tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTaxi Girl Ch. 02

Taxi Girl Ch. 02


Taxi Girl 2: The Ride Home

It was 1:55, so technically Joe could pick up a fare, and he was relieved to see that his cocksucking goddess was sashaying down the taxi rank toward him. She spotted her g-string hanging out his window and waved to him, quickening her step. She reached her hands behind her, and Joe stared in admiration at her breasts, straining against the fabric of her dress, her nipples poking through clearly. She brought her arms forward again, and hunched her shoulders a little. The straps slid down her arms, and to Joe’s amazement the top of her gown followed, leaving her boobs swaying gently in the night air. She had unzipped her dress in public!

Now she was at Joe’s cab, and she turned her back to him. Bending over, she began to inch her dress down, wriggling her hips as she worked it lower. Joe sat transfixed, staring at her pussy lips peeking out between her thighs as she slipped the dress down her long legs to form a puddle of silk around her feet. Other cabbies were climbing out of their cars to watch, as she bent down, picked up her gown and turned to face Joe in only her high heels.

“Oh, hello!” she said, apparently only just noticing her audience, giving them a smile and a wave. Then she opened the door and climbed into the cab. “Did you miss me?” she asked coquettishly, diving head first into Joe’s lap as he pulled into the traffic.

“Do you remember where to go?” she asked in a rare moment with her mouth empty. There was no subtlety this time; she was just wrapping her mouth around all the cock she could, and sucking enthusiastically.

“Yeah,” Joe replied. It’s burned into my brain, he added to himself.

The slut heard the train crossing bells get louder, and felt the cool air waft over her upturned buttocks as Joe rolled down the passenger window. She nearly jumped out of her skin when the hand first brushed over her pussy, then she nearly fainted with pleasure. One finger slipping in and out of her was joined by a second, then a third, and the taxi was filled with the squelching of her pussy and the panting of her ragged breath. Pushing his luck, the stranger stuck a finger up her arse.

She was unable to move. She felt her juices flood down her thighs, and she was powerless to stem the saliva drooling from her mouth all over Joe’s delicious cock. “You’re a wonderful, wonderful man,” she murmured to his scrotum. “I’m going to give you the night of your life.” She was on cloud nine the rest of the way home.

“OK, baby, here we are.” She had kept Joe on edge, but not let him cum, the whole trip.

“Would you like to come in?” she asked throatily.

“What, for a coffee?”

“A comedian. No, for a wild arse-fuck.”

“OK, but you’d better see what our friends back there want.” He indicated a ute parked behind the taxi.

“Is that the guy with the fingers?”


“OK.” They both got out, and she kissed him deeply, sucking his tongue. “Here’s the key to my flat. There’re drinks in the fridge and pornos under the tellie. Make yourself at home, and I’ll be right up.” She sashayed off toward the other car, and the three young men leaning against it with their pants around their ankles and their cocks in their hands…

“Wow, that was quick,” said Joe as he opened the front door.

“Horny young men, what did you expect?” giggled the cum-covered beauty on the doorstep. “They were no match for the power of my tongue.” She looked down at the erection poking out of his trousers. “You were watching us, weren’t you, you naughty man.”


“How about we find you a video, and I go and wash this mess off, and then we can fuck.” She took him by the hand and led him into the living room. While he sat down, she turned on the TV, and started a porno playing, filling the room with enthusiastic moaning. Walking over to him, she bent down and sucked his entire penis into her mouth, then slowly released it. “Don’t waste your cum, honey. I’ll be back real soon.”

Soon she emerged from the bathroom drying her hair. She handed the towel to Joe and knelt in front of him. “Finish drying this for me, would you, baby,” she said as she slurped his throbbing cock into her mouth. “You like this movie, huh?” she asked, playing over his shaft with her tongue as he rubbed her hair with the towel.

After a while she dragged her body up, letting his knob run down her neck and cleavage, across her belly, where it dipped in and out of her navel, and then through her trimmed pubic hair until she was standing with him poised right at her opening. Looking deep into his eyes she bent at the knees and lowered herself down his pole. As her buttocks came to rest on his thighs she closed her eyes and sighed gently.

She pumped up and down, slowly first, then accelerating her rhythm, whimpering occasionally. Juices were gushing from her, matting Joe’s pubic hair, when she lifted herself right off him. She turned around and bent over, then reaching back scooped some of the slippery fluid up into her crack, spreading it thoroughly around her arsehole.

“OK, take aim, stud. It’s time for you to plough my arse.” Joe didn’t need any more encouragement. He placed his cock up against her sphincter, and she pushed back gently, until the head popped in. Then she slowly inched him into her, taking her time.

Before long she was sitting in his lap again, fingering her pussy while he groped her breasts. Then she looked over her shoulder at him and said, “Now, big boy, fuck me hard.” Joe shoved her forward, and began thrusting like a demon, shaking her body like a doll. She let her arms collapse, resting her shoulders on the floor, and Joe pounded down on her arse, making her moan in pleasure. He felt his orgasm begin to arrive.

“I’m gonna cum, babe,” he told her.

“Pull out…in my mouth…” she moaned. He did so, and she lifted herself up just in time for his first spurt to fly over her shoulder and strike her alongside her ear. She arched her neck around and clamped her lips over his knob, taking the next squirt straight down her throat. Not relinquishing his spasming penis she turned her body to face him, and looked into his eyes as he pumped and pumped. When his cock had shrunk again she licked it meticulously clean.

“Thank you for the lift home,” she said. “I’d ask you to stay for breakfast but I have to get up early tomorrow.”

“Hey, that’s cool. I had a good time.”

“Yeah, me too. Do you have a mobile number, when I need another lift?”

“Sure, baby, I’ll get a card from my cab.” The possibility of another night like this made Joe’s head spin. He ran out and got a business card. She met him on the steps, naked. Her nipples were erect in the night air.

“Thanks again”- she read the card - “Joe. I’ll be sure to call. Good night.”

She was almost through the door when he thought to ask, “Wait, what’s your name?”

She turned and smiled. “You can call me Roxy.”

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