tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher Assault Ch. 04

Teacher Assault Ch. 04


"Time to do this white bitch right!" Tyrone shouted to his classmates and giving Sandra's big ass a hard slap. She was still bent over the edge of the desk, her skirt pulled up, her enormous tits swaying beneath her as she swallowed the entirety of Kyle's cock.

She was being raped in front of her classroom of inner-city students, and Sandra was beginning to give in to it. After all, Kyle's dick tasted sweet and the rough abuse Tyrone was giving her ass----slaps, shakes, spanks---was turning her on. She hated herself for reacting to this situation, but she was a broken woman. She might as well try to enjoy it while it lasted.

Tyrone continued to stroke his dick and moved up behind her. The feeling of her soft ass pressed against his pelvis was amazing.

"You ready for some Tyrone dick?" he asked Sandra. She mumbled something over Kyle's dick.

"Take yo' dick out of her mouth. Let me hear this bitch."

Kyle didn't look happy about sliding his soaked cock from his teacher's throat, but he wasn't about to disobey Tyrone. Sandra opened her eyes and saw her salive dripping in heavy globs from Kyle's gorgeous dick.

"You ready for some Tyrone dick?" he asked again, slapping his cock against Sandra's wide ass.

Sandra nodded slightly.

"SPEAK UP, BITCH!" Tyrone shouted. Some of the girls watching giggled.

"Yes," Sandra said in a whisper. She was still trying to pretend she didn't like this.

"I said SPEAK UP!!!" Tyrone shouted, this time grabbing a handful of her hair and yanking her up. This caused her enormous tan globes to press out obscenely. Kyle took the opportunity to grab them and give them a few rough squeezes.

Tyrone leaned into Sandra's ear, gave it a sloppy lick, and asked again: "You want to get fucked, teacher?"

The feeling of Tyrone's heavy cock resting on her ass, along with the treatment Kyle was giving to her bouncy boobs was too much. She gave in fully.

"Yes! Yes! I want to get fucked!" Sandra squealed. The onlookers giggled some more. Out of the corner of her eye, Sandra could see a couple of the boys watching this had pulled out their own cocks and were stroking them violently.

"You ever had young black dick, bitch?"


"You probably dreamed of me fucking you, huh, teacher??" Tyrone asked, licking her ear again. This drove Sandra wild and she squirmed in place. She was on her tip-toes. She pressed back to push her ass more fully against Tyrone's hot dick.

"Yes, I have dreamed about you," she said.

"When you fuck your boyfriend, do you think of me, bitch?!?!" Tyrone said, giggling a bit.

"Yes! I can't cum with him unless I'm thinking about you."


"Yes! His dick is nothing compared to yours."

"Call me daddy," Tyrone said, seeing how far he could push this.

"Daddy Tyrone, please fuck me," Sandra said. She knew what he wanted, and if it would end this soon and get her a good hard fucking, she'd say anything.

"Bend over you fucking bitch," Tyrone shouted and shoved her forward, laying her flat on the desk. Her pendulous soft tits pressed out from her sides. Her apple-shaped ass was high in the air.

Tyrone positioned his cockhead against her pussy lips. Sandra moaned involuntarily. Kyle began smacking his cock against her cheeks.

And without warning, Tyrone plunged into his white teacher. He went deep, all the way to the base, all in one long wet stroke.

Sandra screamed. It hurt. She wasn't expecting him to fill her up right away. She actually slid a little across the desk, but Tyrone grabbed her hips and pulled her hard into him. And with his dirty fingers deep in her hip flesh, he began pistoning her pussy.

"Shiiiiiit! This bitch is TIGHT!" he laughed, looking at his fellow classmates. They laughed back.

"Oh FUCK!" Sandra shouted several times, with each thrust of Tyrone into her pussy. She wasn't lying before: her boyfriend couldn't fill her up like this. No way.

"You like this hard dick?" Tyrone asked.

"GOD YES! I love your fat fucking cock, daddy!"

"Tell Kyle. Tell him who you love fucking."

Sandra turned her face to the side to look up at Kyle, who was still pressing his glistening dick head into her soft cheeks.

"Tyrone is my daddy. Tyrone's got the biggest fucking dick in the whole school. I love fucking his dick."

"Black dick!" Tyrone corrected, smiling and continuing to pound away at her slippery cunt.

"BLACK DICK! YES! I love Tyrone's fat juicy black dick. He's my black cock daddy!"

"That's right, bitch!"

"I'm your bitch! Just don't. Stop. Fucking me. Ever! FUUUUUCK YESSSSS!" she shouted. She thought for a second about someone hearing her from the hallway, but she was too lost in the ecstasy of the fucking to care. She took a few half-hearted licks at Kyle's cock, but Tyrone was all she cared about in that moment.

Suddenly, Sandra could tell she was about to cum. The orgasm snuck up on her, but it was on its way, and there was no stopping it.

Tyrone had stopped talking as he concentrated on working his dick into every corner of his big-tittied slut teacher's pussy.

"I'm going to cum, daddy. I'm going to cum, daddy! DADDY! DADDY!"

And then she did. For half a minute, Sandra's entire body spasmed as her pussy clinched Tyrone's cock and held on, trying to juice every ounce of pleasure from it. She was sweating. She was shaking. As her orgasm faded, she smiled and laid down across the desk fully.

"That's a good bitch," Tyrone said, continuing to fuck her, waiting for his own orgasm to come.

"Mmmmm yes," Sandra cooed. "Yes, daddy. Keep fucking me until you cum."

But when it was time for Tyrone to cum, she didn't expect him to do what he did...

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