tagGay MaleTeacher Discovers Tommy's Fetish

Teacher Discovers Tommy's Fetish


MR Brown was tidying up the University gym dressing room when he found the phone, it wasn't unusual for one of his pupils to drop their phone, he pressed the button, there was no lock on it.

"Careless" Mr. Brown muttered to himself.

He went through the contact list briefly but it did not identify the owner, he clicked on the facebook app but there was no signal so it didn't load.

Next, he thought to look at the pictures for selfies.

Mr. Brown gasped softly as a thumbnail gallery popped up of a woman posing teasingly in a school uniform.

A rush of excitement coursed through Mr. Brown's body and his cock stirred a little.

He sat down and clicked on the first image. It was not a girl. He recognized him immediately as being a boy called Tommy, he was was a small shy lad for his age, eighteen years old but still not fully fleshed out and was barely over five feet.

He certainly wasn't shy in this photo though... he was looking over his shoulder into a body length mirror, he was wearing a short pleated school skirt, dark stockings, and a white short sleeve blouse. Tommy had a lovely figure and if Mr. Brown hadn't seen his face he would've been fooled into believing he was looking at a young woman.

The next picture showed Tommy slightly bent over, again looking over his shoulder and pouting at the camera, with his other free hand he had lifted the skirt to just show the bottom half of his cute little buttocks in white lace panties.

Mr. Brown's cock began to harden.

The third picture was a frontal view of Tommy holding his skirt up, between his legs was a smooth little mound, he had tucked his genitals in between his leg so it appeared he had a pussy.

"Ooohh... Tommy ....." Mr. Brown chuckled

Other pictures showed Tommy in various teasing positions, never giving too much flesh away.... except the last picture...

The last picture was Tommy kneeling over the camera on the floor, a great upskirt shot of Tommy's lovely little skinny legs and his beautiful small pert bottom coupled with a sweet little bulge at the front.

"... sexy little thing Tommy ...." Mr. Brown murmured to himself as he absently stroked and adjusted his erect cock through his shorts.

Without warning, the door opened and A worried looking Tommy rushed through. He stopped suddenly when he his teacher sitting there with his phone in his hand, Tommy was relieved when he saw his phone but then he saw the screen. He saw himself, the photo where he had stood over the phone lens to take a picture up his skirt.

Tommy froze in horror.

"oh... Tommy... I just found your phone" Mr. Brown said awkwardly.

"I unlocked it to try to see who it belonged too but had to try to find a selfie ....." Mr. Brown avoided eye contact as he passed the phone quickly to Tommy, the screen still showing his dirty picture.

"...Th,... Thank you, Sir ..." Tommy stammered in utter shame and embarrassment.

Tommy noticed that Mr. Brown had both his hands covering his groin as he turned away.

"Please ... please, sir, you won't tell anyone...? " Tommy cautiously and quietly asked looking at the floor.

"There's nothing wrong with experimenting, especially at your age... I won't say anything, Tommy ... We will just pretend it didn't happen" Mr. Brown attempted to chuckle casually.

Tommy noticed he was very flushed, it occurred suddenly to Tommy that maybe he liked the pictures and that's why he was hiding his groin. A rush of thrilling excitement swept through Tommy at the idea of his gym teacher looking at his girly body in a school uniform. Tommy started to feel a slight thrill and suddenly felt very horny.

"Thank you, sir... I wish my daddy would agree, I would get a good spanking if he found this" Tommy smiled coyly, deliberately sounding casual yet suggestive.

Mr. Brown looked shocked, was Tommy trying to flirt or was he being literal? Mr. Brown thought.

Mr. Brown barely concealed a gulp as a brief image popped into his head of Tommy being spanked in his knickers and stockings, skirt hitched up.

Mr. Brown was trying so hard to not let Tommy see his hard on but he couldn't turn his back without being obvious, he didn't know if this was a good idea but he decided to put his hands on his hips casually and not hide it.

Tommy's gaze dropped when Mr. Brown raised his arms to his hips, he almost gasped when he saw a significant bulge in the teacher's shorts. Tommy felt a thrill rush through him again wildly.

"I'm sure you are a good boy Tommy, I am sure you don't get spanked much ..." Mr. Brown said warmly, not indicating his growing lust for this conversation or his desire to ravish his student.

Mr. Brown relaxed his hands once again and tried to casually cover his bulge again.

"Mind you if I was your daddy I would spank you for being a naughty girl in those pictures, not a naughty boy! Had me fooled at first!" Mr. Brown laughed lightly but with a wicked glint in his eyes.

Tommy swallowed hard, he was almost trembling with desire but he was far too shy to do what he wanted to.

"Haha ... yes, daddy... I MEAN MR BROWN!! .." Tommy almost yelled after his genuine albeit subconscious mistake.

Mr. Brown grinned wickedly at Tommy and laughed.

"Now you had better be getting home, I'm sure, and so would I" Mr. Brown handed Tommy his phone.

Tommy reverted back to shyness again as he took the phone.

"Thank you, sir, See you next week"

Tommy smiled and left the changing rooms.

Mr. Brown sighed as he left, he couldn't believe those pictures aroused him, he could've been in so much trouble by not hiding his bulge in his shorts.

"What was I thinking! I am more than twice his age!" He muttered to himself.


A week later Tommy went into the changing rooms, it was swimming week, Tommy couldn't help but feel both nervous and excited at seeing Mr. Brown again. He had often thought of the pictures and their encounter, sometimes it was quite thrilling to relive it, he could almost masturbate while thinking of it and how his own sudden arousal caught him by surprise. Tommy knew he was a little bi-curious but he was shocked at the idea of Mr. Brown getting hard over his kinky selfies.

Half of his class had changed and the rest were in the process when Tommy realized he had left his swimming trunks at home.

"Dammit ..." He muttered to himself rifling through his bag.

"Tommy, why haven't you changed yet?" Mr. Brown's voice caught Tommy off guard. Tommy looked up and made eye contact, the thoughts of last week came rushing back but he tried to forget them. Mr. Brown didn't appear to be treating him any different than before.

"...err..." Tommy mumbled feeling his cheeks redden a little.

"I forgot my kit" Tommy stated

Mr. Brown looked flatly at Tommy for a few seconds.

"Ok, I will get the key for lost property, just wait here for now, if we haven't got anything to fit then you will have to do some sports writing."

Tommy looked disheartened

"Yes, sir ..."

Five minutes later Tommy was alone in the locker room, Mr. Brown entered with the key and unlocked the back room with the forgotten and left kits.

"In you go then, see what you can find that fits."

Tommy went to pass Mr. Brown, Mr. Brown didn't move out the way.

"If there's anything that fits you can have it as it will only go in the bin." MR Brown said matter of factly without looking at Tommy

"Thank you, sir..." Tommy replied and went into the room.

There were various boxes of clothing and Tommy began to delve into them. He pulled out a few pairs of trunks trying to find his size and found a pair that may fit him. He also found a couple of ladies bathing costumes.

Tommy felt wicked, he remembered the teacher saying he could have anything.

Tommy pulled out a couple of pairs of girls swimming costumes and held them up. They looked like they would fit him. He quickly put them in his bag. After that, he changed into his newly found slightly too large swimming trunks and left the changing room.

Mr. Brown was still there waiting, Tommy expected him to be at the poolside by now with the other swimming teachers.

Tommy momentarily froze, suddenly he felt a different kind of feeling standing in front of his teacher who had seen his pictures and now he felt suddenly self-conscious and awkward in just a pair of baggy swimming trunks.

"Those fit nicely, a little baggy though, too baggy and they may slide off when swimming Tommy!" Mr. Brown smiled at Tommy.

Tommy smiled, he fiddled with the cord trying to tighten them up, Mr. Brown stood silently between him and the door and Tommy was sure he saw Mr. Brown glance at more than just his face.

Tommy was having all kinds of exciting feelings and thoughts running through him now the two of them were alone in the locker room, he tried to put them out of his mind.

Tommy held the waistband of his trunks and pulled the band outstretched in front of his body leaving a significant gap between his trunks and his pelvis.

"I suppose they are a bit loose." Tommy said awkwardly blushing.

Mr. Brown stared seriously at Tommy pulling his trunks out in front of him, Mr. Brown could see the beginnings of his pubic mound, in the fleeting second it was visible Mr. Brown noticed that it was silky smooth, no hair, Tommy must shave his region, he thought idly.

He swallowed hard.

For the first time, Mr. Brown allowed himself a good long look at Tommy, at eighteen he was still mostly hairless, his skinny legs could either be male or female, his small hairless torso and small dark nipples ... his trunks were not revealing enough but the rest was burning into Mr. Brown's memory. Mr. Brown realized he was staring a little too long, had Tommy noticed? He did appear to be flushed in the face as they caught each other gaze awkwardly.

Mr. Brown took the plunge, He walked over to Tommy.

"Cant you try tightening the cord more?" He asked innocently now standing right in front of him. MR Brown was feeling aroused and excited being so close and towering over Tommy, he could see Tommy looking up blankly at him, he watched Tommy's chest rise and fall gently.

Tommy looked at the cord around the waist and went to pull it but Mr. Brown's hands were already there gently and slowly pulling at them.

"That's it, pull them up a bit first..." Mr. Brown said quietly. He put his fingers on the sides of Tommy`s trunks, feeling the smooth soft skin, Mr. Brown's arousal was building, he wanted to grab Tommy and thrust his hands down his trunks, Mr. Brown quickly pulled the trunks up to above Tommy's hips

Tommy gasped in surprise at the tug of his shorts, he felt a strange thrill as he felt his trunks ride into his bum crack, the motion squashed his genitals to one side of the trunks. Tommy's cock began to get hard, Tommy felt a flash of panic, his cock was only just about five inches but it was squashed to the side now, would his growing erection become visible? Tommy swallowed and tried not to think of it.

"Now we can try tightening them..." Mr. Brown continued, staring down Tommy's slender body in lust.

He pulled the cord tight so they wouldn't slip down and stepped away from Tommy. He took a good long look up and down Tommy, his heart thumped hard as he saw Tommy's little-flushed face, half-open mouth and a shy look in his eyes, he looked down his smooth chest to the little package of his genitals squished and straining at one side of his trunks.

Tommy knew there was definitely sexual tension now, this was not something a teacher should be doing, of course, he didn't know why he didn't try to stop Mr. Brown, he should do, but his mind was filled with excitement at where this could lead.

"They feel a little high at the back..." Tommy almost whispered making eye contact.

He turned around.


MR Brown groaned softly as Tommy gently pushed his pert little bottom out with the trunks barely covering his smooth cheeks.

"Yes, I see, well you can't really go into the pool like that with everything you have... on show ...can we Tommy.." Mr. Brown said as Tommy turned back around with his hands now covering his package.

Tommy didn't answer, he just looked at Mr. Brown coyly again, naughty thoughts racing through his mind as he desperately covered his erection.

He glanced down at Mr. Browns shorts, he too had a bulge there, Tommy let himself gaze at it for a few seconds then looked at the floor, heart racing.

Mr. Brown broke the awkward silence.

"Well Tommy, last week you left your phone with naughty pictures on it and now this week you have no kit and can't attend the lesson, so ... you really should get a little punishment. I could make you do lines for the rest of the class or I could give you ten strokes of the slipper and you can go home."

Mr. Brown looked at Tommy with a look in his eyes Tommy had not seen before.

Tommy felt excited, was the teacher really going to do this? It felt very naughty in Tommy's mind, he knew that the teacher was surely not allowed to spank him without another teacher present, but he didn't want to do lines for nearly an hour.

"....ummmm....." Tommy stood there, still covering his gently subsiding erection.

Tommy knew now, this was the moment, his decisiveness or hesitation was either going to allow or deny consent.

Mr. Brown wondered if he had gone too far, he was getting increasingly aroused, he wanted this boy, he wanted to do a lot to Tommy but he could lose his job if Tommy was not interested, he strongly suspected that Tommy was getting turned on by his flushed face and the fact he had not stopped this getting this far.

He looked again at Tommy's lovely little body, the way he stood there shyly covering his cock was wildly turning him on.

"Well?" MR Brown spoke again

"....errr... I don't wanna do lines, Sir ..." Tommy replied, not looking at Mr. Brown.

Mr. Brown gulped. He walked over to the locker room door and locked it.

He walked over to Tommy's bag to get one his plimsoles to use as a slipper. In the top of Tommy's bag, he could see to his surprise a pair of girls swimming costume.

"Tommy ...." Mr. Brown said softly staring at the girl's costume.

"Y..yess sir .." Tommy said, he still hadn't moved from his spot.

"You weren't planning to wear this for today's lesson I am guessing were you?!" Mr. Brown chuckled as he pulled out the girl's costume.

Tommy Looked shocked, he instantly turned red again.

"....Um, I must've picked it up by mistake ..." Tommy lied.

Mr. Brown teasingly held it out against Tommy's body "Was it for more naughty pictures?" Mr. Brown asked croakily, he couldn't take much more of this, he wanted to grab and ravish Tommy now. He couldn't take this teasing anymore.

"...Yo.. you... err... please Sir, don't tell ....."

"I should tell your parents about this really," Mr. Brown said shaking his head slowly.

"I should make sure your daddy spank you for how naughty you've been ...."

"Please... no ... I will take the slipper, please don't tell ...." Tommy sounded down and dejected as he looked at Mr. Brown holding the costume.

"Ok, Tommy... I will take the role of your daddy and spank you now, we can both not tell anyone .... ok?" Mr. Brown said, sounding slightly shaky.

"... Y...Yes... Daddy..." Tommy said feeling excitement once again, Tommy felt the tip of his cock getting wet.

"But first, go put this on, you may as well try it out now if I am to punish you for wearing it later as I am sure is your plan" Mr. Brown smiled slyly.

Tommy blinked at his temporary daddy in surprise. Mr. Brown handed it to him. "Change here, now, I won't look." Tommy reluctantly took the costume. Mr. Brown turned around.

Tommy's heart thumped, he untied the cord on his trunks and let them fall to the floor heightening Tommy`s arousal, he was now totally naked standing behind daddy, his little cock sprang fully up and hard, bobbing about as he stood for a few seconds enjoying the thrill of being naked in the presence of his teacher. Then Tommy began to put on the girl's costume.

Mr. Brown was desperate to turn around and look upon Tommy's naked body but he felt that a step too far so he stood torturously facing the other way knowing that behind him was a naked student changing into girls swimming costume.

Tommy pulled the straps over his shoulder, the hem of the swimming costume rode up around both his hips in a very tight V shape, his genitals somehow looked bigger than ever before now they were clustered into a small V of the costume, he ran his hands over his buttocks, they were half poking out of the costume, it was too small for his body, even his nipples were erect and poking clearly through the material.

"Ok ..." Tommy said covering his private area.

Mr. Brown turned around. He stared expressionlessly at Tommy standing there looking so incredibly feminine, it was all Mr. Brown could do to not pull down his shorts right then and start wanking his ragingly hard cock.

Mr. Brown sat on the bench next to Tommy.

"Right .... come and bend over my lap."

Tommy complied, he shuffled over to Daddies right-hand side and leaned over his lap, glancing at the bulge again as he did, he put his outstretched arms over the other side of Daddy and put his palms on the other side of the bench. Daddy now made no attempt to hide his arousal as he shifted in his seat to allow his cock a little more room. "No Tommy, you must lay on my lap or you are too high to spank..."

Tommy's heart thumped, after a few seconds, he gently lay his stomach on Daddy's lap. His belly feeling daddies hard cock pressing into him now.

"..OH!!..." Tommy let out an involuntary gasp at the feeling of a man's erect penis warmly pushing into his stomach, his own cock got instantly hard again.

"I guess you felt that then, that's what happens when naughty little girls play grown-up games Tommy," Daddy said huskily.

"Yes, Daddy..." Tommy said in a trembling whisper. Tommy almost felt the urge to cum as his hard willy strained against the V of the costume, almost threatening to escape out one of the sides.

Daddy stared at Tommy's beautiful bottom, cheeks being squeezed out the sides of the costume. Daddy resisted the urge to stroke them with his hands...for now...


With no warning Mr. Brown bought the plimsole down hard on Tommy`s left buttock, he watched his cheeks wobble and turn red.

"AHHHH....." Tommy yelped. The force pushed Tommy's crotch against daddies thigh, his hard little dick bumping deliciously against his pretend daddy.

WHACCKK!!! "HUURGGGHH..." Tommy again felt the sharp stinging pain as he was thrust once again against daddies thigh, his willy dick continued bumping against Mr. Brown, the tip of his cock was leaking a lot and was getting so moist and it must now be staining his costume.

Tommy instinctively tried to cover and rub his stinging bottom with one of his hands. Daddy yanked his hand away. "No Tommy, keep your hands away." Mr. Brown said firmly.

Mr. Brown couldn't resist, he put down the plimsole, he raised his arm and bought his open palm down hard on Tommy`s sore little bottom.

SMACK!!! "MMMPPHHH..." Tommy put the back of his hand on his mouth, the last stroke nearly bought tears to Tommy's eyes, his bottom stung and was on fire but somehow it felt good, with every hit he knew his willy got a delicious bump against daddies thighs and his stomach thrust down onto daddies warm large bulge, Tommy was becoming desperate to cum.

Mr. Brown bought his hand down again, this time, he allowed himself to slowly stroke Tommy's little buttocks lightly, he pulled at the hem of the girls swimming costume, making them ride up Tommy's bum crack.

There was a muffled groan of pleasure ass he did this to Tommy. He squirmed on Daddies lap, he knew that daddy was now trying to grind his own cock into Tommy's stomach, Tommy decided to try to grind against it, maybe daddy would stop spanking him then.

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