tagTransgender & CrossdressersTaste of True Friendship Ch. 19

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 19



Tanya could only stay a few more days before she had to get back to school. Finals were coming up and she needed to be there in person to take them. The timing worked well for she also had to go over some late versions of her designs with her company and make sure the patterns, fabrics, and prints were all in the works. She was going to have a fall line all of her own under the "DaynatO" label.

Tanya got the latest from Ayisha's doctors, made sure that Ayisha and Candy were o.k. not having her at home, and wrote down her itinerary and schedule just to be on the safe side. She said she would check in regularly.

The next two weeks were a whirlwind. Tanya barely had enough time to think what she was doing. She did check in at home and found that all was as well as could be expected. Candy had gotten some help caring for Ayisha who was getting weaker. Ayisha, for her part, seemed cheerful and did not complain about her condition- -typical Ayisha.

Her last final exam behind her, Tanya went to her apartment and collapsed on the couch. What a relief! She knew that she had aced her tests- -no question about that. Her semester projects had already been graded. All that was left was to prepare for graduation.

As she reclined on the couch, she realized that the frenzied pressure was ebbing and she was euphoric at the thought of no more school. Euphoric? Actually, she was feeling just plain old horny. But what to do?

Tanya was never much for "clubbing" not that she had never done it but it wasn't her favorite environment to meet sex partners- -too many strange people, too many risks. But this night she decided she'd give it a try.

She showered, made herself up, and dressed up in a sexy number of her own design. It accentuated her curves and gave just enough of a glimpse of her cleavage to add mystery to what was concealed underneath. She put on some low heels- -she didn't want to tower over her "prospects"- -and headed for town.

Tanya didn't mind going out on her own. She didn't need company; she knew she could take care of herself and didn't want a "wing-woman" to hold her back when she had the opportunity to allow some guy to "get lucky".

The club was packed, noisy, and smokey. The booze was flowing and she saw that every now and again folks were disappearing into the bathrooms only to return rubbing their noses. There was energy in the room, clearly a lot of it chemical. She didn't partake; she knew the hazards and respected them. In fact, she wasn't much of a drinker. A glass of wine perhaps but never intoxicated. Her mind was sharp on the "natch" and those things just interfered with her pleasure rather than heightening it.

It was about 10:00 PM and she'd only been in the club for about 45 minutes when she spotted her prey. He was black, tall and massive- -a football player- -well dressed, bejeweled, and oozing money. He had a broad smile and an easy way about him. He looked as if he would be having fun whether he was with a hundred people or just five. Tanya thought that two would be the right number.

He had people surrounding him but Tanya managed to wedge herself into the inner circle. She caught his eye and raised her glass, now empty, as if to toast him. She gave him a calculated look as if to say, "Oh, look at that! My glass is empty! You're not going to allow it to stay that way- -are you?"

He motioned to the waitress with meaty hand with gold and diamond rings on three fingers. "Get this lady another of whatever she wants- -on my tab."

He broke with his crowd, put his arm around Tanya's waist and guided her over to a corner away from the band which was just finishing a set. He leaned forward and announced loudly over the music, "You and me? Let's find a quiet place- -Just you and me." Tanya nodded and allowed him to usher her out off the room.

Outside, Tanya got an idea how truly big this man was. He was at least 6'6". Tanya in her heels was easily 6' and he looked down on her. Plus, he had to be 250 lbs, or more. She could see even in his clothes that his physique was well developed, muscular, and solid.

They chatted briefly as he waited his car to arrive. His name was Marvon, he played tight-end for a professional football team in another state. He was in town to help with his team's scouting efforts by doing some research on the upcoming crop of senior collegiate players, some of whom might become draft prospects next spring. He wasn't so much concerned with their athletic ability as with character issues. Snooping around wasn't a bad idea considering the team might invest millions and that last thing the team wanted was to draft a train wreck.

Marvon's "car" arrived. "Car" was an understatement. It was a chauffeur driven Hummer stretch limo. The driver got out, opened the door and Tanya got in ahead of Marvon. Before the driver closed the door, Marvon said to him, "Just drive around for a while. I'll tell you when to head for the hotel."

The chauffeur wheeled the car away from the curb and began a leisurely tour of the small college town, including a trip to and around the campus.

There was some small talk: Marvon wanted to know Tanya's name, what she did for a living, etc. etc. Tanya gave him a brief bio, making sure not to get too detailed. She concentrated on her school work and her job; she didn't get into her family history, and certainly didn't disclose much of anything about her personal life.

She decided that having sex with this man was the priority and she made that evident to him by abruptly moving in and giving him a firm kiss on the mouth- -while he was in mid sentence- -and by moving her hand to his lap to toy with his belt buckle.

"My, my, my, pretty lady. You don't waste any time do you." It was clear he was pleased that Tanya was dispensing with the preliminaries.

Tanya rapidly undid his belt, skillfully opened the button on his pants, and swiftly slid the zipper down to the end. He wasn't wearing underwear so his cock sprang out of the opening already well on its way to becoming erect. He was a big guy; he had a big cock. It was a big, black, uncircumcised bratwurst that, as Tanya wrapped her hand around it, protruded with room to spare. She pulled down to skin back the foreskin and could see in the dim light of the car interior, that the head was engorged and shiny. Her mouth was beginning to water.

Tanya disengaged her lips from the impromptu kiss and unceremoniously went down on Marvon's now fully erect cock. She didn't nibble or tease. She summarily took the entire tumid phallus all of the way into her mouth until the head was past the back of her tongue and down her throat. Breathing through her nose, Tanya constricted her throat muscles as if to try to swallow it all the way into her gullet. She could feel Marvon's member swell and pulse as she did this. As she slowly withdrew his cock from her throat, she cupped his testicles in her hand and gave them a firm squeeze- -more of a massage than a grip. At this, his hips lifted off the seat and he emitted a deep sigh of pleasure.

She repeated her swallowing, withdrawing, and squeezing at first slowly and then with more rapidity and more vigor. Marvon's hands where at his side braced against the upholstery of the seat raising his hips up, thrusting at each of Tanya's ministrations. Tanya's mouth was slick with her own saliva and with Marvon's oozing pre-cum. This made it easier for her to work his cock in and out without causing her any distress. And she knew that for him it must feel like fucking a well lubricated pussy but one where the muscles gripped and stimulated his penis. Tanya could tell from his breathing that he was on the edge of orgasm.

Finally, Tanya knew that Marvon was going to cum. His cock swelled, his scrotum tightened, the muscles in his abdomen tensed, and his breath stopped. Marvon's cum erupted into Tanya's throat as he gave out a loud, grunting sigh. It seemed as if he was spewing a quart of semen into Tanya's mouth but she swallowed all of it down not allowing any of it to escape her lips. When the spurting stopped- -after five or six ejaculations- -Tanya slowly removed Marvon's softening penis from her mouth carefully sucking off all of the residual semen. She could taste it now, slick and salty but delicious. It had a delicate artichoke like flavor. It made her wonder what Marvon had eaten for dinner that night.

"You, my dear, were magnificent." Marvin sighed as he enjoyed the afterglow of his orgasm. "I can't remember having had a better blow job- -ever!"

"I'll bet you say that to all of the girls, Marvon." Tanya teased. But she knew that he was probably right; she did give an exceptional blow job. "But, believe me, Mr. Marvon, it was my pleasure."

Marvon put himself back together as Tanya straightened her clothes. "Where to now, Tanya? My place? Your place?"

Tanya cooly said, "No. Just take me back to the club. I have a ride home."

"Back to the club," Marvin shouted through the intercom to the driver. "We've got to drop this lady off where we found her."

"I'm in town for the rest of the week, Tanya. How about we get to gether again?" Marvin probed Tanya for interest. "I'm staying at the Five Star. Just ask for me."

Tanya played off that, half thinking that it might- -and half thinking that it wouldn't- - be a good idea. She was satisfied for tonight but who knows what tomorrow might bring.

"We'll see." Tanya said as she exited the Hummer. "Maybe."

Tanya couldn't see through the darkened windows as the limo drove off. If she could have she would have seen Marvon with a huge smile on his face. He knew she would be calling him- -soon.


Tanya caught a cab home, went inside and undressed down to her panties and bra. She still had Marvon's taste in her mouth and it made her horny all over again. She could feel where his cock had been in her throat but wanted it elsewhere inside her. She began to get an erection of her own. She decided to call Marvon at his hotel.

She didn't have his room number but the switchboard know who he was and, much to her surprise, they knew who she was and connected her directly. Marvon must have left work for her call to be put through. That smacked more than a little of presumption. Nevertheless, she finally got Marvon on the line.

"Marvon? This is Tanya." She cooed. "Did you like what you got tonight?"

"Oh, yeah, Baby!" Marvon crooned back. "You got some more of that for me?"

"Well, I just might, sweetie." Tanya subtly smacked her lips but loud enough sound to carry over the phone line. "I think I might have some more for you if you've got more for me. You picking up what I'm laying down?"

"I'll send my car for you." It was almost an order. "What's your address?"

"No, Marvon. I'll take a cab." Despite her obvious interest, Tanya made sure she established herself as an independent agent. "I'll be there in 30 minutes. Leave word at the front desk to let me up to your room. What's the number?"

"730. That's the penthouse." Marvon wanted to impress her. "They'll let you right on up. See you soon."

Tanya called a cab and changed into a stylishly casual but sexy sweat outfit. She checked herself in the mirror before leaving. Yes, she looked like she'd get Marvon's juices flowing again.

She breezed into the hotel lobby and the clerk at the counter whisked her over to the elevator. He turned the security key in the express elevator lock and sent her on up to the penthouse.

Even though it was in a small college town, the hotel was plush. It was the type of place that visiting dignitaries would stay when visiting the campus. Besides, there was an affluent class in the town who ran different companies all over the country. They often had meetings locally and invited the upper crust to attend. Marvon, being a sports celebrity, rated first class treatment. And he got it.

His suite was exquisite. It was marble, chrome and glass. It shone like something out of a fantasy movie. It had a large living room, a full dining room, and two bedroom suites- -both of which had floor to ceiling sliding windows that opened onto a balcony with a view, such as it was, of the downtown area and the college campus in the distance.

It was after midnight when Tanya arrived but Marvon had arranged for a late snack. Well, snack was hardly the right word. The spread consisted of oysters on the half-shell, chilled shrimp, and caviar with crackers. There were two types of wine- -one white and one a sparkling rose'- -and mineral water.

Tanya tossed down four or five oysters and chased it with some sparkling rose' She didn't go for the caviar- -too fishy- -and thought the shrimp would be too filling. Besides, the oysters reminded her of swallowing cum, an entirely pleasurable experience for her.

She and Marvon chatted mainly about his professional career. He was at his peak, well compensated, and well respected. His team was a perennial championship contender but had never made it to the big dance. He was hoping that this coming year would be THE year- -always the hope looking at a new season. Tanya was circumspect about divulging personal details about herself but did give him a little more about her fashion design aspirations.

The oysters and the wine began to work and she found herself getting hornier as they talked. Sensed that Marvon had recharged himself from earlier and was eager for a roll in the hay too. So, abruptly changing the subject, she said, "What do these bedroom suites look like?"

Marvon's eyes widened at this. He got up, took Tanya by the hand, and led her into his bedroom. It had mirrors on three walls, including behind the bed, and the fourth wall was the floor to ceiling windows.

"Marvon? I want you to do something for me." Tanya purred.

"Whatever you want, pretty lady" There was no hesitation in Marvon's voice.

"I want you to strip for me. Let me see your body in the light." Tanya was sweet but directive. "C'mon Mr. Hunk. Get naked for me."

Marvon's eyes lit up and he began to imitate a club dancer's moves while humming a made-up tune. He was huge but he had an ease of movement and rhythm that added sensuality to his act. He kicked off his shoes, peeled off his shirt, unbuckled his pants, and teased them off his waist and down his legs. As before, he wasn't wearing underwear so he was quickly completely naked.

Tanya reached over to the night stand, grabbed a ball-point pen and a memo pad and sketched Marvon as he disrobed. Even though she was using a crude medium, she was able to capture the essence of this athlete's physique and motion.

As one might expect from a professional athlete, he had a massive, well developed body. His neck, chest, arms, and abdominals were rippling. There was a faint sheen of sweat produced by his activity and by his excitement that made his dark skin glow. He had powerful thighs and calves; even the muscles in his feet looked over developed. Indeed he was a superb physical specimen.

Tanya's gaze fell on his genitals. Even though she had consumed his cock once before, she hadn't seen it in relation to the rest of his body. His penis was well proportioned for his size, which is to say that it was also huge. Maybe it was her imagination, but his cock looked like it was a full 9" flaccid. But it didn't stay limp. It took no time at all for his cock to start hardening and stand to attention. Tanya could feel it in her throat already.

Now naked, Marvon motioned to Tanya to take off her clothes too. "Turn about is fair play. I gotta see that body of yours too, sweetness."

"O.K., Marvon but I look sexier in dim light." Tanya went over and dimmed the lights in the room to a dusky level. "You know girls are, Marvon. I'm shy like the rest."

Tanya mimicked Marvon's dance as she shed her top and pants. She played with her bra strap and cups giving him a "peek-a-boo" look at her breasts and then finally unhooked it completely and flung it onto the floor. Marvon's was fixated on her breasts and she could see him lick his lips. She raised her hands and cupped her firm globes and squeezed the nipples making them stand up. Marvon was breathing heavily. Tanya stopped before removing her panties.

"Let's do this in the dark." Again Tanya was affirmative as she walked over to the curtains and pulled them completely closed and then turned the lights all of the way off.

It was pitch black in the room now but Tanya could new where to locate Marvon. She found his hand and led him over to the bed. He bumped into it and tumbled onto the mattress face forward. Tanya followed, landing almost on top of him. They both gave out a laugh.

Tanya was immediately all over Marvon's body licking and sucking and prodding. She tongued her way up his back to his neck and began sucking on him just below his ear. He quivered but reached over and, in a wrestling type move, flipped Tanya onto her back pinning her arms. Without putting his full weight on her, he pressed himself close and found her mouth with his. His kisses were firm and sweet as he penetrated her lips with his tongue. Tanya felt almost as if his tongue were as large as his penis- -it almost completely filled her mouth. She sucked on his tongue, drawing it further into her mouth and then reciprocated pulling tongue into his mouth. This back and forth lasted a few minutes. Tanya felt her excitement rising. She knew that it wouldn't take much more for her cock to get hard and she didn't want to surprise Marvon with that little secret- -just yet.

She playfully wiggled her arms free from his grasp and moved her hands down to where they could grasp his now hard cock. As she did this, Marvon moved his mouth from Tanya's and down to her chest where he began caressing her breasts and nipples with his lips. Tanya massaged his penis while Marvon sucked on her boobs. He was completely enchanted with the firmness of her breasts and her small taut nipples. His tongue flicked and Tanya's hand jacked on his cock. There was a humming coming from Marvon that resonated into Tanya chest. It made her cock start to get even harder.

"Take me, take me, Marvon!" Tanya added urgency to her voice. "Take me now!"

Marvon's hands began to move down Tanya's stomach and Tanya stopped them. "No. Take me in the ass. Please! Fuck my ass!"

Tanya rolled over onto her stomach as she pulled off her panties and lay with her cock pressed firmly against the mattress, spreading her legs so that her asshole was exposed to him. She heard him use his saliva to wet his cock and could feel him dribble some of it into the crack of her ass to add lubrication. Tanya felt his weight press down on her and sensed that huge piece of meat was soon to be inside her. She spread her legs wider.

The sensation initially only one of pressure on her asshole but it steadily grew until she felt his gigantic cock trying to penetrate her. She relaxed her sphincter and let his organ slide into her as easily as she could but it was so big that it took a lot of effort on Marvon's part to insert it all of the way. Once the head of his penis was past her sphincter, it plunged into her rectum clear up to her colon. Tanya let out a gasp and a sigh. "Ooooohhh. YES!"

The sensation was exquisite- -painful but pleasurable- -as Marvon began to pump his phallus in and out of Tanya. He pulled Tanya to her knees held her at her waist and pounded in and out, in and out, in and out. Each stroke was more forceful. He grunted with each effort and Tanya responded with grunts of her own.

"Uuuhhhhh....uuuuhhhhhh....uhhhhh" Marvon chanted in cadence. "Uuuhhhhh....uuuuhhhhhh....ahhhhhh" Tanya answered in time.

Tanya knew that her cock was hard but she worried that it would flail around and slap back at Marvon as his abdomen pounded against her butt. She reached up one hand and grabbed her cock and held it as still as she could but the pressure of her own hand on her cock added to the already almost irresistible pleasure that was flowing into her from Marvon's cock. The electricity of Marvon's lightning rod was sending shocks throughout her body. She was beginning to feel that she was levitating off the bed.

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