Tattoo of Love Ch. 12


Positioning the head of his cock against her entrance, he slowly slid deep between her thighs, pushing in until he could go no further. A sound of blissful contentment fled from Julia's lips, and her hips followed his rhythm as he began pumping in and out.

Using long, languid strokes, he claimed her body with a gentle tenderness, and each thrust that he made brought her closer to reaching climax. All of the stress and worry she'd been feeling earlier had completely melted away, and the feel of his manly form pressed flush against her own provided her with a sense of contentment that nobody else could provide her.

Tilting her chin upward, she breathily moaned his name and reveled in the variety of sensations. The smell of their passionate lovemaking hung thick in the air around them, and as the movement of his hips sped up, the friction of their bodies increased. It didn't take long before a thin sheen of sweat covered them, and as his well-built body continued to work above her, Julia found herself dangerously close to tipping over the edge.

"Oh, don't stop." The flesh of her breasts quivered as his thrusts became more urgent, persuading her to surrender to his erotic ministrations.

Sliding her palms over his body, she admired the solid wall of muscle that was his chest. Her eyes feasted upon the smooth brownness of his skin, traveling lower to appreciate his well-toned abs, before finally landing upon the v-shaped muscle of his lower stomach.

The sight of that area always drove her crazy with desire, and as he leaned down to capture her mouth with his, she returned his kiss with equal fervor. Overcome with her feelings of love for him, she stared deep into his eyes and rolled her hips with desperate need.

Lowering his head so he could whisper into her ear he said, "I love your tight, wet pussy. It feels like a vice around my cock."

The sound of his words only furthered her desire, and as he pumped quicker into her heat,she uttered helpless little moans. The motion of their bodies made the bed rock beneath them, and his quick, short thrusts caused the headboard to knock loudly against the wall.

No longer able to hold back, she relented to the building pressure within and rode the waves of sheer ecstasy. Her body quivered helplessly beneath him, and a deep cry of passion was released from her lips. The sensation of her inner muscles clenching his shaft withdrew a deep grunt from within his throat, and her sweet little cries of pleasure caressed his ears.

Rapidly approaching his own release, Nolan continuously impaled her until he exploded with bliss. As his body shuddered from the climax, he called out her name, shooting his semen deep within her womb. Pressing his lips to hers, he offered a passionate kiss, moaning hotly into her mouth.

Pulling his mouth from hers, Nolan collapsed onto the mattress and released a deep, satisfied sigh. Rolling onto her side, Julia snuggled up against his body and gave him a kiss upon the chest. Drugged with pleasure, Nolan lay slack against the bed and enjoyed the vestiges of his orgasm. Once his heartbeat had returned to its normal pace, he draped his arm over her and placed a tender kiss to her forehead.

"Still mad at me?"

"I never was," she said.

"Well something was the matter. You seemed really tense at dinner."

"Yeah sorry about that, it had nothing to do with you. It was just my hormones going crazy."

"Oh, so that's what it was. Well I'm glad to know it wasn't me."

"Of course not. You've been absolutely wonderful."

As silence fell between them, Julia found herself once again contemplating their future. Noting the faraway look in her eyes, Nolan decided to inquire about her thoughts.

"What's on your mind?"

"Does having this baby scare you?"

"No. I can't say it doesn't make me a little nervous, though." He gently stroked her arm. "Why, are you scared?"


"What about it scares you?"

"Everything. It's a major life change. I have a life growing inside of me, and I don't even feel any attachment to it."

"You're not very far along yet, so it may take some time for that to happen."

"I guess you're right, but I still feel lousy about it."

"Don't be so hard on yourself. This is all still very new."

"Can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"When we go to dinner tomorrow at my mom's, please don't mention that i'm pregnant."

"If you don't want me to tell her then I won't, but can I ask why?"

"I have my reasons." Offering no further explanation, she grew silent.

"Alright. I promise not to mention it."


There was an absence of sound for a few moments and then she asked, "So since i'm having the baby, I guess we'll be moving in together."

"Of course. It wouldn't make sense for us to be separated, would it?"

"No, I suppose not."

Julia sincerely hoped that things would work out for the best between them, but what if for some reason they didn't? She was used to having her own apartment, and wasn't so sure she was entirely ready to give it up just yet.

Having her own place made her feel secure and she couldn't help wondering if moving in with Nolan would cause her to lose her independence. Whether or not she liked it a number of adjustments would have to be made, for she was no longer thinking only of herself, but also her unborn child.

With the stillness of the house surrounding them, all that could be heard was the soft sound of their breathing. Turning onto his side, Nolan enveloped her with his arm and nuzzled his nose against hers.

"Not to worry, we'll make it work. One day at a time, right?"

She nodded and gave a little smile in response. Then she lowered her eyelids and allowed sleep to claim her.

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