tagMatureTeacher Becomes The Pet

Teacher Becomes The Pet


Mrs. Betty came to our school as an English teacher when I was in the ninth grade, making her less than ten years older than myself. She was barely out of college, married, and had a baby daughter. None of us had any idea what her figure was like before her pregnancy, but as a young mother... she was smoking hot! Her naturally blonde hair was slightly less than shoulder length and her green eyes were mesmerizing. She was of average height, and had a voluptuous curvy figure with large C cup breasts.

Though she dressed relatively conservative, as a teacher should, there was always a little cleavage visible. The only thing that wasn't conservative was the length of her skirts. They were always slightly lower than mid thigh, showing off her gorgeous legs. Her attire and natural beauty, without a lot of makeup, commanded attention no matter what room she walked into. Class room, teachers lounge, wherever it was, all eyes turned to her when she walked in. Whether the eyes were male or female, didn't seem to matter. To top it all off, she had a very pleasant personality, a good sense of humor, and just a hint of a mischievous streak.

Just her looks alone made Mrs. Betty the object of desire of, I'm sure most, if not all, of the male teachers. Maybe even a few of the female teachers. I have no way of knowing for sure about that. In those days, in a small rural town like ours, gayness was not tolerated, openly or otherwise. For those who were into cars, she was even hotter driving around in her convertible sports car. No man ever missed a chance, if it was presented, to speak to her for even a few seconds while seated in her car. Her short skirt having ridden up, exposing more of her beautiful shapely legs, and standing next to the car allowed a good angle to see just a little more cleavage. I'm sure she knew where their eyes were focused, but seemed oblivious to the ogling. In later years, I wondered if she herself was aroused by the extra attention.

We also always looked forward to any school event after hours. Ball games, Halloween Carnival, Graduation night, to name a few, would bring Mrs. Betty to dress a little more casual. Sometimes with a skirt a little shorter than usual. A top or shirt that might reveal a bit more cleavage or fit more snugly, showing off her ample breasts. Maybe a pants suit or jeans allowing enjoyment of her beautifully sculpted ass.

Graduation night was always made a little special by Mrs. Betty for the young men who had finally completed High School successfully. Or as we called it, had completed serving our sentences. Since all of the graduates were now at least eighteen, and were no longer her students, she would give every graduate, boys and girls, a big hug of congratulations.

The hug for the girls was about what you would expect, but she made it a little more special for the boys. Maybe as much for herself as for them. It wasn't the half step away, leaning in type of hug. It was a standing close, tight, pressing her breasts against you hug, followed by a little kiss on the cheek, then a word or two of encouragement or praise directly into the ear.

In my case, she said that I had always been one of her, and most of the other teachers favorites, and I would be missed by all. I was already slightly aroused, watching her sexy body move around as she hugged each of her now former students. Feeling her soft, warm body against mine, and hearing her words gave me an instant erection! It was a little embarrassing for me, knowing she had to have felt my dick rising against her tummy. She stepped back, flashed me a big smile, then moved on to the next classmate. I was sure she quickly forgot about it, but for me, it was a moment I would never forget. The woman who I considered to be the hottest teacher on the planet, had given me a hard dick... and she knew it!

As was customary in our area, after graduation, I took a summer job locally. Staying at home with my parents for a while, and working in the local oil fields turned out to be a good move for me. The money was good and I made friends with a lot of people that would prove to be be beneficial for years to come. I was eventually able to start my own business. It was successful enough that after a few years, I was made a very generous offer by a bigger company to buy me out.

Not that I was considered a great business man, but they wanted to keep me on as what they called a "personnel manager". I did seem to have a knack for putting the right people in the right position or job to take advantage of their particular skills. Staying with that company would end up being a great move for me as well. I had a very healthy salary and great benefits, including a company truck, an expense account, and pretty much set my own work schedule. Nobody was hired or let go without going through me first. There were many employees over the years that were about to be relieved of their duties until I stepped in and moved them to a different job or position that better suited their natural talents.

During the time that I owned my business, I married and we had two children. Our son came along first, then our daughter. We had been renting a home, but wanted a place of our own. I had managed to acquire twenty acres of my grandfathers farm. After I sold my business, we built a new home on the property. It was well off of the road with an abundance of privacy. Finally, I was back at home where I belonged, in the community I grew up in. This meant that our kids would go to the same school I went to, and had several of the same teachers that I had, including Mrs. Betty!

A number of my classmates still lived in the area, as well as numerous others who went to school there. Mrs. Betty was delighted that she was still around to teach the children of some of her former students. This of course brought us to many school activities, and community events, putting us in contact with Mrs. Betty on a regular basis. We were always greeted with a big smile and a warm embrace, bringing back the memory of graduation night every time I saw her. Even after our kids graduated, she was still a sight to see. Time was being good to her and wasn't taking much of a toll. She was still as hot and sexy as she had ever been!

Aside from all the school and community activities, we hosted many back yard bar-b-que's and dinner parties for friends and relatives. Mrs. Betty and her husband were invited on a regular basis. For that reason I suppose, she was very comfortable around us. Being our daughters home room teacher her senior year, Mrs Betty was invited to several pool parties for our daughter and her classmates. She loved being included in out of school gatherings with her students, feeling that it created better teacher-student relationships, therefore making the classroom a more comfortable environment.

I couldn't believe my eyes the first time Mrs. Betty stripped off her shorts and Tee shirt. She wore a one piece swimsuit, but it still revealed a very sexy body. I had to spend most of my time around the pool behind the outdoor bar to conceal my hard cock because of her! Even my beautiful wife was impressed with Mrs. Betty's fantastic body. Having been bi-sexual for many years, largely due to participating in swing parties with our friends, my wife agreed with me... we had to find a way to fuck this beautiful woman!

Unfortunately for Mrs Betty, her husband passed away about a year after our daughter graduated. We continued to invite her to gatherings with friends, some of which included the consumption of adult beverages. We had learned that Mrs Betty had a fondness for wine, which we began to keep on hand just for her. She wouldn't drink enough to get drunk, but occasionally, she did get buzzed enough that we weren't comfortable with allowing her to drive. She only lived a few miles away, but anything can happen, so I would drive her home and my wife or a friend would follow to pick me up.

In her alcohol induced state, Mrs. Betty didn't seem to mind that I would get cozy with her when walking her to the door, putting my arm around her and holding her close. There was always a tight embrace as we said good night. Several times I had slipped my hands down and caressed her butt cheeks before she pulled away with a smile to go inside. My wife and I realized that one of those dinners might present an opportunity that we could take advantage of at some point. My wife seemed to want it as much as I did. We were both giddy as a teenager with the prospect of possibly having Mrs Betty to ourselves for a night of sex play!

Around a year and a half after the passing of Mrs Betty's husband, she was invited to a summer pool party and dinner we were hosting for some friends who we had been having sex parties with for years. They were usually instructed to refrain from sexual contact with anyone other than their spouses in her presence. She had been around this particular group a number of times, so she was comfortable sporting her new swimsuit. This one was also a one piece... sort of. It was basically a bikini with the two pieces connected by a narrow strip down the front. She looked amazing for a woman of any age, but especially so considering she was now in her early fifties! Just as when I was in High School, her appearance drew everyone's attention, women included. It appeared as though she had moved past her mourning phase, and was now ready to try to enjoy the rest of her life. I intended to be a full participant in that enjoyment!

Everyone was having a great time swimming and dancing. The alcohol had begun to flow even though it was early evening. Even Mrs. Betty was already sipping her wine. My wife and I knew that we were probably going to have a number of house guests for the night, due to the consumption of adult beverages, and hoped that Mrs. Betty would be one of them. We told our friends that tonight, they didn't have to remain monogamous in front of Mrs. Betty. We hoped that seeing the others playing around would spark some interest in sexual activity on her part.

About an hour before dinner was to be served, two of the couples asked to use the guest room for a quick fuck session. I led them to the guest room adjacent to the patio and let them in. They were pretty much naked by the time they went inside. I stayed long enough to know the women weren't going to be fucked by their husbands! I returned to the bar with my dick half erect from what I had just seen in the guest room. Then I saw Mrs. Betty exiting the pool with her empty wine glass in hand. As she walked toward me, I noticed she had a very nice camel toe between her shapely legs. Being filled with desire for her, my cock became fully erect!

Not wanting to be too forward too soon, I was thankful for the cover that the bar provided as I filled her glass. We chatted for a few minutes before she asked me to dance with her. The song that was playing reminded her of younger days, and she thought dancing to it with someone she knew back then was fitting. The time behind the bar had allowed my dick to soften making me less self conscious about it, so I agreed.

The song was a little slow, so the dance was close contact. It didn't take long for me to return to full staff holding this beautiful creature in my arms. Yes, she noticed! She pulled me close and said softly into my ear, that this reminded her of the night I graduated. She apparently had not forgotten that little nugget either. She flashed me a smile, then put her head on my shoulder. I was unaware that she was watching my wife dancing with, and teasing the other two men. A heavy sigh escaped her when I pressed my thigh against her hot pussy! She didn't try to pull away as we danced, and I continued the tease until the song ended. I began to think that this was indeed going to be the night that my fantasy would be fulfilled!

Seeing me dancing with Mrs. Betty, my wife went to the guest room to have a little fun. She was in there for close to a half hour before returning to the pool. Mrs Betty saw her adjusting her bikini top when she left the room. The two couples in the guest room rejoined the group by the time dinner was served.

Just before we sat down to eat, Mrs. Betty pulled my wife aside and asked if those four had been doing what she thought they were doing. My wife smiled sweetly and confirmed that they had gone in there to have sex. She was beginning to get the picture about this group, and knowing my wife had been in the guest room with the two couples had piqued her curiosity.

"And you were in there tooo...."

"I went in there to get some dick" my wife replied bluntly!

Stunned, Mrs Betty paused for a moment, then told my wife that she had seen the other men groping her earlier, and asked if she had been with either of them. My wife again confirmed, all of the men here had fucked her at one time or another numerous times, and as a married woman, she had been fucked by about a dozen men other than me!

Again, a stunned look crossed Mrs. Betty's face as she looked directly at me. Knowing what the next question would be, my wife told her that, yes, I had fucked all of the women here many times, as well as some other women. Taking it a step farther, she told Mrs. Betty that she could join the fun with any man she wanted, or with any of the women if she chose to do so. But she wasn't obligated to do anything with anybody. It was her choice to make. I was afraid my wife had been too bold, but that turned out to not be the case. Mrs. Betty now had the full picture, AND stayed for dinner.

When we sat down to eat, Mrs. Betty chose to sit beside me. She had three more glasses of wine with dinner. Apparently she was very loosened up, and was aroused by something. Maybe thoughts about what went on in the guest room, maybe thinking about what my wife had told her, maybe thinking about what could happen later if she wanted it to, or possibly all of the above. Whatever it was, several times I noticed her lovely nipples standing alert and protruding against the thin material of her swimsuit.

As I poured another glass of wine, she thanked me, then took a big swallow and put her hand on my thigh. I think that one was the glass of courage she was looking for. I seized the opportunity, put my hand on hers, and moved it up against my hardening cock. My wife took note that something might be going on and conveniently dropped her fork. I saw her glance over as she picked it up. She excused herself to get a clean fork. She passed behind me and stopped behind Mrs. Betty. Leaning over, she whispered in Mrs. Betty's ear, "you can have him if you want him", as she urged Mrs. Betty's hand up to my dick with one hand, and pinched a nipple with the other. She nibbled the ear then walked away. Embarrassed, Mrs. Betty turned a beautiful shade of light red, but she didn't remove her hand from my dick. Instead, she slid her fingers up and down my shaft!

I continued the conversation with the woman sitting across from me as if nothing was going on. By the time my wife returned, with my urging, Mrs. Betty had her hand inside my swim trunks fondling my now rock hard dick, and was pressing her leg against mine. My wife noticed when she returned and gave Mrs Betty a wink and a smile as she sat down. Within a minute or so, my wife's hand was also inside my trunks. What I knew for certain was that if this went on much longer, I was going to bust a nut right there at the table!

I returned the attention I was getting by putting my hand on Mrs Betty's leg and sliding it up to her crotch. She spread her legs some to give me better access. Her hot pussy was soaked with her juices. She let out a little sigh and bit her lip as my finger slid across her engorged clit. I knew it probably wouldn't take much to bring her to orgasm. I continued to rub my finger lightly up and down her slit. She was getting wetter by the minute. My wife finished her desert, then suggested we all take a dip in the pool. I think she knew I was going to blow my wad very soon if this continued, and I knew Mrs. Betty was very close to flooding the chair she was sitting in.

Everyone began getting up to go to the pool. I lingered for a moment to give the women time to remove their hands. The cool water provided a calming effect for me as I entered the pool escorted by the two women. In my mind, I could hear a sizzle as the water level reached Mrs. Betty's crotch, which brought a smile to my face. The imaginary thought that her pussy was hot enough to boil water amused me.

After a few minutes in the pool, everyone began pairing up and a couple of the bikini tops came off. None of the pairs were husband and wife! I spoke up and told the group that I thought everyone had consumed too much alcohol to drive, and that I expected everyone to stay for the night. I looked at Mrs. Betty and told her she was included in that expectation. She began to crawfish a little, asking where she would sleep. I told her I didn't expect that she would be doing any sleeping for a while, but when she did, I had the perfect place for her.

With that said, I took Mrs. Betty in my arms and kissed her. There was no resistance from her and within seconds she was filling my mouth with her tongue. She was so engulfed in the moment, she didn't even try to pull away when my wife began playing with her pert nipples.

As I kissed her, I slid my hands down and squeezed her firm ass cheeks, pulling her tighter against my hardened staff. I felt one of my wife's hands go between mine and into the bottoms of the flimsy swimsuit. She was soon fingering Mrs. Betty's pussy! She began humping her ass against my wife's hand as she neared climax. Her whole body tensed up, then she shook and quivered, moaning into my mouth as the cum gushed from her pussy. I thought she was going to suck my tongue out of my mouth when she had her orgasm. Then she went almost completely limp. I held her tight until she stopped shaking, then suggested we go to our bedroom. She wasted no time in pulling both of us by the hand toward the house!

As we left the pool, I yelled for everyone to enjoy themselves and that I expected to see them all for breakfast. They replied with hoots and hollers. As we reached the table, Mrs. Betty stopped and gulped down the rest of her liquid courage. My wife and I took towels from the cabinet and stacked them on the bar for the others to use when they got out of the pool. My wife slipped her bikini off and pitched it aside, then slipped the straps off of Mrs. Betty's shoulders. She caught the top with her arms just as it began to fall away. She knew everyone in the pool was watching and looked at me with pleading eyes.

"We don't take wet clothing into the house" I explained.

Mrs. Betty nodded that she understood as I grabbed a towel to dry her off. She moved her arms and allowed the top to drop. Her firm tits stood proud as the wet material fell away. They were perfect, just the way I had imagined them to be for so many years. I kissed each nipple as my wife pulled the swimsuit down past Mrs. Betty's hips and let it drop around her ankles. I began to dry her off slowly, enjoying the sight of every inch of her beautiful body. Her trimmed muff was the same color as her hair, not to my surprise. She inhaled deeply as I dried between her legs with the towel. As I moved the towel down her long legs to her feet, I placed several kisses on her flat tummy just above her muff and slipped a finger into her wet slit. After a moment of fingering, I handed her the towel to cover up with if she wanted to. Seeing the other women in the pool were now naked, she didn't cover up at all.

I heard a raspy moan as I grabbed another towel to dry myself off. When I looked back, she had her head back and eyes closed as my wife sucked her nipples and fingered her pussy again. This time from the front, maintaining contact with her swollen clit. Only a few minutes later, she was whimpering under her breath, and her cum was streaming down the inside of her legs. Mrs Betty was quickly learning how good my wife is at pleasing another woman!

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