tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher Assault Ch. 03

Teacher Assault Ch. 03


"Enough fucking around," Tyrone announced to the class. "Let's get this bitch performin."

The puny little black kid, Kyle, stopped kissing Sandra. He nodded his head in approval. "Yeah, this bitch needs to show us what she can do."

Tyrone grabbed Sandra's slender wrist and dragged her toward her desk. The class, who had been watching the entire assault, reformed their circle around them. Tyrone placed one hand on the back of her neck and pushed her over the desk. Her ass was so round and thick it couldn't help but thrust out. Kyle pushed her skirt further up, giving everyone a great view of her juicy white ass.

"Look at that ass, Tyrone!" Kyle giggled. And he gave it another hard smack. The smooth flesh shook for a moment before settling down.

Sandra, meanwhile, had given into her attackers. It was best, she decided, to just let them do what they wanted. It would all be over soon, right?

While Kyle attended to Sandra's big ass, Tyrone had moved around to the front of the desk. His crotch was just inches from her face. He smiled down at her.

"Look up at me, bitch" he commanded. Sandra craned her neck upward. He was snarling down at her, his few gold teeth peeking through his enormous lips. She was disgusted by him.

"Now look down here," Tyrone said. Sandra looked down at his crotch again. She could see his cock STRAINING to get out of his jeans. It must be enormous if it could make such an obvious bulge in his thick, loose jeans.

"Open it up and pull out my dick," Tyrone growled. Behind her, Kyle was smacking Sandra's ass again and again, all to the giggles of the lookers-on from the class.

She reached out and fumbled his zipper. Her perfectly manicured fingernails couldn't seem to open his button. But after a moment (and a few more spanks from Kyle) she finally popped it open. She eased his zipper down. And even from her awkward position bent over the desk, she reached into his jeans and ... she felt it.

It was rock hard. And it was obviously enormous. With some help from Tyrone, she was able to pull it up and out the top of his jeans. When it came into view, Sandra gasped. She'd never seen anything quite like it. It was a full ten inches, easily. It was dark black with thick veins curling up the sides. And the head? It was like a golf ball perched at the end, and it glistened with just a hint of pre-cum. It bobbed and swayed in front of her face. Tyrone grabbed it at the base, and even his enormous hands barely fit around the entire thing.

"You like that, bitch?" he asked.

Sandra nodded a little. Tyrone grabbed her thick hair in his hand and yanked it back. She was staring up at him. "I said, DO YOU LIKE THAT DICK???"

Sandra answered, gasping for breath. "Yes! Yes! I like your dick, Tyrone!"

"Then why don't you show the class?!" he snarled. He looked over at his classmates, he were smiling and giggling and watching as Kyle continued to shake Sandra's ass.

"What y'all think? Think teach needs to suck some dick?" he asked. They all cheered. That was enough for Tyrone.

So he hooked his hands under Sandra's arms and slid her further across her desk. Now she was completely on top of it, her gorgeous white ass sticking high in the air. With one hand Tyrone held his dick out, and with the other he guided her mouth head toward it.

As his cock approached her mouth, Sandra decided not to fight. She let her lips fall open and her tongue push out. She wanted to get it wet so it wouldn't hurt as much. And before she knew it, that engorged cock head was sliding along the tip of her tongue, past her teeth, and into the back of her mouth.

Tyrone moaned. "Now, do a good job! Keep it nice and sexy, bitch!"

He held his hands entwined in her hair, holding her in place. He made several long, slow strokes in and out, using her mouth as a fuck hole. After a few slow strokes, he sped up. And within a minute he was fucking Sandra's mouth. She gagged a bit more with each thrust, as Tyrone tried to work more and more into her. A couple of times, he held it there, gyrating his hips and letting his cock vibrate against the back of her throat. And when he slid it out, it was coated in saliva. Long strands dripped from his cock and her chin.

Tyrone's creepy little friend, Kyle, came around to watch the blowjob up close.

"Damn, this bitch is liking it!!" he squealed.

"I know she is! Look at her. Look at this white bitch loving some young black dick," Tyrone chuckled. He pulled his dick out of her mouth, held it in his hand, and began smacking it against her face.

"You like this young black dick?" Tyrone asked her.

Sandra caught her breath. She knew what she was supposed to say. But it wasn't a complete lie. She'd been surprised at how nice it had felt in her mouth. She could feel it harden in her throat, could feel the blood pulsing through it.

She looked up at Tyrone.

"I love your fat black dick. I love sucking on that black dick. I love it. Give me some more!" Sandra said, trying to muster a sexy smile. She still wanted this whole ordeal to end, but she knew it would be easier if she played along. "Please, Tyrone!" And she opened her mouth again.

As he reentered her throat, Tyrone told Kyle to get ready for his turn. Instead of just pulling out his cock, the skinny Kyle decided to strip completely naked. Out of the corner of her eye, Sandra could see Kyle yank off his shirt and kick his jeans off. Pretty soon he was standing just a foot away, completely nude. Sandra couldn't get a direct look, but she was pretty sure Kyle had an enormous dick. Way too large for his tiny frame.

"Suck this fat black cock, bitch" Tyrone kept shouting. And unknown person had taken over Kyle's spanking duties. And with each thrust of Tyrone's cock into her throat, someone spanked her. They worked into a quick, steady rhythm. And all that could be heard was Kyle's giggling and the wet, slurping sounds as Sandra tried her best to suck Tyrone's dick like he wanted.

"My turn!" Kyle finally said. Tyrone made a few more thrusts and pulled out. Sandra gasped, out of breath. But before she knew it, Kyle had taken up position in front of her mouth. And she was right: his cock was enormous. Tyrone's was long and thick, but Kyle's was about four inches longer and thin. It was an absurd cock, but fascinating to look at.

"What ya think of this big dick, teach?" he asked.

Sandra grinned up at him. "It's huge! I've never seen a dick this big before, baby."

And Kyle took that as his cue to smack her across the cheek with it. Sandra was surprised, but it didn't hurt. He smacked the other cheek. Then he spanked it against her forehead a couple of times, which meant his balls were swinging just an inch from Sandra's mouth.

And before she knew what she was doing, Sandra was leaning in to suck his balls into her mouth. This caught Kyle by surprise, but he reacted by leaning into her, letting her suck more of his sack into her mouth.

Sandra felt the heavy balls rolling around in her mouth. She sucked softly, almost sweetly. Meanwhile, Kyle kept lightly spanking his dick on her forehead. Her face was covered in dick.

When Kyle pulled away, Sandra found herself momentarily sad. But she didn't have much time to miss his ball, because Kyle was slowly working his dick into her mouth. For five full minutes, everyone watched as Sandra slurped on her student's dick. He held her by the head and kept egging her on. Her huge tits swayed obscenely beneath her. The mystery spanker was now grabbing handfuls of her ass and making it shake. Tyrone stood off to the side, slowly stroking his wet cock and staring at Sandra's fat ass.

He knew what he had to do next...

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