tagGay MaleTaxi Ride Ch. 02

Taxi Ride Ch. 02



After I finished giving the taxi driver a blow job and he had cleaned himself up we saw there was still fifteen minutes on our thirty minute wait time. The way he looked at me and the way he looked at my erect cock I had a good idea what we might be able to do with those fifteen minutes. Before he could move, I opened the car door, stepped out and moved around to the front of the car.

I stood motionless watching as he got out and walked over to me. Unbuttoning my shirt, I opened it and watched as he moved up to me and began kissing and then biting my nipple. With his mouth on one nipple and his fingers on the other he kissed, sucked, bit and pinched my nipples over and over again while I slowly ground my cock, still trapped in my pants against his chest.

The sensation of him toying with my nipples ran down my body and tingled in my balls and yet he kept on. I began breathing harder and harder and I began to wonder if I might cum in my pants just rubbing against him when he released my nipples from his mouth and slowly began kissing down my stomach. I could feel the whiskers on his face scratching my stomach as I felt his hands unfasten my pants.

While he pulled my pants down, I kicked off my shoes and then stepped out of my pants and underwear so besides my socks I stood naked before him. He moved his face down through my pubic hair and I felt my cock back against his jaw. Nuzzling his face in my hair he reached up and gently squeezed my balls.

By then my cock was aching for him to touch it, but he held off, instead kissing my thighs and then sucking on my balls. I looked down and could see my cock twitching about, yearning to slide into his mouth. As he sucked my balls he reached up and began squeezing my ass, letting the side of his face only lightly touch my cock. I turned to him to push my cock against him, but he playfully turned away and then, grasping my ass he pulled me away some.

We kind of fought each other for a while as I tried to push my cock onto his face but his firm hold on my ass prevented it. Finally I stopped fighting, just let my twitching cock point out from me. As I stood motionless I could feel a finger lighting brushing over my ass hole but just as it started to push inside, I pulled away and then grabbed his head. Guiding it to my cock, I felt him ease up, letting me pull his head to my cock.

I then watched as he opened his mouth, moved it over my cock and then he suddenly began sucking it hard. I could feel one of his hands move to my ass again and squeeze while another hand began stroking my cock. I leaned back against the car, giving myself completely into the sensation.

He moved his hand from my ass and firmly grabbed my balls, squeezing just to the point where it began to hurt a bit, and then relaxing as he continued sucking and stroking me. As the pleasure began to build up in my cock, he'd squeeze my balls and the pain would distract me for a few moments and then the pleasure would return. He continued, drawing me to the edge, where I was one good suck from spurting my cum and then he would squeeze and the pain would draw me back.

We continued like this for several minutes until finally as he sucked and stroked my cock he released my balls completely and I felt a surge run through me. Pleasure flashed into my cock and balls and arching my back I came, spurting my cum into his mouth again and again. He stopped sucking and stroking and slowly drew his mouth back with my cock between his lips. Finally he moved his mouth off my shrinking cock, but continued holding it with one hand.

I watched him squeeze my cock and slide his hand up towards the head, forcing the last droplets of my cum to pool on the tip of my cock. He stuck out his tongue, lapped up the white fluid and swallowed. He then stood up, running his tongue through my pubic hair and then up the center of my stomach and then my chest. He then smiled at me and said, "Fifteen minutes are almost up."

I grabbed my clothes, quickly pulled them on and got into the back seat of the cab. Looking at me in the mirror as he started his car he said, "Just in the nick of time."

"I guess I was, I must admit, that was the best investment I could have made with those twelve dollars."

"Yes, I don't think I can remember a more enjoyable wait time," he replied pulling the taxi back on the roadway heading to the terminal. We arrived about five minutes later and as he opened the trunk I watched the muscles in his arms flex as he put my luggage on the ground.

Feeling my cock begin to tingle again I said, "Thank you," and handed him his fare, the twelve dollars for the wait time and a hefty tip.

Folding the money he handed me a business card and said, "Next time ask for me and we can work out a good deal on the wait time."

I smiled, nodded and then headed toward the door into the terminal. As I headed toward a check in counter I tucked his card into my pocket.


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