tagFetishTaught to Eat Cum by My Ex-Wife

Taught to Eat Cum by My Ex-Wife

byAnal Slave©

15 years ago my ex wife Linda taught me to love cum. I was an innocent 20 year old and she was an experienced 32-year-old whore. I knew when we started dating that she was seeing another guy (Dave) and it bothered me but added to the excitement. One night I arrived home about 10pm for sex.

I let myself in and met her in the bedroom where she was already naked. She loved to have her pussy ate and asked me to lie back so she could grind her pussy on my face. She said "I have a surprise for you" and just as I was about to ask what, she ground her cunt against my open mouth. I felt warm, sticky and salty liquid flow into my mouth in globs as she rocked back and forth against my face.

I continued to lick not knowing what to think of the new taste of her cunt. The more I licked her, the more I liked the taste and just then she cum all over my face and rolled off.

She came up to kiss me and asked if I liked licking Dave's cum from her pussy. I said "What the..." and she interrupted reminding me that I must've liked it. I reluctantly agreed that it excited me to lick another man's cum from her cunt. She then admitted to me that many times we had sex were right after Dave had fucked her.

Until tonight she had always cleaned the cum out of her pussy but tonight she had changed her mind and wanted me to taste his cum mixed with her juice. We then had sex and fell asleep.

After continuing like this for a few months Linda said she wanted to try something different. She called me at work one day and started talking nasty, about how excited she was for our kink night. She told me to be home at 6pm for some nasty fun. I could hardly control myself all day. I had already jacked my cock off at lunchtime. And I was walking around with a hard-on all day.

I got there and let myself in the back door and I heard her call me into the room. I got naked and walked in and to my surprise her friend Dave was just sliding his cock in her cunt. I could tell she had been sucking his cock because her lips were all swelled up. She told me to sit down and wait because she wanted to make sure I was able to clean her pussy out right after he cum.

I found out later that she mentioned it to Dave when he got there and he said he would like to watch me lick her cum filled pussy clean. He cum inside her and then she got up and squatted over my face and I licked the thick white cum out of her sopping wet pussy.

I was so hard and so turned on and she cummed twice while I licked her clean. As I finished licking her I saw Dave climbing over me and he pushed her down on her hands and knee's, doggy style while I was still licking her. He entered her from behind while I licked her pussy.

I started to climb out and Linda told me to keep licking and Dave told me to make sure I licked his cock while I was down there. I did as I was told until he cum in her and then he pulled out and told me to clean off his cock with my mouth.

I did as I was told and realized I liked being a submissive cum slut. As I was cleaning my wife's pussy he got dressed and told us that he would be back next week for some more fun.

After my wife was clean she told me I could fuck her if I was willing to lick her pussy clean afterwards. I was so horny that I agreed but after cumming I chickened out. So as I lay down she crawled up on top of me and wrapped her muscular legs around my head and commanded me to lick and suck my spent cum from her love hole, I did.

I never realized how much I cum until I licked it out of her. Over the next week Linda loved making me her submissive slut and I loved it. I did everything she said and she told me it was a warm up for the weekend. I was not sure about Friday evening but I was still very turned on waiting for it.

I got home about 6pm. There was Linda dirty dancing for several men who were all naked. There must've been 7 guys there who were friends of Dave's. My wife said, "Here comes our little cum slut". Linda sat on this guy's cock, and told me to come over and lick her as she bounced up and down on his hard thick cock.

I licked his balls, shaft and her cunt and she even had me suck him when he fell out of her pussy one time. She was sucking on another cock and the first guy was still fucking her pussy. His cum squirting cock slipped out of her cunt and Linda immediately pushed my head down to take his cock in my mouth as he finished cumming I licked up all the cum and then licked her clean.

I couldn't believe I had just eaten cum straight from a man's cock. She climbed off of him and climbed onto Dave and had me in the same position. I licked his balls and cock until he came inside her. I then cleaned his cock off and her pussy again.

This continued on for each guy until they all cummed in her. She then wanted me to start getting their cocks hard again, so I had one cock in my hand and the other in my mouth. One guy went over to fuck my wife as the other one told me to keep sucking him. I kept sucking and was starting to really get into it. I was deep throating his 8 1/2 inch cock I was slobbering all over his cock and balls I didn't even realize that everybody had stopped and was watching me.

I felt his balls tighten up and he filled my mouth with cum and they all clapped. Linda told me I was such a good cum slut and came over to kiss me. This went on all weekend. Some of the men left for a while and came back but by the end of the weekend they were all cummed out and I had either sucked all the cum out of there cocks or licked it out of Linda's cunt.

Our marriage changed after this weekend of lust. I was not allowed to cum in her pussy any more. I could fuck her but she would make me pull out and she would jerk me off into a glass and I was made to drink it back down. Sometimes she would jack me off on her tits and I loved to lick it off. We were married for 2 years and I loved the experience. I ate lots of cum filled pussy and sucked many cocks for her. I wish now that we were still together so I could lick her whore pussy and suck her lover's cock.

If this story made you cum eat it and e-mail me Also VOTE.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/11/18

Working up to it

My wife and I been together and fucking for almost 40 years. Early in our relationship I’d drip my precum on her tits, tongue or clit and lick it off. Then one night we had a great fuck, she came,more...

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by Anonymous10/18/17

cum eating

wished my wife was like your ex wife and let me eat my cum out of her sweet pussy,she lets me eat her pussy,cums in my mouth,but wont let me cum in her then eat it out of her pussy,her cun tastes so good,asmore...

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by Anonymous08/31/17

Did it once loved it

A friend of mine has a lot bigger dick then me. One night I talked my wife into letting him fuck her. I wanted to see how it stretched out her pussy so we got in the 69 position. As he was ramming hermore...

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by Anonymous06/15/17

Tried it...Loved it

I am self taught in cum eating. I started like many cuming into my hand and licking up. Tried shooting it into my mouth but missed more that I caught. Finally tried eating it out of a condom and reallymore...

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by Anonymous04/27/17

cum lover

I started out tasting my own cum from my hand then tried shooting right into my mouth. It was a turn on and tasted good so I then would cum on my wifes pussy and lick it all off. The next step was to suckmore...

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