tagFetishTaste of True Friendship Ch. 10

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 10


Dan finished up the school year making excellent grades. Instead of going home for the summer he got a job as an intern, with Dana's help, at a local garment manufacturer helping with textile design. Dana worked for the same company but in the pattern making end of the business. Dana had worked there for the two summers before and had learned several of the jobs in both the design and manufacturing facets of the business.

In going to work, Dan made a bold decision. He was going to work there as a woman. Both he and Dana had little doubt that he could pull it off. He looked exceptionally good as a woman, was soft spoken, and had a woman's eye for the business. He would be perfect.

But.....but......the question came up: What about his name? Of course, management had to know Dan's real name for payroll, tax withholding, social security, and other legal purposes but that didn't need to be shared with the employees of the company at large. Dana was able to make sure that Dan's secret was secure as far as the Human Resources folks were concerned. Still, Dan had to have a woman's name. "Dana" wouldn't do, that was already "taken". "Diane"? "Danielle"? "Danica"? None of those appealed to Dan. It needed to be different but not so different that he wouldn't recognize it.

He settled on "Tanya". It did have a "Dan" sort of sound but added a different and definitely feminine sound. Besides, Dan remembered with fondness that Tatiana's mother would often call her "Tanya", a Russian diminutive of "Tatiana". He thought it was fitting that he use that, to remember Tatiana if nothing else. Dan certainly had to be grateful to Tatiana for setting him off on the path of sexual adventure by encouraging him to have fun and to be open minded. Where it not for that, who could tell where he would have been at this point in his life?

So that is how "Dan" became "Tanya"

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Dan took a week off in the middle of the summer and went home to visit his mother. He had kept up a pretty steady flow of e-mails to her along with regular phone calls but he hadn't seen her at all since the previous September. Most of his communication was pretty general, talking about this class or that, this teacher or that, some school event or another. He hadn't really gotten into his social life- -let alone his love life- -and he certainly hadn't talked about his budding transvestitism. There were some things that were better discussed in person.

Dan felt a need to tell his mother about what had been happening to him. Even though they had been close, Dan had never really bared his soul to her. While she was a loving mother, she was still very objective and clinical about her son's development. Ayisha- -being both a mother and a father to Dan- -was good at giving instructions, directions, and criticism but not quite as good at dispensing sympathy and emotional support, at least as Dan saw it. This was odd seeing as how she was a nurse by profession. But that fact may have been the key: She was a professional care giver who of necessity had to be emotionally detached from her patients while at the same time being able to offer them comfort. And more than that, Ayisha had grown up self-reliant. The tough environment of her childhood demanded that be self-determined, striving, and persistent. Her volleyball experience, her nursing education, her military service, and her nursing/administrative career fostered these qualities as well. So, while Ayisha loved her son, she tried to inculcate these values in him. There was motherly concern but not a great deal of motherly softness.

Dan had learned much of these things from his mother but he realized that he was his own person. He felt that he was more reflective, more emotionally sensitive, more attuned to art and philosophy than his mother- -at least from what he observed of her. So, talking to Ayisha about his deepest feelings was difficult. Still, he felt he owed it to his mother to give her an insight into what was happening to him.

The morning after he arrived home, Dan and Ayisha were having coffee. It was a Saturday so they had plenty of time to catch up on things. Dan talked around a lot of topics, pretty much like he did in his e-mails and phone calls. He didn't dwell on anything important was none too specific even then. Ayisha finally got to the point in a rather direct way, a technique she doubtless developed in the military.

"Danillo, you have to tell me what's really going on up there at school." Ayisha leveled a stern gaze at him. "You can't con a con. I've been there, remember?"

Dan knew she was right. One doesn't go through four years of college, especially being a jock- -or the female equivalent- -without having had some experience with extracurricular activities.

"Well, like what? I mean....what do you mean? Going on?" Dan was evasive, not wanting to get right into the meat of things.

"O.K., Dan. Things like drinking, drugs, and dating." Again she was direct. "I know you're doing well with your studies. I see your grades. That's the easy part. You are a smart boy. It's the rest that I need to know about. C'mon. Tell me. Who is 'she', and you know who I mean."

Dan thought "Uh-oh" someone has been talking to her. And why the special inflection on "she"? He had a feeling that he had better tell the truth or really get busted.

"O.K., Mom. Listen. I've got something to tell you about that. Just don't get upset or jump to any conclusions- -Well, maybe you will jump a little but don't get upset. O.K.?"

Dan felt his mother become tense. Maybe he was a bit to ominous in his tone. He didn't want her to be upset or concerned but he said that in a very concerned way. That was poor form.

"Well, look. I haven't been drinking. You know I never have liked that. And I don't do drugs. You know they've always scared me. But I've been seeing a girl named Dana. She's going to be a senior this coming semester and she's very much into fashion, art, music, and things like that. And she's wonderful but.....but....She's different. And she's helped me with some things too and helped me to find out how I fit in." Dan went from direct back to beating around the bush.

"So your're having sex? Is that it?" Ayisha was getting more direct. "That's no big thing, my dear. I'd be surprised if you weren't having sex!"

"So, Mom. I said Dana's different." Dan knew he had to get it out. "She's not just a girl. She's actually a guy---I mean she's a guy who's a girl. But she's more of a woman than most of the girls I have met there. You'd have to meet her to know what I'm talking about."

"Thank you for being honest about that, Dan." Ayisha didn't seem ruffled at all. As a matter of fact she seemed more relaxed, as if the truth was less of a shock than a recognized lie would be. "In this day and age, that's not so strange. You're certainly broadening your experience at school!"

Dan was a somewhat taken off guard at his mother's lack of reaction but he felt a safer now, "And there's more. I've discovered, or at least I think I have, why I've always felt so different. It's not because I'm part black, part Asian, and part European- -in fact that has never bothered me at all. And it's not because I was raised by my mother alone- -that's hardly uncommon. It is because I've never felt comfortable in my skin. And Dana has helped me a lot with that, too."

Dan stopped short of telling her that he felt more comfortable as a woman than as a man. Maybe letting it out a little at a time would be the better tactic.

"I can understand that, really." Ayisha mellowed a little. "Let me tell you about a couple of my experiences"

She told him about her first year away at college when she found herself if an entirely different environment than the one in which she grew up. Instead of having to contend with the "hood" and all of its dangers, she had to learn to deal with college elitists- -not only scholastically but athletically. She was smart enough and physically gifted enough to do both but emotionally she missed her old friends. She gravitated toward her volleyball team mates. There was a lot of esprit' in the group and they had a common goal. On top of that, they got to see each other naked in the showers after practice. Ayisha had to admit that a couple of the girls turned her on and, sure enough, one of them gave her a tumble.

Candy was a tall white girl brought up in one of the best of neighborhoods around, had all of the advantages in school, and played volleyball like a demon. Ayisha had never met anyone more competitive, unless it was Ayisha herself. They became good friends. What the hell- -they became lovers. They spent as much time together as they could and, after their first year, managed to room together. Ayisha was taking courses to prepare herself for nursing; Candy was taking courses to become an athletic trainer and coach. Many of their classes were the same for the first two years and they helped each other out with studying and tests. They both did well academically.

Athletically? Well, their team won their conference three years in a row, went all the way to the quarter finals two years, and actually won the national championship in their third year. Their fourth year was a catastrophe because they had lost too many skilled seniors. It was a rebuilding year with only Candy and Ayisha as the stars. Still, Candy and Ayisha were stood out and tied for the conference player of the year that final year.

Ayisha was frank with Dan about sex. She and Candy had a fabulous sex life. When they weren't studying or practicing volleyball, they were in bed with their bodies entwined in passion. Without being too graphic, Ayisha intimated that using a dildo, alternating as the male partner, was their favorite- -aside from mutual cunnilingus.

But Candy was very butch and Ayisha was very feminine, outside of the bedroom. After they graduated, Candy went on to coach a women's team in another state and, of course, Ayisha pursued her nursing career in the military.

And then Ayisha began to talk of Danillo's father. There was more to the story than just her falling in love with an exotic politico in another country. Part of Ayisha's mission when she was in Reynaldo's country was to coordinate military medical services with the local government. This included working with the local authorities to deal with the venereal disease problem among the prostitutes in the town outside of the military base. Reynaldo had connections in this area; in fact, he was pretty much the czar of the sex trade. She needed his help to enforce the mandatory monthly health check-ups for the hookers. He wanted some "quid pro quo" for his involvement and the "quid" for the "quo" was Ayisha.

Now, Ayisha up to this point was pretty much only into lesbian sex. That is not to say that she hadn't had sex with men- -notably, a few of her college's basketball players and, after getting into the military, one or two discreet affairs with fellow officers- -but she really preferred women. There were several women in the military with whom she had relations but she found, once she was there, that she really enjoyed having sex with local Asian women and indulged herself whenever she could.- -again discreetly.

Reynaldo knew of this- -he controlled the lesbian prostitutes as well as the straight ones- -and he used this to his advantage with Ayisha. When he approached Ayisha with the proposition that she have sex with him in exchange for not "blowing the whistle" on her, she struck a bargain: That she would have sex with him if he agreed to direct the prostitutes under his control- -which meant virtually all of them- -to comply with the military's health checks. Otherwise, she would do her best to make sure that the base commander would restrict all of the servicemen to the base because of the health risks. This would cut heavily into his sex trade and consequently his income. She was confident that she could do this because she had, in fact, had a lesbian affair with the base commander's wife and could use that as leverage to get him to comply. This was also why she was not worried about having the lesbian "whistle" blown on her- -she was easily able to have that overlooked by her commander.

So, there was reciprocal "quid pro quo" involved. It worked like a charm.

Ayisha had an ulterior motive, though. She wanted to get pregnant. And she wanted her child's father to be a remarkable specimen. Reynaldo filled the bill. He was a physically desirable man, he had book smarts and street smarts, and he was a fabulous lover. He was so good it almost made her forget about her lesbian side. He was so good that she even acceded on occasion to giving him blow jobs, something that was not high on her list of sexual activities. There wasn't much sexually that Reynaldo wouldn't do with her. And the fact that Ayisha loved having sex with women worked in his favor. More than once he enjoyed having a menage a'trois: Ayisha, another woman and one man- -HIM! Reynaldo also had broad tastes, namely with men, but those were fairly well confined to his getting blow jobs from some of his male prostitutes. He didn't go in for anal sex, with men that is.

Things worked pretty much as Ayisha had planned. She got pregnant, wound up having to resign her military commission, and began a new life back in the USA. In an odd twist of fate, though, Reynaldo did not live long enough to see the child of their relationship. He was killed in a coup--actually more of a gangland hit- -shortly after Ayisha had left his country. But Reynaldo, albeit a tough warlord, had a heart. When Ayisha left carrying his child, he vowed that she should want for nothing. He put a large portion of his money into a trust fund- -several million dollars- -with Ayisha and child as beneficiaries. Ayisha found out about this only after Reynaldo had been killed.

Indeed, Ayisha wanted for nothing but she did not rely on the trust fund. She was too independent and self-determined to do that. She achieved her own success and allowed the trust fund to build up equity, compounding growth over the years.

She revealed this to Danillo in their conversation: That at twenty-one years of age he would receive a monthly disbursement from the fund or, if he chose, he could leave it in the fund until he desired to begin making withdrawals. The yearly withdrawals were limited so as to prevent him from depleting it entirely. If Ayisha were to die, Danillo would become the sole beneficiary. It could not be willed or assigned by him to any other than his progeny. Reynaldo had assured that his child, his unknown, son would live comfortably.

Danillo was astounded at his mother's revelations, especially about the trust fund. He knew he wanted to find a career to work in but it was comforting to know that he didn't have to.

He and his mother spent the day chatting, going out to lunch, taking in an exhibit at the local museum, playing a game of chess in the park, and having a nice supper at home. Being tired, he went to bed early.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^^ ^ ^

Dan woke up in the middle of the night. It was pitch black. He heard some noises in the house and wasn't sure what was going on. His mother lived in a very nice area and so he didn't really believe that anything bad was happening- -but one never knows.

He got out of bed, opened the door of his bedroom, and looked up and down the hallway outside. Nothing happening there. He walked down the hall toward his mother's room and saw that her door was ajar and there was light coming through a crack. As he got closer, he identified that the sounds were coming from her room. He went over to the door and peeked through the opening. He consciously stopped breathing so he wouldn't gasp.

The lights were on in his mother's bedroom and he could his mother naked on her bed. Even at 46 years of age his mother was a beautiful woman tall, slender, and toned. She was lying on her back, her arms behind her head, her legs bent, and spread apart. And there between her legs a white woman was kneeling, bent over with her face buried in his mothers crotch, her head moving up and down, clearly going down on his mothers pussy. Dan couldn't help but look, and look some more.

The white woman, a blonde, looked to be tall- -even though it was a difficult to tell with her being bent at the waist- -and seemed to be in athletically slim. The muscles of her arms were well definied as she held onto Ayisha's thighs while her tongue plied Ayisha's pussy. Dan could see his mother's face as she looked toward the ceiling. She seemed to be in the midst of rapture. Ayisha moved her arms from behind her head. She put one hand on the back of the blonde's head and used the other to massage her small but still firm breasts. She tweaked her nipples, first the left and then the right, as her lover continued her cunnilingus.

Ayisha's body began to writhe and the blonde re-doubled her pussy licking efforts. Ayisha drew her legs up, spread them farther apart, and began to undulate her hips. Dan could hear her breathing quickened and become louder until Ayisha finally cried out in ecstasy. Dan could see that she was having an orgasm. And not just a small one but one that seemed to last minutes. Ayisha seemed to relax a bit but all the while her lover continued her mouth-to-pussy ministrations. And then Ayisha had another orgasm, relaxed for another few minutes, and had another after that. And the Ayisha finally settled her head back on the bed and said to her lover, "Enough...Enough!! Let me calm down. Please!"

The blonde straightened up, still kneeling between Ayisha's legs. Dan could see now that she was tall, probably six feet tall standing up, and that she had an overall firm body, with narrow hips, but very nice sized breasts- -probably 36 C's. She wasn't particularly pretty but not unattractive either. Her blonde hair was short, she wore no make up, and she did have a rather masculine look about her. As she knelt there, she massaged Ayisha's legs and inner thighs, soothing her as she came down from her orgasm.

Ayisha sat up, pulled her legs underneath her so that she was also kneeling face to face with the blonde, and began to kiss her partner on the lips. There was something so very sexy, Dan thought, seeing the blonde's white/white skin next to his mothers dark skin. It was reminiscent of the Taijitu, the classic Taoist yin/yang symbol. Ayisha began to stroke her partner's back and fanny as she kissed her and pulled her body closer to hers as the kissing became more passionate. Finally, Ayisha forced the blonde backwards so that she fell onto her back with her legs apart. Ayisha began to reciprocate by going down on her.

It didn't take Ayisha very long to bring her partner to an orgasm. One could only guess that the blonde had become increasingly hotter as she was licking away at Ayisha and that stimulation brought her close to the edge so that it didn't take much more to put her into ecstasy.

But Ayisah didn't stop with that. After the blonde had somewhat settled down from her orgasm, Ayisha leaned over the side of the bed, produced a dildo attached to a pair of rubber panties, slipped them on, and then slipped the rubber organ into her partner's pussy. Ayisha fucked away like a champion. She literally had her lover crying with pleasure as she slid the phallus in and out of her vagina. And she wasn't gentle either. She was vigorous and forceful as she continued to ram the cock into her. Dan could tell that the blonde was having serial orgasms by the tensing of her body and the moans of pleasure. It didn't seem like Ayisha was ever going to stop.

At last, the blonde cried out, "Ayisha!! No more! No more! I can't take it."

Ayisha quick pumping and fell forward on her lover's body, embracing her, and kissing her face and lips. "Turn about's fair play, my dear. What's good for the goose is good for the goose!"

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