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Taught a Lesson


The cold December rain was beating hard on the classroom windows. Amber watched it run down the glass; she liked the rain but wished it wasn't accompanied by the chilling wind. The school's heating wasn't working again, so all the halls and classrooms were freezing. Amber glanced over at Dru, her best friend whom she also shared a room with, Dru smiled slightly and mock-shivered. This morning they'd dared one another to go commando today, which had seemed quite fun at the time, but with the icy air reaching up her skirt, Amber felt it had been a bit of a mistake and pressed her thighs together for warmth.

She'd met Dru on her first day at St Catherine's School for the Re-education of Disadvantaged Young Women, which was in fact a school for girls who had failed to pass their exams or had never taken them first time around. This meant most of the girls were between 18-21, but the 'school' was funded by the church so they had to wear uniforms and the teachers were rather strict. Dru and Amber had both failed their exams, Amber had been partying rather than studying, and each girls parents had immediately shipped them off the St Catherine's to retake them.

At the front of the classroom Mrs Palmer was describing the formation of glaciers.

How fitting, Amber thought vaguely, as she doodled on her textbook.

There was a knock at the door and a scared looking student opened it.

"Mrs Palmer?"

"Yes, Alison?" Mrs Palmer looked annoyed.

"The Headmaster wants to speak to Jameson and Sanders, Mrs Palmer."

"Fine, fine," she waved a hand dismissivley, "Dru, Amber, you better go. If you're finished before the lesson's over you better come back."

Dru and Amber followed the Alison out.

"Do you mind going on your own?" she asked, "I've got some homework I haven't finished yet and its supposed to be done by the end of the day, I'm never gonna finish it!"

"No, it's fine," replied Dru.

Alison hurried off in the direction of the library.

"What do you think this is about?" asked Amber, "Do you think it's because we've been bunking off PE? It must be something serious, is that serious?"

"Yeah, maybe... come on, we better hurry up, or we'll be in more trouble."

"Yeah, okay."

They hurried along the corridors to the Headmaster's Office. His assistant, Ms Simmons, looked up from her desk as they approached. She had a mini heater on her desk.

"Wait here," she snapped. Ms Simmons looked about seventy, although she was probably nearer to fifty, and regarded all the students with the same mistrust and dislike. She stood up, went to the Headmaster's door and knocked.

"Mr Cairn?" she opened the door.

"Yes, Ms Simmons?"

Dru and Amber glanced at one another, although they couldn't see him, the Headmaster sounded exasperated.

"Jameson and Sanders are here."

"Good. Send them in and then go down to the IT office and find out if they've got the internet working yet, and if not, get them to explain why not and find out what they intend to do about it."

"Yes, Mr Cairn, I'll get right onto it."

"Well, take your time, Ms Simmons. Get yourself a cup of tea, or something. I can manage here."

"Yes, Mr Cairn." She closed the door, muttering to herself about how far the IT office was. She picked her coat up and put it on. "Go in then," she said as she scurried past the two girls.

Amber looked at Dru, who approached the Headmaster's door. She knocked gently and then stepped back.

"Come in," came his voice.

The girls opened the door and entered. Mr Cairn was sitting at his desk. The office was nice and warm thanks to an electric heater in one corner of the room.

"Sit down."

They sat on the two small chairs in the centre of the room. Mr Cairn stood up, went to the door and closed it. He then pulled the television trolley, that was at the edge of the room, in front of Amber and Dru.

"Do you know why you're here?"

Neither Dru, nor Amber answered.

"Alright then, I'll show you. Do you recognise this," the Headmaster picked up a video that had been on his desk. He handed it to Dru. "Well?"

Again, neither girl spoke.

"Read the title, Miss Sanders."

"Um..." Dru stared at the tape.

"Now, Miss Sanders."

"It's called... Sh..she Loves Pain... B-bondage Babes II."

"And where do you think I got this from?" he asked.

"From our room..." whispered Dru.

"Yes, one of the cleaners found it and handed it in. So, the real question is where did you get it from? Well?"

"It wasn't me!" exclaimed Dru, "Amber got it from some boy."

"Oh," the Headmaster redirected his gaze to Amber, "Well, Miss Jameson, who gave it to you?"

Amber stared at him speechless.

"It was a boy called Sean, he works at the movie theatre," interjected Dru, "He's not our friend or anything. He's a bit creepy..."

"Okay, Miss Sanders. Did you watch it?"

"N-no, Sir, we didn't!" Dru blushed.

"Really, because you know it is a very bad thing to watch movies like this. Look at the cover – does it excite you?"

"No, Sir."

"What about you, Miss Jameson?"

Amber looked up and shook her head.

"No? And you say you haven't watched it? Well, let's have a look now shall we?" He took the tape from Dru's unresisting hands, put it in the tape player and turned the TV on. "Let's just fast-forward a bit shall we?"

The tape stopped and the sound of a woman screaming filled the office. Dru and Amber stared at the screen. The woman was suspended from the ceiling and was being whipped on her ass. When she began begging for mercy, Amber looked away.

"Now... you know it's wrong for you to watch this sort of thing. And as your Headmaster I am responsible for ensuring you are never tempted to watch this type of thing again."

"We won't, Sir!" cried Dru, "We promise."

"That's an admirable sentiment, Miss Sanders, but I can't just take your word for it, can I now?"

"Yes! Yes, you can! I wouldn't lie, we'd never-"

"You wouldn't lie, Miss Sanders? But you'd have this pornography hidden in your room? Can I take your word for it? No. No, you need to be taught a lesson. To make sure you remember not to do this again."

He pushed the TV to the edge of the room, but left the tape running. Then went back behind the desk, reached into a draw and removed a cane. Amber and Dru looked on in horror.

"Stand up. Now, Miss... Jameson, put the chairs in the corner of the room and then go and stand next to the television. Miss Sanders, bend over the desk."

Dru didn't move.

"Now! Or do you want to be expelled, Miss Sanders? Or should I just call your parents?"

She slowly walked over to his desk and leant her elbows upon it.

"That's better. Lift up your skirt."

"I-I can't. Please..."

"Now, Miss Sanders."

Slowly, she reached back and lifted her skirt revealing her bare ass. Her cheeks flushed with embarrasment.

"I see why you were so reluctant, now. Why aren't you wearing any panties, Miss Sanders?"

"I-I was in a hurry this morning. I woke up late."

"Oh, really?" The Headmaster walked round to the other side of the desk so he was facing her. He put the cane down and picked up a roll of tape.

"Put your hands in front of you." He then proceeded to tape her wrists together and then taped them to the desk.


He then tore a bit off and placed it over her mouth.

"I think you have done enough talking, Miss Sanders. Why don't we let your friend speak for you now. Alright, Miss Jameson?"

Amber nodded.

"Now, seeing as you both share in your misdemeanor, you will both share in your punishment. I am going to administer 30 strokes. It's up to you, Miss Jameson, how many each of you get. When you think your friend has had enough, just say. You could make it even, 15 each. Or maybe you would sacrifice yourself and say 'when' after 5 stroked? We'll see, shall we?"

Dru was shaking slightly and as Mr Cairn ran his hand over her smooth ass, she jumped.

"Let's begin."

He stood back, raised his arm and then hit Dru with the cane. She screamed behind her gag.


A bright red mark had appeared on her cheeks. He looked over at Amber, who was staring in horror.


Dru screamed again and again as he caned her. Her ass became red and tears began streaming down her cheeks. Amber watched transfixed as her friend was punished, when she looked away her eyes wandered to the television where the porn star was now on her knees as her Master brutally fucked her mouth.

"Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen."

Dru was shaking and moaning as she slumped onto the desk.

"Well, Miss Jameson? Has she had enough?"

Amber stared at Dru's burning ass, knowing that hers would be like that soon if she said 'when'. She was afraid, and definitely didn't want to be punished like that. But another part of her wanted this to continued. She could feel herself getting turned on as she watched her friend being beaten, even though she was ashamed to admit it.

"No? She hasn't?" Dru started moaning from behind her gag. "It sounds like your friend doesn't like the sound of that. She's probably begging you to stop this. To free her from this pain. You still want me to continue caning her, and not you?"

"Yes," replied Amber.

"Alright then, Miss Jameson... Sixteen."

Amber watched as her Headmaster caned Dru's right cheek several times, then her left, then both. She was still collapsed on the desk, crying quietly. Amber began slowly running her hand up the back of her thighs, making herself even wetter. She could feel her nipples getting harder. She glanced back at the telesion where the slave was now on her hands and knees being fucked from behind. Amber thought back to the first time she had watched the tape, late at night when Dru was asleep. She'd never seen anything like it before and she had played with herself for hours until she'd cum, burrying her face into her pillow so her cries of pleasure didn't wake up her room mate.

"Twenty-nine... Thirty. There we go, Miss Sanders."

"Now, let's be less formal, shall we?" The Headmaster walked round in front of Dru and took the tape out of her mouth. "Dru, isn't it? Well, Dru, you've taken all the punishment for something you and Amber did together. Now, do you think she should be punished too?"

He removed the tape from her hands. Dru slowly stood up, wincing as her skirt slid down over her reddened ass.

"Well, Dru. Look at her... she was getting off watching you being punished." Amber looked shocked. "Don't think I didn't notice, Amber. Now, Dru, do you want her to be punished."

Dru stared at her, she wanted to grab her and hit her for the pain she'd put her through. If it had been the other way round, she would've had them share the punishment.

"Yes. Punish her. That bitch... I thought you were my friend."

"No! Please, Dru! I'm sorry... I was just scared. Please-"

"Quiet now, Amber. Take off your shirt and bra," instructed Mr Cairn.

Amber slowly unbuttoned her shirt and dropped it on the floor.

"And your bra, Amber. Now."

She reached round and undid the clasp, freeing her large, firm breasts.

"Come and lie on the desk. Put your arms above your head," he picked up the tape and taped her hand together and then taped them to the desk, then gagged her. He walked to the other end of the desk, "Open your legs, Amber."

She paused for a moment, then opened them.

"I see you were in a hurry this morning, as well." He then taped her ankles to each corner of the desk so she was spread-eagled and vulnerable.


"Yes, Mr Cairn?" she replied, staring at Amber, looking forward to seeing her punished.

"Take off your shirt and bra, as well."


"Do it now, Dru."

"Y-yes, Sir."

She took off her shirt and bra. The Headmaster approached her, and ran his hand down her chest, pinching and rubbing her nipples. Dru moaned and bit her lip as he massaged her, he then ran his other hand down her back and over her ass.

"Ow!" she cried as he rubbed her sore butt, then he smacked it, "Oww!"

"Dru, I want you to run your hands up Amber's thighs."


"Now, Dru. Remember, I don't want to have to call your parents and tell them what a naughty girl you've been."

Dru approached Amber. She slowly ran her fingers up the insides off Amber's thighs. Mr Cairn lifted Amber's skirt up, revealing her shaved pussy.

"Stroke her cunt, Dru. Just gently... very gently," the Headmaster ordered as he picked up the cane again.

Amber writhed in pleasure as Dru played with her. She jumped when the cane landed on her tits and cried out behind her gag.

"Yes," cried Dru, as she watched her friend being caned, "Cane that bitch!"

"Kiss up her thighs, Dru. And when you get to her pussy, I want you to eat her out. Make her cum, Dru. While I cane her tits."

"Yes, Mr Cairn."

She lightly kissed up Amber smooth thighs and when she got to her cunt she began sucking and biting her. Amber was bucking her hips wildly, as the Headmaster continued to punish her breasts which were now striped red. He then put the cane down and came round behind Dru. She was bent over, so he lifted her skirt up, revealing her still red ass. Mr Cairn unzipped her pants, revealing his long, hard cock. He position himself behind her, holding onto her hips, and began running the tip of his dick up and down her cunt. Dru jumped when he did this and tried to pull away, but he pushed her forward so that she was lying on top of Amber.

"Please, don't!"

He ignored her and with one swift motion forced his cock into her tight, young pussy.

"Agh!" she cried out as he began fucking her. She tried to steady herself on the desk, but couldn't as the fucking motion caused her and Amber's firm bodies to slide together. Their breasts rubbing over one another, making Dru nipples hard. Amber moaned as the friction made her red tits even sorer, but the pain still turned her on. She wished Dru was still pleasuring her, she was so close to cumming.

"Yes!" cried the Headmaster, as he fucked Dru, faster and faster, "You're so tight, you little whore. Do you like that?"

"Yes!" she replied as he rammed his huge dick into her, "God, yes! Don't stop."

He continued ploughing into her for a few minutes before pulling out.

"Get up, Dru."

She climbed off Amber and stood before him.

"Please, Mr Cairn. Please... I want you to-"

"Quiet." He leaned forward and pulled the tape off Amber's mouth. "And what do you want, Amber?"

"Please, Sir, I want to cum... I'm so hot... please..."

"Well, Dru, should I fuck her? Should I make her cum?"

Dru looked at her dishevelled friend tied helpless to the desk.

"Yes, you should fuck her, Sir-"

"Thank you, Dru.. yes, thank you," she moaned.

"But I think you should fuck her up the ass, Sir," Dru continued, glaring at Amber, "Make it hurt, Sir. Make her scream."

"Good idea, Dru."

Mr Cairn grabbed Amber's thighs and pushed her further back, making her butt even more accessable. He ignored her begging as pushed the tip of his cock against her tight hole. Dru looked on, rubbing her breasts with one hand and her cunt with the other. The Headmaster thrust his dick into Amber, her tight sphincter giving way under the onslaught. She screamed.

"God! Please, stop! It hurts so bad!" she cried as he began violently fucking her, as Dru cheered him on.

"Yes! Make her pay for being such a bitch! You sadistic little whore... watching me suffer! Now who's suffering?"

"Get on top of her, Dru. Let her pleasure you to make up for it," ordered Mr Cairn, as he stretched Amber's tight ass.

Dru climbed up onto the table and stradled Amber.

"Now, Amber, you better make her cum, because I'm only going to stop fucking your ass when you do."

Amber began licking and nibbling and gently biting Dru's cunt. Dru moaned and gasped in pleasure. She then picked up the cane and began beating Amber's tits with it.

"Yes! Yes! Take that you bitch! Suck my pussy while I cane you!"

Mr Cairn continued to fuck Amber's sweet, young ass. As he got close to cumming he thrust harder and faster, making Amber squeal as she pleasured Dru. He then pulled out, and shot his load over her spreadeagled body.

"Yes!" Dru laughed, "Take that you cum-splattered slut!" She then began caning Amber's pussy, as Mr Cairn sat down and watched, rubbing his cock.

"Oh, yes! Yes!" Dru cried as Amber's ministrations made her cum hard, her hips bucked wildly on Amber's face as she continued to cane her pussy. Amber moaned from beneath her as the hard cane dug into her sore cunt again and again. Finally, she cried out in pleasure as she climaxed. Her restrained body writhing on her Headmaster's desk.

Mr Cairn watched with amusement, his cock now hard again.

"Well, girls, it looks like you won't make it back for the end of your lesson, now does it?"

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