tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTaylor and Carrie - Cuntry Sluts

Taylor and Carrie - Cuntry Sluts


It was a hot summer day on 2011 and country/pop star Taylor Swift was working on hard the farm she had just purchased. She knew it would be hard work but she wanted and enjoyed the challenge. It was hot and she had wondered if she maybe should have taken the day off. She was still extremely popular and a best selling singer, she didn't need the farm it wasn't like she was strapped for money. She grabbed a bottle of water and went into the barn and leaned back on a bail of hay as she took a drink from her water bottle. She tugged at her plaid shirt trying to cool herself down. It was so hot and knew nobody else was around and she thought she would pass out from the intense heat it must have been over 100 degrees Fahrenheit that day. She unbuttoned her shirt before pulling it off and tossing aside. Next she undid her bra revealing her perfect firm tits on her magnificent body. She pulled off her boots followed by her socks, that felt so good to her feet. She wasn't used to cowboy boots so this was a relief for her feet which were aching. Next she undid the buckle on her belt the unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans and pulling them off along with her panties at the same time. Sweat covered her body from head to toe falling and leaving trails wherever it run down. Taylor leaned back on the bail of hay. "Ouch," she gasped the feel of hay against her bare back was very uncomfortable. She decided to put on her brown hide jacket and leaned back and closed her eyes.

Her hands started to roam around her naked body caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples making them stand erect. "Ohhhhhhhh," she cooed as her hands pleasured her upper body. She moved her hands down over her flat stomach and further down to her her bare cunt before spreading the lips open. She felt a light breeze over her clit flowing in the barn form the outside. She quickly jammed two fingers into her now wet cunt. "Oh my God," she screamed feeling her fingers enter where nobody else has ever ventured before. She began to move them in and out at a steady pace before pausing and curling her fingers inwards trying to locate her G-spot. She tried for a few minutes before giving up. Two fingers jamming her inside in cunt her other hand squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. Her hands were driving her wild. She knew all her fans thought she was sweet and innocent, if they only knew.

"Yooohooo Taylor are you here?" Taylor's body shot up in shock. She had totally forgot she had invited her good friend and fellow singer Carrie Underwood over to take a look at the farm. Taylor's eyes were darting all over the barn trying to locate her clothes. She saw they were all over the place there was no way she could get dressed in time. All of a sudden she saw Carrie standing in the doorway of the barn. She was wearing a solid black shirt, blue jeans and a black cowboy hat and brown cowboy boots.

"Well well well what do we have here," Carrie said with her arms crossed looking at Taylor. Taylor was speechless she tried to get words out but couldn't. What possible words could she say to describe her current state, she was so embarrassed. A light smile crossed Carries lips as she licked them and began to unbutton her shirt revealing a black bra. Her tits were bigger than Taylor's but not by much. She approached Taylor pulling her bra down to reveal her tits. She knelt down in front of Taylor who was still leaning on the bail of hay. "Carrie what are..." was all Taylor was able to get out before Carrie grabbed her head gently placing it over her tit. Taylor sucked hungrily as Carrie just moaned from the attention Taylor was giving her tit.

Carrie pushed Taylor back and stood up in front of her. She finished taking off her shirt then she unhooked her bra letting fall off her body. Taylor just gasped as this beauty was undressing in front of her. She took off her boots followed by her jeans revealing a neatly trimmed landing strip. Taylor was shocked Carrie wore no panties. She then took off her hat shaking her hair head causing her hair to loosen and fly about.

Carrie then knelt back down in front of Taylor keeping complete eye contact with her then her eyes darted to down to Taylor's bare cunt and she lowered her mouth prepared to taste Taylor's sweet nectar. "Ahhhhhh," Taylor moaned as Carrie's tongue and mouth come in contact with Taylor's clit and cunt lips. Taylor's hands then went to Carrie long blond hair feeling the softness of it as she ran her fingers through it all the while holding Carrie's head over her cunt. Carrie's hands went up to squeeze Taylor's tits as she continued to eat her out. "Oh my God Carrie that feels so good don't stop," Taylor said encouraging her on. Carrie licked Taylor's clit hard then sucking on it and very lightly biting it. "Holy shit," Taylor cried, "I"m gonna cum. I'm gonna cum, almost there." Taylor's body convulsed as she reached a mind blowing orgasm.

Carrie looked up and smiled at Taylor as she was coming down from her orgasm. "We're not finished yet," Carrie said as she got up and leaned forward resting her knees on the bail of hay behind Taylor and planted her cunt on Taylors mouth. Carrie's hands held Taylor's above her head and she started to grind on Taylor's mouth. Taylor shoved her tongue deep inside Carrie's cunt moving it all around searching her hole, tasting it swallowing all the juices that she gathered. Carrie threw her head back as she felt Taylor working magic in her cunt she knew there was no way this was Taylor's first time. Though Carrie is now married she did experiment before with girls and loved it and was now reliving those days with her good friend Taylor Swift. "That's it Taylor eat me you horny girl," Carrie urged her young lover on as she pressed her cunt harder into Taylor's face. Carrie knew she could squirt but didn't mention it she wanted to surprise Taylor. She felt her orgasm building as Taylor continued to lick and suck away. "Here it comes baby," Carrie screamed as she let go squirting all over Taylor's face coating it in her juices. "Oh wow Carrie, I had no idea," Taylor said. "Nice barn," Carrie replied "now let me see the rest of the farm."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/16/18

How Unfortunate

"It was a hot summer day on 2011 and country/pop star Taylor Swift was working on hard the farm she had just purchased."
"bail of hay"
Unfortunately, it is so full of misspellings, bad grammar, and weirdmore...

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by Anonymous08/09/17

Hott wet

These girls are very hott when they sing together not counting on when they sing together. Love to see them together at the farm having fun in the hay !!

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