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Taylor's Tool


Taylor had shucked his clothes leaving his body naked except for a pair of thread bare tighty-whities. He was slouched on the sofa across from me with his muscular legs spread wide. He was passed out drunk! When Taylor would walk around the apartment in his underwear his cock and balls would bounce around in the loose cloth. It was hard not to stare. This was the first time I had caught Taylor in his underwear passed out. I could stare at his package as long as I liked and he wouldn't even know that I was interested. The cloth contoured to his cock and balls leaving a wonderful off white relief of his thick endowment. I could tell it was big. Hell, Taylor was a big man! He was a Minnesota farm boy. He was strong, he was masculine and he was handsome. In the looks department, Taylor had hit a home run.

Taylor was my sister's live in cop boyfriend. He was a man's man. He was definitely a no nonsense kind of guy. There were times when I could hear him fucking my sister. I could hear the grunting and moaning as well as his balls slapping her ass with each stroke. It all resulted in her screaming orgasm, while I came softly making believe it was me who Taylor was fucking. He was one handsome cop!

We were the only ones home so I took the opportunity to stare at Taylor's beautiful face. He had a square jaw that many All American Jocks seem to have. His blond hair was fashionably long and his facial hair made that pretty boy face, seem rugged and somewhat sinister. I watched his pecs as they rose and fell with each breath that he took. How I wanted to lick his chest and suck on his nipples. I knew my chances of doing that were null. Taylor had stated several times that he hated fags. It didn't matter. My cock was getting hard as I watched the hunk sleep.

I dropped my eyes to Taylor's worn underwear and I was not disappointed. I could see the outline of his big nuts resting on the couch with his thick cock on top of them. The big bulge looked delicious. Damn! He is so sexy! As I was memorizing the way his underwear fit his package I noticed that the elastic of his leg holes had stretched out leaving a nice gap between his underwear and his mound of meat. I couldn't see inside his shorts from where I sat so I leaned way over as quiet as I could to steal a glance of the sleeping giant in his shorts. I was praying he wouldn't wake. I didn't want to get caught eyeing his cock. I clearly could see the gap from my vantage point, but, I couldn't get a good look at his cock. I needed to move closer to get a better view. Letting the head of my cock do the thinking for me, I decided that the small chance of being discovered was well worth the risk.

I crawled quietly on my hands and knees until I was between his thick legs. I noticed that Taylor had a soft sprinkling of fine blond hair on his thighs. I couldn't believe I was stealing a glance at my sister's boyfriend's cock. If I got caught there could be no doubt what I was doing between his legs. I either needed to move forward or sit back down on the sofa. I lined my cheekbone alongside of his thick legs and trained my eyes on the prize. As I slowly moved my head toward the opening I could smell the warm musk of his crotch. I stopped moving and closed my eyes to savor the scent of this magnificent stud. My dick jumped in my pants. I never knew that a crotch could smell so enticing. I opened my eyes and moved my head toward the bulge in front of me. I was rewarded with a side view of a set of totally relaxed balls hanging between his legs with a thick uncut cock sitting heavily on his nuts. Even soft, Taylor's cock looked like a huge handful.

As I was looking, at this beautiful piece of masculinity, my cock filled with more and more blood. I wasn't sure how much longer before I would climax! I looked up at Taylor's face and he was still sleeping. My dick said, "He's still sleeping, maybe you could taste this wonderful example of macho meat." That seemed like a totally logical idea. I could carefully manage my tongue through the gap in his leg hole and lick where his balls connected to his body. I'm pretty sure I could slide my tongue ever so slowly inside his shorts without touching his legs. I leaned my head closer to his warm crotch. Being this close to Taylor's meat was a heady experience. The air was thick with his manly testosterone. If I was careful I could softly lick Taylor with my tongue without him waking up. He wouldn't even know what I had done. The head of my cock commanded, "Let's get going. Stick your tongue in Taylor's shorts." I was at a crossroads here, maybe I should pull back. I didn't.

Just as I stuck out my tongue reaching for a taste of Taylor's cock, he shifted his body forward and his nuts fell out of his underwear and hung a good six inches over the edge of the couch cushion. I pulled back my head just in time so that his leg did not bump into me. I reevaluated what I was doing. The circumstances had changed.

I stared at his freely hanging balls surrounded by the abundance of loose skin. I swear his balls were the size of small plums. My overwhelming need to get a taste of Taylor's meat gave rise to a new plan. I lay on my back between his legs and opened my mouth as wide as I could and let Taylor's balls dangle in front of my mouth. At first my mouth was just below his nuts but I thought I could carefully move my mouth up and his balls would slip in. My mouth was stretched as wide as possible as his balls disappeared between my stretched lips. Even though his balls were inside my mouth I made certain not to let them touch the side of my mouth or my tongue. I wasn't really sucking his balls I was just holding them in my mouth. I was afraid if I sucked his balls he would wake and beat my ass. Taylor was a big cop and I wouldn't want him angry at me! My cock was so hard it was going to burst. I reached forward with my hands and unzipped my pants. As I lay there, being careful not to touch the inside of my mouth to his nuts, my mouth slowly began to fill with my saliva. I had to swallow!

I could swallow, but under the circumstance it wasn't a safe thing for me to do. I decided to go for it. I carefully swallowed the built up saliva but was unable to control my tongue and it pushed his balls against the roof of my mouth. I heard Taylor moan, "Oh Jane, Oh my God!" I froze! Who the hell is this Jane? My sister's name is Samantha! Evidently, Jane had been here before! The taste of his cop balls exploded in my mouth with the tang of overpowering male testosterone. I felt my ball sack begin retracting as if I was getting ready to shoot. Not yet! I wasn't ready. After a moment I relaxed. I decided move forward, so I began sucking on his nuts ever so softly while my tongue bathed them with my saliva. I had to slow down or I would have an orgasm too soon. I gently dropped his balls from my mouth and sat back on my legs while I rearranged my hard on. I stayed still as long as possible until I heard that slow easy breathing that assured me that Taylor was once again in a deep sleep. That was fucking hot! Taylor was still out like a light. He probably would sleep right here on the sofa until morning. He was so wasted!

I was still staring at Taylor's low hanging nuts. I felt a little more confident so I reached down and hefted them in my hand to feel the actual weight of his meaty testicles. They were heavy with sperm just like I knew they would be. I decided to go for the gold and try and gently help Taylor's cock out of his shorts so that I could lust after it as well.

I lightly pulled the thin material back off his meat revealing his thick cock. I reached into his shorts and gently took hold of Taylor's hefty foreskin. I hoped that it wouldn't wake up Taylor. I pulled his flaccid shaft out of his shorts and laid it gently on top of his ball sack. I wasn't sure but it looked like the shaft was getting thicker. I took a quick peek at Taylor and he still was out like a light. I reached down with my fingers and gently pulled open his foreskin so that I could see his dickhead. Then I leaned in and ran my tongue underneath his foreskin. I couldn't believe I was doing this to my sister's cop boyfriend! Having my tongue in a cop's foreskin was more than I could handle. I was going to pop! While I was licking Taylor's foreskin I hear Taylor say faintly, "Oh, baby do that. Use your tongue like that Jane." There is that name, Jane, again! I'll have to ask him about her at a later date. Fuck! What do I care who she is?

As my tongue was swirling around the head of his dick I thought I felt him move. I held my head perfectly still. I just sat there with his dickhead in my mouth and me looking up into his closed eyes. I could now feel Taylor's tool began snaking it's way to the back of my throat. He was getting hard. I didn't know what to do so I did nothing. As I kneeled on floor in front of Taylor my mouth was slowly getting stuffed with his fat dick. I didn't suck or lick but just savored the expanding meat in my mouth. My own cock was going to explode. I reached down and flicked my nuts. It hurt like hell but it allowed me to delay my ejaculation. I didn't want it to be over yet.

Soon I felt the big head knocking on the back of my throat wanting in. I relaxed my throat as much as possible all the while watching Taylor's handsome face. I felt his dick pushing harder on my throat. I knew it was only a matter of seconds before his thick dick popped into my throat. I could feel the wet spot forming in my underwear from all the pre-cum. I knew I was about to blow my load again. Taylor's dickhead broke through the back of my throat and began it's decent into my windpipe. I no longer could hold my tongue still and began to lick and suck all around the fat shaft. My mouth was so full of his hard meat I could feel his heartbeat through the big veins that lined his shaft. With my throat packed with pure maleness I could no longer breathe. I felt my sperm gathering getting ready to shoot. Just then I felt Taylor's too large cock begin to convulse and spit ropes of come down my throat. It was all I could do to keep from choking. I could feel every pulse of cum leave his dick and the hot sperm hitting inside my chest. I kept my eyes on Taylor's manly face. He didn't move a lick. My own cock shot a huge load in my pants. I was shaking and disoriented. I was out of breath!

I carefully pulled his dick out of my throat and placed it on his spent nuts. It took me a few minutes to recover. I watched as Taylor's dick returned to it's flaccid state I noticed a last drop of sperm hanging from his foreskin. I leaned forward and licked it off his beautiful cock. I wanted to get as much of that sperm as possible. I knew this was a onetime encounter. It wouldn't happen again.

I quietly got up and went to my bedroom where I beat off three more times before I could sleep. That was the hottest sex I ever had and Taylor didn't even know he was a participant. I think the danger of being caught was a bonus for me. Having a straight cop shoot his huge load in my mouth was stuff of my fantasies. I slept like a baby.

The next morning I was getting up just as Taylor was leaving for work. He was almost out the door when he looked over his shoulder and said, "I'll see you tonight Jane!" I was shocked! I am Jane? He knew I was blowing him the whole time? I didn't know what to say! I was totally humiliated, and yet, my damn dick began to thicken. Then with a wink Taylor was out the door.

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