Teach Me Ch. 01


"I don't know if we can do this," she whispered. I just looked at her. What was I going to say?

"I wish we could," I breathed.

"We are just 2 people aren't we," she asked? She leaned back in and kissed me.

I opened my mouth slightly and let her tongue in. We kissed like that for a minute before my hand continued back to the soaked panties. I ran my finger over her slit and felt how wet she really was. She was going to need a new pair of panties no matter what we did tonight. She broke the kiss and leaned back. Fuck I did something wrong I thought.

"You can't tell anybody about any of this," she said as she stood and clicked the TV off.

"Like I want to ruin my chances," I replied.

"Just making sure," she said as she stood and motioned me to follow.

"Where we going," I asked dumbly?

"Well, I would rather in the bed then the couch," she whispered as she closed the door after me.

I stood there as she walked past and sat on the bed. Her legs hung open slightly offering me another peak. Soon I wouldn't need a peak I hoped. I treaded across the room to the bed and sat down next to her. She leaned and kissed me. I returned the kiss. I could tell she was still a little apprehensive about this and she could still change her mind. I was going to let her make the moves and see where it went. She knew we could stop at just kissing and go back to somewhat normal if she didn't want to take it further than that.

But she didn't seem to slow as we traded wet slow kisses with each other's tongue exploring its new found mouth. The heat from her mouth told me that she had been waiting for this for some time. I began to slide my hand up her arm and eventually found my way to her left breast. I had been waiting for so long and now I was finally able to touch. Perfect and soft, all though there seemed to be a lot of padding over it. She broke the kiss shortly after and leaned back.

"Have you ever done this before," she asked with a look of desire.

"Just with myself," I joked.

"I already saw that part," she replied in a soft laugh. A tender side of her I had vaigly seen but like.

"Well, we will just be slow." She leaned in and kissed me again like a lovers parting kiss for a long trip and then broke off. She slid up the bed and lay back with her head on the pillow and looked down at me. I took in the scene of her small framed body lying on the bed with her short black night gown bunched up so the bottom of her panties was showing. She smiled with desire as I started my way after her. I placed my arm over her and leaned down as she closed her eyes and we resumed kissing.

She pushed on my hips to position me over her. I stopped kissing for a second to figure out what she wanted. I got the hint as she swung one leg over and I found myself in between her well toned legs. I looked down and saw the wet spot I had felt earlier. We were still clothed but I felt my cock get ever harder. I was actually in between somebody's legs I thought. What made it better was I was between hers. She smiled at me, maybe reading my mind as I returned to kissing her. My hand drifted down to her bunched up gown and started to slide it up. She subtlety wiggled her hips around to help it slide under. It cleared that and up her hips past her smooth tummy and up the mound of her tits. We broke for a second as it passed over her face and off. I glanced back down and saw her beautiful body and my dick raged once again. She remained in her padded black bra and grey, nothing fancy, panties with the noticeable wet spot in the middle. Her little blonde hairs were peeking out from the sides.

She pushed on my chest and rolled me off. She's changed her mind I thought. She sat up and pulled my shirt over my head. She admired my tight chest as she tossed the fabric onto the floor. She pushed me down and straddled me. Her hair fell to the side as she returned to kissing me softly.

"You okay," she asked as she looked into my eyes.


Very nervous and excited," I sighed as she sat up. Her chest heaved slightly as she breathed.

"We can stop," she offered.

"Only if you want," I breathed.

She leaned back down and continued to kiss me as she reached for my pants. I cut in and went for her clasp on her bra. She put her arms on my chest and held my face with her soft hands as I fumbled around. Finally it popped loose and the straps slid down her arms. She sat up and worked her way down my body. The bra held in place to my disappointment. I so badly wanted to see them free and for all they were worth. They did look good though.

She pulled the button and unzipped my pants. She sighed as she hooked her fingers around the top of my pants and pulled both them and my boxers off. My cock flipped forward and slapped against my stomach before waving back towards the head of the bed. She admired as I froze. She smiled as she tossed my cloths to the floor.

"Very nice," she smiled as she leaned back and pulled her panties off. The fabric clung to her wetness as they slid away. Her blonde bush came into view and then disappeared as she turned away from me and crawled to the night stand. I leaned forward to get a little peak. Her ass was even better than expected as her wet lips just peaked out from behind. Dam she had a perfect ass I thought as she turned back. Her bra had fallen to the floor and my eyes darted to her tits. They were fantastic. C cup on her frame with these little button nipples and dark areolas that were tanned. No tan lines I thought as I had confirmed that. They were firm, nice and very natural. No sagging but still had bounce. She handed me the condom and smiled as she lay down.

"No turning back now," she sighed as she spread her legs. I looked down and just saw the top of her mound as her wet hair spread around it. I gulped a dry gulp.

"I'm not sure how to use these things," I said quietly.

"Oh," she replied as she sat back up. She took the package back and opened it. "Just watch," she reassured me as she gently pushed me down. She slid the slippery latex object out of the foil and looked at it.

"Got to make sure you roll with not against." she carefully took my aching cock into her hand. Her touch was soft yet firm. I melted. She placed it on and unrolled it down my length. She smiled as she released and returned to her back.

"That's all there is too it," she coed.

"Oh," I said as my heart raced. I was pushing myself up and getting between her legs. I was still in awe that I was going to fuck my hot teacher. I settled in between and looked at her exposed puss. The lips puffed out and framed her perfect opening. Her blonde hair was light and curled around in a wet mess. She was extremely horny to say the least. White wetness seeped from her small opening as I pushed my dick down and towards it. I touched the molten hole and held for a second. I could burst at any minute I thought. Her heat was remarkable as I felt her lips swell out to make way for my rod. I looked at her then down again and watched her puffy outer lips expand to reveal little thin lips on the inside as my cock inched inwards. She moaned as I got the head past the opening and inside her slit. She grabbed my butt with her feet and pulled me all the way in.

She sighed with joy as I gasped with pleasure as her pussy rippled up and down my shaft feeling the invader of pleasure as I sat and relished in my cherry popping.

"Just relax and take your time," she assured me as I sat still and felt my dick pulse as it had never before. I looked down and we were pube to pube as her lips were parted with my shaft up the middle. Her wetness hit my nose and I felt so hungry for her. I started to pull back as she moaned. My head reached the entrance and then returned back down the slippery tunnel over and over, slowly and deliberately. Her fingers now appeared and slid through her bush and found her happy spot. She rubbed gently and moaned softly as she looked up at me. I examined the finger that ran circles around a little bump of pearl skin. It glistened and sparkled with the moisture that seeped from her very depths.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Take your time, slow sex is better than no sex," she cried as she slowly picked up the pace with her fingers. They forked around my cock as I entered and softly touched my balls. I stopped and she released with a slight opps sorry grin. I pumped slowly and watched her run her hand around her pussy. Through the bikini shaved but not trimmed hair and then return to her clit.

"Oh yes," she cried as she pinched a nipple. I pumped slowly thinking it couldn't get any better. Suddenly she had a look in her eyes as a hand drifted lower and under her butt. I couldn't see what was going on butt I could feel my balls on top of her hand.

"Oh," she cried as I looked. A finger disappeared into her asshole easily with the white cream running from her pussy. "Yes," she cried as she withdrew it and asked, want to try something different?


Okay," I said as I felt a strong push to want to cum.

She pushed my chest and my cock slid back and popped out of her tight hole with a swish. It closed up tight like nothing was even in it. She sat up and rolled onto her knees with her butt in the air.

"Go ahead, just be slow and gentle until I warm up to you," she said. I shook my head and looked at her from the back side. Her ass was so perfect and her tight pussy hung in plain view framed by her blonde matted pubes that curled around and up into the crack of her ass. Her tight little butt hole puckered pink just like her puss. I moved closer and my dick slid under her puss and across her pubes.

"Opps, up a lot," she cooed. I moved back a little and my dick slid up and found her entrance from the back. I started to push in again.

"No, no," she teased, "A little higher." I pulled back just as my cock started to sink into her puss. It pulled at my cock as I retracted.

"I thought I was in the right spot," I whispered.

"Not for what I want," she relied.

"You want it up the...," I trailed off.

"Yeah, the butt," she finished. "I don't get to do it this way ever but I enjoy it."

"The ass," I said as I looked at it and loved how it curved and was so firm.

"Yeah the ass, right in my asshole." "put it in unless you don't think you can handle it," she teased with a sudden boldness. "Just take it slow until my asshole adjusts.

"Asshole it is then," I said with a certain disbelief. Fucking my hot teacher was one thing, but fucking her in the ass was another.

"Wow, what a chick," I exclaimed as I moved my cock up the trail of wetness that led from her pussy up to her asshole. I put my cock head squarely on her hole and pushed gently forward. Her asshole muscles relaxed and my head worked its way in. The head broke through as I increased the pressure and I slipped in about half way. The sudden movement surprised us both with a gasp. Her hole clamped down on the invader and we both held still as we waited.

"Just be slow," she said with a grunt.

"Did I hurt you I asked?

"A little, but it's ok, be slow," she assured. "Pump in short strokes." I did just that until my hips were pushed right up to her cheeks.

"Okay, now long and slow strokes just like in my pussy and I'm going to cum a gallon so be ready," she huffed.

"Me too," I replied as I pulled back and then pushed forward.

"Dam your asshole is tight," I groaned as she pushed back to meet my thrusts.


It doesn't get used ever," she cried. To my surprise I hadn't came yet.

"Fuck me harder," she grunted as she pushed back.

"I won't last long," I cried.

"Just fuck me, once you cum you will last longer on the next one," she puffed. Next one I thought as I started pushing harder. "Just don't exit or it is going to be over," she cried as her one hand curled the sheets while the other brushed her clit. Her tits her giggling so I leaned my weight on her back and cupped one.

"Pinch my nipple," she ordered. I found her small nipple and gave it a twist. I doubled in size and puffed out. "Yeah like that," she cried. "Yes just like that," she yelped.

"Oh fuck, yes I'm cumming," she cried as she leaned her head down and braced for the long awaited release. She started cumming hard and pushed back into me. My knee slipped on the sheet and back we both fell. Her hard landing and convulsing on my cock set me over the edge. I grabbed her hips and bounced her small frame on my cock from the sitting position as she encouraged, "oh don't stop I'm cumming."

"Me to," I groaned as I felt my dick swell inside and push my hot liquid out into the rubber.

"Holy fuck your cumming," she cried as she felt my dick swell. Her pussy had slowed as my dick continued to pulse. Her cum leaked slightly out and onto my nuts as I pulsed one last time with a loud grunt.

We both settled into a slump still together as my cum oozed from the condom and down my nuts to the bed sheets. She breathed hard from her orgasm, her tits heaved as her blonde hair clung to her face. "Wow," she puffed as she slowly unimpailed herself from my cock. My cum strung off her ass and onto the sheets.

"Whew," she puffed as she lay down and hung her legs open. Her puss came back into view. Her lips just slightly hung open as more white slowly trickled from between. Her hair was matted and tangled in a weird, freshly fuck hard way. Her asshole was red now as were her cheeks. I admired the scene for a minute as she started to slow her breathing. I crawled up next to her and laid by her side.

"I finally got laid," she whispered like she was a little kid on Christmas. She rolled over and kissed my parted lips. I returned. She laid back and said, "finally," with a big smile.

"Me too," I replied. "And I had to wait way longer then you," I joked.

She giggled her little girl giggle and said, "Yeah." Her face was molten and glowing. She was the happiest I had ever seen her. I had always made her smile but she was truly happy at this moment. I did something right I thought.

We rested for another minute before she sat forward and looked at my cock. "Oh honey, take that thing off and get a fresh one." She pulled and the rubber slipped off easily. The cum dumped on my leg and onto the sheets before it left her hand and found the floor. She reached over and pulled a fresh one from the drawer and smiled at me. She bit her lower lip in a seductive way and flipped her hair up.

"Ready for another one, I am," she smiled. She opened the foil and pulled the package out. She rolled the rubber down my semi hard cock.

"Is he ready," she asked as she swung a leg over me to be on top. I watched her smoken little body sitting over me. Her pussy lips almost pouted down as they investigated my wood. Her tits hung perfect as I examined them on route to her face. My dick couldn't help but want to fulfill so back up it came.

"That's more like it," she cooed as she grasp my now rigid cock and lowered herself down. "Oh," she sighed as my head parted her lips and slid to the hilt. Her lips mashed my hairs down as she ground on my pelvis.

"Oh yes," she cried as she started to cum." fuck yeah," she squeaked as her clit pushed on the bottom of my dick. I watched as her small orgasm took hold of her body. Her nostrils flared out as her eyes rolled around. Her tits heaved and nipples popped out like raisins. Her toes curled a little as she ran her hands across my toned chest.

"Fuck yeah that's nice to feel too," she moaned as she came down from her high. "Nice chest," she complimented.

"Not too bad yourself," I replied

"Humm," she teased as she started to pull her pussy up and down my shaft.

"Tell me when you are going to cum," she cooed. I shook my head yes and continued to watch the dream unfold. It wasn't a dream though. This was a real sexy woman making it happen. Her blonde hair bounced with each impact with my pelvis. A hand pinched one nipple as the other softly flicked through her bush. Her eyes were shut and her face twisted with excitement as she rode me to another orgasm. Dam she was so hot I thought as I ran my eyes over her body again and again. I was starting to get the full picture on how hot she was.

"Oh," she twisted with joy as she came a little again. "Ahh," she sighed softly as she regained her rhythm. "I was hoping for a big one again," she cried. I reached out and grabbed her hips to halt her.

"I'm close," I said.

She became possessed as she dismounted and spun down to my dick. She pulled the rubber off and sent it sailing across the room. I watched it slap against the wall and stick before starting to roll its way gently down. My attention was snapped back to my dick as a new sensation was discovered by my cock.

"Oh yeah," I groaned as her tongue gently swirled around the head of my cock. "Oh fuck yeah," I cried as her mouth covered my dick and exerted a tight suction on its head. "Fuck," I grunted as the tongue twisting around my shaft cause my balls to fire and explode.

"I'm cumming," I puffed almost too late to alert her. My burst fired and I watched her cheeks flare. Another fired and she bore down as best she could but some escaped out the corner of her mouth. Another fired and more leaked out. One last small one shot out as she pulled back and swallowed hard. In one gulp a mouthful of cum was gone and she returned to lick the last one she missed and milked my dick dry.

"Whew that was a lot more than I expected," she sighed as she rolled her tongue across her teeth to get any extras. "You taste pretty good," she whispered as we looked at each other.

"I don't ever get to do that anymore either," she sighed. Her husband was very mundane and to the point with her I took it. I was fast becoming her little fuck toy, and I was loving every minute of it.

We laid there for 5 minutes just laying and not saying anything. Just enjoying the warmth of another body beside us. I broke it by sliding my hand down her stomach to her bush. I felt how matted and disheveled it was after our two fucks. My hand continued down until I found my wet prize between. Her lips puffed out and my hand ran down her slit. I felt the soft bump of her clit and circled it softly. She slowly opened her legs and allowed me to feel around. She moaned softly as I scratched lightly at her clit before going farther down to her hole. I had felt it with my dick but not my hands.

I softly slipped a finger in. She moaned as my finger disappeared up to the second knuckle. It felt so wet and smooth yet it had defined undulations at the opening before going smooth and tight farther in. she rolled her head and looked at me.

"You sure know how to turn me on." "I want so bad to fuck you again," she said coyly. "Are you sure you have never done this before," she whimpered as I slipped my finger out and journeyed back to her clit.

I smiled and said, "Not until tonight." she rolled back and looked at the clock.

"Shit night," she cried. "When are you getting picked up," she asked?

"Shit," I sat up and looked over her shoulder at the clock. "By 9 at the latest."

"It's just about 8," she said as she looked at me.

"Fuck," I said as I looked at her. "I don't want to leave you all horned up," I said.

"Go call somebody at your house and see if you can stay here tonight," she offered. I gave her a yeah right look but knew I had to try.

"You will get more of this," she teased as she tipped her hips forward and my hand ran over her even wetter cunt.

"Fuck me," I said as I rolled over and put my feet on the ground.

"Yeah you can fuck me but you better call so get an open schedule," she teased. "I have all night and a wet pussy with months of neglect waiting for you."

"Where is the phone," I asked in desperation?

"Right next to the place that this first began," she teased. I hopped off the bed and ran for the door. "You want pants," she asked as she went towards to bathroom. I didn't even slow down. I franticly dialed the numbers to home and waited for an answer.

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