Teach Me Ch. 10


I parted her ass cheeks and admired the slick lips of her pussy. They were wet and swollen. She wasn't lying about her state of arousal. One quick lick let me know how wet she was. She moaned with anticipation. I pressed my tongue further into her smooth lips and tasted her juice. It was always satisfying and left me wanting more.

I flattened out on the bed between her legs and rested on my elbows. She opened herself more but remained curled up on her knees with her head in the sheets. I used my hands to spread her ass apart and continue to lick. Gently I nibbled her pink folds. They glistened with excitement as she moaned. It was muffled by the gag but was still loud enough.

I drove lower and attacked her clit. It was budded out and excited. It begged for attention. I swirled my tongue over the nub and she delighted in the feeling. She rolled her hips with my tongue and pressed her face harder into the sheets to moan. I slapped her ass to tease her.

"Umph," she grunted.

My middle finger found her asshole and probed it gently. She pushed back and it disappeared inside to the first knuckle. I pressed it in all the way. A long and desperate moan softly filled the room. Her hips bucked as her ass tightened down on my finger. I couldn't make out what she was groaning about but I knew the result. She was cumming.

I let her cum and continued to tease her asshole. My tongue only licked her a little. She settled. My cock needed some attention now. It left a wet spot on the bed where it had drooled pre cum. I sat and pulled her legs back. She dropped flat on the mattress and started to turn over. I pounced and held her.

She craned her head around to look back at me. I slapped her ass hard and shook my finger at her. She jumped at the strike and whimpered. I used my palms to press her ass apart and expose both holes. Her asshole puckered and her pussy quivered as she didn't know what I would choose. I wanted her pussy tonight.

I slid forward and pressed my cock down into the small space between her legs. She understood now and tipped her hips to present more to me. My cock became soaked as I pressed harder into the gap. It was greeted by her soft lips sucking it inside. I slipped deep into her wet folds and held. Her pussy was tight but soaked which made it easy to develop and nice motion.

"Oh fuck," she cried. It was muffled by the gag but I could understand it.

I grabbed her arms and twisted them up behind her back. I moved forward more. It allowed me to drop into her pussy rather than push into it. My cock rode hard against her button and she groaned with her approval.

I glanced at the door and saw a shadow from light that came in under the crack. Somebody was listening.

"Oh fuck, I'm close," she muffled.

"Quiet," I ordered.

I was almost there with her. I tangled her arms into one of my hands and tapped her head. Her head rolled and I pointed to the door. She saw the shadow move away and then return. Her eyes rolled up to look at mine. I shook my head and pressed deep into her. I ground my pelvis hard against her ass before pulling up and dropping again.

"Humph," she whimpered softly.

Her eyes begged for me to release with her. I nodded and dropped again. She bucked and wiggled as she started. I began to fill her as we silently came together. She only let out one squeak as we came.

I released her arms and fell onto her back covering her. I remained impaled inside her as we rested and watched the shadow pass the door again. Maybe they were just running through something that they thought they should work on when we got back home. My imagination was working overtime with all the things that were going down.

"Hum as hum," she tried to speak.

I clicked the device open and she spit.

"Thanks," she cooed. "That felt unfucking believable."

"Yeah, you have no idea," I replied.

"You think they are listening," she asked?

"Doubt it," I played it off. "They practice after a fight to figure out what went wrong."

Her hands shifted and slid under her body. I felt her finger tips touching my balls as her legs opened.

"Where is the bathroom," she asked?

"Outside," I said.

"Shit, what am I going to do with all this," she asked? "You filled me full."

I was starting to go soft and soon I would leak everywhere. I quickly pulled the pillow case off a pillow and stuffed it under her as I pulled free. She rolled it up over her and waited. Then she sat up and waited some more. After a while she tossed it. We snuggled and didn't speak for the rest of the night.

I got up early the next morning. I didn't have to wake up, I had been up all night or in a shallow state of sleep worried. I shook her awake and quickly got her out of the room and sent back down to hers. She would get ready and be ready by 8:30. I packed my bags and left to go meet her.

We took a cab to the airport where we used our tickets to fly to Perth, Australia. It took the better part of 18 hours to get half way around the world but we had made it. We were starting our new lives together and couldn't be happier doing it.


I should have never let her get on the plane. That single moved brought the best thing I ever had to an end. We had made our escape and bought a nice little house. We made new friends and left the old ones behind. We had everything going and were so happy.

We swore we would never go back but a year into it she wanted to see her mom and sister. I begged her not to go and told her it was a bad idea. She pleaded and pressed the issue. She just wanted to let them know she was ok and that she was doing great in her life. I tried to explain this was like being in the witness protection program, there was no going back. She got her way and promised me that she would be very careful and be back in a week.

5 days later I got the terrible phone call. Mike had found her and shot her and killed her right in front of her sister's house. Then he shot an FBI agent that had been tailing him for months when he tried to stop it. His partner called for backup and there was a 2 day standoff. It all ended peacefully but the damage had been done. Sarah was gone and I was crushed.

The FBI was set to move in and bust him within the next two weeks. Just two weeks was the difference. They found all the people on his payroll and built their case. Just two weeks, I couldn't believe it.

Now I found myself on a plane heading back to the states. His trial would start in a week. I was going to be there and watch justice be served for what he did to her. It would never bring her back but it was some kind of closer I guess.

I still hadn't contacted my family and didn't know if I could. The drill sergeant would never forgive me. I had disappeared in Duval County (Jacksonville area) for all they knew. I would meet Sarah's mom and sister. They were the ones who contacted me. They were not mad at me at all. Sarah got to explain everything before the incident. They were happy I gave her the chance for a better life.

We had a good life together. It was short and bitter sweet but I wouldn't have changed anything had I known what lay ahead. You know what they say, only the good die young. At least that's what I will tell Ava until she is old enough to understand.

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