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TasteThe Honey


She loved to taste her own cum on his swollen cock when she devoured him, but tonight would be different. Sometimes you just have to slow down; smell the ocean; taste the honey. Tonight would be slower. Tonight, instead of exploding quickly and effortlessly, she would wait until there was nothing more to hear or smell. The gentle slapping of the ocean waves would dwindle into nothingness. The glow of the full moon would dim and they would be surrounded by nothing but each other.

They had spent a pleasant day on the beach in St. Martin. The sun was warm and the wind was gentle. It wasn't the first time they had shed all their clothes on a clothing-optional beach. It wasn't sex that attracted them to a nude beach but the sense of total freedom. After the first time they tried it, they both agreed you really didn't "get away from it all" unless you shed everything – even your clothes. But there was no denying the fact that being surrounded by naked bodies all day, regardless of their shapes and sizes, could put you in a very sensuous state of mind. As the sun began to make its descent to the horizon, they surrendered to the day and their desires. They put their clothes on and walked hand in hand back to their hotel room.

He lay leisurely on the bed, melting softly into the small mound of pillows around his head. His tanned body was naked and warm from hours in the afternoon sun. He watched her undress slowly, gently, and deliberately, peeling off one piece at a time. It wasn't but a minute or so before she stood before him with just a smile.

They didn't speak. Each one knew what the other wanted.

She approached the bed, and putting one leg on either side of him, she was just barely able to straddle him with her muscular but slender thighs. The sensuality of the day made her wet with desire and his cock was hard and almost dripping with anticipation. Wrapping her legs tightly around his hips, she mounted his throbbing cock and slowly, torturously glided up and down.

The ocean was no longer heard; the glow of the sunset went unnoticed. No sounds, no smells, just the gentle moan of a sensual being wanting what he knew was waiting for him. While he lay with her still mounting him, he felt trapped, just wanting what treasures waited. Slowly, as she glided up and down his penis, she reached for a small, black satin bag trimmed with a red ribbon. After untying the bag, she reached in and found a small tuft of orange feathers bound with a wooden handle. Gently swirling the feathers, she coated them with a soft white powder from inside the bag. The Honey Dust clung heavily to the feathered duster. Still with his penis inside her as she sat on top of him, she darted the feathers softly past his chin and down his neck. As she traced her path down his chest she slowed and circled each nipple leaving behind a faint trace of Honey Dust with each swirl. Moving lightly, slowly down towards his stomach, she reached back to the satin bag and again coated the feathers with more of the soft white powder. Arching her own neck, she traced a path down her throat, slowly and gently dusting the powder over each of her breasts, down over her own body until the feathers met where they were so sensuously joined.

Ever so gently, she pulled away from him, sliding her hips lower over his thighs until she could hold his throbbing cock in her hand. As effortlessly as before, she swirled the feathers in the satin bag and then let them make love to his cock. It seemed to reach for the feathers as she caressed and teased it - reaching, pulsating, and aching with anticipation. Her body, coated with the soft, glistening powder, gently slid up towards his face, her breasts brushing past his cock, his stomach, slowly circling his lips. He reached for each breast with his lips, biting gently, sucking, licking, and tasting the sweetness of her body dusted with honey. He devoured every sweet speck of powder, sending streaks of desire through her body. Slowly, she slid lower, her turn to sample the sweetness of the powder she had dusted his body with. She licked his throat, his chest, and his stomach. Never touching his aching penis, her tongue darted gently over his balls. Ever so carefully she devoured every trace of powder that clung to him.

The rest of the world no longer existed. They thought only of each other.

She filled her mouth with his throbbing cock, sucking, licking, not missing a taste of the honey dust she had tortured him with earlier. In a matter of minutes his aching ceased as he exploded in her mouth, mixing his taste with the sweetness of the honey. She never stopped tasting and devouring the mix until he pulled her away and guided her body over his so that her thighs straddled his head. His tongue flicked and swirled and sent her into a seemingly endless frenzy. He probed her gently but firmly with tongue and fingers, all the while sharing the sweetness of the powder. No longer able to resist, her body arched and then melted from the orgasmic explosion within her.

To the two exhausted lovers entwined around each other, it seemed a little cooler. As slowly as the ocean sounds had disappeared, they came rolling back. And the sunset glowed brightly through the sheer curtains as the world ebbed back into the room.

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