tagFetishTaylor Makes Me Work Gabi's Asshole

Taylor Makes Me Work Gabi's Asshole


I had no idea what to expect. Taylor has a way of doing that, causing anticipation, fear, excitement all wrapped into one. When I am summoned over to serve them, literally anything can happen, and I am always the last to know what it will be.

Tonight was no different. It was a cold and rainy night, blustery. I was looking forward to watching Taylor mount his smoking hot sexpot of a wife and start fucking her, with my nose an inch from the action. Literally, one inch from her pussy. Licking at her entrance as his hard cock glistened in the light and pushed her open in ways my cock never could, or would be able to do. But this was not to be, not tonight.

Taylor sent me a note and told me where to meet, and that he had a surprise for me. As I mentioned, this struck all sorts of emotions in me as my cock swelled and stirred in my pants at work. I knew better than to ask what it might mean, so when the whistle blew, I got on my way. When I arrived, Gabi was in the hotel lobby to meet me. This in itself was highly unusual, and my heart jumped into my throat. I quietly followed her, wondering what sort of sick and twisted duty I would need to perform this week, in order to be able to continue seeing them. Would I be licking his cum out of her fuckhole? Would they both be standing over me in the tub and pissing in my face after he finished using her? Would I be licking her ass after he filled it with buckets of sticky white goo? What would it be this time? Would he dare make me lick his balls as he shot sperm into her pussy? Would he make me clean off his cock after he was done fucking her? Only he knew.

When Gabi opened the door and let me in, I suddenly realized what was happening. Taylor was nowhere to be found. I noticed lube, condoms and a huge vibrator on the bed. Gabi said "Tonight you get a special treat. I need you to dildo my asshole in the mirror." My cock stood at attention, blood flowing and coursing through it as it became as hard as diamonds. She maintained eye contact with me as she stripped off her clothes in a flash and backed her ass up to me, doggy style. All I could imagine at this moment was Taylor's face, his look of concentration as sweat poured off his body and he drilled his wife. I have seen that vision so many times before, and now it was all I saw as my tongue circled her asshole, playing with it, enjoying every minute of this unbelievable treat.

I couldn't believe it actually. Here I was, with another man's hot wife naked and backed up to my tongue, listening to her begging to be fucked. She pushed against my tongue, aching to feel that dildo up her ass. I lubed it up and slowly teased her while the vibrating tip tickled her. Her pussy was starting to glisten and she purred and growled as she played with her own clit. I slowly pushed the vibrator against her perfect asshole and I uttered in a low growl "You fucking slut. How does it feel, bitch? You like that, don't you? You like it when a hard cock is up in your asshole, don't you?"

She nodded like a woman possessed by the devil, but did not stop bucking, groaning, and working her fuckbox. I started to just hold the vibrator solid and still while she pushed back onto it like a good little whore. She worked it like it was Taylor's hard cock. She made love to this vibrator, and it had me so hard seeing this. My thoughts returned to Taylor's face, sweat pouring onto her back as her fucked her like a porn star would. Hearing him grunt and moan as his sperm explodes into her body. This would be the part where he tells me to get on my fucking hands and knees and clean the cum out of his whore. But tonight? Tonight I watched her push up against this vibrator, held it in my hand, felt her rib cage moving with my other hand, and listened to her scream in orgasm.

I kept asking her "Oh you like this, don't you, bitch? You fucking whore! You like big black cocks in your ass, huh?" Her eyes were glazed over as she admitted the truth to me. I asked her, "You like Taylor's huge tool sliding in and out of you, don't you? You like to feel his cum inside you? You like to feel me lick it up, don't you?" and all she could do was grunt and growl as her body convulsed.

My cock was leaking, dripping from seeing this scene so up close. When she came a second time, I pulled the vibrator out of her body. My cock raged and stretched for the world to see, at full mast. I knew I could not fuck her, and seeking relief in front of your buddy's hot wife just isn't cool. So I thanked her and got dressed and got the hell out of there!

I know better than to ask, or say one word. But I wondered where Taylor was. Was he away on a trip? At work? Was he looking through a crack in the closet door in the room? Was he behind the web cam on the laptop right there on the desk? Was he somewhere else, fucking his other buddy's wife? He never showed his face. I felt a twinge of regret, because I was not forced to swallow his jism and lick Gabi's pussy juice off of his cock after he was done with her.

But there's always next week.

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fag cuck shit.

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