tagInterracial LoveTCCS Pt. 01 Ch. 03: Two Hot Blondes Bet on BBC

TCCS Pt. 01 Ch. 03: Two Hot Blondes Bet on BBC


The following is based on the comic "Two Hot Blondes Bet on Big Black Cocks" illustrated by the Pit and written by Stormbringer.

The Coxville Curse Part 1: Chapter 3: Two Hot Blondes Bet on Big Black Cocks


September 25, 2009: The night after the shadow man came into the dreams of the sleeping women of Coxville. The day of the big game between the Coxville Cocks and the Bartown Beavers. The day that changed everything


Jenny Summers woke with a start. She was panting heavily, lying on her back, nude. Her breasts were heaving and her nipples were as hard as they ever got. She was very wet between the legs. The dream had been one of the most vivid, dirtiest dreams of her life. She was hornier now then she had been last night when Harold left her hanging. She couldn't remember the man she'd been with, he probably wasn't even a real person, just a large dark shadowy bearded figure. She glanced over at her sleeping husband, but he wouldn't be good for another round after last night nor could he live up to her dream lover's skill.

The light in the room felt weird as she climbed out of bed. She shivered as the room seemed damp and chilly. Jenny walked over to the window and glanced out. A wall of white greeted her. Fog was common this time of year, but she'd never seen one this thick before. She couldn't make out anything through the window, not a tree in her neighbor's backyard, nor looking down could she make out her large backyard pool.

"What are you staring at?" groaned Harold, stretching in bed.

"Fog as thick as pea soup, honey. I've never seen the like. If it doesn't clear up, there won't be any game tonight."

"Good," said Harold. "We can get dinner and a movie early and it'll save the Cocks the humiliation."

"Harold! The Cocks have a shot. Coach Black is still new and he seems to think he can turn the team around. "

"Well he better hurry it up then," griped Harold. "Besides Todd doesn't think they have a chance against the Beavers."

"You're probably right," she sighed. "Go back to sleep. I'm going to shower and I'll make you some breakfast."

"Just do me one favor?" he asked. "Reach up and turn the ceiling fan off." Harold watched his nude wife reach up for the fan chain. At 36, Jenny Summers was one of the hottest women in the county. She looked more like Kitty's older sister then mother. Jenny was a natural blonde with blue eyes and a fit athletic body. At fourteen, Jenny's breasts had been a large C cup, by seventeen an even bigger D cup and now her bras read 34G, her breasts swelling up when she became pregnant with Kitty and never shrinking back to normal. "Alright, hold it there," he said as she was reaching up with her breasts thrust out. "So hot. How did I get so lucky?"

Jenny rolled her eyes, but smiled. She liked her husband's compliments. Harold had his shortcomings, but under appreciating his wife's beauty was not one of them. "Go to sleep, honey." She winked at him. "You'll see this again after our date night tonight." At least she hoped he would. Harold wasn't usually up for sex two nights in a row even when he was younger. Jenny spun around for her husband, grabbed her robe, and was pulling it on as she left the room.

Jenny was still tightening her belt when she went to check on Kitty. She opened the door to Kitty's room and sighed with relief when she saw her daughter sleeping in her bed. Kitty was restless in her sleep. She was moaning and moving around. The covers were thrown down revealing her Hello Kitty halter top. Jenny noticed Kitty's nipples were hard as rocks underneath the top and for a moment wondered if her daughter was having a dream as dirty as she had. Jenny dismissed the thought, knowing that her virginal daughter was saving herself for Todd when they got married and probably didn't know enough about sex to have dirty dreams. It was probably just the cold.

Jenny entered the room, pulled the covers up over Kitty's chest, and tucked her daughter in. She failed to notice Kitty's hand moving between her legs, but she did frown when she thought she detected a slight hint of the smell of beer as she bent down to kiss her forehead. Jenny shrugged it off. Her daughter promised her she didn't drink and someone had probably just spilled some on her at the party, but still it would be worth asking Kitty about it, but not until after tonight's game.

Jenny took a long shower in her bath, her skin tingling as she rubbed the soap all over her body. The dream had faded, but she still felt aroused and her nipples hadn't gone down any. She left the shower, toweled her body dry, but left her hair dripping wet as she pulled her robe back on and went downstairs to cook breakfast.


Not for the first time did Jenny think of her breasts as being a curse. She struggled to squeeze them into a sports bra. Any bigger and I'll need Harold to hold them while she dressed, she thought. Not that he'd mind. "Aha, success," she whispered as she fastened the bra. She pulled her white panties on before moving to her white skirt. Her skirt had a red C for Cocks on it and a slit up the sides, showing her thighs. After the skirt, came her red uniform top with a white color and a white C on her left breast. Her name was embroidered on her right breast. After dressing, she pulled her hair up in a ponytail and checked herself out in the mirror.

Jenny left the bathroom. "Kitty, you ready?" she asked, knocking on Kitty's door.

"Yeah mom, let's go," said Kitty opening the door and walking out of her room.

Jenny frowned. Kitty usually bounced out of the room, exuberant and cheerful. She remembered the smell of booze on her daughter's breath and wondered again if Kitty had gotten a little drunk at the party last night. "You all right honey?"

"Fine mom," sighed Kitty. "Just a little tired." Kitty was as nervous as she'd ever been. What the hell was I thinking making that bet? She thought.

"Well no more late nights for a while, young lady," said Jenny. "I need my squad well rested. GO COCKS!"

Go Beavers, thought Kitty remembering her bet. "Go Cocks," she mumbled.



"That's better." Jenny looked at her daughter lovingly. Kitty looked good in the red uniform with the white trim and white C on the breast. She didn't approve of the bare belly, but Principal Long had made the uniform decision and bare midriffs were an almost universal style now with cheerleaders.

"Less material, less tax payer money," the old black man had told her when she objected.

"Let's get going. You can help me get ready for the game. Our cheapskate principal hasn't hired any extra help for the sports teams this year. "

"Alright mom," replied Kitty, following Jenny down the stairs.

"And after the game, stay away from the Bartown boys. You know they always wander over into our stands."

"That's because Coxville's women are better looking. Have you seen the Bartown girls? Yech!"

Jenny chuckled. "No one holds a candle to the women of Coxville County," said Jenny. "More beauty pageant winners have come from Coxville then anywhere else in the state and most likely the whole country."

"I know mom. You should have been Miss USA."

"The rules state you can't be married or have kids. I was so in love with your father I couldn't refuse marrying him. I got pregnant right away and I've never regretted having you over competing in a beauty pageant." Jenny was lying about one thing. She got married because she was pregnant and was forced to step down as her state's representative. She would have preferred to delay her pregnancy a few years, but she had foolishly let Harold put his penis inside her just to see how it felt and he had lost control, ejaculating almost immediately. He had done the noble thing when they found out she was pregnant.

The Summers' women arrived at the front door. "Are you coming to watch the game, Harold?"

"No," he replied from his chair in the living room. "I'm coming to watch you."

"You're sweet," said Jenny, running over to kiss her husband while Kitty rolled her eyes.

"You can pick the movie if I can pick the restaurant," said Harold already smacking his lips and rubbing his paunch.

"Deal," sighed Jenny. Harold's favorite restaurant was Floyd's barbecue. It was a popular tourist stop off I-69, South of Coxburg. He didn't like that it was black owned, but black people sure knew barbecue and it was some of the best food in the county. At least there was a new romantic comedy playing at the theater that she could pick.

Harold turned to Kitty. "You'll be all right with Todd if we go out?"

"Yeah daddy, we always go out after a game."

"Well not too late young lady, you're as white as a ghost. You need your rest."

"Ok, daddy. Bye."

"See you at the game kitten and you to honey," said Harold.

It would be a long day and a late night, but Jenny was looking forward to it. It had been awhile since she had a date night with her husband. "Bye, love ya." She opened the door. "Great! The fog is lifting," she said before closing the door.


Todd stepped back and raised his arm up to throw the football, but none of the black players on his team were where they should have been. Suddenly, Samson broke free and was clear. Todd threw the ball watching it reach the apex of its arc and glide perfectly into Samson's arms. Then a Beaver was on him and Todd found himself staring at stars in the night sky. The crowd went crazy. He slowly climbed to his feet. At first, he was angry, that hadn't been the play they were supposed to do. Samson was running along the sidelines to Coach Black. Todd watched, expecting the Coach to ream Samson out, but instead they high-fived each other. At first Todd was pissed and then it hit him. Samson had just won the game and earned Todd a blow job. The thought of Kitty's lips wrapped around his dick cheered the Cocks' quarterback up and he limped off the field. Samson was being hoisted onto the shoulders of two of their team members as the crowd in the stands went crazy.

Over the loudspeakers the announcer was saying, "The Coxville Cocks have come away with an upset victory over the Bartown Beaver team. Thanks in part to the outstanding performance by our MVP of the game, Samson West!"

Todd was still a little shaken up by the tackle, but was recovering fast. He ran into Samson at the locker room. He was so looking forward to his blowjob that he wasn't the least bit angry at Samson anymore. He just wanted to shower and meet Kitty as soon as possible. "Good game bro," he told Samson. "You just won me a blowjob. I owe ya one."

Samson smirked back at him. "You're a lucky guy, pencil dick. I wish I could get me some of dat."

"She's all mine bro. She's all mine." Todd and the rest of the team hit the showers, but their MVP had disappeared.


Kitty was sitting on the bench while her squad was still cheering on Samson and the Cocks. She stared in shock as the powerfully built black man was lifted onto his teammates shoulders. Samson glanced her way and gave her the thumbs up.

"Kitty, are you ok? You look like you've just seen a ghost. Kitty! Kitty!"

Kitty's mother Jenny was leaning over her shoulder. "I just... I didn't think we would win," Kitty told her mom. "I don't feel so good." Kitty noticed her mother turning to greet her father as he approached. Her mother had left her keys sitting on the bench. She quickly snagged them and snuck off to meet Samson.

"Jenny, darling, what an amazing game," said Harold, putting an arm around his wife's shoulder. "Are we keeping our plans for the night?"

"Yes, I should be done here soon. Kitty's not feeling well and we can go as soon as she gets back."

Harold suddenly found himself choking as a thick muscular arm wrapped around his neck. "Gimme all your money," said a deep voice.

"Don't hurt me," gasped Harold.

Cocky jerk, thought Jenny staring at the enormous black man. "Don't be such a wimp Harold, it's only Coach Black."

Coach Black was a hugely muscled man who kept his head shaved and sported a devilish goatee. He was a graduate of Coxville High and had left the county to play professional football. He was just an average player and his career only lasted five years. He came back to town this past summer just as the old coach was retiring. Principal Long called up Black and offered him the job of football coach. He was an arrogant man, full of himself, but he was a good coach and he knew football. Jenny's biggest problem with him was that he clearly favored Samson West over her daughter's boyfriend Todd for quarterback. Though judging by tonight's game, Coach Black may have been right. Samson was clearly the most motivated player on the field.

"Sorry to break up the party, lovebirds, but it's time to get this place cleaned up," said Black.

"But we have plans for tonight," whined Harold, still trying to extricate himself from Black's arm.

"That's not my job, Coach," complained Jenny.

"It is when we're short staffed. You know Principal Long didn't want to hire anyone else and I'm not about to have my team spoil their fun after their victory tonight."

Jenny looked around to get her cheerleaders to help, but they had already split to meet their boyfriends. "Fine," she said, contritely.

Harold finally slid out from under Black's arm. "I guess I'll see you at home, Jenny."

"I'll try to hurry, Harold. Maybe we can salvage the movie at least and get barbecue another night."


Kitty sat on the bench in the girl's locker room fidgeting nervously. I'm an idiot, she thought to herself. What was I thinking betting a blow job on a game's outcome and with a black man? Mom and dad would kill me if they caught me with a black man.

The door opened and Samson stepped into the room. He was still in his grass stained uniform pants, but had stripped down to a white tank top and his black skin had a sweaty sheen to it. The tank top tightly hugged Samson's impressively muscular chest, more well defined then Todd's. "S'up Kitty, I see you're ready to get them lips on my cock," he said while squeezing an obscenely large bulge.

Kitty gulped in horror. A part of her had expected he wouldn't even show up. "No way, I made that bet when I was drunk. You can't hold me to it. Come on Samson?" Kitty found her pleas were falling on deaf ears. "Todd is a friend of yours!"

"And he's always talking shit about what a great lay you are. We safe in here?"

Kitty sighed. "I stole mom's keys and she's probably gone home with my dad. Come on let's get this over with." Kitty felt a little sick as Samson stepped in front of her. He wasn't backing down. "This can't get out, Samson. No one can know. This can't get back to my mom or Todd. Do you understand?" He didn't answer her, just stared down at her looking up at him. His crotch was even with her face. "Answer me or the deal's off."

"I understand, Kitty. No pretty white girl gonna want anyone to know she sucked off some nigga from the Westside of town."

"Nothing personal, but the races don't mingle much in Coxville. Go ahead and take it out."

Samson grinned down at her. "Nope. You take it out."

"Come here then." Kitty waited until he took a step closer. Again, she noticed the bulge in his crotch. It was impressive, as if Samson had an unusually large cup under his uniform pants. Kitty pulled out the top off his uniform and for the first time felt a strange tingle of excitement run up her spine. It was the excitement one felt when doing something forbidden. Kitty reached in and grabbed the large tube that was rapidly hardening inside the pants. "What the fuck! No way that's your dick!" Kitty couldn't believe what she was feeling. She yanked his pants down while pulling his shaft out. "Jesus! That's twice Todd's size!" she exclaimed with amazement. Samson's black dick completely dwarfed her boyfriend's and to make matters worse, it was still growing.

"Never seen a black cock before have ya," laughed Samson, loving the look of awe on the pretty blonde's face. He'd never seen a white hand holding his cock and he decided he liked the contrast. "'bout time the women around here found out what the black men are packing. Well get to work." Samson reached down and pulled his shirt off and over his head.

Kitty leaned forwards, but held back. "How about if I just jerk it off? It's too big for my mouth anyway."

"No deal. A bet's a bet, Kitty."

Kitty brought her face up just under the crown and let her tongue slide along his cock. Jerk didn't even shower, she thought, but his body odor smelled very manly. She licked up to the crown and let her tongue encircle it before stretching her mouth wide open and letting the head slide inside her mouth. Soon she was sucking the tip of Samson's foot long cock and trying to stop herself from enjoying this. The big black cock was leaking voluminous amounts of precum and she couldn't help thinking how good and salty it tasted. His precum was rivaling one of Todd's entire orgasms, but she guessed a penis as big as Samson's must require a lot of lubrication.

"Your pretty pink lips look so good on my dick," said Samson trying to rub it in. Seeing the stuck-up Kitty Summers with her lips wrapped around the end of his cock was a thrill he thought he'd never feel. Plus, the thought of Kitty subconsciously comparing Samson to Todd when she went back to her boyfriend was revenge for Todd stealing the quarterback position from him. It hadn't occurred to him that Kitty might actually enjoy it. Hoping to humiliate her a little more, Samson said, "Get some more of this big dick. Open wide." He grabbed the back of Kitty's pony tailed blonde head and forced more of his cock down her throat. He could see her struggling not to gag and the strain showed on her pretty face. Finally, Kitty couldn't take anymore. She yanked her head back until his black cock sprang free and she coughed trying to catch her breath. "I thought you were good at this," said Samson.

Kitty panted while holding the base of his cock and looking at it still slightly in awe at its size. "I'm not used to one this big!"

"I know. I seen Todd's little prick in the shower. Me and the other niggas call him pencil dick."

"That's not nice," said Kitty, sliding off the bench and onto her knees. She took Samson's cock back in her mouth and began bobbing her head.

"That's better. Get down on your knees," he said, enjoying the sensation of having the hottest girl in school kneeling before him while sucking his cock. Kitty had one hand on his hip. He watched her slide her hand along his stomach, feeling his hard muscles. He loved the contrast of her small white hand on his brown skin and she seemed just as fascinated. "You know it's true, Kitty. Todd has a little pencil dick compared to my big black cock. Next time you have his little dick in your mouth, I want you to remember what it was like having a real man's cock shoved down your throat." She was looking up at him, listening to his every word. "Suck that black cock. Tighten them lips up." Kitty continued looking up at him as she obeyed his commands. Her lips closed harder around his cock as she began to suck faster, never breaking eye contact and it finally dawned on Samson, that she was no longer reluctant, but was loving sucking his dark meat.

Kitty suddenly pulled back, breathing heavily. "I need to catch my breath," she gasped. She never released his cock. In fact, she brought both hands over to it and gripped his shaft tightly while jerking him off. "It only takes one hand to jerk Todd off," she said, staring at her hands sliding along his black shaft. Kitty suddenly grinned. "He never lasts this long."

A grin slowly spread across Samson's face as he let the tough guy image drop and they two of them grinned at each other sheepishly all the while her hands continued jerking him off. "I gotta warn you. I cum buckets." One of her hands released his cock and slid under it to heft his heavy balls, feeling how full they were. "You should take that uniform off or it's gonna get messy," he said.

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