tagErotic HorrorTea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony


The Ancient lowered her cup.

"Of course, there is more to this particular tea ceremony than merely drinking tea," she whispered, her kimono parting to allow Taiju a quick glimpse of her spotted but seemingly firm brown breasts.

Taiju suspected as much. That was the reason he had climbed for five brutal days through the unforgiving mountains to reach the witch's aerie. It was told that Ancient had uncovered the secret of life and death. Some said she was 200 years old. Others said 1000. Most people of course said she didn't exist. No one who returned had ever been able to find her.

The deep creases surrounding her eyes seemed to twinkle as she pulled the kanzashi from her hair, spilling her silver tresses down her back.

"If you wish to gain eternal life, then we must drink each other," she whispered and shrugged her shoulders, spilling her silk kimono onto the floor. She stood, shameless before him in her nakedness.

His eyes were drawn to the white tuft crowning her sex. Despite her wrinkles, her body was lithe and her flesh was remarkably firm.

"You must be my futon," she said, pulling the obi from his kimono and kneeling to remove his undergarments. His throbbing shaft sprang free.

"I see the tea has done its work," she said, running her tongue around the head and then up and down the length of his shaft.

"Lie upon the tatami," the Ancient said, gently pushing him to the floor. He reclined, his cock aching for release. He looked up, at her mound and the undersides of her breasts as she circled him before lowering her snow-downed mound to cover his mouth and impaling herself on his nose. As she rocked back and forth, he could feel her moistness, remarkable for any woman, never mind one who claimed to be centuries old.

He took her breasts in his hands as she lowered herself upon him, then wrapped his arms around her surprisingly trim body as she slowly slid her mouth down the length of his cock and took his balls in her hands, gently squeezing them as her mouth began to slide up and down his pole at a faster and faster rate.

His mouth engulfed her clit, his tongue frantically milking her, slurping down every last drop of the most delectable potion he had ever tasted. He grabbed her buttocks as she began to ride him harder and harder, her clit slamming into his already brutalized nose, urging her onward.

Her tongue circled his cock as her head bobbed up and down on his shaft, her right hand squeezing his sac and her left hand probing the unplumbed depths of his ass.

Her body suddenly stiffened and she cried out, pouring her warm stream in a torrent down Taiju's throat.

She then cruelly squeezed his balls, shoved her finger all the way into his ass, and raked Taiju's cock with her sharp teeth.

Taiju could hold out no more and erupted into her mouth, pouring the contents of his balls, his bladder and the better part of his circulatory system into the witch's mouth. They lay there then, interlocked and listing to the symphony of the crickets.

Finally, the witch rolled off him. Taiju looked at the silky black hair flowing down her back, darker than the darkest night. Her perfect porcelain skin glowed, brighter than the moon. Her now uncreased eyes twinkled in amusement, reflecting a knowledge hidden to Taiju.

Then Taiju looked at his own hand, now a spotted arthritic claw. He watched as his fingers fell off one by one.

"This can't be good," he whispered, his last observation before his brain disintegrated.

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