tagFetishTeach Me Trans-Mistress Ch. 04

Teach Me Trans-Mistress Ch. 04


Chapter 4: He/She Is Inducted In Gold

Once I felt that Nancy had had enough to drink I told her to get the special glass from the bar. She walked over and looked then asked, "Mistress, which one do you mean?"

"Look on the shelf behind you, it is a crystal glass with a gold design onto it, do you see it?"

"Yes Mistress, I have it."

"Good, bring it to me so I can explain its purpose." I knew that while she walked back to the couch she could not help but look at the design. It was that of a woman dressed erotically, standing with a transvestized man between her legs. What made it different was that the transvestite appeared to have his mouth open and from the woman's crotch there appeared to be a stream leading to his mouth. I looked at Nancy, "Have you guessed the purpose of this glass Nancy?" She looked at me with fear in her eyes, "I think so Mistress." I looked at her wickedly, "Well what do you think the design represents?"

"It appears that the woman seems to be urinating into the transvestized slave's mouth, Mistress."

I was so glad that Nancy had figured that. "You are right Nancy. Let me tell you why the woman is urinating into the transvestized slave's mouth. The purpose of this is for the slave to show his total devotion to his Mistress by accepting to receive something very special that comes from within the Mistress' body, in this case her urine. There are different names for this practice, the Golden Shower is when the Mistress urinates all over her slave's body, the Golden Champagne is when the slave, either by force or to please his Mistress, accepts to drink her urine. Another practice even goes further, and for this one the slave is humiliated with his Mistress' feces. The Brown Shower is when your Mistress simply defecates on your body and then there is the ultimate, the Divine Chocolate when you show your adoration to your Mistress by accepting to eat her feces. Needless to mention that this is the ultimate worship of your Mistress' body. What do you think of those perversions, my little slave Nancy?"

She looked at me with fear into her eyes, "I think it is very symbolic of the slave's submission to his Mistress, although I do not know if I will be able to do it for you Mistress Leah."

I was so pleased with her answer that I smiled at her. "Do not worry my slave, although I have had some of my previous slave into such a position, I never forced them to accept such an humiliating act. It is much more gratifying when the slave accepts to do it of his own will. But enough said on the subject. Before you start to worship me you will take that glass and put it on top of the toilet in the bathroom, just to remind you that I might ask you to commit yourself totally, now go and come back quickly so you can learn how to please me."

I watched Nancy as she walked to the bathroom in her five-inch high heels, her waist swinging like she had worn those high heels all her life. I knew then that I had accomplished something good today and settled back in the couch to await my reward. I made sure my skirt was open therefore exposing my stockinged sheathed legs. As Nancy stepped out of the bathroom I could see she was fearful about our time together. As she started to sit in the opposite chair I said, "No Nancy, I want you to come here and kneel in front of me, it is time you start to submit to your Mistress for her pleasure!" As she knelt down in front of me, I looked at her and raised my right leg, exhibiting my stockings and G-string, "Now I want you to worship my high heels, kiss and lick them, become a slave to my leather!"

Nancy took my shoe in her hand and immediately I noticed her nails, tomorrow I would have to do something that would give her more feminine looking hands. I watched as she kissed and licked the black patent leather of my high heels. I saw her tongue snake out and start licking the powerful leather. I admired my slave as she worshipped my high heel. "Be careful not to touch my stockings Nancy, I only want you to kiss and lick my shoe for now, other wise I will have to discipline you." Because of her dress I could not see if she was excited sexually, but I knew from experience that she would be.

I let Nancy worship both my high heels for quite some time, I wanted her to learn how to properly be at my feet. A few times I had to use my riding crop to remind Nancy not to let her tongue touch any other part of my body as I felt her licking my stocking sheathed feet. After a while I was tired and needed more stimulating, I stood up and said to Nancy to start licking the back of my legs, following the seam in my stockings, but not to go past my stockings tops. I took the hem of my skirt and raised it to give her free access to my limbs. The feeling of her kisses sent shivers through my body.

Once she had done both legs, I turned around to face her. In her new position I could clearly see the bulge in her dress. Lightly touching it with the tip of my riding crop I said, "You see what I am doing to you Nancy. By possessing you totally and forcing you to submit to me, you are aroused." Slowly with my crop I lifted her skirt to expose her panties. "Oh yes, your clit-cock is erect!" I let his skirt fall back down and slowly lifted my skirt so she could look at my panties and whatever they hid, which was starting to get hard with passion. I slowly turned around and told Nancy, "Now I want you to kiss each of my ass cheeks and then you will part them to expose my asshole, you will then push aside my panties and worship my anus with your lips and tongue as a symbol of your submissiveness to me."

I felt her lips on my cheeks and then her hands parted them and she slowly started to worship my rosebud. I let my skirt down over her head, enveloping her in the perfumed satin. It was so good to feel her tongue rim my asshole. I took her head into my hands and pushed it against my anus, "Yes Nancy, lick my asshole, stick your tongue inside, deep inside so you can taste your Mistress. Yes that is it, taste me completely!" I felt her tongue infiltrate slowly into my nether hole and to help her I tried to push it open, knowing that I would also force some of my excrements towards her teasing tongue so she could get a small taste of my Holy Chocolate. But it did not matter at this point as she was giving me pleasure. Nancy was performing so well on my asshole that I felt my cock-clit getting harder from all her actions.

Unable to resist, I turned around, "Now Nancy I have a wonderful surprise for you," I said as I pulled my stretched panties aside and ordered her to lavish my smooth cock-clit with kisses. At the sight of my organ suddenly bouncing in front of her, she backed up, but I held her in place with my hand and slowly pulled her towards my burning cock-clit. "Oh yes Nancy, this is what being submissive is all about! Kiss me everywhere, use your wonderful lips and tongue to give me pleasure!" She was so obedient that my pleasure was escalating. Nancy started to slowly lick my cock-clit, not daring to hurry herself. I felt her tongue gently lapping on the tip of my cock-clit. I used the riding crop to slap her ass, "Yes, yes, Nancy give me pleasure! Lick my cock-clit! Lick it good! Suck me with your tongue and your mouth!" And I kept slapping her ass with my riding crop to force her to pleasure me more.

It felt so good to have a transvestite slave kneeling in front of me, pleasuring me, that I could not delay my climax much longer. While my left hand held her head tightly to my cock-clit, I raised my right hand, the one holding the riding crop, as high as I could and let it fall down on her ass hard. This was the ultimate feeling I needed to achieve my orgasm. The climax hit me hard, my legs tightened around Nancy's shoulders and I pulled her head so that my organ plunged deep into her mouth. All of a sudden I felt myself ejaculate, I felt my love juice flow through my cock-clit and empty into Nancy's mouth. What a feeling!

While my orgasm subsided I kept my organ in Nancy's mouth, "Yes, Nancy, lick me and suck me slowly, let me cherish this climax!" And as an obedient slave, she kept on licking and sucking gently at my cock-clit, keeping me aroused. As soon as my orgasm had subsided enough, I released my grip on Nancy and told her to stay on her knees as I got up from my sofa and started walking towards the bathroom. Just as I was about to enter I looked at Nancy and said, "Who knows I might decide that you deserve a special treat, a very special treat, my slave!" She looked at me with anxiety, wondering if tonight would be the night.

In the bathroom I examined myself, and I must say that the wonderful orgasm Nancy gave me, helped get me in a more domineering mood. I raised my skirt, lowered my cum soaked panties and slowly sat on the toilet. While I relieved myself I turned around and looked at the special glass, normally I do not allow a slave to enjoy such humiliation on the first time he or she submits to me. But tonight, knowing I had Nancy all week-end long and that she was so willing to obey me, I decided to really test her, also I was unable to resist the opportunity to force her to commit such a humiliating act.

Without hesitation, I held my flow of urine and took the glass in my hand. I raised my body from the toilet and held the glass underneath my hairless cock-clit, then I let my flow discharge slowly into the glass. Just looking at the crystal glass filling with my Golden Champagne, the beautiful Golden Urine Spray causing the foam on top of the Golden Champagne, turned me on again. Since it was her first time I thought about only filling it half-way, but then decided that it was useless, as if I decided to give it to Nancy, I knew I would force her to drink it all as a final act of submission. As I finished peeing into my special crystal glass, I thought about it and made the decision that it would be a wonderful way to end the night by giving it to Nancy, after all she was here to please me and she would. I did not bother to wipe my cock-clit before putting my panties back on.

I looked at myself in the mirror, added some lipstick and more perfume, then taking the glass containing my Golden Champagne in my left hand I walked out the door. As I walked suggestively towards the living room, I could feel the warmth emanating from the glass. Oh, how wicked and lascivious I was.

As I entered the living room, I leaned against the wall and arranged my legs so that my skirt would part and expose my beautiful legs. Nancy was still on her knees and I called her name softly. As she turned her head to look at me her mouth opened in a stunned expression. I smiled, raised the glass and looked at her, "Yes my lovely slave, I decided to give you a special treat! Tonight for the first time you will prove your total devotion to me. I only hope I will not have to force you as this will not please me at all and I might have to punish you severely." I walked back to my couch and sat down with my skirt parting completely, therefore giving Nancy a full view of my beautiful legs.

"You should know that as I was filling the glass with my urine I was very turned on at the thought of seeing you drink it. It is not often that I allow a slave this privilege on the first time we are together as Mistress and slave. Now I want you to hold the glass with both your hands." I held out the glass with my Golden Champagne for her to take. As her hands made contact with the glass I could feel them throb. "Why, my dear Nancy, do I feel your hands tremble. Is it the thought of drinking my urine, or the thought of the humiliating act you are about to do? No do not answer now, think about it while I go and refill my own glass with that wonderful sparkling pink champagne."

I picked up my champagne flute and provocatively walked to the bar to refill it with the sparkling pink champagne, all the time keeping my eyes on Nancy. It was so arousing to watch her, she kneeled there, holding the warm glass containing my Divine Golden Champagne, unable to tear her eyes off the glass. It was so wonderful to watch her. I bent down to retrieve the bottle of pink champagne and when I looked up again, she was still in the same position with the same expression on her face. This would change soon enough, it would not be long before she received her first taste of her Mistress' Urine.

Before walking back to Nancy I unbuttoned a few buttons of my blouse, well below my bra although with the sheerness of my blouse I was not hiding any part of my beautiful body, but doing this aroused me, and to further my arousal I raised my skirt and removed my minuscule panties, I thought it was time to excite her. As I walked back to my lovely slave I said to her, "Well, Nancy, are you ready to prove your devotion to me?" And as I sat down I parted my skirt to let her see my bare cock-clit. Pulling on my cock-clit with my hand and exhibiting my gland and the pee-hole, I said, "What you are holding in your glass comes from within me, actually from my beautiful, smooth cock-clit, it is a part of your Mistress whom you desire to deify, now prove me how much you yearn to worship me, drink my cocktail of submission, my Golden Champagne!"

She looked at me with a look of fear as well as admiration, like she was pleading with me not to force her to commit this perverted act tonight. But without a single thought about her anguish, I looked at her wickedly and picked up my faithful cat o'nine tails. "You do not have nothing to worry about Nancy, by drinking my Golden Urine you will only prove your devotion to me, unless you would rather leave and never come back."

"Oh no Mistress, I do not want to leave, you have shown me how much I desire to be your slave and it is with humility that I hold your sublime cocktail of enslavement." And with those words, Nancy raised the glass to her lips and tasted for the first time in her life the delicious Golden Champagne of her Mistress.

"Now Nancy, I want you to drink it slowly so you can cherish and idolize my special offering. I want to know that you are really enjoying this ritual which symbolizes your adoration to my femineity!" And with that she proceeded to drink slowly my Golden Urine. What a sight it was and what a turn-on for me. Whenever a slave accepts to drink my special nectar my organ throbs and hardens immensely. I looked, appreciating what Nancy was doing to prove her submissiveness to me and I was greatly aroused, especially on her first visit with me. What a wonderful slave she would make.

She drank my Golden Champagne slowly. I was so aroused that I could not resist touching myself. One hand caressed my breasts while my other teased sensuously my cock-clit. I let my fingers trail on my organ, one of my long nails caressing and teasing my balls. Nancy eyes were rivetted on my body as she slowly savoured my Golden Wine and I was sure she was stimulated. Using the tip of my left high heel, I raised her skirt again, only to realize that her cock was even harder under the satin panties.

"You must love the position you are in, Nancy! Your cock-clit is all erect and that can only mean that you are totally excited by the pageantry that is unfolding in your mind and in the room." I said as my high heel made contact with the bulge in her panties. "I hope you will not dirty your lovely satin panties with your juices, because I would have to punish you if that happened." Nancy kept on drinking my special offering and her cock-clit became even harder with the caress of my high heel.

As she finished her glass, I looked at her, "Come here Nancy, between my legs," I said as I spread them even wider. "Admire my organ, the fountain of your Cocktail of Submission. Kiss and lick it, I want your tongue to cleanse me!" She moved in closer and I felt her tongue lick my urine-soaked tip. Suddenly I felt another orgasm start deep within me, I took Nancy's head in my hands and pulled her, actually crushed her to my cock-clit. I felt my juices build up deep within me and with a loud moan and a scream I came more intensely than before. With all my strength I crushed her mouth against my pelvis, engulfing my organ completely, keeping her there until the orgasm died slowly.

While I slowly came down from my orgasm, I felt the urge to empty myself again. I moved Nancy's head so she would be in a better position to drink and let my urine flow directly in her mouth, savouring the moment. I held her head tight against my organ, digging my long nails into her scalp, "Oh, you are so good Nancy that you deserve another reward, drink my Golden Champagne directly from my body!" And with those words I let my remaining warm golden urine flow directly into her mouth. It was so exciting to hear her swallow as my urine filled her mouth. Once I was emptied I told her to use her tongue to clean me up completely.

After releasing her head I looked at her and said, "You appear to enjoy my urine so much that I will have to keep my bladder full whenever you are with me, this way you will be able to prove your submissiveness to me often. Now that I have taught you the first step about submitting to me, I want to prepare you for the second one. This one is more humiliating than the first but so much more exciting, for me. I want you to lie down on the floor with your arms above your head." Nancy obeyed immediately and I got up from my sofa, turned around so I was facing her feet and slowly knelt so my knees were resting just under her shoulders with my ass near her face.

"Now Nancy, you will worship my ass. I want you to kiss and lick both cheeks. But also prepare you for the next level of your submission to me, you will use your hands to part my ass cheeks and kiss and lick my asshole. I want you to worship it like you did my cunt in every manner, including French kissing it and allowing your tongue to penetrate it and get a pristine taste of my Divine Chocolate. To stimulate you along the way I will lower your lovely panties and caress your cock-clit, but I will not let you get any satisfaction until I feel that you have performed to my liking. Now start worshipping."

I lowered my ass until it made contact with her face and I felt her lips lightly brush my cheeks as she kissed and licked them. Suddenly I felt her hands spread my ass cheeks and her lips kiss my asshole. Not wanting her to stop, I lowered her panties and found her cock-clit in a semi-hard state. Using my long nails I started to tease her until the organ was fully hard. Her tongue on my asshole was simply marvellous, the feelings I received were sending shivers along my spine. "Do not stop Nancy, push your tongue in my hole, taste my Chocolate, the more you please me the more I please you. I know you are excited enough to cum and I want you to cum, but you must gratify me first." All of a sudden I felt her tongue push and penetrate my asshole. "Oh yes, Nancy, you tongue feels so good in my asshole, push it in deeper, move it around in my hole, make me cum!"

I pushed my ass even harder into her face as to force her to go in deeper. To help her along, I dug my nails into her hard cock-clit, hurting her. This seemed to activate her tongue in my asshole and she made me cum just as she came on my hand. I tried to collect as much of her sperm as I could on my hand. "Oh yes, keep on fucking my asshole with your tongue Nancy, I will have a special surprise for you after." And she kept on tonguing my nether hole as I gathered as much of her cum as I could.

After she had finished cumming, I raised myself slowly from her face and turned to face her. "You were a good slave Nancy and because of your obedience I have another special treat for you. Here lick my hand, I want you to taste yourself as a final delicacy to reward you for your submissiveness." She looked at my hand repulsively. But I did not give her any choice in the matter as I brought my sperm coated hand to her mouth. "Be a good slave and lick my hand. After all if you are to be my slave maid you must get used to the taste of cum as I will make sure you savour it on a regular basis by giving pleasure to my special friends when they visit me. Now lick it off now!"

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