tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTaxi Cab Seductions

Taxi Cab Seductions


"These cabs aren't as big as London cabs, love," he whispered.

"I know, but I can't wait," I said. "I've got to have you, now. Besides, we're lucky we got one with leg room," I giggled, slurring a bit, shifting my black-stockinged legs across his suited ones on his side of the back seat, letting my high-heeled pump dangle from my foot and my short velvet skirt ride up my smooth thighs, revealing the lacy tops of my stockings and matching garters.

From the drivers' seat, a pair of dark flashing eyes watched, intently, as honking throngs of post-theater and post-concert Manhattan traffic ground to a near-halt approaching Columbus Circle.


We'd gone to a cocktail party at the Dakota, a ridiculously boring one. I was wearing a tight black velvet cocktail dress, long-sleeved but low-cut, presumably modest but terribly sexy, showing off my substantial cleavage and long toned legs to perfection.

I'd dressed in those garters, black lace ones, holding up lace-topped black stockings, neither of which I well knew he couldn't resist. The dress was just long enough to cover the stocking tops and just safe enough to risk a thong, daring even for me. Nothing else but simple diamonds in my ears, upswept dark curls and high heels were required, and not a man in the room could keep their eyes off me.

Six feet tall, voluptuous, and all his. But on display for all to see...

Just because I arrived on the arm of the handsomest man in the room didn't mean I couldn't flirt with all the rest, and that made him insane. Insane, and horny.

Leaning into a crowd of stockbrokers, tossing my head back in fake-laughter, touching the shoulder of my firms' senior partner, resting my hand on a woman's' knee...glass after glass of champagne and the feel of velvet and lace on my bare thighs and ass, and I was an unstoppable flirt.

At one point I felt a strong hand at the small of my back; even in heels, he was a shade taller than I. I flashed my sweetest smile at a group of handsome but dull Swedish insurance executives and strode away, with a bit more of a wiggle than necessary.

We were on the balcony, alone, and I could feel stray curls coming loose. "Now, Andrew, darling, is there a problem?"

"Alexa," he hissed, "you are showing yourself far too much here! These are your colleagues and mine! What will they-"

I put a burgundy-tipped finger on his full lips. "Shhhh, love. Are you saying you don't like how I look?" I gave a quick twirl, showing off my lacy black thong and garters, and bare ass as well, effectively flashing Central Park West from the twentieth-floor balcony.

"Sweetheart!" His dark eyes blazing with anger, he grabbed me around the waist; however, the bulge in his dark suit betrayed his true feelings.

Laughing, I grabbed his hand. "Come, darling. Let's dazzle the Swedes, and we'll be off soon."


"Honey, we'll get arrested!"

"Who's going to call the police? Mr. 7C12?" reading the medallion number. "Besides, I think he's quite enjoying it."

As my pumps dropped to the floor of the cab, and my legs stretched out into my husband's lap, I'd noticed that we were no longer in the fastest lanes down Seventh Avenue, and that a pair of piercing black eyes appeared in the rear view mirror more often than needed for safe driving purposes.


Every time I'd approach the gleaming rosewood bar, I'd lean up against it, unnecessarily, letting my foot dangle from my three-inch patent leather rhinestone-trimmed pump. I'd let my fingers slowly trace along every man's shoulder, and every woman's, for that matter.

My boss's hot little trophy wife, a sweet young twenty-four year old blonde who I'd never paid a moment's attention to, became my new 'best friend,' as we sat conspiratorially in a corner sunk into a plush velvet loveseat.

Our legs crossed over each other's and she leaned into me, drunkenly gushing over my bosses' sexual prowess. She was so gone she practically fell into my lap, and I did nothing to dissuade her sweet curvy little body from doing so, as the junior agents and brokers would stare, open-mouthed at us, as they passed us, drinks in hand and growing erections under their expensive suits.

I'd 'fix' her tiny spaghetti straps as they slid off her pale shoulders, pushing her golden hair aside to whisper in her ear, sending her into giggles and causing her to fall against my ample breasts over and over. I wasn't terribly bisexual, but I'd had enough champagne – and I'd been watching my husband stare at me, open-mouthed – that it was all I could do to stop running my hand down this young lady's bare back and rejoin him across the room, as she finally fell giggling onto the sofa.

"I see you've made friends with Mandy," said my boss, intercepting me and patting me on the shoulder, his eyes moving down from my face toward my now-erect nipples. "Oh, yes, Mr. Carruthers, she's absolutely lovely. You're quite a lucky man," I said, smiling, biting my lip. "But I must go rescue Andrew from the Swedes," brushing my chest against his. He smiled, and I could feel his eyes on me as I sauntered away.

I heard his husky voice in my ear, and smelled the whiskey on his breath, "This party is killing me, and you are making me crazy. We need to leave."

"But Andrew...the Swedes," I said with a smile, sipping my champagne, pressing my ass against his now-aching cock. "We're going." As he signaled the maid for our coats, we bade our good-byes to Mr. and Mrs. Carruthers. I gave them both a peck on the lips, lingering a bit longer than absolutely necessary on the rough lips of my boss and the soft champagne-scented lips of his gorgeous young wife.

Andrew grabbed my hand a bit too firmly for comfort and walked me to the elevator, practically dragging me inside and clutching it all the way downstairs, where the doorman hailed us a taxi.


"Mmm....perhaps this cab is big enough...." I felt his rough hands snapping my garters, first at the front, then at the back, as I gasped from the surprise of his boldness.

"Andrew, I-" only to be quickly silenced by his tongue aggressively forced into my hot open mouth.

"You teasing little slut," he murmured between kisses, one strong arm around my shoulder, holding me tightly against him, the other hand moving slowly between my thighs, teasing around the tops of my stockings, pushing my velvet dress up so my legs and thong were in full view. "You've been asking for this all night, haven't you?"

"Yes...yes I have," groaning, twisting around so I could part my legs for him, pulling up the back of my dress so my bare ass was against his straining crotch and feeling his growing cock against me.

"It's getting hot in here." He rolled down the windows halfway, so the chill night air, and the lights of Manhattan, streamed inside. Traffic moved slowly, very slowly. I turned, and dark eyes watched us still, exciting me more.

I turned and straddled Andrews' lap, having to duck so as not to hit my head on the roof of the cab. He aggressively pushed the shoulders of my dress down, freeing my large breasts from the strapless corset I was wearing and laying me bareback down on the cab seat, sucking my hard nipples.

I felt the cab swaying in traffic as his tongue flicked and nibbled them, moaning loudly over the roar of the engine as his strong hands kneaded my tits, my long legs tangled with his and his lean muscular body pressed against mine.

Breathlessly, I reached between his powerful thighs for his zipper, freeing his huge hard cock and pushing him upright. As I lowered my head between his legs, I felt the cab veer left across Times Square and I grabbed his thighs to remain steady, his hands tangled in my hair.

The sounds of me sucking and licking his cock were unmistakable as we abandoned all pretense of modesty; we were complete animals in caged heat, tearing and grabbing at each other in the confines of this hot small back seat.

My head plunged down over the length of his throbbing shaft as his hand disappeared under my crumpled velvet dress, pushing my thong aside as his fingers entered my soaking wet cunt. I moaned on his cock as I pulled back, licking the length of it, my arms around his waist, and sucking it back deep inside my throat, as he teased and pinched my throbbing clit, while sliding his fingers deep inside my wet pussy.

By the time we reached Fifth Avenue, traffic had let up, and the driver slammed his foot on the gas, roaring down the near-empty street. I sucked harder and deeper, feeling his pulsing dick swell inside my hot mouth, tasting his sweet salty pre-cum, as Andrew furiously fingered my twitching, dripping cunt, my hips squirming and bouncing on the seat.

As we passed Fourteenth Street, my quivering pussy shook and I screamed as waves of orgasm flooded over me. I slid my mouth over Andrew's entire cock, hiding my moans, as the vibrations sent him over the edge; his grunts and groans muffled by a passing ambulance as he shot hot jets of come down my welcoming throat.

As the cab pulled up to our building on Ninth Street, we quickly straightened up. I pulled my dress back over my chest and shoulders, and down over my stocking tops, hastily snapping the garters; Andrew zipped up his pants, cleaning up as best he could with his expensive-but-useless silk pocket square.

Blushing a bit, I handed the cabbie a twenty for a fourteen-dollar ride, and said, "Keep the change." He grinned, and said in a slightly accented voice, "Ma'am, I feel as if I should be paying you! Enjoy your evening...I am sure I for one will have very pleasant dreams."

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