tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTaste of True Friendship Ch. 11

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 11


When Dan returned to University Town he went to Dana's place. He had moved out of the dorm for the summer and, seeing as how he was going to be a sophomore in the coming school year, he wasn't required to live in the dorm anymore and wasn't planning on moving back. This was just as well for he thought that he had burned his bridges with Peter and, beside that, he wasn't ready for a dorm life given his new proclivity to dress up.

But when got back to Dana's place, he found that he had another roommate beside Dana. Claudia was a friend of Dana's whom she had met through work. Claudia was a fashion model who did freelance work but was used a lot by Dana's company for catalog shoots. She was tall, very thin, with angular features, and with practically no boobs. But her proportions were almost ideal for the types of outfits that the company designed and marketed. At first sight, Dan thought that she might just be anorexic but he found out later that she had a hearty appetite for food- -and other things. She was just genetically an ectomorph with the metabolism of a humming bird. She was lively but flighty, not at all the dour, on-edge person she seemed to be in her modeling photos.

One of Claudia's many indulgences was sex. She wasn't bashful about it either. If she didn't have a partner, she preoccupied herself with masturbation. It was a little unnerving to be sitting on the couch with her and Dana and have Claudia begin to stimulate herself right in the middle of a TV program. When she did this, she had quick, short orgasms. But Dan's first experience with Claudia was anything but quick and short.

The very day Dan returned, with almost no break between Dana's introduction of him as Tanya- -Dan was dressed up when he arrived- -Claudia steered him into the bedroom. Dana watched this happen with some amusement; she knew Claudia well. In short order, Claudia proceeded to disrobe Tanya/Dan and lay him out on the bed. She wasn't a bit surprised that Tanya/Dan was really a boy instead of a girl and she went right to work ravishing his body. With Dan on his back, she stroked his cock into hardness and then mounted him. She was ready for him for his cock slipped into her moist pussy easily and, for a skinny girl, she had a spacious vagina. She rode Dan like a horse, sitting up and bucking back and forth so that Dan's penis contacted as much of her vagina and clitoris as was possible. At one point, Dan had to hold on to her hips lest she dislodge herself from their coitus. And she was moist! More than moist, she was flowing with liquid. The more she fucked Dan the wetter her pussy became until he could feel the liquid running down onto his abdomen, over his testicles, and down into the crack in his ass. She was almost hysterical with what seemed to be a constant orgasm.

She fell forward onto Dan's chest, still joined to him, and pressed herself close to him rubbing her tiny breasts against him as she wrapped her arms around him. Dan could see over her shoulder that Dana was standing next to the bed naked. He could see that Dana's nipples were tiny and taut and that she had a sizeable erection. Dana climbed up on the bed, knelt down behind Claudia with her knees between Dan's legs. She grasped her hard-on in one hand, aimed it at Claudia's ass, and quickly plunged her penis into Claudia's asshole. Dan felt Claudia tense as Dana's prick plunged in to her. She held on to Dan more tightly and emitted a moaning gasp as Dana began to pump her cock in and out of Claudia's ass. This ass fucking went smoothly because, in the same way Claudia's fluids had bathed Dan, they had made Claudia's pussy and ass slick and slippery.

Dan could see Dana's face over Claudia's shoulder and could tell that Dana was enjoying this immensely. Her eyes were closed and her head was back as she rocked back and forth to push her penis in and out of Claudia's ass. The three of them got into a rhythm: Claudia bucking back and forth on Dan's penis as he alternately thrust his hips up and down while Claudia plunged he dick in and out. It was like a dance.

Dan thought Claudia was at her peak while she was just fucking him but, when Dana got into the act, Claudia hit a new level of sexual frenzy. Dan was almost afraid that Claudia was going to hurt herself with the force and strain of two pricks in her body. But she kept on and so did Dana and so did Dan.

Dan couldn't tell how long this lasted; it was certainly well over ten minutes. He was grateful that he had developed restraint in controlling his orgasms. He guessed an ordinary guy would have shot his load long ago but he was stiff and straight able to take all of Claudia's fucking. On the other hand, Dan could tell that Dana was beginning to flag and that she was close to having her own orgasm. Her thrusting slowed down and she held her tummy close to Claudia's butt longer with each in-stroke until she finally pressed herself against Claudia and held herself there. Dan sensed Dana's body quivering as she shot her load into Claudia's ass and could tell that Claudia was enjoying it happen. Claudia let out a low, long moan that came all the way from her stomach and gripped Dan so hard that he was having trouble breathing. He thought that this is what being in the coils of a boa constrictor must be like. And then he felt a gush of fluid come from Claudia's pussy drenching his stomach and running down between his legs. There was an aroma to it, not at all unpleasant. It was fragrant and herbal and Dan knew that it would be delicious were he able to taste it.

Clauida paused only a moment after having her landmark orgasm and then pulled herself off of Dan. Dana, by this time, had gotten off the bed and was sitting in the bedside chair looking winded and spent.

"My god, Tanya, you have the endurance of a long distance runner!" Claudia blurted out still panting. "You're a challenge to me now."

With that, Claudia turned herself around on the bed and threw her legs over Dan so that her pussy and ass were directly over his face. He could smell the fragrance of her cum mixed with the tang of Dana's semen. He reached up and pulled Claudia's hips down so that her crotch was directly on his face and began to lick away getting as much of the sweet liquid he could into his mouth. He had been right: It was delicious.

As Dan was engaged in doing this, Claudia began stroke Dan's cock with one hand while at the same time sucking on his organ and also manipulating her vagina and clitoris with her other hand. Dan was confronted with a slick pussy and asshole emitting indescribably tasty fluids and a dancing fingers flitting around his tongue while he was trying to taste them. He also was aware of Clauida's mouth, tongue, and hand giving his cock the royal treatment.

He decided that it was time to bring this whole exercise to a close. He willed himself to come and it didn't take long. He shot a large load of semen into Claudia's mouth. He could hear her gag a little at the volume but this was followed by the conspicuously audible slurping down of his cum, accompanied by definite "yummy" sounds coming from Claudia's throat. His orgasm felt good but it was more of a relief than an ecstatic experience. But as a bonus, as Claudia swallowed his sperm, she came once again squirting her fluid all over his face and lips. He immediately lapped up as much of it as he could. He found himself wishing there was more.

Claudia rolled off of him and lay by his side with her feet still toward his head. She reached over and caressed his softening cock getting the last of his jizz of it with her fingers and then putting them to her mouth licked them off. Then her hand went down to her own pussy so she could probe it with her fingers. She repeated licking her fingers clean of the residuals of her own cum mixed with Dana's ejaculation. She seemed to be I heaven doing this emitting more "yummy" sounds as she completed her task.

As Dan got up off the bed, he leaned over and kissed Claudia on the lips. He used his tongue to lick away the last of her flavor. As he did this he looked up at Dana still sitting on the chair. She had a huge smile on her face. As Dan left to go to the bathroom and clean up, he leaned over and gave her a long, tongue filled kiss. She was purring.

^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Claudia stayed for several weeks while she worked on photo shoots for the garment manufacturer. During that time she, Dana, and Dan had sex with each other in various combinations. Sometimes it was Dana and Claudia, sometimes it was Dan and Claudia, sometimes it was Dan and Dana while Claudia watched and masturbated, and sometimes it was just Dan and Dana watching Claudia masturbate. The last was all to frequent. and, other than he had gotten used to it, Dan might have been embarrassed by her openness and frequency.

Claudia had masturbation down to an art. She used her fingers; she used her "toys", she used whatever might be at hand. She even got herself off one time with the spindle of a paper towel holder. She had a large collection of dildos. They were of various materials, shapes and sizes. Some were conventional rubber penises, some were colored plastic rods, and some were clear glass. She liked the glass ones a lot because she could heat them up in warm water; she said the warmth gave extra sensation to her orgasms. She had one or two electrical devices but she didn't use them often; she said the vibrations weren't "atuned" to her body rhythms. Dan learned a lot from her about the techniques of female masturbation. He filed them away for future reference.

Surprisingly, Claudia was not promiscuous while she was staying the him and Dana. She didn't go out on dates, didn't bring boys- -or girls- -home, and from what Dan could tell she didn't mess around at work. Claudia seemed perfectly content to have her sex life revolve around Dana, Dan and herself.

Once Claudia had finished her modeling assignments, she left with some pleasant good-byes. Dan missed her and her exuberant love of sex. He would run into her again.

^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^^ ^^

Dan sailed through the rest of the summer. He learned a lot about the garment business working at the company and he made some contacts that would serve him well in the future. He was becoming increasingly more comfortable in his female role. Nobody seemed to suspect that Tanya was actually Dan, or if they did they had to good graces not to mention it. The women at he company were especially accepting of him. They seemed to have no idea that he was different; they included him in all of their female activities; and they thought of him as a friend. Much of this may have been because they knew Tanya and Dana were friends. They got along well with Dana so they got along well with Tanya. There were many days when he hardly thought of "being in character" at work. He began to suspect that he naturally had a female disposition.

The following school year was a blur. He maintained his male persona at school while indulging his female self at home with Dana. He studied hard, excelled academically, and became regarded as an exceptional student, one who could mentor others. The girls at school were attracted to him and tried to get him to date them but he made it pretty clear that he and Dana were an "item". After a few attempts, most of them accepted that fact and enjoyed him as a nice male- -if somewhat effeminate- -fellow student.

He had one or two close calls, though. One evening he and Dana were out in a neighboring down having dinner. Of course, he was dressed up. He had thick, straight, jet black, glossy hair which was down to his shoulders. He wore it in a pony tail at school- -which was not unfashionable for a boy- -and usually full length when he was dressed. Between that and the make-up it was hard to tell it was the same person. but this one night, in the restaurant, who should he see but Peter having dinner with one of his "girlfriends" (probably just to prime her for an evening of sex). Dan saw Peter staring at him with a lustful look, the one he would use on any good looking female. And that was just like Peter, looking around for another prospect while he was out on a date. Then Dan saw the expression on Peter's face change; he could tell Peter recognized that good looking girl he was looking at- -it was his old roomie Dan!

Dan knew he had to steal the march on Peter. He got up, walked over to Peter's table, and began to flirt outrageously with him.

"Hello, Peter. How nice to see you again!" Dan layed it on thick. "I haven't seen you since that last 'party' we had at the dorm."

Dan was purposeful with that remark. He wanted to remind Peter that he still had the goods on him and that he should think carefully before starting anything. After all, Peter was now a senior and wouldn't want to jeopardize his standing at school just before graduating.

"Well, Hello!" Peter knew he was stuck for a name and thought it better if he gave the impression that he barely remembered this "girl". "How have you been?"

"I'm fine Peter." Dan answered. And then addressing Peter's date, "Hi, I'm Tanya. Peter and I used to be in the same dorm together. That was a fun crowd there then. We had some good parties."

Then he thought he'd do Peter a favor- -maybe out of a little bit of a guilty conscience, though he really felt that Peter got what he deserved.

"But don't worry, we used to just 'hang out'. There wasn't anything serious between us." Dan added, "I wasn't exactly Peter's type. You two have a good time now."

Dan walked back to his table and winked at Dana. She got the picture.

The second one was actually one of Dana's classmates who had been over to visit her to cram for a test. Dan was there at the apartment in his Tanya persona. He had his hair in a pony tail but was wearing make-up, earrings, with his nails done, and was dressed in a girly sweat outfit. They chatted while Dana got her material together and Dan hung out studying on his own while Dana and her friend did their test Q & A drill.

A few days later, Dan was at the student union in his male persona when this girl shouted to him from a distance, "Tanya!! Good to see you!"

Dan did not react even though he was looking right at her.

As she got closer, the girl said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I confused you with someone else. But you look an awful lot alike. Do you have a sister at the school?"

Dan was careful to keep his voice in his male range. "Excuse me? No, I'm sorry. I don't have a sister at all."

"Gee. I'm awfully sorry." The girl said. And then she began to come on to him. "But, you know? I remember her because she was so beautiful. And you, my dear, are as handsome as she was pretty. I suppose it was natural for me to confuse you two."

Dan played off that. "Well, I'll take that as a compliment- -I think. But somehow I would hope that she is much, much more beautiful than I am handsome. I would hate to think that there is some poor girl running around who looks at all like me."

"You are being too modest." The girl said with a glint in her eye. "I'm a pretty good judge."

And then it happened. How fortunate! The girl began to rub her eye lid with her finger.

Dan was solicitous. "Something wrong? Can I help?"

She responded still rubbing her eye and glancing upward, "No. It's my contact lens. It just de-focused itself." She continued to work to re-position her lens.

"Well, that must be it then. I suppose I could look like a lot of people through some foggy contacts." Dan laughed good naturedly. "Sorry I wasn't your friend."

"Yes, that could be. Well it was nice meeting you...even if it's only for the first time." The girl was still trying to get something going.

"Yes, thank you. But I have to get going. Class, you know." Dan moved away and took a deep breath after he turned. "Close one!" He said to himself.

He glanced back and saw the girl looking a little frustrated. He felt a little bad for her that he might have bruised her pride by not giving her a tumble but pretty as she was she wouldn't have any trouble picking up a guy. Where was Peter when he needed him!

Dan worked part-time during the school year. It didn't interfere much with his studies. In fact it actually helped him. He was in a work environment where design ideas were flying around like a flock of pigeons. And learning the business end of the trade was exciting as well. The only drawback was that he needed to be prepared to change from his male character to his female character on the fly. Right after his last class, he would drive away from school, change clothes in his car, put his make up on using the car mirror, and show up at work as Tanya. After work, he would go home and spend the evening with Dana- -just two girls being roommates.

Sex with Dana became more and more enjoyable. They got used to each other and learned exactly how to please one another and when to ease off and let sex be in the background. Her blow jobs were a delight and Dan even became more comfortable with Dana fucking him in the ass. She was gentle about it and made it enjoyable. As for Dana, she pretty much loved whatever Dan did with her sexually. Dan got to love giving Dana blow jobs and savoring the delicate taste of her semen. On top of that, theirs developed in to a loving relationship. There were well matched.

And then came graduation day. Dana graduated with honors as Dan expected she would. And, rather than having to cast about to find work, Dana found that she was besieged with recruiters wanting her to go to work for this company or that company. And this was in an industry that was notorious for demanding its novices to scratch and claw their way up the mountain. Working for the garment company, Dana had established an reputation and had made contacts. Her networking skills were superb. It was only natural that she would find herself moving up- -and out.

Dan was devastated when Dana told him that she had accepted a job with a New York shop. She was moving right to the maelstrom that was the fashion industry and in the biggest marketplace there was. She offered to take Dan along with her but he declined. He had his own studies to finish and his own path to travel. She let him take up the lease on her apartment and he helped her pack up and get on the road back to New York. There was a tearful farewell and promises that they would stay in touch and see each other whenever they were in the same town together. Yes, perhaps he would travel back to see her. No, it wouldn't be soon. Yes, the would write and e-mail and call. No, she wouldn't have gobs of time to do that but she would do her best. In short, a chapter of his life was ending.

Dan was dealing with that sadness really for the first time. He had felt a little sad at leaving his mother and his home and going off to college but that was offset by the excitement of being in school studying what he wanted to study, establishing himself in a new world, finding himself as he had with Dana's help. But this was different. He was going to have to learn to go it alone for real. He knew he was capable he just was sad to lose the relationship he had with Dana.

Dan continued to work at the garment company and had even gotten himself promoted into the department that created designs for fabrics. His artistic skills served him well as did his feeling for what was contemporary. He even got one or two of his swimsuit patterns accepted, but only after a little tinkering by the "old pros" They weren't about to give full credit to part-time person who was really less than a novice in the business. Still, it made him feel accepted.

He went home again that summer for a two-week stay with his mother. He had been home briefly at Christmas and during Spring Break but other than that he hadn't had much time with her. But the two weeks with her this summer proved to be the best time he could ever remember spending with his mother.

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