tagGroup SexPaige Takes Two

Paige Takes Two


Paige stands at the lockers near the boys' restroom waiting patiently. The college freshman knows that Lucas and Evan, the schools most popular football players would be using it soon. Then as if on cue, both boys walk into the restroom. Paige checks the hallway, looking both ways to ensure no one would see her as she slips into the restroom.

She strides right past Evan and drops to her knees next to Lucas as he pisses in to urinal. She doesn't wait for him to stop and leans in to drag her tongue across the top of his cock. Before Lucas can say anything, she opens her mouth and moves under him so that he pisses in her mouth. She wraps her mouth around his cockhead, sucking down his piss. His cock hardens in her mouth and when he finishes, she removes her mouth with a pop.

Paige licks her lips and smiles briefly before sucking his cockhead back into her mouth as her hand strokes his shaft with long. Slow pumps. She pushes his thighs apart and removes her mouth from his cock and lowers her face to his hanging balls with her nimble tongue before sucking them both into her mouth and elicits a moan from Evan.

Evan slowly strokes his cock with long, deliberate strokes as Paige continues teasing his balls with flicks of her tongue. She doesn't even flinch when Evan slides up behind her and slips her skirt up over her back exposing her panties free pussy.

Paige releases Evan's balls and takes his cock back into her wet mouth as Lucas stabs a finger into her slippery wet pussy. He begins finger fucking her and she lets out an appreciative moan around Evan's cock as her lips envelopes him. She bobs up and down for the next minute or so before pulling off and dipping back down to his balls to flick them with her tongue. Then she glides her tongue up the underside of his shaft, coating it with a smooth layer of lubricating saliva.

Evan's hand moves to the back of her head as he prompts her to take him back into her mouth. She allows her him to pull her head forward as he pushes his cock into the back of her throat, eliciting a slight gag as she tries to withdraw. Evan pulls back a little before guiding his cock through her widely stretched lips. Fighting her gag reflex she allows Evan to fuck her mouth with short, deliberate thrusts.

Lucas pulls his finger free and kneels behind her, grabbing her wrists, pulling her arms back and holding them firmly.

"Fuck her face," he tells his friend with a grin spread across his face.

Paige doesn't resist as Evan begins pushing his monstrous cock faster and deeper in and out of her mouth. She closes her eyes tightly as tears begin build up while a thin trickle of saliva drips down her chin. As the wet cock withdraws from her gasping lips, she pants for air, coughing and sputtering as Evan lets go of her head and lifts his cock.

Paige leans in to suck his balls back into her mouth as Lucas lets go of her wrists and reaches down to rub his hands along her ass cheeks. Gradually his hand moves down between her legs, causing her to moan softly as he drives his fingers in and out of her tight, wet pussy.

He takes his wet finger and smears it up her ass crack to her tight little hole and slips it in. Paige yelps at the sudden intrusion, but the yelp turns into a moan as Lucas slowly pumps his finger in and out of her ass. Then he says, "Get on this cock and fuck me."

He lies back onto the floor and Paige releases her grip on Evan's balls and crawls on top of Lucas, straddling him.

"That's it, you little whore," he says. "Get on that cock."

Paige reaches down to lift Lucas' cock and descends cautiously. Her wet pussy lips stretch around his fat, swollen cockhead and she lets out a subtle moan and allows her tight little pussy to slide slowly down his shaft. Gradually, his shaft disappears into her as she lowers herself to rest atop his hips with his cock buried deep inside her.

"How does that pussy feel?" Evan asks moving behind Paige.

"It's pretty fucking tight," Lucas groans as Paige begins the move her hips against his, leaning over and placing her hands on his hard, muscular chest.

"I bet it is," Evan says as he watches, sliding his hand up and down his glistening, saliva coated cock.

Paige lowers her body deeper and drops her face down to plant her lips against Lucas'. He accepts her lips and their tongues begin dancing around in each other's mouth. Lucas grasps her perfectly round ass cheeks and guides her back and forth on his fat cock. Reaching back, she lightly caresses his balls before bringing her fingertips up the underside of his shaft. As her pussy begins gliding up and down his thick cock, he begins thrusting back, meeting her repeated rhythmic descent with short, upward thrusts.

Evan places his thumb over her asshole, massaging it with firm, pressing circles. "Are you ready to get filled?" he asks as he moves into position.

"Oh, yes," Paige moans loudly.

Evan places a knee on either side of Lucas' legs and rest a hand on her back as he grips his cock. He presses his cockhead against her tight asshole, rubbing it up and down, coating her hole with his precum.

"Mmmm," she groans in anticipation. "Put your cock in my ass."

Evan starts to push into her and she reaches back, grabbing her ass cheeks to pull them apart. Lucas stops as Evan pushes his cock slowly into her asshole. Leaning forward, Paige rests her body against Lucas and groans loudly as her asshole expands to fit the entire length of Evan's shaft. A smile crosses onto her face as they ecstasy of being filled comes over her.

"Mmm, that's so fucking good," she breathes.

Evan begins thrusting slowly in and out of her ass and Lucas resumes his upward thrusts into her tight pussy. The feeling of habing two cocks pumping in and out of her causes her to freeze, overcome by the sensation of pure bliss. Placing her hands on Lucas' broad chest, she lifts her body up and tosses her head back as Evan begins fucking her with increasingly harder thrusts.

"Oh my god," she gasps.

Lucas' thrusts remain short and slow as Evan assaults her asshole with deep, hard strokes. Her body lurches with every thrust. Even stands up, pulling his cock from her ass and grabs her hair, pulling her head back. Paige opens her mouth in anticipation of what is about to happen and Evan places his cockhead against her cheek, his hand pumping his cockhead across her open lips. He groans, sending a shot of sticky, white cum across her gasping face.

With an outstretched tongue, she struggles to catch the his cum as her body is pounded by Lucas' upward thrusting. As Evan's cum splatters her open mouth, he pushes his cock past her lips to fire the remaining amount onto her wiggling tongue. As he pulls away, Paige brings a hand to her face and wipes a long streak of sticky cum from her cheek and pushes it into her panting mouth.

Lucas suddenly pulls his engorged cock from her pussy and jams it into her red, swollen ass. Her asshole stretched even more as he larger cock pushes forward. Within seconds his cock drives all the way in and her ass grips his shaft tightly, clamping down hard.

Paige's breathing becomes hard with deep, labored gasps as he begins moving his hips up and down. She reaches back, running her finger around her tightly stretched asshole as Lucas' cock slides deeper and deeper.

Evan comes around to stand over Lucas, placing his cock and balls in her face. "Suck my balls bitch," he says.

Paige smiles and turns her face to accept his balls, letting them slide into her open mouth. Sucking hungrily, she lets out a muffled moan. Eventually Evan's cock hardens again as Paige's mouth bathes his balls with her wet mouth.

Paige pulls off Evan's balls and shouts, "Cum in my filthy ass!"

Lucas groans as his body tenses as his cock releases its built up cum.

"Fuck yes!" Paige howls as her tight asshole clamps down around his shaft. Her hungry asshole sucks every drop of his cum seep into her body.

The feeling of Lucas' hot cum flooding her ass pushes her over the edge and she lets out a scream of ecstasy as her body releases a torrent of pussy juice all over his stomach.

Once her orgasm subsides, she lifts her body of Lucas, his cock sliding out with a slurping noise. She pulls her shirt back down, straightening it out. She walks toward the door, leaving the two men alone. At the last moment she turns around and says, "Same time tomorrow?"

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