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Taylor Swift and the Fan


I am a huge country music fan. I was raised with it as the only radio station in town played country music only. My parents listened to it all the time so I got to love it. Not that I don't like some of the old rock and roll, but country music has always been my first love.

Being in my late thirties, I have had my chance to see my fair share of concerts. And now being a very successful contractor, I have to chance to really see all the concerts that I want to see.

The city I live in now has a couple of good country music stations and I listen to both although the big one is my favourite. I have kept up with all of the newer artists, and still love to listen to the older stuff too.

The station was running a contest for tickets to a Taylor Swift concert in the next city. I entered and was lucky enough to win a pair. They also included a back stage pass and a meet and greet with Taylor.

The day of the concert I drove to the concert and I figured I would take a hotel room so that I could sleep after the concert before coming home. I had a light dinner and headed for the arena where the concert was.

When I got there, I gave away one of the tickets to some young fan, as I wouldn't need them both. As I walked in I asked about the back stage pass and I was told that when Taylor came on for her encore, I was to head to the back of the arena, show my pass and I would be let in.

The concert was amazing as she did all of her big hits and introduced some new songs. The place was rocking and I was having an amazing time.

The encore started and I headed to the back of the arena. I was let in the back and listened to the encore while I watched all the activity going on.

Taylor came off the stage after about four more numbers, and headed to the dressing room. She passed me and I got a whiff of her perfume. It was sweet and sensual, and put me in a mood for some fun.

There were about ten of us that had meet and greet tickets, and I let the younger ones go ahead of me so that they could have their fun first. As my turn came, I was asked to wait for a minute as there was something that had to be dealt with first.

I stood waiting for about five minutes and was then let into the dressing room. Taylor was sitting on a couch and she looked so hot just sitting there. She told me to come over and sit with her.

She asked, "It is nice to see older people interested in meeting me, and I love knowing that there are older people who like my music."

I told her about my upbringing with country music and said that I loved her stuff as it was from the heart.

We talked for about another 15 minutes and she then asked if I wanted to continue the conversation on her bus.

I responded yes, and we headed to the bus. When we got there, I thought there would be a bunch of her people around but found that we were the only two people on the bus. She excused her self for a minute and come back wearing just tank top and gym shorts.

She said "That feels better, more comfortable."

She looked so hot dressed like that and I caught a small hint of her nipples pushing thru the tank top material.

We continued to talk about music and country music in particular, and somewhere along the way we had ended up having a couple of beers.

As we talked, I noticed that she was getting closer to me on the couch so I turned so that I faced her. She noticed right away and her head went down in that little girl "I have been caught attitude". I looked at her that way and I thought I want to try something and the worse thing that is going to happen is she is going to nuts and have me arrested.

I reached over and lifted her head by her chin and leaned in and gave her quick kiss. Her eyes lit up and she leaned in and kissed me letting her lips linger on mine.

Almost immediately she straddled me and we were locked in a long deep passionate kiss with our tongues touching and our lips moving against each other.

After the kiss she put her head at my neck and whispered in my ear "Make love to me, I want you badly."

I just lifted her up as I stood and she wrapped her legs around me as I carried her to the back of the bus assuming that was where the bed was.

When we got there, I let her down on the bed and kissed her again. She pulled me in close and we were in a hot hug and deep kiss.

After the kiss broke, I took the bottom of her tank top and lifted it over her head. I revealed an amazing body. Her tits were perky and standing straight out. Her nipples were already hard and looked so yummy. She stood and slid her shorts off and then hopped up on the bed, laying there waiting for me. It didn't take long for me to undress and climb up with her.

We started to kiss again and they were the passionate kisses that lovers share, long tender exploring, with lots of tongues, but not those hot fiery kisses of raw sex.

As we kissed I let my hands wander on her body and she was responding to my touch as she moaned and sighed was we kissed.

After a long session of necking, I started to kiss my way around her body, exploring it all, tasting the various parts, revelling in the taste of her skin with the sweet musty smell from her that came with sweat of the concert and the love making that we were engaged in.

I slowly worked my way to her tits and when I got to one, I took one nipple in my mouth and slowly sucked on it. She sighed as I sucked it and soon she was starting to moan. I continued to suck and play with her tits for a long time. She got more excited as I sucked and she was moaning longer with each suck.

I continued to explore her body and worked my way to her pussy. When I got there, I could smell the heady aroma of her pussy and could see the sweet dew building on the outer lips.

I took the tip of my tongue and slowly slid it up her lips tasting the sweet wetness she exuded. It was the sweetest I had ever tasted. I licked again this time using more of my tongue and she moaned deeply and dug her fingers into the bed. I licked at her pussy for few minutes and slowly worked my way to her clit. When I got there, it was already poking out of its hiding spot. I took it between my lips and slowly started to suck on it gently letting it rise to my mouth.

Taylor started to squirm and soon was in the throes of a huge orgasm. Her juices flowed heavily and I did all that I could suck them all up. She tasted amazing and I could have lived on those juices for the rest of my life.

I brought her to two more orgasms with my mouth and then lifted my self up so that I was over top of her. My hard cock was right at her pussy and I let the head rest against her pussy. She looked at me and I could tell that she wanted me in her badly. I slowly started to enter her and her pussy opened just enough to let me in. As I slid in her pussy caressed my cock and the velvety inner skin, felt soft and succulent on my cock. When I was finally all the way in, I stopped for a few seconds as we just looked at each other with lust and love in our eyes.

I started to stroke slowly letting the tension and desire build with each stroke. She started to meet my hips and soon we had a sweet mutual rhythm going and we slowly built the need to the point that we knew there was only one conclusion.

She whispered, " I am going to cum, finish with me."

That was all I needed as she started to let the waves of her orgasm roll over her, I felt the first of many spurts come from my balls as I emptied into her filling her with my cum.

As we came down from what was an amazing orgasm, she smiled and closed her eyes and sighed deeply. I laid on top of her as I started to soften. When I was completely soft, my cock slipped out of her and I rolled over on to the bed. She laid her head on my chest, and we just laid there. I slowly caressed her and she let her finger nails slowly slide on my abs. I was soon getting hard again and she smiled and said, " Now give it to me hard and fast, fill me again, make me scream with pleasure."

I got off the bed and pulled her to the edge, I put her legs over my shoulders and started to drive my cock into her. I started to fuck her hard, and soon she was screaming, "Fuck me hard, I am going to cum, fill me up, fuck me hard, harder, give it to me." I lasted a few more seconds and as she screamed as she came, I shot another load into her filling her again and feeling her juices bath my cock. I collapsed on her and we kissed hard and long.

When we separated, I pulled out and she sat up on the bed. She said "God that was good, I could get used to that."

I knew that it was time for me to go, so I slowly got dressed as she did. We kissed and I left the bus, and headed for my hotel room. I slept like a baby and had dreams of Taylor all nite.


I was working in my yard on a Saturday afternoon when a long white limo pulled up to the house. This huge guy got out of the limo and approached me. Now I was wondering what was going on.

He said, "my boss would like to make a proposition to you, and would like you to go into the limo so you can talk."

A little worried I walked over to the limo and another guy let me into the back. As soon as I started to get in, I saw Taylor sitting there, looking so sexy in a white t shirt and a denim skirt.

I was a little surprised to see her and she smiled, and leaned over and gave me a kiss.

She quickly straddled me and kissed me again. She said " I am so glad to see you again, I have not been able to get you out of mind. And what you did for me that night has had wonderful affect on me. The next concert was the best I have ever given. I was so relaxed and satisfied that I sang my heart out."

She reached between us and managed to get my cock out. I was hard as a rock. She lifted up and pulled up her skirt, although she didn't have to pull it up far, revealing her pussy with no panties. She positioned her self and soon had impaled her self on me again. We had a hot hard fuck right there in the limo. Both of us finishing in record time.

After while I was still in her and she was keeping me hard by clenching her pussy on my cock, she said " I want you to come with me on the last six weeks of my tour. You will only have one job and that is to keep me happy in bed. It would be all expenses paid and you would get to travel all over the states with me."

I couldn't turn this down and I agreed to be her male companion for six weeks. She gave me instructions on how to get to the plane that she was using. I told her it would take me about three hours to set things up here. Also to pack. I had to let my foreman know to keep working as I would be gone for about seven weeks. I went in the house after I kissed her goodbye. I phoned my foreman and let him know, and started to pack.

I met her plane on time and we took off for parts unknown. We spent the next six weeks together, and I gave her all I had and she responded in kind with me and the fans. The reviews of her last concerts were huge and filled with all sorts of accolades.

As our time ended, we spent one last night of sweet passion taking the whole night to satisfy each other.

I will not forget my time with Taylor, and I know that there will always be a fond spot in her heart for me.

I was very difficult parting but alas our lives would never mesh properly for an extended period of time.

Every time I hear her on the radio now, I have a little sigh and think of the wonderful time we spent together.

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