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Teacher Fails the Class


Teacher Fails the Class/Anne Disciplines With Report Cards and Spanking

For Linda Robertson and Devon Sara

It had already been a long day for Miss Smithers as she began her eighth-period English class. This was actually one of her better classes—with the high school's students intent on going to selective colleges—but it also posed the greatest challenge to her as a teacher. She had to prepare for this class specially because they could easily penetrate the usual simplistic discussion framework prescribed by the teachers' guides and textbook commentaries.

This class had already managed to work its way through Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man without missing a beat and was on to the intricacies of Faulkner and Conrad and, soon, Proust, in translation albeit. Blonde-haired Deborah James and tall, dark, and handsome Charlie Renfrew were the academic stars, and in Miss Smithers' eyes, their personal attractiveness was an equal asset to their intellectual brilliance.

Unlike the rest of her classes, where discipline was a major problem, this class was usually perfectly behaved. Intellectual curiosity was clearly one reason but the underlying understanding was that none of these highly-motivated students wanted to incur either a bad grade or a disciplinary comment on their record that might ruin their chances for admission to the college of their choice.

Anne Smithers understood this and she maintained excellent order in the class from the first day, when she advised all of her charges that she would not tolerate discourtesy or any kind of misbehavior in class. "That includes talking without being recognized by me," she emphasized.

The young teacher—she was in her mid-20s but her dress belied her age—stood a full 5 feet 7 inches tall and preferred conservative outfits, featuring crisp white blouses, sometimes adorned with pearls, grey flannel skirts, and smart pumps. She did wear even more dominating gear in her off-hours, such as seamed stockings, but she restrained herself at school to items like sheer hose that would not attract undue notice. Her hair was fashionably cut, not too short but neatly.

Anne knew that she had to stay on top of these students because they could easily get out of control, certainly intellectually. If she ever let up, she knew behavior problems would follow quickly because of their alertness to any sign of mental weakness. She managed to keep their attention by rather openly making notes in her roll book after each student recited. She told them that she would mark their daily contribution to the class and that it would count in their final grade.

This particular Friday afternoon was report card day, the day that each teacher took time out from class to enter grades on each student's report card during the class. Anne gave the class a writing assignment, so that she would be free to enter the grades carefully. The school required teachers to take due care because there was an inviolable rule that once entered in ink, grades could not be changed. This policy had followed some unhappy experiences with grade alteration.

As Anne sat down to her task, a student from another class entered the room and handed her a note stating that the principal needed to see her right away.

"Class," Anne announced, "I have been asked to attend a meeting now with the principal, so please continue on your assignment. I expect complete quiet, as I may return at any time and I would not want anyone else in school to see a classroom where things were not quiet and orderly. I warn you not to take this lightly—remember that I will be marking your report cards later this hour."

She quietly passed out a short quiz that none of the students had expected. As they looked at it, she gathered up her briefcase to leave for the principal's office downstairs. With her usual fine dignity Anne walked to the classroom door and headed downstairs to see the principal. It turned out that the reason for her summons was that her senior home room adviser—a very pleasant girl named Flora Watson—had been discovered by a hall monitor in a highly compromising position in a school utility room. Home room advisers were a kind of honor group as each school home room was assigned one girl to provide all kinds of assistance, clerical and otherwise, to the home room teacher.

Anne relied on Flora to enter important attendance and other information on school record cards and at times would even give her a handwritten grade list and allow Flora to mark the students' report cards. She knew that this gave the girl a feeling of far more authority than was justified but she liked giving assertive girls some chance to learn how to exercise authority.

Anne used her lovely smile to convince the principal to give Flora another chance. The principal knew that Anne enforced strict discipline in her classes so he was willing to allow her the opportunity to apply some discipline herself to the wayward adviser. As she walked out of the office, she complimented herself on once again using her attractiveness to get the principal to do things her way. She had some ideas in mind for Flora, which that girl would be most concerned about if she were aware of them now.

Upon her return to the class, Anne found things in pandemonium with recorded music blasting her in the face as she opened the, thankfully, sound-proof classroom door. The boys and girls were dancing and some were on the tops of the desks, the girls flashing their underwear.

"Stop this this instant!" Anne shouted in the melee. They all heard her, of course, and the music abruptly stopped and everyone hurried to his or her desk. "I am highly disappointed in all of you. I had thought this was my best class but I was sadly mistaken," Ann began.

Deborah James raised her hand. "Yes, Deborah," Miss Smithers said, "perhaps you may enlighten me as to the cause of this crazed misbehavior?"

"Miss, we finished that quiz and just needed to let out some steam in the late afternoon," Deborah said with a sheepish look on her face.

"Very well," Anne responded, thinking that steam was exactly what she was exuding. "Pass your quiz papers to the front." She quickly collected the quizzes and sat down at her desk.

"There was no excuse for this conduct," Anne lectured her charges. "You seem to have forgotten that I will be marking your report cards now. You can be sure that this incident will be reflected in that process."

At that, Deborah's pretty face turned red and she looked up at Miss Smithers and again raised her hand. "Yes, Deborah?" Anne responded, as she began thinking of exactly how she would punish the class.

"Miss, please don't mark us down for today. We've worked hard for you over the last few weeks. It's not fair," she wailed.

"All of you need to learn what good behavior means. You are not one of the classes that is slow to learn. You will have to learn the hard way. Now all of you go back to the assignment I distributed while I mark the report cards," Anne continued.

There was dead silence as the students saw the young teacher with a determined look on her face reach into her briefcase as she seated herself behind her desk and take out the blue envelope that contained the class's report cards.

As Miss Smithers glanced up and saw the students looking perturbed, she recognized Jan Forsythe, a bright brown-haired girl who had her hand raised.

"Please, Miss Smithers," Jan said, "you really should listen to us and not mark us down for just letting off a little steam. We have worked very hard this term and it seems very hard for you to mark us down for just one little incident. And at least you should tell us what our punishment is, if you really intend to do this."

Anne looked up and without missing a beat, responded to the girl's request: "Jan, and all of you, one small incident indicates to me that you all have much room for improvement in maturity and behavior. You may be bright but you need to learn self-control. This school prides itself on maintenance of good discipline and I must conform to that standard.

"As a result, I am giving all of you grades of U, for Unsatisfactory, in Conduct on your report cards. As you know, aside from your need to face the consequences at home of receiving such a failing grade in behavior, you will be limited in your participation in extracurricular activities for the following marking period and you will have to present a conduct report card to each teacher each day for a week and complete the week with grades entered on it of at least S, or Satisfactory, or you will have to carry the card each week until you do.

"In addition, I am awarding each of you a grade of zero for today which will be averaged in with your other daily class participation grades and other quiz and test results. This will lower some of your grades for the marking period but is a far less severe punishment than if I automatically lowered all of the grades by a standard amount of 10 or 15% which the school rules allow.

"I do not want to answer any more questions. You will return now to your assignment."

The class was sitting in stunned silence. None dared to raise Anne's ire any more and risk further reduction in their already-damaged grades. Miss Smithers took out her grade book and then her special black and red pens for use in report-card grade entry. She carefully calculated on her computer what the zero did to each grade, finding it only lowered them by a few points, although it pushed at least three of the students below the pass level of 65. Then she entered all of the grades in black ink, with the failures and all of the U's in Conduct entered in red and circled in red for emphasis. She was totally aware that the school forbid any entered grade from being changed for any reason.

After entering the grades, she turned to the portion of each card that allowed teachers to make "Comments". On each one, she wrote in red ink, "Conduct was graded Unsatisfactory owing to the gross disruptive misbehavior of this student in class."

She returned the report cards to the blue envelope for transmission to the school office where they would be distributed to home room teachers for issuance to the students. Although the school records were entirely computerized, the principal felt that continuing to have report cards marked by hand in ink lent a seriousness and personal involvement than issuance of a computer-generated report card would.

When the bell rang, the students filed quietly out of the class, without glancing at the young strict teacher who had responded so severely to their misbehavior. Anne felt a surge of dampness in her panties as she gave the blue envelope to the courier to go to the school office.

Her excitement continued as Flora Watson knocked on the closed door. "You may come in, Flora," Anne said loudly. The abashed home room adviser entered and said, "I hope you aren't telling me today that I'm being expelled for my mistake, Miss Smithers. I'm terribly embarrassed and ashamed of myself. " She barely was holding tears back from her pretty, freckled face under her red hair.

"No, Flora," Anne replied with a slight smile, "I was successful in convincing the principal that I would deal with this situation." Flora smiled too but then resumed her stone expression, realizing that Miss Smithers would be quite severe in exacting retribution for Flora's making her go so far in protecting her.

"Flora, you realize that I have no choice but to punish you and punish you significantly for your shameful conduct," the young teacher began. "I have already reviewed your report card and awarded you a grade of zero for your Home Room Advising credits." Flora blanched and thought of what her parents would think when they saw such a horrid grade on her report card and that it would lower her grade average...by a lot.

"You will not be surprised to know that you also are receiving a grade of U, for Unsatisfactory, in Conduct for the marking period," Miss Smithers went on. "However," and now she rose and locked the door, "I also have decided that physical punishment is both authorized by the school and necessary in this instance."

Flora's face turned deep red and she involuntarily responded, "Oh. Miss Smithers, that is just so awful. Do you have to?"

"Yes, Flora, I do," Anne responded, "because you did not think about the embarrassment you would cause those of us responsible for you when you allowed yourself to be discovered in flagrante."

So let's get this over with. Please lift your skirt, lower your panties, and bend over the front of my desk, grasping the other side," she ordered in an even tone.

"Oh Miss," Flora wailed, "I haven't had my panties taken down for a spanking since I was little. Please, they won't protect me."

"Flora, your panties will come down, just as you took them down when you were caught with that boy," Miss Smithers said accusingly.

The shame-faced girl slowly lowered her white silky panties and her pale white globes exposed, bent across Anne Smithers' desk. Anne took up her position next to her, donned her leather spanking glove, and began to apply spanks to Flora's jutting cheeks. After about 20 spanks, Flora began moving her legs and Anne was treated to a view of the girls' most intimate areas, including the hair protruding between her legs above her sex.

After Anne had applied about 40 spanks—she intended to give Flora an even 50—the girl looked up with horror in her eyes, and mumbled, "Please Miss Smithers...I'm so totally sorry for what I did, ...and ... I have to pee really badly."

"You'll have to hold it in until the correction is completed, Flora," Anne said in a fairly stern tone.

She proceeded to apply the last 10 spanks, saw a dribble of urine escape from between the shamed girl's legs, and then held out a bowl and told Flora she could now squat and pee in it.

Flora was in too desperate circumstances to refuse the humiliating offer, and placed the bowl quickly right under her crotch and Anne heard the immediate burst of pee begin to fill the bowl.

When she finished, she put the bowl on Anne's desk with a totally red face. Anne first embarrassed her further by staring at the foaming yellow liquid filling the bowl and then looked at her and said, "You took your punishment well, Flora. You may pull up your panties and lower your skirt. I am pleased with your behavior now. You may go and I will see you in class tomorrow. I will continue to have you serve as my Home Room aide."

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