tagInterracial LoveTattoo of Love Ch. 06

Tattoo of Love Ch. 06


*For those of you who have been wondering and waiting so patiently, the next chapter will take more of an intimate turn. I did add just a bit of spice in this chapter, so i hope you'll enjoy it. Thanks for your continued support, comments and for rating!*

As the sound of a ringing telephone interrupted her sleep, Julia rolled onto her side and reached her arm out to answer it. Bringing the receiver up to her ear she muttered sleepily into it.


"Hey beautiful, how are you this morning?"

A smile curled her lips at the sound of his voice and she rolled onto her back, allowing her face to be warmed by the rays of sun which shone through the skylight.

"I'm doing good, how about you?"

"Not bad, I felt like hearing your voice so I decided to call you. I didn't wake you up, did I?"

Glancing at the clock on her bedside table, she saw it was nearly eleven am. "Yeah, but it's okay. I needed to be woken up. It's getting late."

"So do you still want to hang out today?"

"Sure, I'd love to."

Four days had passed since she'd last seen Nolan, so she was eager to be in his presence again.

"Wonderful. So I'm not sure if you'll be up for this, but what do you think about going on a motorcycle ride with me?"

"Hmm, well I don't know. I've never been on one before."

"Does the thought of it scare you?"

Sliding her fingers into her hair, she began twirling a lock around her index finger.

"I wouldn't say it scares me, but i'd feel unsure about taking a ride on one."

"Okay, well if you aren't up for it then it's no big deal, but I promise you'll be safe with me. I'm a very skilled rider."

Allowing herself a few moments to think it over, Julia pictured herself on a bike with Nolan. She'd always been curious about motorcycles and had fantasized a few times about taking a ride on one, but the dangerous aspect of them prevented her from actually going through with it. Yet wasn't the risk which was attached to them also somewhat of a draw to her? As she contemplated it she realized she was leaning more towards taking that ride with him.

"Well I have always wondered what it'd be like," she said.

"I think you'd really enjoy it. I was thinking we could take a ride out to Oakridge Park and cruise along some of the backside roads. Have you ever gone high up in the hills and gotten a good look at the city below?"

"No I haven't, but I hear it's quite a lovely view."

"It's fantastic. You can see the trails and canyons below, and it's so quiet and peaceful. If you let me take you out there, I'm sure you won't regret it."

Flipping onto her stomach she rested her weight upon her elbows, focusing on the shadow of a tree branch which was cast against her wall.

"It does sound like it'd be a nice time." A small pause filled the air as she contemplated it further. "So how long have you been riding? I don't remember you mentioning that you had a bike."

"I don't, but my brother does. I learned how to ride a few years back when he first bought his motorcycle."

"So on a scale of one to ten, how skilled would you say you are?"

Releasing a chuckle he replied, "I've taken multiple courses and I went to a motorcycle boot camp. I also have completion cards for all of the classes that I took, so I can bring them over to show you if it'd make you feel more comfortable about it."

"It's okay, I trust you. I'm just feeling a bit apprehensive, that's all."

"Well if you're not totally okay with it, then we don't have to ride out there on a bike. We can just take my car instead."

She almost gave into her fear and decided against the motorcycle ride, but then realized that she could be missing out on an exciting and unique experience. Julia often imagined herself doing fun, spontaneous things, but how often did she actually bring those thoughts into fruition?

The answer to that has hardly ever, so she knew that now was the time to take advantage of the opportunity which was presenting itself to her. Besides, she truly did trust Nolan and she knew he would do everything in his power to protect her and keep her safe.

"No, I want to go. I think it will be fun."

"Good, I was hoping you would say that. So what time should I swing by and pick you up?"

"Well I need to eat some breakfast and then take a shower and get dressed, so how about you stop by around noon?"

"Noon it is. Now do you have a good pair of boots you can wear?"

"Yeah, I just bought a pair a few weeks ago."

"Low heel or high?"


"Okay, good. Make sure you wear a warm jacket, too. It's a pretty nice day out, but it's still good to be prepared and it's always best to have extra protection."

"Alrighty, I will. Anything else I need to know?"

"That's it."

"Okay, so i'll see you in an hour."

"Looking forward to it. See you soon, baby."


With a smile upon her lips, Julia hung up the phone and got off the bed. Then she went over to her closet and picked out some clothes. After picking out a pair of black jeans and a burgundy knit sweater, she threw them on her bed and began to undress. Once she was stripped naked she headed into the bathroom to get washed up.

Usually accustomed to long, lavish showers, she allowed herself just five minutes to soap up and rinse, and then she got out. She would have liked to stay in longer, but she still needed to do a few other things before Nolan showed up. After drying off with an oversized towel she slipped into her clothes and then spritzed her hair with some water to reactivate her curls.

Once she was satisfied with her reflection in the mirror she headed for the kitchen to make herself some breakfast. As she entered the kitchen she saw Samantha sitting by her bowl, meowing to reinforce that she was hungry. After feeding the cat half a can of food, Julia poured some cheerios into a bowl and made herself a cup of instant coffee.

Spotting a women's magazine on the kitchen counter, Julia flipped it open and began browsing through the pages, munching on her cereal as she read. It didn't take long before she came upon a quiz which was related to dating, and she found herself drawn towards taking it.

Titled 'What Kind of Lover Is He?', it immediately caught her eye and she grabbed a pen from the drawer next to the dishwasher. With only twelve questions it didn't take her long to finish, and she began eagerly tallying up her score to see what the results would be. After adding up the numbers she matched her score to the answer key and eagerly read the small paragraph below it.

~You have a man who's passionate and spontaneous. Intent upon satisfying all your desires, he's an attentive lover who will take you to orgasmic heights. The attention he lavishes upon you is well-intended. Be careful, however, because if he ever fails to be his usual enthusiastic self, it can plant doubt in your mind and leave you feeling suspicious.

He has a strong masculinity about him that women find irresistible. Don't fret, though, because honesty and loyalty mean everything to him, so you shouldn't have too much to worry about.~

Julia never placed much faith in these sort of quizzes, but she had to admit that it seemed to mention quite a few aspects of his personality. It wasn't hard to tell that Nolan would be a passionate lover, and his well toned body suggested he would possess the stamina to fulfill her every sexual desire. As the thought of Nolan's flesh pressed naked against her own dominated Julia's mind, she began to feel a rising heat between her legs.

It only took a brief thought of him to coax all sorts of emotions within her, and she suddenly had the urge to make use of her brand new vibrator. Grabbing a shopping bag off the dining room table, she reached into it and pulled out the pink box that the vibrator was housed in. Slipping the flap of the box up, Julia slid out the plastic container and removed the sex toy.

With a length of eight inches, the jelly vibrator had realistic anatomy and a curved tip, allowing for easier contact with the g-spot. Tracing her fingers over the veins and ridges of the phallus, she found her thoughts turning to Nolan.

Gripping the shaft in her palm, she gave it a light squeeze and imagined that it was his penis she were touching. She thought about how he'd react to her bare flesh upon his, and began fantasizing about what it'd feel like enclosed within her hand.

Using her free palm to stroke the shaft, she slid it up and down the length a few times, then placed the vibrator between her legs and switched it on. As it vibrated against her denim clad center she felt a little tingle of pleasure rush through her loins. It'd been so long since she'd had proper stimulation there, and as she pressed it more firmly against the area she released a small moan.

Slipping into thoughts of Nolan, she began to imagine what it would be like to have him lying on top of her, thrusting between her walls as she cried out in ecstasy. The mere thought of it sent a strong wave of lust through her body, and she suddenly realized just how sexually deprived she'd become. Of course she masturbated, but the feel of her own fingers just couldn't compare to the sensation of a penis inside her. Now that she had the vibrator, though, she definitely planned on making good use of it.

Bringing the toy up to her chest, Julia slipped it beneath her sweater and placed the tip of it beneath the left cup of her bra. As it made contact with her nipple she slid her tongue across her lips and closed her eyes, immersing herself in the sensation of the vibrator against her bare skin.

She was just imagining the feel of Nolan's hands roaming across her naked body when the sound of the doorbell sliced through her thoughts, jolting her from the erotic fantasy. Switching off the toy, Julia set it upon the table and headed for the entryway. As she reached it she paused for a few moments to straighten her top and fluff out her hair, then she twisted the knob and opened the door.

As his handsome face greeted her she leaned into his arms and tilted her chin up for a kiss. Encircling his arms around her waist, Nolan pressed his mouth to hers in a sensual embrace. When their tongues finally parted she saw him gazing at her with a look of pure contentment.

"You all ready?" he asked.

"Yep, just let me grab something to keep me warm."

Pulling away from him she grabbed her jacket from a closet next to the door, then slipped into it and put some money and her cell phone into the pockets. After stepping outside and locking the door behind them, they descended down the stairs.

Once they reached ground level, Nolan led her towards a silver and blue Suzuki motorcycle which was parked in the driveway. Grabbing two helmets from off of the seat, he handed one of them to Julia and then slipped the other one over his head.

After they were both outfitted in head protection, Nolan got onto the bike and then she climbed on behind him. She having second thoughts as she straddled the machine, but as she wrapped her arms around Nolan's waist she felt him place his leather clad palm against hers and give it a gentle stroke. It was a small gesture of reassurance, but it still managed to put her at ease. Turning his head to the side, Nolan spoke in a voice which was muffled by his helmet.

"Ready to hit the road?"

"Uh..I guess. I mean yeah, I am." She responded.

A light chuckle came from beneath his helmet and he placed a hand against her thigh, giving it a brief rub as he said, "Don't be nervous, okay? I'll take good care of you, I promise."

Placing her hand against his she said, "I know, I trust you."

Moving his hand back to the handlebars, he offered her a few tips. "Now make sure you keep your arms wrapped around my stomach, lean in the direction that the motorcycle is turning, and keep your chest pressed tight against my back, alright?"

With a nod of her head she replied, "Okay."

As Nolan turned the key in the ignition and pressed his foot against the kick start, the engine came to life. The sound of the motorcycle revving filled the air around them, becoming louder and louder and then the bike jolted forward.

Gripping her hands more tightly around him, Julia took a deep breath and braced herself. Nolan steered the bike out of the driveway and turned onto the street, then suddenly within an instant the motorcycle gained speed and they were off, peeling down the road and into the distance.

As the motorcycle sped along the pavement, Julia noticed that their surroundings were becoming little more than a blur of colors. For the first five minutes she felt extremely anxious, but as time went on she gradually loosened up and began to enjoy the ride. Weaving in and out of traffic with expert ease, Nolan handled the bike with a skill which impressed her.

As they continued along their journey, she realized that the feel of the engine between her thighs was causing her to feel quite stimulated. She couldn't help likening it to the way the vibrator had felt pressed up against her center, and she felt an electric current shoot through her body.

It was quite a sexual feeling, straddling a powerful machine while simultaneously holding onto Nolan's well-built torso. Everytime they rounded a corner and slanted toward the pavement, she felt a wild thrill rush through her. The element of danger both scared and excited her, and with Nolan completely in control of the bike, she had no choice but to hold on tight and allow him to take complete control.

As they approached a narrow street the bike made an especially sharp turn, leaning at such a severe angle that she became certain they were going to topple off and crash. Digging her fingers into his abdominals, Julia felt a strong urge to align her body vertically, but instead fought against it and leaned into the curve, shrieking inwardly in the process.

As the bike became vertical once again, she breathed a sigh of relief, but her arms encircling his stomach didn't loosen up any. They were traveling at such a fast speed that the wind whipped around them, blowing into her jacket and up into her pants.

It didn't take long for them to reach Oakridge Park, and as they approached the hilly roads which led up into mountainous paths, Julia unconsciously hugged him even tighter. As they ascended along the elevated road, she turned her head to look down into the canyons below, studying the lush greenery of the forested valleys.

The bike curved and arced into bends, gradually climbing higher as they continued along their journey. With only a few scattered clouds in the sky, the weather was mildly windy and sunny. It was a perfect fall day, with pleasantly crisp, fresh air.

Rays of sun shone beautifully along the mountainous terrain, and tree branches swayed gently in the wind, moving with a rhythm which filled her with peace. Feeling a sense of uninhibited wonder, Julia was happy that she'd decided to overcome her fears and join Nolan on the motorcycle ride.

The beautiful land which surrounded them left her speechless with admiration, and she knew it wouldn't have quite the same effect upon her if they'd decided to come up here in a car instead.

As they motorcycle twisted along endless curvy roads, it seemed that each turn they made provided them with majestic views, filling them with a sense of wonder at the impressive display of nature. Julia felt as if she were finally experiencing life as it was truly meant to be lived-uninhibited and in total bliss, and the feel of Nolan's body tight against her own only added to the strong emotions she was feeling.

Now approaching a turnoff which was canopied with trees, Nolan slowed the bike to a crawl and then came to stop. He let Julia get off the bike first and then he swung his leg over so that he was standing. After taking their helmets off he placed both of them on the ground and took her hand, leading her to a picnic bench which sat beneath the leaning branches of a large tree. Grasping her by the waist, he lifted her up so that she could sit upon the edge of it. Holding her face in his palms Nolan leaned his head down to give her a kiss, stroking her cheeks with his thumb as he did it.

As their mouths parted he gave her a smile and asked, "So did you enjoy the ride?"

"Yeah, I did. It was pretty exciting."

"Good, I'm glad to hear. Hope I wasn't going too fast for you."

Pulling her shoulders into a little shrug she answered, "The speed didn't really bother me, it was the turns that made me nervous."

"Yeah, I sort of figured that. Whenever the bike slanted toward the ground i'd feel you dig your fingers in my ribs, so I guess that was a pretty good indication that you were frightened." A small laugh passed his lips.

Feeling a bit embarrassed she said, "Sorry about that. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"No, it's okay. I hardly felt it and besides, I loved having you ride behind me."


"Yep, it felt really nice having your body pressed up against mine." Peering deep into her eyes, he placed the palms of his hands upon her thighs, sliding them slowly up and down the length of them. "So tell me what you enjoyed about the ride."

"Well, I loved the feel of our bodies pressed up against one another, and I really liked how fast the bike went."

"What else?" Sliding his fingers along her inner thigh, he brought them dangerously close to her heated center. Yet before they could make contact, he redirected their path and glided them back downwards.

"I liked the way the bike felt beneath me."

"What, you mean the engine?"

Stroking his strong, firm biceps she answered, "Yep."

"So you liked the vibration, huh?" His lips spread into a grin and his eyes roved over her features with curious interest.

"Yeah, I did."

"Did you become sexually aroused?"

She felt her body grow hot as their conversation turned more erotic.

"What do you think?"

"I think you did, and I'm pretty sure you're still turned on right now."

"I might be."

"You definitely are," he confirmed.

The way he said it sent a shiver of pleasure down her back, and she became lost in his gaze. Sliding the zipper of her jacket down, Nolan slid his hand beneath her sweater and moved it across her bare stomach, gliding it slowly towards her chest.

"So would you say that riding a motorcycle is like an aphrodisiac for you?" His eyes peered intently into her own.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that."

Giving her a little smile he said, "Besides the vibration, what else about it excites you?"

Biting her lip she replied, "The speed and the power of the engine. I also liked relinquishing control and allowing you to take me where you wanted. It was quite a thrill."


"Yeah, you were so confident and you handled that bike expertly. At certain times I was really scared, but I knew you wouldn't let anything happen to me."

"Well I'm glad to hear that you trusted me. That makes me feel really good."

Sliding her hand down his torso she responded, "*You* make me feel really good."

"Yeah?" His breath tickled her cheek as he leaned in closer.

"Yes," she responded.

As his fingers made contact with her peaks, they instantly stiffened beneath his touch. Wrapping her legs around his thighs, Julia coaxed him closer towards her and arched her back, withdrawing a little sigh as his fingers made contact with her nipples. Nolan's thumb made small tight circles around her peaks, steadily moving towards the hard point of her nipple.

The sensation of his bare skin upon her breasts sent a rush of excitement through her, and as he pressed his crotch against her center, she felt his stiff manhood press needingly against her.

"I could make you feel even better."

As his mouth leaned towards hers, she tilted her lips upwards so that he could capture her mouth. Julia's breath was nearly taken away by his passionate kiss, and his heated erection caused her clit to throb in response. Placing her hand against his crotch she teasingly slid a finger along the outline of his denim covered shaft.

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