tagIncest/TabooTeach Me, Big Brother

Teach Me, Big Brother


My boyfriend broke up with me. I was so upset. I couldn't go home. My mother didn't like my boyfriend anyway, so I didn't want to hear her say, "good riddance," "I told you so," or anything else like that.

I called my brother, and he came and picked me up at my college, one near my house, where I'm a freshman. He's way older than me, twenty-two years older, to be exact; he's forty and I'm just eighteen. In a lot of ways he's more like an uncle to me than a big brother.

I was so upset that he just took me to his apartment.

I was crying on his shoulder, getting his nice fancy shirt all wet with my tears, and he had his arms around me.

He dresses razor sharp all the time. He's got a nice car and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle too. He's good looking and strong and in great shape too. He looks sort of like a forty-year-old Pierce Brosnan. He smells real nice too. He wears cologne and aftershave. He has a big corner apartment on the twelfth floor with a gorgeous view. He's a lawyer.

I told him about the break up, told him the truth, that I really really liked this guy, but that I always felt nervous around him. He was my first boyfriend. We never really kissed, and he was trying to get me to do sex with him, but I wouldn't even let him touch my breasts.

My brother said, "You're not ready to date, too young to have a boyfriend." I am eighteen. All my friends have had boyfriends since I was thirteen, but my mom made me wait until I was eighteen, so it wasn't my fault that I had had no practice.

That's what my mom and dad said, so I said, "Hey, I can go home and hear this crap."

He laughed and said, "Okay, okay."

I like the way he laughs, love the sound of it. He's like a big-time serious lawyer but never takes things too seriously, except his clothes, his snazzy BMW, his shiny motorcycle and his fancy apartment.

He listened to me complain. I was angry at my boyfriend, but I blamed myself. I'd never kissed a guy before him and I felt so weird kissing him. No guy had ever seen me naked or touched me, so I was all weirded out by the whole idea of it. I liked my boyfriend so much that I felt weirded out with worry that I'd do something wrong or stupid and act like a doofus.

I said that I had even gone on the Pill two months before, but that I still wouldn't let my guy touch me other than to hold my hand. And I'd never even let him get my shirt off.

I was crying and all upset.

I said that I was going to go right out and find a completely random guy and let him kiss me and touch me and get me naked, but that I wasn't going to let him have sex with me. I said that I needed to do it right away before my guy found another girl.

My brother said, "That ain't the way it works. You think you can just tell a guy to stop once he gets your panties off?"

"Sure, everyone knows that "no" means "no." I'll tell a guy before we start what I want to do and don't want to do."

My brother said, "You can't trust guys like that."

"Why not?"

"A guy wants what he wants. He wants to fuck a pretty girl like you. If you let him get you naked and touch you, you'll get him all excited too. A guy that excited will likely not control himself, and most guys are a lot stronger than you."

I said, "I'm strong too!" I had played soccer and volleyball and was on the track team in high school and I still ran ten miles each time three days a week.

My brother laughed. I usually liked his big laugh, but he made me angry this time.

My brother could see it.

He said, "Show me how strong you are."

He took my wrist in his hand and gripped it so hard that it hurt. He pulled me up hard, jerking me up from his couch and said, "Kick me, hit me, do anything other than bite me or hick me in the nuts or hit my face. Show me how strong you are. Use your whole body, your arms and your legs and try to get away from me."

I was really angry, not so much at my brother as I was about my boyfriend breaking up with me, so I really hit my brother hard, in his chest, his gut. I kicked him out at him, knowing that I could do it hard because of five years of playing soccer, and I pulled away as hard as I could. He just stood there holding my wrist with one hand, but still I couldn't get away.

After a while, he said, "Now try to hit my face or to get me in the nuts."

I tried to knee him in the groin he blocked me with his other hand. I tried to hit his face, but he blocked me from doing that too with just one hand.

I'm in good shape, but after thrashing him for about 20 minutes I started to get tired, and I started to laugh. He was more than twice as old as me but he'd beaten me with just one hand.

We sat back down and talked some more.

When I'd caught my breath, my brother pushed me back with one hand, he turned me around and got my arm pinned behind my back. He ticked me to show me all the stuff he could do to me, all the stuff that I was powerless to stop him from doing. He even tickled my breasts and my butt, pulled up my long skirt and uncovered my panties so that he could smack my butt and he even tickled and smacked my butt close to the gap right between my legs.

Afterward, after he'd pulled my skirt down and let me up, I was still being stubborn, so I said, "Well, I'm gonna let him touch me there anyway, let him get me naked too, so what do I care?" I said that I didn't even care if some guy raped me, I just didn't care, because getting my boyfriend back was the most important thing to me.

My brother just laughed.

I said, "I want a guy to touch me so that I won't feel like a doofus when my boyfriend does it."

My brother said, "Okay, okay, but you can't trust a random guy, so what about me?"

I giggled nervously.

"I don't want some random guy to rape you, to hurt you."

"I know."

"So take off your clothes."

I giggled nervously but said, "It makes sense, I guess."

He said, "You can never tell mom or dad or anyone else, you know."

"Hey, I may be a doofus, but I'm not stupid."

"Okay then, strip."

I giggled. "You gonna kiss me and touch me too?"

"Yup, as long as you promise no random guys, as long as you promise never to let a guy do anything to you other than kiss you good night or hold your hand who hasn't taken you out on at least two dates and treated you with respect and kindness the whole time too."

I said, "You're really gonna touch me right here?" I pointed to my "holy of holies" and giggled.


"And you're going to let me touch you too, see your cock too, and touch it?" I hadn't said that that was part of my random-guy plan, but it was.


I giggled. "You gotta let me kiss you as much as I want."

"Okay." He took out his cellphone and called my mom.

It was Friday. He asked her if it was okay if I stayed with him tonight. I hate it. I'm eighteen but my family treat me like I'm still in junior high, even my own brother.

I giggled and said, "The whole weekend!"

She heard and said "okay."

After he hung up, I said, "I get to sleep with you all night too." That hadn't been part of the plan, but I wanted to know what that'd be like too.

He laughed, but he said "okay" again.

He said, "We're not going to have any kind of sex. No oral sex, no vaginal sex, no anal sex."

I giggled. "Like, d'ah!" I said, "I want to save all that for my boyfriend to be my first. But anything else, I get to decide?"

He laughed and said, "Okay, okay."

He was looking at me. I felt all nervous. But it just wasn't the same as with my boyfriend. I knew that I could trust my brother. Plus, it wasn't like I was crazy in love with my brother. I loved him, but I wasn't in love with him. And besides all that, my brother knew that I was a doofus, so I knew that if I acted like one he'd still love me and not laugh at me in a way that would hurt my feelings. I liked it when he laughed at me for being such a fucking doofus some of the time, even, and sometimes I acted like a doofus on purpose just to make him laugh at me.

So I got up and, giggling, took my shirt off, showing him my shiny satin ivory-colored bra from Victoria's Secret. Then I took my sneakers off and then my socks. I took my pants off and then my bra. He was looking at me too, really looking, as I stood there in just my pale pink cotton panties.

I'm a b-cup. My titties sort of stick out, and my quarter-sized nipples were all pointy and sticking out too.

I giggled and asked, "Are you enjoying this?"

He laughed and said, "Yes, I am, very much, actually. You're beautiful, sis, very beautiful and sexy."

I laughed and said, "I bet you're gonna like kissing me and touching me too, like a pervert!"

I giggled happily. In a flash I pulled my panties down and stepped out of them.

My hair on my head is a light brown with natural blond highlights. I had had hair that was very blond when I'd been little, but it had slowly darkened. But my pubes were a much darker brown.

I said, "Your turn, big brother."

He laughed and said, "Not yet."

I giggled and pouted, but I really didn't mind. I knew he'd live up to his end of the bargain when he felt like it.

He said, "Come here."

I went and sat on his lap. He kissed me right on the lips. I think that I'd only let my boyfriend only do that seven times.

He told me to open my legs and he looked right at me down there.

I felt so shy, but I knew that that was my problem, the one that he was helping me with.

I was hoping he wouldn't touch me there, not yet, and he didn't. He kissed me again.

He said, "Open your mouth when I kiss you."

Oh boy, my first French kiss, with my brother, with me stark naked, sitting on his lap, and him completely dressed. I giggled.

He kissed me and his warm wet tongue slipped into my mouth. We were kissing and kissing. His hands were on my bare hips.

Then he touched my breasts. He squeezed them gently, he pinched and pulled my nipples gently, and then he let them go and went back to just kissing me.

I felt so good; I was like in heaven. I started to wonder why I hadn't let my boyfriend kiss me this way or just taken my clothes off for him. What was the big fucking deal?

We were kissing and kissing. Every now and then he'd touch my breasts. I liked it when he did that too. I loved having his hands on me. He'd kiss me and hold my face in his hands, hold my neck, hold my hips. He caressed my skin with his hands and sometimes just with his fingertips. His hands went around and he grabbed my naked butt and squeezed it hard and pulled me toward him, lifting me off his lap.

We were kissing and he reached down and stroked my belly, and I knew that he was going to touch me between my legs soon. I felt ready and even wanted him to do it.

He stroked me down there, on that grove down there. It felt so good.

He said, "God, sis, you're so wet."

I knew what he meant. I finger myself every night. I can't sleep without doing it.

His finger went into me, pushed into me, and he felt around in there.

Then he laughed and rolled me over and spread my butt cheeks and spat right on my butthole.

I giggled and said, "What the fuck?"

But then he stuck his finger up my butt. I was giggling too. I hadn't expected him to do that, but if he wanted to, why not?

I giggled and asked, "If I were your girlfriend, would you do anal sex on me?"

He laughed but didn't answer my question, but I knew that he would do a girl up her butt if she let him.

He was still pushing his finger into my butt when I asked, but then it started to feel weird. I tried to relax and his finger went all the way into me down here. He rubbed me on that special little button over my pussy hole, and I came. It just happened. I came and moaned and thrashed and he fingered me in and out in my butthole while rubbing that spot and I came again and again.

He laughed and pulled his finger out of my butt but he kept rubbing that spot of a minute after.

He said, "What do you think?"

I giggled. "Any girl with you, no hole would be safe. My brother, the buttfucker."

My brother laughed and said, "Don't let any guy assfuck you more than twice a week, no matter how much you like it or how much he wants to do it."

"Why not?"

"It sort of wears out being good. Let it recover, give it at least three days. Besides, if you do it too much, you'll have accidents, nasty accidents."

I giggled and said, "Okay. But girls like that?" I meant getting fucked in the butt.

"Some do, some don't, but I can tell that you'll love it."

I giggled. "How can you tell?"

"You love getting fingered there."

It was true. It had felt weird but very good, especially when he rubbed me between my legs as he did it.

He said, "And only do it if a guy gets you ready first, by fingering you, going slow, first one, then two, then three fingers, so that you're open down their. Make sure he uses oil too. Rub your clit or have him do it too while he fucks your sexy little ass, too."

He hadn't used any oil, but he had spat on my butthole.

He started to stand up so that I slid off his lap. He went and washed his hand, and he called me into the bathroom, bent me over the sink, and washed my butthole and the crack of my butt, while I giggled the whole time.

I said, "I want to see your dick, big brother. Don't make a poor girl wait."

He took me into his bedroom. I sat on his bed and watched him take off his pants and then his undies. He folded his clothes as he took them off, even his undies. His penis was still covered by the tails of his button-down shirt, but he took that off too.

I was looking at his penis. It was big and sticking right up. The last time I saw one, other than when I'd changed my sister's baby son, was when I played doctor with Bobby Jones when I was four.

He just had on a tee-shirt, but I told him to take that off too.

"I want both of us naked."

He laughed and said, "And you say that you're shy?" He skinned off his snow-white tee-shirt.

I giggled.

I said, "Come over here, I want to touch it."

He laughed and said, "Impatient girl," but he came over and I took his penis in my right hand and then both of my hands. The skin was so soft that I was amazed, and the thick top of his penis, what he called the head, was shaped sort of like a the cap of a mushroom.

I touched his sack and nads too. He was standing in front of me and I was sitting. I was really enjoying myself, sort of like a kid in a candy shop with his very first twenty-dollar bill, I guess.

I started to stroke him. I knew that guys jacked off and that girls jacked guys off too. My friend Miranda had even told me how to do it.

When he realized that I was jacking him off instead of just examining him, he gently took my hands off of him and he went and got a few paper towels and some oil. It was in a fancy brushed chrome pump like you have for hand soap. He got this really big thick towel too.

His place is really nice, and his bed is like eight feet wide.

He put some on my hands and told me to be careful not to get any of it on his sheets. My mom jokes about him being a "neat freak."

He showed me how to stroke him. He was standing right in front of me. If I had leaned forward I could've taken his penis right into my mouth. I was stroking him up and down, his hands guiding mine. Then he started to play with my breasts. He squeezed them hard and hurt me a little. He took his finger and started to finger my mouth too, while he pinched and tugged my nipples, one at a time, back and forth, so that they started to really tingle. I was kissing his fingers, sucking on the them, letting him like fuck my mouth with his fingers. I was excited and kind of liked the way he was touching my mouth, my face, my neck, and my breasts.

I was stroking him up and down too, and then he started to moan and to move his hips. He said, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum all over your face, sis."

I hadn't realized that he was going to do that, but his cock was practically right in my face anyway, so I guess I should've realized that that was a possibility. But I didn't care. I wanted him to do it, wanted him at that moment to do whatever he wanted, really wanted to please him, but I was caught up in it too, so I was excited too and wanting him to cum and shoot his big load all over my face and hair.

He moaned and said, "Open your mouth," and I did it, and he shot all over me, on my face, my hair, my neck and my breasts. It was totally awesome. Some of it got in my mouth too, and I tasted it and swallowed it.

I felt like such a naughty, nasty girl. I'd jacked my own brother off and let him cum on my face, even opened my mouth so that he could shoot some into it and had tasted it and swallowed it.

I was giggling. He scooped some of his cum off my breasts and stuck his cum-wet fingers into my mouth and I licked them clean. I was thinking "yuck" and "this isn't so bad" at the same time.

Well, he pulled me up and took me into the shower and we washed each other.

In the shower, I said, "You know, I figured we were just going to kiss for a little while, just so that I wouldn't feel so weird, and then I'd like take my clothes off and let you look, you know, like a posing for Playboy, and then you'd touch me in each place, you know, just my breasts once, and my, you know, that other place, once each, and then you'd undress, and I'd do like a doctor's exam or something to you."

He laughed. He was just letting me babble.

I giggled and teased him, "You seem to be enjoying this way too much for just some favor you're doing your little sister."

He laughed. He bent me over and put a soapy finger up my butt. He was fingering me in and out down there again. I reached down and rubbed my clit and came again.

I turned around and he was hard again.

I said, "I bet if I let you, you'd fuck your own sister right up my ass tonight, and forget all about your rule about no sex."

He laughed again.

I said, "But I'm saving myself, big brother."

He laughed and said, "Let him do your mouth and your pussy first time, but let me have your cute butt all to myself. You could come over twice a week and let me do it to you."

But I sensed that he was teasing me, that he meant what he had said about the no sex rule.

I asked, "Tell, my brother, if I let you, would you?"

"No, not tonight."

I laughed. "Why not tonight?"

"Because, sis, you're in love with another guy."

"And if I were in love with you?"

He laughed and said, "Still not tonight. You are my sister, and you should have time to think about if you'd be doing what you really want."

I laughed, "But if I did decide that I wanted it, you'd fuck your own eighteen-year-old sister, even in my butt?"

He laughed and said, "Yes."


"I love you. I don't want to see another guy hurt you. And besides, now we've already done every thing except fuck."

It was true.

Then he said, "Besides, you're gorgeous and sexy and beautiful, and I think you're gonna be exactly the kind of girl I want for me very own."

"What kind of girl is that?"

"A beautiful girl who loves sex more than anything else, but not a slut. Sluts want to do it with a whole bunch of guys, but a girl like you will always want just one guy, a guy who really loves her. And for him and only him, you'll do anything and everything he wants, and do it eagerly and love every minute of it."

I realized that he was right.

We were still washing each other. We'd been in the shower for a while, but I was enjoying it and so was he, I think.

He pinned me up against the way and kissed me, the water pouring down our bodies.

We got dressed and went out together. He took me to a little Indian place that he liked, where everyone was dressed like you'd see people on the street. It wasn't fancy at all, but the food was out of this world. For once he dressed like a normal person too, well, about as normal as he ever dressed. His polo shirt was crisply ironed, his jeans were very nice and expensive, and he had on alligator cowboy boots.

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