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Teach Her, Teacher


I learned all I needed to know about sex from my first lover. Hence the title of this story. I am a married mother of two. I adore my husband, my kids and my life, but there are times when I reminiscence about the times I spent with my teacher.

My senior summer, I spent with my best friend at my aunt and uncle's in Florida. Sun and fun before we began our adult life at college in September. Sharon and I have been friends since grammar school. We started puberty together. We bought our first bra's together. We even were sexually with one another. We were each other maid of honor when we got married. She is the godmother to my kids and I am to hers. We were and still remain close to this day.

We were sunning ourselves on the beach, when they laid out there blankets nearby. Sharon whispered to me to look at them. Their bodies looked sculpted. Big chest pecs and six pack abs, with dark tans. Once their blanket was straight, they stripped out of their shorts. We both giggled when we saw their asses in Speedo swim trunks. That is, until they turned around. We both stop laughing and gasped. Their bulges made our mouths water. They caught us staring and chuckled. I reached over to her chin and closed her gaping mouth. We both were stunned but I recovered before she did. We were both virgins and curious. The only sexual activity either of us had was with each other.

They laid out on their blanket and oiled themselves. They introduced themselves. Randy and James were on vacation also. They were from a town not far from us. I couldn't believe that I was on vacation to meet a boy on vacation that lived less than 20 miles from my home. They invited us to join them, so we did.

We were both 18, Randy was 19 and James was 21. They were both in college. They were baseball players and on scholarship at state university. That is why their tan was so dark. They had been in the sun all spring and early summer. After three hours of sunning and drinking beers with them, they had to leave and goto practice. They were attending a baseball camp. They invited us to meet up later for dinner around 6:00 pm. We gave them our address and phone number.

Around 4:30, I suggested to Sharon that we should head home to shower and change for our date. She agreed and we were off. When we got home she called first in the shower. I stripped and laid out on the bed we shared. I fell asleep and awoke to find her licking me between my lips. I was in such a deep sleep, that when I realized what was going on, I came immediately. I wanted to return the favor to take her edge off as well, but she insisted that she was fine and to take my shower. I kissed her tasting my own cum on her tongue and lips. It wasn't easy to break away from her but then I realized James and Randy were on their way.

Randy called as soon as I was finished my shower. I asked him where we were going for dinner? He said to dress casual and light. They were running late and would be there by 6:30. Sharon and I both wore mini skirts and sandals. We wanted to show off our tans on our legs. She wore a cami top and I wore a tank top. She and I looked good enough to eat.

My uncle answered the door and let the boys in and gave them the third degree. They passed the test and we were off. When we walked out to the car, I couldn't believe my eyes. They were in a convertible Chrysler Sebring. We all hopped in and buckled up. I smelled something from the back seat.

"What's that smell?"

"Dinner" answered Randy

Sharon never the best at diplomacy, cursed at them.

"Cheap bastards, we're not going to a restaurant?"

"Listen Sweety, we are in college and don't have a lot of money. So we have to come up with romantic inexpensive ways to have fun with girls. We thought that a picnic dinner on the beach where we met would be nice"

Sharon was embarrassed. As she slumped in her seat, James reached and placed his arm around and pulled her close to him.

Once at the beach, we spread out a blanket again and ate dinner. It was nice, warm breeze and a sunset with our meal. It was romantic. As the sun set, we were locked into kissing with one another. Randy was such a good kisser. Sharon seemed to enjoy James' kisses as well. They were gentlemen and we kissed them goodbye at the door.

We went to our room. Sharon looked at me and I knew what she wanted. I wanted it too. They both had left us both sexually frustrated with them acting like gentleman. I threw her to the bed and pushed her skirt up and pulled her thong to the side and attacked her pussy with my tongue. Before we fell asleep we had each orgasm at least three times.

We woke up and kissed each other. I could still taste ourselves. We showered and ate breakfast quickly. My aunt and uncle had already left for work. During breakfast, we decided to not only to make the first move on these guys, but that we would switch partners. We figured lets have some fun with it.

Before we left for the beach we called the guys at their apartment. They couldn't meet us until dinner time. They had a double header to play. We asked where was the game. Instead of turning right to the beach, I turned left and headed to the ball game.

They won the first game and lost the second. Randy hit the game winning home run in the first game. James had a couple of hits also. In between games they came to us in the stands. I hugged Randy and smelled his sweat and my pussy started to drip like the beads on him. I then hugged James and inhaled him as well. I don't know what it is, I love the natural smell of a man, especially a rugged man. They only had a few minutes. We explained to them that tonight was on us and that we had a surprise for them. I think that is why they lost that second game. They were thinking about us instead of baseball. We said goodbye and told them to "be prepared" and to meet us at the spot at 7:00. We went home showered and changed our clothes. Again we wore mini skirts, this time without our thongs. We both wore our tiniest bikini tops. We went to a fast food place and bought dinner. When the guys arrived, we had music playing and we were stretched out on the blanket. We were leaning on our hands, our heads almost touching, with the food in front of us. They both cat called as they approached.

"What's the surprise girls?"


Sharon and I turned and kissed each other. We broke our kiss and looked at the guys. Their shorts were now "tented". As James tried to walk pass me to Sharon, I grabbed his hand and pulled him to me. He tumbled on top of me. I smiled at him and then I kissed him. When we stopped, he looked confused. I smiled at him.

"Boys, don't think, just enjoy this"

Randy sat with Sharon and started to kiss her. The rest of the evening went like the night before. The only difference was that we were with different partners. With the ice broken, James played with my titties as did Randy with Sharon's. They were so afraid to do anything with us. They were scared that we were setting them up some how. When the sun finally set and it became dark, I reached over to Sharon. I untied her top and she did mine. I lick and nibbled on her chest like it was nothing new. It wasn't for us, but the guys didn't know that. They watched as we sucked each other breasts. They finally made their move and Randy sucked Sharon's other tit. James then attacked my free titty as well. All of us, then were kissing one another in between attacking our breasts. James kissed me, then Sharon did and then Randy would. Randy would then kiss Sharon, and Sharon would turn and kiss James. We were having a good time switching back and forth. Randy being the bolder of the two of them, reached under my skirt during one of our kisses. He moaned when he felt my exposed hairless pussy slit.

"Man, Tracy doesn't have on anything under this skirt!!!"

James then reached under Sharon's skirt.

"She doesn't either"

That is when we got out of control. Soon James was licking my labia and Randy was sucking Sharon's. As we both were about to cum on their tongues, they would stop and change places. They went back and forth like that and drove us crazy. Finally, I had enough of this shit. I grabbed at James' shorts and pulled out his cock and started to suck on it. When Sharon saw that she did the same to Randy. It is all fair in love and war, so I winked at Sharon and she knew what that meant. As soon as the guys grabbed our heads and started to fuck our mouths to cum, we stopped and switched. We all laughed together, when that happened. We all had curfews and it was getting late, so we ended up in a chain. I was sucking Randy's dick. Randy was licking Sharon's slit. Sharon was slobbering on James's cock. And James was devouring my pussy. We all screamed as we all creamed. We donned our tops and headed to their car. We were early for our curfew but the boys were late. They promised to punish us for making them late. They just didn't say how. Sharon and I walked wearily to our bedroom. We admitted that we wanted more but the boys had left us exhausted. We fell asleep with smiles on our faces, in each others arms.

I awoke alone to the smell of bacon. I threw on my housecoat and ran downstairs. I found Sharon dancing and cooking breakfast. She and I sat and ate breakfast together. We talked about what took place the last two days with these guys. Even with all the sexual tension between us all, we agreed that we really liked these guys. Sharon seemed to like James more and that was ok with me because Randy was more my type anyway. During the course of the conversation, Sharon and I agreed that we were tired of being virgins. We acted like it was a disease and that we needed an injection... a male injection.

We spent the next two weeks in compromising positions with these guys. Blow jobs in a dugout. 69's in the guys apartment. And yes, we continued to swap back and forth. We all enjoyed each other, but we were all afraid to fuck. Then it happened.

We were at the apartment playing a drinking game, quarters. We had played before. The object is to bounce a quarter into a glass. Miss it and you have to chug a beer. Make it in and point someone to chug a beer, then bounce another one. We played it with an addition this time. Make more than one in a row, not a chug of beer, a shot of tequila instead.

After a hour, all of us were not feeling a thing except horny. As we paired of as usual, we again swapped after a few minutes. It seemed that every time I was in Randy's embrace, he would undress more of me. He was doing the same to Sharon. James was the benefit of Randy inhabitation. Soon enough we all were naked and locked in a chain. Randy was licking my slit. I was sucking James' cock. James was sucking Sharon's clit. Sharon was inhaling Randy's dick. The room was spinning. The moans were growing louder. Then we all crashed into orgasm. We were laughing and giggling. I got the familiar itch again. I wanted more, I wanted to fuck. I looked at James' cock and it was still hard. I crawled across the room and licked my way up his legs. When I was sitting in his lap, I kissed him with all the passion and desire that I had. I reached behind myself and grabbed his prick. I lifted myself and place his prick at my virgin entrance. Before he could stop me, I slammed my full body weight onto of him. And like that my virgin innocent was gone. I felt so full. I felt like a woman. After the sudden pain subsided, the pleasure began to build deep in my stomach. I couldn't help but scream from the pleasure.

I turned around and said,"Sharon try it, you'll love it"

Before I finished my sentence, Randy had mounted her and taken her virginity as well. Before long she was pounded her fists into the floor. We again climaxed together. As usual, we were lying intertwined with one another laughing and enjoying the sexual after glow. Suddenly Sharon smiled at me and crawled between my legs. She attacked my pussy like never before. Just as I orgasmed from her, I realized that she was cleaning my pussy from James' cum. Once I calmed down, I went after Randy's cum in her pussy. When I was finished feasting on it, the boys were ready to go at it again. As always, we switched partners. When we left their apartment, we walked home holding hands. Sharon and I went to bed after "cleaning up" each other again.

Well that is the story of how we lost our virginity. When we went home to attend college, we introduced the guys to our parents. For Christmas, Randy gave me an engagement ring. And James gave Sharon one. We had a double wedding a year and half later. On "our honeymoon" in Hawaii, Sharon and I gave the guys a special present, our asses. That's another story for another time.

Well today is "our 18th anniversary". We have lived every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day together. None of us could be happier.

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