tagIncest/TabooTasty Iced Tea By the Pool

Tasty Iced Tea By the Pool


I remember well the day I decided to do it. My teenage daughter Mindy was celebrating her 18th year as was her best friend Erin by spending the whole summer lounging around my backyard pool.

Both women were stunning: Mindy, my precious baby girl, was blonde, blue eyed, about 5'6 with a hard tanned body from 4 years of cheerleading. Mindy had grown from a little girl into a sexy woman right before my eyes in the course of a year or so and she knew it. She dressed very sexy. She loved mini skirts, short dresses, and sarongs that showed off her perfect legs but always seemed to show off her tiny rock hard mid riff and perky c cup breasts with tight tanks, half shirts, and sports bras under see thru blouses. When she went out on dates she wore black cocktail dresses and black hose and heels. But it was her in her prom dress that made me realize I had to take her. It was a tight, white silk wrap dress that along with her long blonde hair up on her head with white stockings and matching heels made her look angelic yet sexier than anyone I had ever seen. Daughter or no daughter, I had to have her... and soon.

Her best friend Erin was a tall redhead with amazing legs, a tiny waste, a perfect ass, and very light skin. She had almost no chest but everything else on her was perfect. She had a Smokey voice that reminded me of Kathleen Turner. Erin carried herself very well but was also somewhat shy. However, watching her blossom into a woman the same as my daughter made me just as hot. My wife and I ran into her at the restaurant where she works as a hostess and Erin was wearing a tight little blue dress and stockings and heels that made her look much more of a WOMAN than she had any right to at her age.
I thought it might be fun to taste her fruits as well.

So I sat at the kitchen table staring out the window into the backyard where both women lay in the sun. My Mindy in her green bikini and Erin in a red one piece with a large hole in the waist that revealed over half of her rock hard abs.

First I brought out the girls some salty chips to snack on and then waited for awhile before bringing out the beverages. The girls ate and chatted and by the time I arrived with the Tea (laced heavy with valium and codeine) they were both parched and drank down large glasses very fast in front of me and each poured a second.

My wife was out of town on a business trip and my yard is privately fenced in on all sides so there was no one to interrupt.

I waited about a half hour and called out to the girls from the house. No answer. I closed the patio door behind me and ventured poolside and stood over them trying to wake them. Both were sleeping like angels. I tried to wake both girls by shaking their shoulders but got nothing but sleepy moans.

This was it :)

First Mindy: I began by positioning my Barbie doll like daughter in a spread eagle pattern on her towel. I enjoyed having complete control over her. The power was intoxicating. I kneeled over my angel baby girl and proceeded to kiss her full on the mouth in the way no daddy should ever kiss his daughter. My tongue invaded her teenage mouth as my hands groped her young firm tits over her bikini. Slowly I untied her top and slid it down revealing her bosoms an inch at a time. The savoring of every second was as good as the violation itself. I pawed and shook her jugs and teased and licked her nipples until they stood hard and firm. Then I held them together and titty fucked my innocent unconscious daughter.

But the best was yet to come: I kissed my way down her muscular stomach and tasted the chorlene and coconut oil as my two hand slid down her bikini bottoms revealing a baby smooth shaved pussy. Mindy was sexually active because her mother allowed her to get on the pill but she was no slut. Her lips were tight the way only a teenage girl can be. My tongue slithered inside her as my hands pulled down my shorts.

Was I really going to fuck my own little girl laying there naked and helpless in her own back yard? What kind of monster would do such a thing?? Trust me... if you saw Mindy...you'd do it to. She made Jessica Simpson look ugly.

My rock hard cock forced its way inside her. The pressure was INCREDIBLE. I was really stretching her out! She must have been having a bad dream because she moaned in her sleep and shook her head no. I pulled out just in time and shot my wad all over her face and tits. Then I wiped some off and put it on her thumb and slide her thumb in her mouth. Just like when she was little she started to suck. So I just watched her awhile as she sucked my cum off her polished thumb.

I turned and looked at Erin who had rolled over on her side in her sleep and all I was left to see was her tiny ass and waste long red hair. I knew what I wanted right away. I had always loved Erin's young lips. Very full and sexy. As my cock got hard again I knelt before her and guided my dick into her sleeping mouth. Slowly but surely she began to suck on me in her sleep. I was in heaven!! I wanted to see all of Erin and fast so I yanked her swimsuit down from the shoulders and all the way off. Her white skin had a few freckles but was otherwise perfect. Her tiny breasts were more nubbins but she had large pink nipples. Unlike Mindy, Erin had a large tuft of red hair between her legs. After running my hands and mouth all over her chest and stomach until her nipples stood almost an inch out, I knew what I wanted from her. I flipped her on her stomach and propped her long lanky frame up on her knees with her ass in the air. From behind I licked on her swollen clit until it was dripping and ready. Then I slid my cock into my little girl’s best friend. Erin was nowhere near as tight as Mindy as I suspected she slept around more. But God did it feel good to pump her from behind!!! I reached down and picked up a bottle of baby oil they were using and poured some on her asshole. Her body convulsed and bucked as I forced my way inside her and though she moaned in protest, she did not wake up. Her ass was fine and tight but I pulled out and pounded her pussy again just before I came shooting my seed deep inside her teenage womb.

I lay there and fondled both girls for awhile then dressed them and cleaned them up and went back inside.

Four hours later they both woke up and rolled into the pool to swim and wake up. They had no idea what occurred but both seemed oddly sore.

A few weeks later Erin found out she was pregnant and blamed it on a guy she met at a party and slept with the same night and never saw again.

Life is good.

Maybe I should invite my secretary and her teenage daughter over to swim sometime??

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