tagMatureTaxi Cab Ride

Taxi Cab Ride


That morning when Elizabeth had headed out to work the sky was blue, and the sun had been shinning. But now at 5:00 P.M. when she exited the office building downtown, where she worked. She discovered the weather had made a drastic change. It now was raining and the wind was blowing fearlessly. In addition, Elizabeth knew hailing down a cab at 5:00 P.M., downtown on Friday in this kind of weather wasn't going to happen. Therefore, she turned into the direction towards the subway, which was a 5-block walk from where she was, and begin walking. Before she had made it half way down the first block, she was soaking wet, and shivering.

Then out of nowhere a cab pulled up to the curb along side and the passenger side window came down and the driver called out to Elizabeth. Hey, you look pretty unhappy out there, would you like to jump in and get out of the rain, asked the driver. God bless you, thank you, yes I would, replied Elizabeth. Her body was numb, and the warm cab felt like heaven when she climbed into the backseat of it.

Where are you headed he asked Elizabeth? 2317 Albany Way replied Elizabeth. Thank you so much for stopping for me she added. No problem, to tell you the truth this cab is out of service right now, and I'm the mechanic working on it. However, when I spotted you walking down the sidewalk, I just didn't have the heart to pass you by. You looked so miserable out there my name is Michael. Well Michael, it certainly is a pleasure to meet you, I'm Elizabeth, and yes, I was miserable.

Michael appeared to Elizabeth to be around 22 years old, or close to that, which was half the age Elizabeth was. Nevertheless, for her age she still had a fit, sexy, beautiful body. In addition, at the age of 40 Elizabeth knew when a man was intrigued with her body. It was like the look that young handsome Mike was giving her in the rear view mirror. She was sure his cock was already getting hard.

Elizabeth loved to fuck anywhere, anyway, anyone. In addition, she now wanted to entice young Michael to fuck her. Therefore, she asked if he didn't mind, she would like to take off her dress to dry. I don't mind at all he told her; in fact, I would enjoy it Michael said. I thought you would Elizabeth said. She pulled off her dress, and laid it out on the seat. She now was just wearing her black bra and black thong. She then turned attention back to Michael. Who was watching her more than he was watching the road? She knew that he already wanting to pleasure his boy-cock with his free hand.

Elizabeth positioned herself in the middle of the backseat so he could get a good view of her. Do you like what you see asked Elizabeth? Yes I do very much replied Michael. What if I find a secluded place to park, so I can fuck you asked?

Michael? I would love that replied Elizabeth.

After arriving to a secluded spot, Michael joined Elizabeth in the backseat of the cab. Michael took Elizabeth's breasts into his mouth and sucked them like udders. This made Elizabeth's pussy start flowing river with pussy juice. Michael then begun finger fucking her, as he lapped up her hot, sweet pussy juices with his tongue. This sent Elizabeth into a deep, rippling orgasm. Michael then positioned her and mounted her from behind he slid his massive, rock hard dick into her swollen, wet pussy, pile-driving it until he came. He then took Elizabeth and bent her so her ass faced him. He sucked and fucked her asshole with his tongue, until Elizabeth's pussy came once again. Michael used Elizabeth's come to lubricate his cock and her asshole, before he stuck his cock into Elizabeth's tight asshole. He probed her ass with his boy-cock, making Elizabeth squirmed as Michael rammed his stiff: erected rod as deep as it would go into her ass. He spanked her ass cheeks as he fucked her asshole making Elizabeth squeal with delight, and ordering him to fuck her asshole harder with his cock until she came. Michael then pulled his dick out of her asshole and jacked off and came on her butt cheeks. Elizabeth then from her purse pulled out a dildo that she always carried with her, and begun fucking her pussy with it. Michael lapped up her sweet hot pussy juice as she fucked herself with the dildo. Michael than mounted Elizabeth and fucked her pussy and sucked her tits until he explored his wad inside her pussy as her hot cum juices flowed from her pussy. Michael drove Elizabeth home free of charge of course.

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