you have made a mother very happy." Dan heard the front door open and heard Tatiana's voice call to her mother. "Mama, I am home. Is Danillo here?"

"Yes, my dear. We are in here." Ludmilla called back. "Come into the music room."

Tatiana appeared in the doorway and along with her was a gorgeous apparition of a woman. So, this was Darla? She was blonde and built and vivacious. She was the quintessential cheerleader. Curvy, bouncy, energetic, and all aglow. Dan could sense just looking at Tatiana together with Darla that they had something very special going for them.

Tatiana introduced Dan to Darla. Ludmilla had already met her and approved of her. And Ludmilla had also understood that Darla's visits upstairs with Tatiana were of the same variety as Dan's trips upstairs with Tatiana.

"Mother, let me steal Danillo away from you. He and I and Darla need to talk for a bit." Tatiana motioned with her head for Dan to follow her and Darla out of the music room. "I'm sorry if I cut his lesson short but I think we do need to talk."

As Dan left the room, Ludmilla whispered to him so only he could hear, "Danillo, I am SO glad that you and Tatiana are good friends."

Dan followed Tatiana and Darla as they literally pranced up the stairs holding hands like pre-teen girls. They were certainly enjoying themselves.

When all three of them were in Tatiana's room, she closed the door, turned to Dan and said, "Danillo, Darla and I are in love. Can you believe it? We are so in love!" She leaned over and gave Darla a kiss on the cheek.

"I am so happy to hear that, Tatiana." Dan kept his composure but the revelation knocked him off balance inside. "You two surely do make a nice looking couple."

Dan was beginning to wonder if level headed Tatiana had taken leave of her senses. This wasn't like her at all. She always seemed so detached, down to earth, sensible yet now she was giggling like...well, like a girl! How odd!

"But Danillo, this is why we are glad you are here today. So we can tell you." Tatiana reached out and touched Dan's hand. "Really so we can show you. My friend, Danillo, we have shared so many things. Let us share this with you."

With that, Tatiana and Darla embraced each other and began to kiss- -a long, passionate, tongue filled kiss. This seemed to Dan to be a re-enactment of the experience that Tatiana had related to him when she and Darla had first had sex. And, indeed, it was. The only difference was that Dan was there to witness it and this seemed to stoke their passion even more.

Dan hadn't visualized Darla as being so luscious so he was enthralled when Darla finally got naked- -with Tatiana's assistance. Darla was about 5'3" and something in the neighborhood of 120 to 125 lbs. She was nicely rounded: 34C breasts, a narrow waist, and 34" hips. When Tatiana removed Darla's bra, Dan was thoroughly impressed with her naked breasts. The were rounded, firm, and smooth with soft looking nipples. They jiggled easily but were far from being just fleshy. As Tatiana began to caress and suck on Darla's breasts, Darla's nipples shrank in size and be came erect. In a detached sense, Dan evaluated Darla as a art subject. She was pretty much near perfect.

Next to Darla, Tatiana seemed a bit squatty and certainly not as shapely. But Dan knew Tatiana's body well. He knew how sensuous she could be and how unselfish and giving she could be in love making. He got a demonstration of that- -in spades.

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