tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTaste of True Friendship Ch. 17

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 17


As soon as Gardner was out off sight, Tanya went over to the bookcase and turned off the video camera. She had a sense that the day's events would be worth preserving, so she set up the camera is a spot that would take in the entire room. She set it running when Gardner knocked on the door. Sure, there was a lot of extraneous footage but sometimes one had to record that in order to get the good stuff. She did a quick re-wind and replay and found that she had indeed caught the bulk of the interesting scenes or at least a very clear audio when the picture was obscured. She was especially interested in the part where Gardner was sketching his naked body- -that was perfect- -and the blow job session. There, Gardner's cock was obscured by Tanya's body but one could see Gardner sitting on the couch and clearly hear the question and answer dialog. The cum swapping didn't show up. One could only see the back of her head which obscured Gardner but it was plain what had happened.

In the following days and weeks, Tanya saw less and less of Gardner at work. The execs sensed that Gardner's fashion art familiarization was sufficient and pulled him away from Tanya's area and into the production, distribution and sales spheres.

That's not to say that Tanya stopped seeing Gardner. He became not an infrequent visitor at Tanya's apartment. She developed a fondness for him- -for his cock really- -and was grateful for the diversion. She stuck with giving him blow jobs and hand jobs and he was grateful for both. They did some more cum swapping, too. As before, Tanya would tease him, get him so horny that he would promise to do almost anything, and follow up with cum sharing.

One time, Tanya was jacking him off while she sucked on his nipples. She could tell when he was getting ready to come and would slow down and then pick up speed again when she sensed the tension was too much for him. She used the tip of her finder to take the little dabs of pre cum off the head of his penis and carry them to his mouth. She told him to lick them off or she would stop altogether. He complied each time. And then, when he finally shot his load, Tanya made sure she caught it in her cupped hand. She milked the last of the cum out of his dick and carried it to his mouth.

"Look what you did!" She had a mother's scolding tone. "Lick it up, you bad boy." And he did.

On an other occasion, Tanya sucked him off until he came in her mouth and then dribbled his come on his chest and tummy.

"Clean yourself up...NOW!" Once again, mock anger was in her voice. "You can't leave that mess there."

She guided his hand so he scooped the cum onto his fingers and then he licked his fingers clean.

Gardner seemed to like this domination. He literally ate it up.

All of those sessions she got on tape, too. In fact, she had two cameras running- -She didn't want to miss a scene.

He would ask when he was going to get to see her naked and when they were going to have "regular" sex. She wasn't really sure whether or not Gardner new or suspected that she was a transsexual but she had told him that she was in the midst of some plastic surgery. Tanya would put him off by telling him that her ongoing plastic surgery was still too delicate to disturb. On top of that, their routine with oral sex seemed to be satisfying to him and Tanya enjoyed not only the oral sex but also the by-play that put her in control.

Little by little her surgery was progressing. Her skin was stretching with the increasing volume of fluid in the temporary implants. She was in the "B" cup range, at least according to the latest bras she bought. The doctor estimated another three months before he could do the final implantation.


As the Fall holidays rolled around, Tanya found herself busy- -at school and at work- -but she took time off to visit her mother.

Ayisha didn't't seem her normal, effervescent self. Ayisha did not seem at all concerned. All she would say is that her "resistance was down" and that she trying to get over the "flu". Tanya didn't quite buy this. But she knew her mother, being a medical person, would know what her condition was or at least get a check-up and do some research.

One thing was for sure: Ayisha and Candy were having sex. Laying in bed, Tanya could hear them making out in the bedroom down the hall. She recalled the time she had spied on them and she had a visual with which to match the "audio". Frankly, it made her horny. Giving blow jobs to Gardner was an interesting distraction, and masturbation worked to relieve the physical pressure, but Tanya had to admit that it had been a while since she had an orgasm of her own with a partner. In fact, the last time was when Ludmilla made her midnight call on her the last time Tanya was at home.

No sooner had she completed that thought than she heard her bedroom door open

She looked up from her pillow and saw Ludmilla inching in, holding a finger to her lips. After Ludmilla closed the door, making sure it didn't make any sound, she rapidly stripped off her clothes- -blouse, bra, skirt, shoes, and panty hose throwing them in a heap beside the bed, pulled the covers aside and crawled into bed, and snuggled up next to Tanya.

"Danillo....Tanya, sweetest. Shall we do it again?" Ludmilla said as she groped under Tanya's nightgown for her cock.

Tanya felt grateful that she was getting some attention but was leery of having full-on sex, given her continuing plastic surgery. But she relaxed and let Ludmilla do her thing.

And Ludmilla DID do her thing. In a business like manner she went down on Tanya's cock. Ludmilla took the whole length of it down her throat, bobbing her head up and down with a steady rhythm. The feeling was exquisite. "That old woman has talent!" Tanya thought. And then Tanya noticed that Ludmilla was fingering her pussy as she went down on Tanya. Ludmilla had to be more than a little horny, Tanya thought.

Tanya reached out with her right hand and prompted Ludmilla to get on all fours while Ludmilla was servicing Tanya's cock. Tanya caressed Ludmilla's dangling breasts and tweaked her nipples. This sent a thrill through Ludmilla's body which caused her to redouble her deep-throating efforts. She moved her hand down Ludmilla's tummy until she found the thatch of Ludmilla's pubic hair. Tanya probed until she made contact with Ludmilla's clitoris which was already slick with natural lubrication. As Ludmilla sucked, Tanya teased Ludmilla's clit and slipped her fingers farther into Ludmilla's pussy. All of this pleasured Ludmilla who was now making "yummy" noises as she continued to work on Tanya's cock.

Tanya managed to get two fingers in to Ludmilla's vagina and worked them in and out giving her some finger fucking. Ludmilla began to rock back and forth causing Tanya's fingers to probe more deeply. Finally, Ludmilla stopped and pressed her body down firmly on Tanya's hand. Tanya responded by twisting and wiggling her fingers inside of Ludmilla, massaging the front wall of her vagina which by this time was awash with secretions. Ludmilla froze, her thigh and tummy muscles tense. Tanya could feel the pressure against her fingers. Ah! Those Kegels again! And then Tanya felt a flow of liquid against her hand. For an old woman, Ludmilla certainly did have a lot of liquid to expel when she came. And she made groaning sounds which resonated through Tanya's cock which was still deep within Ludmilla's throat.

That was Tanya's signal to come and she did, shooting her load directly into Ludmilla's throat. Ludmilla didn't pull back at all. In fact she forced her face further down on Tanya's cock, swallowing for all she was worth, still making the guttural sounds of pleasure. Ludmilla commenced to hump Tanya's hand even as she swallowed Tanya's semen. There was even more liquid to come spurting from Ludmilla's pussy. It was soaking the sheets.

And then Ludmilla stopped, relaxed, and moved her body off of Tanya's hand. There was a squishy sound as Tanya's fingers exited Ludmilla's wet pussy and an aroma of female cum- -sweet and tangy- -wafted from Ludmilla's crotch. Tanya liked Ludmilla's scent- -it smelled like SEX. Ludmilla slowly pulled her mouth off off Tanya's cock, making sure that she didn't let a drop of Tanya's cum escape. It was like a little kid licking off an ice cream stick. Ludmilla licked her lips with a look of pleasure on her face and then leaned forward to give Tanya a deep, tongue-filled kiss. Tanya rather enjoyed that as she truly liked the taste of her own semen.

Tanya looked at Ludmilla kneeling on the bed in the glow of the light from the nightstand. She looked magnificent: her face radiant, her arms relaxed at her side, her smooth breasts with their mature droop, her pink and still erect nipples, her rounded tummy leading down to her soft pubic thatch. Tanya thought she hadn't ever seen such a picture of sexual fulfillment. She was going to turn that into a painting- -for sure.

Ludmilla got off the bed, dressed with dispatch, leaned over and kissed Tanya gently on the lips, and stole quietly out of the room without saying another word.


Back at school, the rest of the Fall term whizzed by. And work was frenetic. They were falling behind on the Spring line and any further set back might prove to be a disaster. Tanya pitched in on the "core" creations and made sure that no more time was lost in getting them to the manufacturers and lining up artwork for submission to the advertising folks.

She didn't have much time for Gardner nor did she have much time for anything else but work and school. Mr. "G" did get the occasional blow job- -sometimes in a store room at work sometimes at Tanya's apartment- -but there weren't any drawn out, torrid sessions as before. Tanya like the taste of Gardner's semen, thought their by-play was interesting, but couldn't see him as a candidate for a durable relationship.

First, he was young- -younger than she was both chronologically and emotionally. Second, he had that brashness that Tanya had a hard time dealing with, though she had managed to squelch his bravado during their sex games. Third, he was a "user", i.e., he tried to use and manipulate people. Tanya knew that, which is why she kept the emotional component of their relationship at bay and manipulated him before he could manipulate her. Finally, as she had consolidated her position with the company as an independent woman, she didn't want to get known as being "involved" with Gardner- -or anyone else.

Tanya decided to end it with Gardner.

She invited him over to her apartment, got him naked on the couch, and stroked his cock into hardness. Then she stopped before getting him to come.

"Gardner, you've been wondering why we haven't have 'regular' sex?" Tanya seductive, luring him in. "Maybe this is the night we do. What do you think?"

Gardner perked up immediately. "Well, I guess so. It's been long enough without doing it."

"O.K., Lover." Tanya made that sound facetious, "Let's have a go at it."

With that, Tanya opened the terry cloth robe she was wearing and exposed her full frontal nudity to Gardner- -no panties, no bra, no shit!

The look on Gardner's face was classic. His eyes went wide, his mouth dropped open, his hands came up as if to ward off a blow, and his dick went instantaneously limp.

"C'mon, Big Boy." Tanya gave it a Mae West reading. "Roll over on your tummy so we can have some sex."

"NNNNah, nah, nah....uh-uh, uh-uh.....NO WAY!" Gardner was panicked. "You ain't sticking that thing in my ass!"

"Why not? I think you'd like it, Honey!" Tanya waggled her limp cock at him. "Or, maybe you'd like to give ME a blow job, like the ones I've been giving you?"

Gardner was on his feet grabbing for his clothes. "Hey, hey, hey. You just stay there. Don't take another step. I'm out of here!" He scrambled to get his clothes on.

"Now, Gardner. Don't get the idea you're going to do any damage with this." Tanya needed to sow a seed. "Most folks know I'm a tranny, at least the important ones. The ones that don't know, don't need to know. But if you think you're going to get some leverage forget it!"

Gardner totally at a loss for words. "I...I....I...don't know what you mean...."

"I know you don't- -right now." Tanya added an edge to her voice. "But you're going to get home and think about it. I know you will.....I know YOU! You're going to try to think how you can make this work to your advantage. Forget it!"

"I guess I could...I suppose." Gardner had slowed down enough to where the gears were already meshing. "Yeah! I guess I COULD!"

"I'll let you in on a little something." Tanya turned cold, purposefully cold- -deadly cold. "You know our little sessions? Yes, the games we played on the couch? I've got'em all on tape! If you fuck with me, I'll make sure those get circulated. The internet is a great place, don't you think?. It won't go down bad for me but you'll be fucked- -in capital letters- -F-U-C-K-E-D!"

Gardner's face went pale. Tanya could tell that he could see his goals going up in smoke. Nothing is worse for an ambitious SOB like Gardner than to have his future threatened.

"O.K, O.K., O.K.!!" Garnder sounded terrified. "I won't do anything. I promise!"

He finished putting on his jeans, slipped on his shoes, snatched up his shirt and socks from the floor, and fled out the door. He didn't even close it behind him.

Tanya walked over and pushed the door closed. She knew she had scored her points. She would have no fear of Gardner. "But, you know?" She thought out loud, "He had such a great cock and delicious cum. I'm going to miss that."



For Tanya, though, it was one less thing to worry about. She was in the home stretch at school and was being given more and more responsibility at work. It was true that she was being paid for the responsibility- -and paid well- -but there were some days when she felt that there weren't enough hours to squeeze in all of her tasks. On top of that, she found that she was being pursued by recruiters bidding for her skills in design marketplace. Hers wasn't to be the career that started at rock bottom causing her to claw her way to the top.

Tanya was surprised at how widely her name and talents were known. Her reputation had almost guaranteed that she could start off in a well-paid position in any one of a number of areas.

Clearly, her garment experience made her a prime candidate for the rag trade and she got offers from both New York and Los Angeles houses. There were modeling agencies looking at her. Her artistic accomplishments put her in the running for graphic design, illustration, and advertising jobs. The work that she did, albeit small, for the colleges theatrical productions had garnered a lot of attention from both Broadway and Hollywood types. Curiously, even her sculpting had given her a possible a option of going into product design. Even though she had no engineering background, there were firms looking for concept designs for toasters, shavers, tableware, blow dryers....you name it.

She deferred most of the inquiries until next year. She told them, truthfully, that she needed to complete this school term, relax during the Holidays, and start the new year fresh. It was also a fact, one that she did not publicize, that she needed the Holidays to take care of the final stage of her plastic surgery.

She went in for her implants the day after Winter break started. Her mother came up to University Town to stay with her and literally nurse her through the surgery and convalescence. Tanya was grateful for that and also thankful for a chance to spend some time with Ayisha. They needed to talk.

The surgery itself went like clockwork. It took half the day and the other half was to recover from the anesthesia. She was pretty woozy until the following day and still had to take pain meds for about a week. But the result was magnificent.

She had glorious "C" cup chest that fit perfectly with her proportions. The contours were flawless. Her surgeon said that he used a new type of implant that promoted a natural shape and was known for not developing scar tissue build-up that would spoil the look. He added that, unless something untoward occurred, Tanya would have the most natural looking boobs around.

Tanya was scrupulous with her post-op regimen. She got several of the correct bras, avoided any exertion for the prescribed period, and in general took it easy as the healing took place. She recognized that it would be several months before everything settled down but was entirely willing to give it the time.

Ayisha was thrilled for Tanya. She even told Tanya that it was an effort of will for her not to caress Tanya's new breasts. That was a compliment indeed from a mother.

Mother and daughter got a lot of time to talk. The went back over the years and talked about all of the old memories, the good ones and the bad ones. For Ayisha's part, she was proud of Tanya and the way she conducted herself in light of all of the difficulties, potential and actual, that her transsexual had placed in front of her. She was even more pleased at the progress that Tanya had made in her scholastic and professional lives. She said that she had little to worry about as far as Tanya's future was concerned.

What Tanya had on her mind was her mother's welfare. She was serious when she quizzed Ayisha about her health. She noticed that Ayisha wasn't as energetic as a couple of months ago, to say nothing of her characteristic verve. She looked drawn, her skin tone was not good, and even her hair lacked the glossy look that Tanya loved so much. She was sure that things were not well with Ayisha.

Ayisha admitted that she was not feeling tip-top and that she would get a check-up right after the first of the year. Tanya made her promise that she would.

Sex was the farthest thing from Tanya's mind. She knew she had to recover physically, finish her courses, and set her compass professionally. For her, it was going to be contemplation and masturbation until she came out of the other side of her current situation. She was willing to do that.



To Be Continued

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