tagInterracial LoveTattoo of Love Ch. 09

Tattoo of Love Ch. 09


*Thanks for the comments which were left, and I also appreciate the constructive feedback which was offered. I thank you for your opinion, as it really does help me to improve as a writer. I hope you all enjoy the chapter!*


The sensation of something wet sliding across her torso caused Julia's eyelids to flutter open. Sleepily glancing downward, she saw that Nolan was straddling her body. Holding a plump strawberry in his hand, he trailed the tip of it along the center of her torso.

As it reached her stomach he swirled it around her belly button a few times, and then allowed it to travel between her legs. Coming to a stop at the crevice of her vaginal lips, he sandwiched the berry between the heated folds of her flesh. He rubbed it back and forth a few times until it was coated with her juices, and then pulled it back out.

Placing the strawberry against her lips, he silently urged her to partake in its sweetness. Slipping her tongue out to caress the fruit, Julia swirled her wet appendage around the seedy exterior. Knowing it would drive him crazy, she allowed her tongue to flick back and forth a few times against the tip of the strawberry. Then she sunk her teeth into it and took a generous bite.

The flesh of the fruit was succulently sweet, and yet there was also another taste mingling along with it; a unique flavor which came from her womanly juices. As droplets of crimson nectar spilled from her mouth, Nolan slipped his tongue out to lick up every last drop. The sensation of his wet appendage sliding across her lips was nothing short of erotic, and a small sound of contentment fled from between her lips.

Popping the uneaten portion of strawberry between his teeth, Nolan positioned his head next to her chest. Placing the half eaten piece of fruit against the swell of her breasts, he began sliding it across her skin. It didn't take long for her fleshy globes to become covered in the nectar, and as he glided the fruit over her nipple she uttered a little sigh of pleasure, enjoying the feel of it against her skin.

With her breasts now covered in scarlet juice, he devoured the piece of fruit and then latched his mouth around one of her nipples. A delicious shiver ran up her spine as his warm tongue slid across her bare skin, and the feel of his lips greedily suckling upon her erect peaks drove her absolutely wild with pleasure.

Flicking his tongue against the nipple of her right tit, he used his thumb and index finger to pinch and pull upon her left one. Whimpering beneath his ministrations, Julia arched her back and released a heated gasp, enjoying the pain which mingled with the pleasure.

Grabbing another strawberry from a plate on the bedside table, he slipped part of it into his mouth and brought it up to her lips. She took half of it in her mouth and as they both bit down on their respective ends, juice from the berry burst out, coating their lips in its essence. Once he'd eaten his half of the fruit, Nolan leaned in to share a kiss with her. Their tongues moved sensually against each other, and the feel of his lips against hers was quite intoxicating.

Pulling back from the kiss, he grabbed two pineapple rings from off the serving dish. Then he positioned them against her breasts so that the center of the ring encircled her nipples. The feel of the cold, wet fruit against her skin was deliciously erotic, and as he leaned in to place his tongue against one of her nipples, she felt them instantly stiffen in anticipation.

Dividing his attention between both of her breasts, he swirled his tongue in tight circles around the right peak, and then the left one. Using a slow, lingering lick, Nolan slid his tongue over the goose-pimpled flesh of her dark brown areolas. A heavy sigh escaped her lips as he did it, and her hips bucked upward as he sucked the swollen points into the cave of his mouth.

Threading her fingers through his hair, she felt his hand slid along her inner thigh. Using a feather light touch, he allowed his thumb to trace patterns along her skin, and as it reached the space between her thighs, he slid it between the warmth of her folds. Slipping two fingers into her heat, he guided his fingers in as far as they would go. His digits pushed in and out a few times and then he removed them.

Releasing her nipple from his mouth, Nolan removed the pineapple ring from her left breast. Placing it against her lips, he urged her to have a taste. As the sweetness of the fruit invaded her mouth, she reveled in its wonderful taste and texture. After popping the remainder of the fruit into his mouth, Nolan placed his wet appendage against the lower part of her torso and slid it upward.

A trail of saliva was left upon her skin as it traveled upward, and as his tongue bumped against the ring of pineapple he hooked his tongue beneath it. Grasping the piece of fruit between his lips, he sunk his teeth into it and took a generous bite, then followed it up with a few more until the entire ring had been devoured.

With her breast now covered in the fragrant juice of the pineapple, Nolan glided his warm tongue along her fleshy globes, lapping up every last bit of the liquid. A light gasp crept from her lips as he did it, and she found herself incredibly aroused by the sensual food play they were engaging in.

No man had ever done anything like this to her before, and she appreciated the way he focused his attention so intently upon her. He made her feel special; as if she were the most sensually exciting woman in the world, and she loved that.

Having licked her breast clean of all the pineapple juice, Nolan began placing kisses along the length of her torso, and as his head moved lower Julia felt a jolt of electricity rush through her loins. She knew exactly where he was headed, and as his breath warmed the skin of her thigh, she sensed that his hunger to taste her was strong.

As his tongue stretched out to caress her glistening folds, she took a sharp intake of breath and lifted her hips, coaxing his tongue to slide in even further. Loving the effect he had upon her, Nolan took his time exploring the delicate tissues of her womanhood. His tongue slid up and down the length of her slit a few times and then traveled up to rest upon her swollen clit. With his hot breath ghosting against her pussy, he gently encircled it, and as the fragrance of her sex infiltrated his nostrils, Nolan became lost in her scent. Resting her palms upon his head, Julia arched her back and uttered a gasp of delight as he began to lap at the stiffening piece of flesh.

A shockwave of pleasure coursed through her being as his appendage worked quicker, and as he slipped two fingers deep between her folds she tilted her chin upward and expelled a cry of delight. The feel of his digits pumping her with abandon, combined with the sensation of his skillful tongue was rapidly bringing her to orgasm.

Having lost control of her body, Julia had no choice but to writhe and buck beneath his ministrations, and she could feel the pace of his tongue synching with the rhythm of his fingers. Nolan could feel the trembling of her thighs, and as her pleasured cries hit the air, he removed his fingers and wrapped his palms tightly around her waist.

A small flood of liquid was released as she came, and as the taste of her excitement hit his taste buds, he eagerly lapped up her nectar. The scent and taste of her pussy was almost like a drug to him, and as he looked up at her from beneath hooded eyes, he could see that her face was a picture of utter ecstasy.

A deep moan emitted from his mouth and as it vibrated against her sex, Julia was rewarded with a delicious jolt of electricity. Her pussy was extra sensitive from the orgasm she'd just had, and the additional stimulation of his pleasured groans were almost too much for her to handle. The pleasure he'd given her had far exceeded anything she'd ever felt before, and it left her in such a daze that all she could was lie there, quivering helplessly in the aftermath of her climax.

Reveling in the achievement of sexually gratifying his lover, Nolan removed his mouth from her folds and offered them a light, tender kiss. Then he climbed back up so he could lay on the bed next to her. Resting his weight on one elbow, Nolan propped his head up in the palm of his hand and studied her face, enjoying the look of dreamy pleasure upon it.

Returning his gaze through half mast eyes, she placed her palm against the back of his neck and slid her fingers into his wavy locks. The look he gave her was thoughtful, and she could tell that he had something on his mind.

"What am I going to do without you for three months?" He asked.

Having been caught up in the ecstasy-filled moment they were sharing, Julia had nearly forgotten about Nolan's impending trip to the South Pacific.

"Hmm, well you'll be surrounded by beautiful tropical scenery and get paid to take photographs of all sorts of cool places. I'm sure you'll be just fine without me."

"I'm not saying I won't enjoy myself, but it's definitely going to be weird not having you around. I'm really going to miss you."

"I'll miss you too." A moment of silence passed between them before she continued on. "I'm happy for you though, and I know you'll do great."

Grabbing her hand, he laced his fingers through hers. "Thank you for being so understanding about this."

"Of course, why wouldn't I be?"

"I don't know. I just want you to know that I appreciate your support." Nolan placed a kiss on the top of her head and then took a glance at the clock. "Well I guess we'd better get this day started. A client is due to drop by the studio at nine thirty, and you're due at the bakery by ten, right?"

Nodding her head, Julia stretched her limbs with a satisfying groan, then rose up from the reclining position and swung her legs over the bed. She felt the mattress dip in as Nolan got up, followed by the sound of his feet padding down the hallway.

A tinkling noise emitted from the bathroom as he emptied his bladder, and then there was the sound of a toilet flushing. She heard the sound of water running as he turned the tap on, and then noises of him brushing his teeth.

She was just getting up to head to the bathroom and take a shower, but the sound of a ringtone suddenly filled the air. Leaning down to grab her purse on the floor next to the bed, she retrieved her mobile and hit the answer call button.



"Yes, who is this?"

"It's Colin, how are you?"

"Oh hi, Colin. I'm doing okay. What's going on?"

"Not too much, I just thought I would let you know that your mom stopped by your apartment yesterday evening."

"Really? Well do you know what she wanted?"

"She asked me if I knew when you would be returning back home. I told her I didn't know, but she didn't seem very happy with that answer. I'm guessing she was worried about you, because she seemed pretty interested in finding out where you were."

Julia furrowed her brows. "That's odd of her to visit without contacting me first."

"Well apparently she did call multiple times, but she told me that you wouldn't pick up."

Recalling the passionate night she'd spent with her lover, Julia said, "Yeah, I was probably already in bed by that time."

"I figured as much, but your mom seemed to think that something may have happened to you. Everything is okay, isn't it?"

Releasing a little sigh of annoyance, Julia thought about how typical it was for her mother to blow the slightest things out of proportion.

"Yeah, everything is cool. I spent the night at my boyfriend's house, so that's why I wasn't home all evening."

"Oh, okay. Well she stopped by again this morning, and it looks like her car is still parked in the driveway. So I guess she's waiting for you to get home."

For as long as she could remember, the relationship between she and her mother had been strained, so she was truly puzzled as to the reason behind her visit. The main reason Julia had moved towns to begin with, was due to the distant relationship she shared with her family, so the last thing she felt like doing was receiving a visit from a mother who barely showed any interest in her at all.

With reluctance in her voice, Julia said, "Well I guess i'd better stop by the apartment before going to work."

Recalling their last mother-daughter encounter, Julia unconsciously began rubbing her left temple. It seemed that everytime they came together, she was left with a terrible headache and a feeling of deep dissatisfaction. She loved her mother, and really did try as hard as she could to get along with her, but like oil and water, the two women just didn't mix.

Picking up on the uneasiness in her voice, Colin decided to question her about it. "Sorry if this comes across as prying, but you don't sound too happy about seeing your mom. Is everything okay?"

Julia glanced out the window at the gray, cloudy sky. "I'm fine. It's just typical mom drama, you know? Nothing too serious."

There was nothing typical about the relationship she shared with her mother, but it was far too complicated to even think about discussing with a casual acquaintance like Colin.

"Yeah, I understand. Parents can be difficult to get along with sometimes, can't they?" As if on cue, the sound of a gravelly, elderly voice emitted from the background of his line. Expelling a light chuckle he said, "Speaking of parents, it sounds like my mother needs a hand in the kitchen, so i'd better get off the phone."

"I'll let you go, then. Thanks for the calling."

"Hey, no problem. I guess i'll see you around, and take care, okay?"

"You too. Bye."

Dropping her phone back into her purse, Julia quickly slipped into her clothes. She was just clasping her bra and about to pull on her jeans when Nolan came back into the bedroom.

"Leaving already? I was hoping we could take a shower together." As he watched her get dressed, his face filled with disappointment.

"Sorry honey, i'm going to have to take a rain check on that. My mother's in town and is waiting for me at the apartment.

"How long is she visiting for?"

"I'm not sure." She pulled up the zipper on her jeans and then buttoned them. "I'm guessing she'll just spend a few hours here, and then drive back into the city."

"Well i'd love to meet her, so just give me a chance to get some clothes on, and i'll drive out to your apartment with you." He made his way toward the dresser to retrieve a pair of underwear and quickly slipped into them, then grabbed his pants from the floor.

Less than thrilled with the idea of Nolan meeting her mother, she replied, "Actually, I think it'd be best if you met her some other time."

Slipping his legs into the pants of his denims, he asked, "Why not now? She's only going to be in town for a few hours, right?"

"Yeah, but you'll probably have other chances to meet her."

"*Probably*? That doesn't sound like a very sure thing."

"I didn't mean it that way. It's just that she doesn't come by to visit me very often."

His brows dipped into a slight frown. "So wouldn't that be even more of a reason for me to take this chance to meet her?"

Having gotten fully dressed, Julia slipped the strap of her purse over her shoulder, then withdrew her car keys from the outside pocket.

"I'll introduce you another time, okay?"

A puzzled look crossed his face. "You're being weird about this. Why don't you want her to know about me?

"It's not that, it's just...," contemplating the best words to use, she gave a brief pause. "I have sort of an odd relationship with my mother."

"Well how is it odd?"

Slipping her fingers through her hair, she did her best to tame her sleep tousled locks. "I can't explain it right now. It's way too complicated to get into."

Leaning his backside against the dresser, Nolan crossed his arms over his rock hard chest. "I understand you having difficulties with your mom, Julia. But I honestly don't see what that has to do with me."

The point he'd made was perfectly valid, so she really didn't have much of an argument.

Her fingers toyed nervously with the fringes on the strap of her suede purse. "You're right. The relationship we have has nothing to do with you."

"So let me come along. All I want to do is say hello and shake her hand. I want her to know me as your boyfriend. That's all that I ask for."

It sounded so simple to hear him say it, but knowing her mother as well as she did, Julia was certain that she would find some way to embarrass her, or worse yet, demean her character in front of Nolan. The last time she'd introduced a long term boyfriend, her mother had purposely revealed aspects of Julia's past which she was less than proud of.

These were events which she'd experienced during a difficult phase in her life, and as a result of them being exposed, her then-boyfriend had decided to terminate the relationship.

She was no longer the person that she used to be, of course, but once people knew secrets about your past, it was often hard for them to see beyond it. Julia wished with all of her heart that Nolan and her mother could meet, but she cared far too much about their relationship to allow former events to jeopardize their future together.

"Look, Nolan. I really do want you to meet her, okay? But it's going to have to be another time."

"Well if that's the way you want it, then fine. Have it your way." A bummed out look crossed his face.

"It's *not* the way I want it, though. I wish you could see that."

Offering silence in response, he stripped out of his jeans and tossed them onto the bed,then made his way toward the bathroom.

As her lover passed by her, she laid her palm upon his bicep so that he would stop. The hurt was evident in his eyes, and she felt something inside of her respond to his unhappiness.

"Look, i'll explain this later. Just please don't be upset with me, alright?"

"I'm not upset with you, just disappointed." After speaking the words, he continued along his way and headed for the bathroom.

As a flood of emotion rose up within her, Julia felt the urge to go after him and try to smooth things out, but she knew that could only be done if she fully explained the complex nature of their mother-daughter relationship.

Now was not the time, however, to engage in such a lengthy conversation, so she knew that it would just have to wait until the next time they were together.

The squeal of a knob emitted from the bathroom, and as the shower turned on, Julia headed down the hallway so that she could say goodbye. Sticking her head in the room, she called out to him.

"We'll talk later, okay? I have to go now."


He was obviously feeling miffed, so there really wasn't much she could do at this point, besides accept it. She headed for the front door, and as she reached it she paused for a moment, taking a glance down the hallway toward the bathroom. Then she twisted the knob and walked outside, headed into the uncertainty which loomed before her.

* * * *

As Julia arrived at her apartment, she parked her car next to a red Nissan which was sitting in the driveway. As soon as she put her VW bug in park, she saw the driver's side door of the other car open, and out of it stepped a tall, lanky man with a blond, thinning ponytail.

Filled with disappointment at the sight of her mother's husband, she instantly felt a pang of annoyance rush through her body. As her eyes met with his, she saw a wide smile crease his lips, and his hand rose to her in a wave. Ignoring his greeting, her eyes roved to the passenger's side door. It opened to reveal long, well-formed legs which were clad in knee high boots, and as her mother exited the car, she shut it behind her with a resounding slam.

Julia could tell by the tight-lipped expression upon her mother's face that she was in one of her moods, and this resulted in a twist of anxiety in her gut. Expelling a heavy breath, Julia did her best to still her nerves. Running a hand nervously through her hair, she then got out of her car and headed toward her mom. Clad in a tiger print dress which emphasized her surgically enhanced bosom, her mother had an aggressive aura about her which came off as quite intimidating.

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