It was a rare night out for them. In to town, a meal, a few drinks and a dance, finally to the casino for a turn on the roulette wheel.

She was wearing a new zebra print skirt: short and tight, emphasising her butt. A pair of pointed toe black boots, which reached to just below her knee, leaving between the skirt and boot a stretch of tanned thigh. Underneath was a black g-string. Her top was white, low cut and tight, and an uplift bra emphasised her breasts. She looked great and he knew that the men in town that saw her would agree, as they always did.

They had ordered a taxi for 7.30. They had arranged for the taxi to collect them from their local pub. They both sat in the back and told the driver their destination. He saw the driver adjust his rear view mirror and watched as the man eyed his wife up. He felt the usual feelings knife through his stomach; jealousy and pride and lust, it turned him on seeing the effect his wife had on other men.

They paid the driver and he gave them a card in case they needed a cab later. "He reminded me of a bit of Justin Timberlake," she said as they made their way to a bar, "same eyes and mouth." She had the hots for young Justin.

They had a few drinks then made their way to a restaurant. She had her favourite : prawns to start, then a steak. He had mushrooms and a steak. They shared a bottle of red wine. Red wine always had quite an effect on her and by the time they left the restaurant, she was a little drunk.

They walked hand in hand to the next bar; it had music and a dance floor. They had a few more drinks and danced. She pushed herself against him and whispered "I'm horny." He was too. He could see men looking appreciatively at his wife. They had never involved anyone else in their lovemaking, but they had fantasised about another man joining them and fucking her, for him it was a serious turn on. He had tried to analyse why he had this fantasy; (it also seemed a common one for many men). He knew he wanted to watch, for him it was seeing his wife get pleasure, seeing her come, and watching her face as she did. Watching herself lose all her inhibitions and turn into a sex mad woman, this was want he wanted. Needed.

He rubbed his hands down her back then across the inside of her thigh, he felt her shiver and felt his penis begin too swell. "We'll have quick gamble and drink at the casino then go." She nodded in agreement. They left the club and walked the short distance to the casino. On the way they stopped in a shop doorway and he kissed her deeply. He ran his hands over her butt then up to her breasts. She dropped her hand to his crotch and squeezed gently. "Don't " he laughed, "everyone will be able to see my hard on."

They signed into the casino and went to the bar; she had a port he had a vodka and tonic. He was not a big gambler, he occasionally spent a few pounds on the roulette, and he knew his limits. He checked his wallet; inside was a twenty and two tens, enough for a bet and the cab home. His wife sat at the bar while he gambled, she wasn't keen and felt the money could be better spent. Tonight he lost the twenty quickly; there was no sign of his lucky numbers. At this stage he would usually shrug, smile sheepishly and wife and go home, but tonight he decided to change the remaining twenty for chips, and promptly lost again.

He made his way back to his wife and told her the bad news. There was a flash of anger in her eyes. He apologised and explained it was probably because of the booze. He'd make it up to her at home and said he'd pop round to the cash point and get the taxi fare and an extra 20 for her to buy something nice. She smiled and said she forgave him as long as he used his smooth tongue for more serious business later. He ordered her another drink and made his way to the bank. Unfortunately the machine was out of order. It stated that "all machines were out due to a technical fault."

Back at the casino he explained. He suggested that they phone the taxi firm that they had used earlier, he was sure that he had money in the house and would pay him with that.

They went outside and waited, they had been told the cab was on its way. When it arrived he could see it was the cab driver from earlier, the one his wife had fancied. The knife pricked at his stomach. "Back to where I collected you?" enquired the driver. "Yes" they replied in unison.

As the cab got under way she snuggled up close to him. "I want you to fuck me," she said. It was a bit loud for a whisper and he saw the driver turn to look, almost as if he thought she was talking to him. He again adjusted his mirror. She had her legs crossed and the skirt had risen high up her leg almost to her butt. "I think you are distracting Justin," he said to her. " I know something that will really distract him," she said with a smile. She uncrossed her legs and widened them. The skirt rode up her thighs revealing her g-string. Using her left middle finger she pulled the underwear to one side, showing her shaved pussy. She then leaned back in the seat and pushed her hips forward. The driver almost lost control of the car, his eyes was not on the road. She slipped the middle finger of her right hand in to her mouth, making it moist. Then she slipped her middle and ring finger between her thighs and began rubbing at her lips, parting them, then sliding her fingers between the lips and began masturbating. Slowly in and out.

Both men, for different reasons, were stunned by what they could see. Her husband felt the knife turn in his guts. He was watching his wife perform the sluttiest thing he had ever seen. He wanted to tell her stop, but couldn't. He was mesmerised. He had fantasised about this a million times, but to see the fantasy fulfilled?

The driver felt confusion. Was this a kinky game, a tease that this couple got off on? Or was there going to be more? He pulled the car into the pub car-park. It was dark; the pub had closed hours ago.

She spoke to them both. "One of you is going to fuck me tonight." She turned to her husband. "You will fuck me," she paused and smiled at her husband, "you will take me home and fuck me if the driver does not have a condom. If he has a condom he will fuck me." She continued masturbating, smiling as she looked at the stunned men's faces as they contemplated what she had said. Her husband was torn; did he want the driver to have a condom on him? Did he want to see the woman he loved fucked by another man right here in the car in front of him? Deep inside he knew the answer.

The driver reached across to the glove compartment and opened it. After a few seconds of rummaging around he gave a quiet but triumphant " Yes." He turned to face the couple, showing the shiny packaged condom he had found. He too was considering what to do. He had found the condom and he did want to fuck this woman. He was married but he was so turned on by what was happening. The woman was gorgeous, he just wanted to fuck her, had done since he had picked the couple up earlier that evening.

The woman removed her fingers from her wet hole and leant forward to whisper in the driver's ear. "Congratulations. You are now going to fuck me; I want your cock in me and want you to fuck me hard and fast. I want to feel every inch of you deep inside me, hard and solid, ramming into my soaking wet pussy." She turned to her husband. "And you are going to watch me get a good fucking." He nodded; she was now in control, he knew he would just follow her lead in whatever she intended to do.

She spoke to the driver again. "I want you to sit in the passenger seat, and I want you to lower your trousers and pants. I want a good look at your cock." The driver slid across the car and lowered his clothing. His cock was already hard and he had trouble removing it from his underwear. Eventually it swung up and slapped against his stomach. Her husband could see it was big, about 8" long and thick. His wife reached over the seat and took it in her right hand and began wanking the penis, slowly up and down. She looked at her husband, "this thick long cock is going to slide into me, its going to make me come, you want to see that don't you." He nodded. The driver had his eyes closed then moaned quietly when she released her grip. She leant back against the seat and closed her legs. "I want you to take off my g-string." Her husband reached under the skirt and took hold of the underwear and pulled it down over her hips, she lifted her beautiful ass and he lowered the pants over her thighs and calves and finally her ankles. He put the pants into his pocket. She opened her legs again revealing her lips, " driver I'm ready for you too fill me with that cock, are you ready to fuck me?."

She turned sideways to allow her to pass between the two front seats. As her right leg passed through the gap she twisted to her right. The driver reached out his left hand and ran it up the back of her thigh and then to her right cheek. His hand brushed at the crack of her ass and she jerked as his fingers touched at her wet lips. She then swung her leg across him and straddled his hips; one knee on either side of him, her skirt was hitched up over her hips.

Her husband could see the other mans cock between his wife's legs, it seemed to be twitching. His wife then lifted her top over her head; she then reached behind undoing the clasp on the bra revealing her breasts. Beautifully shaped with a light pink nipple, they were level with the drivers face and he reached up and cupped them. Moving forward he took the left breast in his mouth and began licking the nipple, tweaking the right nipple between his fingers. "That's it," she whispered, "softly, I like it softly." She pushed her hips forward until the cock rested against her lips and began to rock gently against it.

Her husband leaned forward looking over the other mans shoulder to get a better view. He could feel his own erection tight in his pants, but he knew if he touched it he would probably come.

"I'm ready now, I want you inside me." The man released her breast, and tore open the condom packet with his teeth. He then placed it on the tip of his erection and slowly rolled it down his length. She raised herself slightly and positioned herself over it. "Are you sure you are ready for this" she said to her husband. He paused. His heart was pounding; his breathing was short and sharp. He could feel the blood pounding through his head, every nerve in his body was tingling. The pain caused by the knife in his stomach was now exquisite. He nodded. Yes he was ready.

She reached behind her with her left hand and gripped the cock at is base, it was so thick she couldn't encircle it with her index finger and thumb. She placed it between her lips and lowered herself on it.

All three of them let out a collective sigh.

She dropped on to the penis inch by inch, slowly, enjoying the sensation as it gradually filled her, finally coming to a stop when she sat on his thighs, every inch was deep inside her. She stretched out her arms and crossed them behind the seat's headrest, again her breasts were in the man's face. She smiled at her husband. "Can you see it in me, its deep so deep," she sighed. He looked into her eyes. He could see that they had glazed, almost become misty, a sign that she was totally turned on. He kissed her on the lips. "Now fuck me, hard" she said to the driver.

The man placed his hands on her ass and lifted her slightly, revealing an inch of wet shaft. He then began thrusting into her. She began moving with him until they built a rhythm, as he pushed up she pushed down.

Her husband's mouth was dry. He adjusted his position so he could watch the cock pounding into her. He could see his wife's pussy lips tightly encircling the erection as it slid in and out of her, glistening with her wetness. He could hear her breath shortening and he knew she was about to orgasm. This was what he wanted to see. He looked into his wife's eyes. "I'm coming, oh fuck that's it, harder." The other man increased his pace, his fingers grasping her butt tightly, as her tits rubbed against his face he licked at them.

She let out a moan, then grunted her breath out, her breathing short and sharp. As their eyes met it was just the two of them. The driver could have been anyone; he was just a means to an end, the fulfilment of a fantasy. It was him and her.

He watched her come. "Keep your eyes open" he said. Her eyes showed him everything. He could see the lust in them, the deep animal pleasure of being fucked, a look he had seen many times in their bed. A look that told him that if there were 10 other cocks there she would take them all. A look he loved.

She came with a long gasp, "That's it, that's it make me come more" she almost squealed. She released her grip of the seat and reached out and gripped her husband's nipples through his shirt, twisting them roughly. She came again, arching her back. She then put her hands on the driver's chest, balancing her self as she thrust down on him. The driver said, "I can't hold out any longer," and he came hard in her, almost bucking her of his lap as he did so. She orgasmed again a wet come, a huge, shattering come. Her husband could see the wetness oozing from her, down the now softening cock.

She lifted herself from him and sat in the driver's seat. She adjusted her clothing and opened the door stepping out. Her husband did the same.

She turned back to the driver, "no charge." He smiled back, "no charge."

They walked the short distance to their home silently hand in hand. Once in the house she said "and what about you?" He stood and lowered his trousers. His erection pushed against his pants. She reached in and released it. She stroked it once and he came, hot and fast over her hand and arm.

They often talked about that night, and continued to fantasise about other men in other situations when making love. It was the only time another man was involved with them. The itch had been scratched.

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