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Sometimes you are just not prepared for what you think you want, but in my case after the initial shock I’m very excited about our future.

This past year I’ve been working away from home nearly 100% of the time, leaving my wife of 20+ years alone. Though we talk daily we have not been together physically very often. I have often told her that if she needed physical comfort from another man to go ahead, do it. She knew I would if the opportunity presented itself.

Of, course she said, “No, I couldn’t do that” I really wanted her to take a lover, just as long as she promised two things. 1) She couldn’t fall in love & run off with the guy & 2) she’d tell me about it ……….all about it. The thought of her having sex with another man has always really excited me.

Recently she has been telling me about Tom, the accountant neighbor who has been helping her with our taxes & a few other financial matters. I know Tom slightly, a single guy, about 5 years younger than us, a guy who I knew would be a least mildly attractive to Sue, the wife. I told her to look him up when she needed the tax help.

By the way, though pushing 50, Judi is still very attractive, 5’ 4”, about 125#, blond shoulder length hair, small butt, & wears a 34C bra. She is always taken for 10 years younger than she is, with her fresh schoolteacher (which she is) look.

She had been telling for a number of weeks about her going to Toms, him stopping by to help her & to flirt with her. He was perfect for me ………. Single, and no intensions of ever living with anyone again. His firm rule was always “48 hours & out” for any overnight female guests. I had been dropping plenty of hints to her that maybe he could help her “sleep better at night”.

A couple weeks ago, I noticed she had stopped mentioning him & when I said something she always quickly changed the subject. Last week I flew into town for a few days & learned a few new things about the wife.

The 1st morning after I arrived while we where still in bed tired from our nights love making, I snuggled up behind her in spoon fashion, my hard-on resting between her ass cheeks. I loved the way it felt & though she liked the feeling also, she had never allowed me to enter her anally. This morning however, as I pressed against her, the tip of my cock pushing at her puckered rear opening, she just lean further forward on her side and said, “easy, go easy …maybe some lube would be good”.

I was amazed but didn’t question, just reached back into the bedside table & got some K-Y on a finger, which I then slid right into her ass. The most I had ever gotten her to take before was 1 finger & just up to the 1st joint. Now, I slid 1st one & then 2 fingers to the knuckle up her butt.

She just moaned softly & bent even more forward pushing her ass back to me, & then telling me, “I’m ready”. I aimed my cock head at her sweet puckered opening and pushed until I felt the head pop into her asshole. I could not believe how good it felt as I replaced me fingers with my cock, burying it all the way in her ass … her cute little ass. She just moaned more & told me to do it, & I did. Fucked her ass until I couldn’t hold out anymore & filled her with my load. Afterward she said that we’ll talk about it later & for me just to relax & enjoy ………I did.

Later, that afternoon, after we took care of some household stuff we wound up floating around out private pool, sunny ourselves in the nude. It was then that she told me that while Tom had been helping with the financial things he had gotten her quite drunk one evening. He had proceeded to tongue rim her ass & had then been the 1st person to put their cock up her ass. Also, that for a few weeks he had been ass fucking her regularly & that she had gotten quite fond of his visits & having her butt plugged with his cock.

Of course, I had a raging hard on & when she stepped out of the pool & laid down on her stomach on a lounge chair, I was quickly between her legs. I was holding her cheeks apart & licking & tonguing her ass. She then held her ass cheeks apart & there I was, in my backyard, in broad daylight, putting my cock into my sweet wife’s asshole. Fucking her for all I was worth as she told me that’s how Tom did her. Just bent her over, lubed, and rammed it up her ass ………….. and she loved it ……….loved offering it up to him & now to me.

She later told me that he had never & would never fuck her pussy and except for sucking his cock a few times, it was always anal with him & her. She said he was getting bored with her, had other girl friends but that she had told him that when he felt the urge he could come over & she’d make her butt available. She like the idea of being his ass whore …………so do I.

Well, I’m out of town again. We had fucked in various ways that week, mostly ending up with me cumming in her ass. She told me on the phone a bit ago that while walking the dog she had stopped by his place this afternoon. He had been sitting on his rear deck & he told her to take the K-Y lube, take her shorts off, and lube her own ass & he’d fuck her.

She said obediently she did, stripped her shorts & panties off right there on the deck, pushed some lube into her butt, laid over a chaise lounge, and then he mounted her & fucked her up the ass until 1st she came & then he filled her ass with his cum.

Afterward he had her get a washcloth & clean them both up. She said it was so humiliating but somehow so exciting to present her most private area for his pleasure and then to sit around afterward still in just her sandals & blouse but bottomless, ass & pussy on display.

He told her that she could continue to stop by but she had better be prepared to offer up her ass for him to fuck and possibly to give it to any friend that may be there.

She told me that she might very well stop by on occasion ……..and may if there is a strange car in his drive way!!

I’m now married to an ass whore………!

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by Anonymous02/07/18

It's called a divorce

Get one. Before the whore gives you some nasty disease you can't divorce. Idiotic story about a whore and a dummy. Awful.

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