tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTaste of True Friendship Ch. 21

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 21



When Tanya got back to her apartment in College Town, she was surprised to find a message on her answering machine- -from Marvon! The message was simple: "Call me at the hotel as soon as you can." There was neither a time nor a date for the message but Tanya called back immediately. She was not surprised to hear from the front desk that Marvon had checked out some days before. After all, Tanya had been away for more than two weeks and no doubt the message was left shortly after she had departed for her mother's. This was before cel-phones had become ubiquitous, so there really wasn't any way for her to otherwise get in contact with him. But she figured if he had contacted her once he could get a hold of her again.

Tanya got busy right away preparing for her new life. She intelligence, talent, a fabulous body, a degree, a line of fashion products that were already making her significant money, contacts in several areas where her creative skills could put to use for money, and perhaps most important a desire to succeed- -and having a cushion of a several million dollars didn't hurt.

She decided, however, to stay in her apartment in College Town. She had inherited some of her mother's conservative fiscal intuition which told her that she should proceed carefully when it came to spending and investing. Likewise, she knew that were it known that she was financially well off, she would begin to attract all sorts of spongers and hangers-on. No, she would lie low, build her life, and eschew the flamboyant scene- -for now.

She went into the garment company and set to work on another line of clothing- -young, active, sexy clothes and accessories. She created quickly and prolifically. By the end of the summer, she had two seasons worth of next year's styles ready to go. Her contract called for a flat consulting fee and compensation contingent on the success of the lines. Her principals at the company were backing her 100%. They knew a good bet when they saw one. It was to turn out to be profitable to them both- -beyond either's wildest dreams.

Tanya stayed in touch with her theater crowd and got a couple of minor projects working on set design for some productions destined for small community venues. They weren't difficult but she got her name on the credits for them- -important for her brag sheet. She did artwork and photography for some trade magazines and even participated in developing some commercial spots for local television.

Over the months, Tanya became more and more known to those who recognized and could utilize her talents. Separate and apart from her inheritance, Tanya was beginning to see some real money roll in.

It wasn't until the start of Fall that Marvon surfaced again. He called Tanya and actually caught her at home. It was a brief conversation. Essentially, he was playing a game in a nearby city and wanted Tanya to come there and get together with him before the game. His travel plans got him there on a Friday night, he had a light "walk-thru" practice on Saturday, and had to play the game on Sunday. Tanya agreed to meet him on Friday night.

She showed up at his hotel dressed to the nines. She looked good- -very good- -in her self-designed outfit. She wore a loose silk blouse (no bra), lame' pants, and clear high heels. Her hair was done up and laced with gold ribbon, her nails were crimson, and her jewelry was flashy. She looked high-priced- -not like a hooker but like a fashion plate. Tanya would definitely get some attention.

There was lots of press around the hotel. Tanya hadn't been around professional sports and she was disconcerted by the crush of reporters, film crews, and paparazzi. But she put on a show for them, acting as if belonged there and had done it all before. She was definitely going to her picture in the mags- -no question.

She got the desk to buzz Marvon down to the lobby. He showed up looking like a GQ model, stylish but conservative. He had a limo waiting for them in the basement garage. The hotel security had made sure that there were no paparazzi there to annoy the guests but, as the limo pulled out of the garage, there was a lightning storm of camera flashes . Tanya felt fairly assured that the tinted windows kept their images concealed.

The limo driver managed to elude the trailing paparazzi. He knew all of the tricks, especially the one about driving by the local police station in advance of their trip and laying some "Benjamins" on the local traffic cops. They had a field day pulling over and ticketing the photographers. The cops got them for illegal lane changes, lane splitting, following too close, and just plain reckless driving. The paparazzi got the message and broke off the pursuit after a short while.

Once they were inside the limo, Tanya dispensed with the preliminaries and went right for Marvon's crotch. Showing no shame whatsoever, Tanya got him unzipped, freed his cock, and went down on him without saying a word.

It didn't take long for Marvon to come. He shot his load right into Tanya's mouth and she gobbled it down like it was an appetizer- -which it turned out to be. Oh! That taste of artichokes--delicious!

"I've missed that." Tanya cooed dabbing mouth with tissue from her purse. "You, my man, are scrumptious!"

"I've missed that, too." Marvon was breathless. "How come so long 'no cum'?"

"I've been busy and so have you- -it looks like." Tanya was being matter of fact. "Without elaborating, I've been up to my tush in projects. And, you're playing football. I've kept track."

"Let's get some dinner and chat about that." Marvon knocked on the sliding window and the driver slid it open. "Chez-Chez- -you know the place."

They had a fabulous dinner at Chez-Chez. It was upscale, exclusive, and haute-cuisine. Tanya enjoyed every bit of her meal from the oysters to the artichoke hearts to the lobster to the crème broullet. Marvon skipped the appetizers and the salad but ate a more hearty filet- -super sized- -along with extra garlic potatoes and vegetables.

They talked during and after dinner. Tanya found out more about Marvon. He was a high school phenom in football playing several positions- -on both sides of the ball. His college career was not stellar but good enough to get him selected in the a late round of the draft. He came into his own once he started getting paid for his play- -good money to start and then fabulous money after he proved himself. He had gotten married his first year in the league, had two children, fraternal twins- -a boy and a girl. Tragedy struck when his wife was killed by a drunk driver. The kids weren't in the car and so weren't hurt- -physically- -but the were understandably thrown for a loop. It fell to him and his nanny to break the news to them. He said it was the toughest thing he had to do in his life.

Marvon got out his wallet and showed Tanya a photo of his late wife. She was a strikingly beautiful black woman, glossy hair, bright eyes, full lips, and an incandescent smile. They had gotten along wonderfully. She hadn't been spoiled by the money or the notoriety and otherwise had no vices.

Tanya spotted the picture that she had seen some months before of the two children and a Caucasian woman. She asked Marvon about that. He replied that the woman was the aforementioned nanny. She was devoted to the kids and stayed on lest her departure throw their lives into even more turmoil. Tanya sensed a note of affection in Marvon's voice as he recounted the loyalty of this domestic employee.

Tanya looked again at the picture. The nanny looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties, fair complected, strawberry blonde hair, with a pretty face. From what Tanya could see, she was a little on the plump side but not unattractively so. The photograph captured the nanny's sense of pride, love, and protection that she surely had for her charges. A good woman, Tanya thought.

Tanya talked about herself and gave Marvon the run down on her life: mother recently passed away, college graduate, artist and fashion designer, theatrical stage designer, thirst for success. She didn't tell him about her wealth only about her plans. He seemed to be intensely interested in her future plans and she laid out her blueprint for him.

She wanted to expand her fledgling line of clothing and accessories, develop collateral home decorating products, branded perfume and cosmetics, and put her mark on the entertainment scene with costuming and stage/set design. Marvon commented that this was ambitious; Tanya replied that there was nothing that couldn't be accomplished with ambition, a plan, and a penchant for hard work. She had all three.

They finished their meal and took the limo back toward the hotel. There weren't any paparazzi to be seen, nevertheless, Marvon made arrangements with the driver to drop Tanya off at another hotel and arrange for her to have a taxi-cab ferry her to the airport. Marvon made sure they both had each other's telephone numbers and addresses so that the gap in communications would be avoided in the future.

Tanya had the feeling that this relationship might go somewhere but she was still faced with problem of breaking her sexuality to Marvon. She knew that she had to do it soon.


Tanya was still living in her College Town apartment and it worked just fine for her- -for the time being. But she knew that she was going to have to upgrade her living quarters and it looked like she was going to have to relocate to the City.

She had plenty of contacts in College town and her relationship with her garment local garment company was becoming more and more financially rewarding but to grow her business- -her "brand", if you will- -would take require her to be closer the hub of the business and that meant the City. She started putting out feelers, had a couple of prospects, but didn't want to jump into anything.

She had gotten an advertising project doing artwork for a line of cosmetics. It was a small company with a particular point of view- -they wanted to be "au naturel" which meant no, or at least a minimum, of chemicals in their products. This wasn't exactly novel at the time but was outside of the cultural zeitgeist of the time. The 70's/80's eco-nuts had pretty much fallen by the wayside in favor of the burgeoning techno-nuts. Mother nature was out; chrome, glass and lacquer were in. The millennium was bearing down and that didn't include back to nature. Nevertheless, Tanya managed to develop a "fusion" theme to promote the products.

She reached back into the traditions of art nouveau and art deco but gave it her own tech flavor. Her models were straight out of Metropolis but edgier- -and sexier. She drew nudes that were almost pornographic but concealed enough of the essential body features to render them acceptable for publication in main stream media. She placed them in stylized, lush pastoral settings that overwhelmed one with a sense of warmth that only added to the beauty of the humanoid forms. They pulled the observer into the scene and instilled not just a sense of confidence and beauty but also a sensual comfort- -orgasmic. The writers added their text, "Everything old is new again". The campaign turned out to be a big hit. Tanya had made her mark in another arena.


Mary showed up unannounced one day while Tanya was working on a second set of illustrations for the cosmetic company. Tanya was glad to see Mary as they had lost touch over the months but had not lost affection for her. Tanya showed Mary her preliminary sketches. Mary was impressed, though she tried to hide it by giving Tanya some "teacherly" advice on color values. Tanya took the advice for what it was worth- -nothing- -but thanked Mary nevertheless. Tanya knew that she was far beyond Mary in talent and execution but didn't want to antagonize this sweet person.

Mary filled Tanya in on her life. Mary and Germond had actually gotten married some months ago. The found that their personalities meshed completely, they had common artistic and aesthetic interests, and enjoyed an adventuresome sex life. Mary went both ways and so did Germond. They had cultivated a refined circle of friends with whom they shared genteel pursuits but also had developed a an alternative group of sexual partners. Needless to say, these two groups did not overlap.

It was the latter associations that had brought Mary to Tanya's door. Mary was looking for a way to further stimulate her and Germond's sex life. They had both experienced sex partners of both genders together, had some small orgies, and had run the gamut of "who's-doing-what-with-which-to-whom" experiments. But, for all of the variety, things were becoming a bit formulized. Mary needed some ideas.

Tanya thought for a moment and then said, "I think I've got something for you on this. It might take a week or two to set up but....trust me....I think we can swing this one for you ....no pun intended."

Two weeks later, Tanya had everything worked out.


"Mary, follow my instructions carefully." Tanya was on the telephone with Mary, sounding conspiratorial. "I want you, Germond, and your partners to show up at this address Thursday night at 9:00 PM.....No, you don't need to bring anything.....Just show up.....bring a sexual appetite...."


It was a warehouse in a light-industrial section of College Town. There was no nighttime activity in the area as Mary pulled her car in to the parking area beside the building next to a van that was marked Tanya's Tours. Mary, Germond, and their two friends Martin and Norma, got out of the car and walked up to the van- -there was no one inside- -and then walked over to the door of the building an knocked. Tanya was waiting for them and opened the door immediately.

The interior of the building was dimly lit. The arrivals could made out the high, girdered ceiling, and some partitions within but not much else. Tanya ushered them in and down an aisle way into what appeared to be an anteroom. There were several unmarked doors to exit the room- -none of them marked. Tanya opened the first door, invited Mary in and asked her to sit down and did the same with each of the others- -each in a separate room. Once she them ensconced in their respective chambers, she returned to the room containing Mary.

"Mary, I need you to take off your clothes, down to your skin, and put on this costume and when you've finished, read this...." Tanya handed Mary a sheaf of typewritten papers. "No questions now! Just do it! I'll come and get you in a few minutes."

Tanya in turn went into each of the rooms and repeated her instructions with each of the participants: Germond, a stocky, dark-haired, middle aged man- -not unattractive; Martin, a college-aged blonde haired hunk of a boy, easily six-feet two; and Norma, an exotic raven-tressed fox in her twenties, shapely with a prodigious bosom.

Tanya changed her clothes, waited about fifteen minutes for the transformation to take place, and then returned to each room, carefully blindfolded each person and then each of them back into the anteroom.

"O.K., I want you to form a 'chain'....take the hand of another person and follow me." Tanya grabbed Mary's left hand and placed in Germond's right hand; Germond's left hand into Norma's right and so forth. Tanya then took Mary's right hand and led the group out of the anteroom, down the aisle way to the rear of the building, and into a large room which was, as yet, still almost dark.

"Take off your blindfolds" Tanya instructed them. "Get ready. Remember your lines."

With that, Tanya backed away and switched on the lights- -brilliant lights.

What was revealed was a classroom set up complete with school desks, chairs, a teachers desk and lectern, a blackboard, and- -much to the group's surprise- -four video cameras each set up in each corner of the room. For good measure, Tanya stood there with an hand-held video camera which she was already using to record the surprise on each of their faces. It was classic!

Mary stood there dressed in clerical garb, clothed as a priest, with a male mask that covered the top half of her face; Germond was wearing a nun's habit complete with a starched coif and his half mask was feminine. Martin had on a school girl's pinafore with the half-mask of a little girl, complete with pigtails. Norma's half-mask was of a school boy and she wore short pants and a starched white shirt under which one could readily discern two ample breasts. Tanya had changed into her costume, a school janitor with a old-man half mask.

They broke out in laughter at the sight of each other. Tanya was quick to intervene.

"Please, ladies and gentlemen, we have a play to put on here. Your lines?"

Mary was the first to speak, addressing Germond: Sister Minutia! I am shocked...yes shocked...at your inability to maintain discipline in your class!

Germond: I am humbly sorry, Father Erectus. But I do have two of the most unruly creatures that were ever put on this earth. You must forgive me.

Norma: You can't blame me. It's ALL Pusella's fault. Just look at her! Why, she's disruptive just standing there.

Martin: That's not true. Dick stole my panties right off my bottom and I'm cold.

Germond: I don't care whose fault it is. You must be punished. Come here Pusella!

Martin walked over to Germond who hiked Martin's (Pusella's) dress up over Martin's bare buttocks.

Germond: Now, young lady, bend over and grab your ankles.

Martin (Pusella) complied exposing his lily white rear-end to the coming punishment, and in the process also exposed his shaven, white schlong- -a six-incher, limp. As Martin bent over, one could clearly see from the back his testicles dangling in his scrotum below his hairless ass hole.

Germond spanked Martin's ass with the yardstick, giving it several authoritative strokes. Germond was getting into the character with gusto.

Germond: There, that should put you in your place! And, YOU, mister Dick. You come over here right now.

Norma (Dick) getting into the part, abashedly sidled over to face Germond.

Germond: Now, young man, drop your pants. You're going to get a dose of the same.

Norma (Dick) undid her pants and let them slip to the floor revealing perfectly razored trimmed pubic hair covering her coin-slot vagina. Her ivory tummy just above was soft, smooth, and a bit rounded. She turned and waggled her butt at Germond (Sr. Minutia) just asking to be spanked. Germond obliged her with three sharp strokes of the yardstick which left faint red welts on Norma's bottom.

Mary: Sister Minutia! How can you dispense such punishment to your students without thinking that you will escape the lash. Pull up your skirts, woman. Do it now!

Germond obeyed. Hiking up his habit over his hips, he revealed his fleshy buttocks, thick thighs, and- -well- -small flaccid penis (by comparison with Martin's) that was concealed by a thick bush of black hair. Mary grabbed the yardstick from his hands and lashed out with it against his legs and butt. It looked to be a practiced technique -no doubt learned in her former profession. Germond flinched at each blow. On the recording on the hand-held camera, one could even hear a slight grunt of discomfort.

Germond: Father, I think we have learned our lesson. But have YOU learned YOURS?

With this, Germond (Sr. Minutia), Norma (Dick) and Martin (Pusella) approached Mary (Fr. Erectus) en masse'. They pushed Mary back to where her butt was against the teacher's desk and then forced her onto the desk top on her back. With all three working as one, they had Mary's pants off in no time at all.

Germond (Sr. Minutia) held Mary's (Fr. Erectus) right leg and Norma (Dick) held Mary's left leg and in concert they spread Mary's legs apart to expose her bushy vagina. Tanya moved in with the hand-held camera and took a close-up of Mary's delicious looking pussy.

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