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Tastes Like More


As I wake, I feel the soft fullness of the pillow that I'd stuffed between my legs during the night. I reach down and adjust it, gifting my hot inner thighs the pleasure of its new coolness. As I do so, my hand glances over my smooth, moist mound. I feel very aroused and wonder what time it is. I crave more of you and especially her.

I open my eyes and look to the other side of the bed. You are just out of my reach, lying on your stomach, breathing deeply. The sheet is twisted around your legs and your lovely, muscular ass is fully exposed. As I slide over closer to you, you turn on your side, offering me the view of your smooth cheeks. I sense the presence of another person in the bedroom and lift my head from the pillow.

I see her sitting across the room in the candlelight. She is draped over the lounge chair, smoking, and looking right at me. She smiles as she exhales and asks if I'd enjoyed myself earlier. Her voice is low and raspy, thick with desire. I quietly slide my hand down my belly as I look at her and cup my palm around my wetness. Just the simple sound of her voice has made my clit stiff. She begins to slowly, almost imperceptibly, nod her head watching me slid my other hand along the sheets toward your ass.

She gracefully lifts herself from the chair, snubs the cigarette and glides across the length of the floor, her body lean and strong. Her breasts move in that slow, lazy way that things do when under water and they swing in a kind of floated suspension. Her long legs make quick use of the space between us and in no time she is perched on the edge of our bed next to you.

To reach her, I must make my way over you. Again, she smiles knowingly and lays her hand over mine which is now resting on top of your hip. My view of her body is fractured now, with only small portions of her visible through the tangle of our arms and your hip. I am getting wetter as I stare and realize that each parceled piece of her is utterly desirable.

You slowly stir and adjust yourself to accommodate the new weight upon you. Still dozing, you must sense our presence, and I continue to watch her face to see if it will show me that your cock is beginning to harden. She continues to hold my gaze and with her hand guides my hand down the front of your hip. I move closer against your back and begin to softly grind my crotch into you. Our hands make the fall together and land on your hard-on. We wrap our fingers jointly around it and begin to stroke you to complete fullness. I think you must be awake by now, although I can not see your face. I wonder if your eyes are open and if you are taking in the vision of her loveliness.

She leans forward toward your face, her eyes still on mine, and offers you her breasts. I hear you moan and greedily latch onto a nipple. She winces as you suck, pull and bite. Again, I scoot in closer to you and raise my face to her. I want to taste my juices on her lips again. As she leans toward me I can smell my fragrance on her. Your cock is rock hard as we caress you. I stick my tongue into her open mouth and fill my cunt with the fingers of my other hand. I am slick and dripping wet as I rub hard against my clit.

She gently begins to roll you over toward me onto your back. She carefully pulls her breasts from your mouth, fills her mouth with my spit and slowly slides down your torso, taking the full length of you down her throat. I try to move my hand away but she holds fast to my clasp and we squeeze harder on your cock. Your breath is quick as you watch her swallow you. Arching your back, and raising your groin to meet her mouth, you begin to thrust your cock deeper down her throat. She raises her gaze to meet ours and I quickly move toward her and begin sucking your cock with her. She pulls up, then releases and I swallow you. I suck, then release and she goes down. My hand cradles your balls while her hand strokes you. We each run our other hand up your belly and take a nipple in between our fingers. I twist left and she twists right. We both look at you and hear you moan as you prop your head up to watch us.

Her appetite for you is ferocious! She sucks your cock fast and furiously, her breathing hard and loud. I move away to watch her. She is completely deep throating your dick and stroking your shaft with both hands now.

She slowly begins to move her body around and swings her slender leg over your chest and straddles you as she sucks. Just as she spreads her creamy cunt across your face, I move in the other direction and crawl on my stomach in between your legs. I hoist both of your legs up, bending them at the knees. Feeling my hot breath against your asshole, you spread your legs wider and offer it to me. I plunge my hard tongue up your ass, the fingers of both my hands rubbing your balls and cheeks. Her head is pounding down on your cock just above me, and I look up and meet her eyes again.

As our eyes lock, you arch your back and begin to shoot your load down her throat. She pulls free then, and we watch as your come spurts onto both of our faces and lips. I take my tongue out of your ass, lick your come from my face and rise to meet her cream-covered lips. Your juice is hot and salty between our mouths as we tongue fuck each other's throats.

"Mmmm baby," I whisper to her. "That definitely tastes like more!"

*~* Thank you for reading my story. I truly hope you were pleased. Please take a moment to vote and maybe even leave a comment. I love getting any and all feedback. Thanks again! *~*

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