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Teacher In Heels


Fantasy is a wonderful escape from our everyday ritualistic and stressful lives. I will admit I do have my share of fantasies, that is after all where I get my ideas for my stories. However, fulfilling them by acting them out in a role playing game with consenting adults is the ultimate! This is a true re-account of such a scene (fantasy), that with the help of a few "close" friends I was able to bring to life.

Mrs. Demay my English teacher was a beautiful woman. She always wore a dress to school with panty hose and the sexiest shoes. Her legs were magnificent, as was her choice in high heel shoes! Often my mind slipped between what was going on in the class room and fantasizing about any number of sexual situations that I could drag her into with me.

One day during class, I was having such a twisted perverted thought while she was going over some dead poet's interpretation of life when she noticed my lack of attention and that my eyes where focused on her feet. She took delight in embarrassing me by asking me a question since I was obviously not paying any such attention to anything other than those black stilettos.

"John, at what point would you say this author realized the importance of life it's self?" She asked while moving directly in front of my desk.

Everyone in the class room looked to me I am sure. Yet I was unaware of anything going on around me. My eyes were locked in to her feet and I was in a trance. She dropped a heavy book she was holding to the floor in front of her which landed just inches from her shoes making a loud thud that snapped me to attention. I looked up to her face and her eyes met mine.

I looked around me only to see the others smiling, or staring at me.

"John, I asked you a question. Where have you been?"

I looked back at Mrs. Demay, she wasn't smiling at all! "I am sorry Mrs. Demay, I didn't hear the question."

"Maybe that's because you were looking at my feet John, and you couldn't read my lips? What is it about my feet you find so intriguing John?"

"They are beautiful" I mumbled audibly enough so she heard me.

"Excuse me?" She said seeming to take some offense as she leaned down closer to my face.

I could hear a few of the girls in the class giggle and one guy call me a loser. I just wanted to sink down and hide under my desk. The class bell ringing saved my embarrassment and everyone got up to leave.

"Don't forget your assignments!" She yelled as I too was gathering my things to leave. "Not you John, you stay right here. I want to talk with you about this behavior."

After the last student left the room, she walked to the door closing and locking it. The door had a frosted window making it nearly impossible for anyone to see anything but blurred images. I took her locking the door as not wanting to be disturbed as she reprimanded me for offending her during class. Then she walked back sitting in the desk next to me.

"John, I have noticed at many times during this semester your attention during class as be absent and you have been very distracted. I have often caught you staring at my legs and feet. I know how young men like yourself are at this age, but this has to stop. I have two boys I am raising myself, so I know what you are going through. But you can not let this interfere with your studies." She said as she leaned over and put her hand on my shoulder. "You are a bright student, and I would hate to see your sexual day dreams handicap your studies."

My face turned red. "I am sorry Mrs. Demay, I really am! You must think I am a pervert or something because I find your feet and shoes so attractive..."

"No, not at all John." she interrupted. "Many men and even some women find shoes and feet attractive. That's what's called a foot fetish."

"Really?" I said very happy to know I wasn't all alone in my desires and lust for such things.

"Yes really!" She smiled. "In fact John, I am quite flattered in all honesty that you find my feet attractive. But tell me, what do you think about during class when you are looking at them?"

All I could do was smile as I felt my face getting flush and hotter by the second. Talk about being embarrassed!

She saw how red I was I am sure, and in order to maybe help make me more relaxed, she reached over pushed back my hair, "John, you can tell me. Really, I won't make fun of you or laugh. I am your teacher and it's all part of my job. I might be able to help you to regain some self-control in the class room so you can concentrate."

I felt a chill run down my body at the mere touch of her hand across my scalp. "Well I think about what it would be like to feel your feet touching my nuts and dick. There I said it! I am sorry Mrs. Demay." I turned my head away, afraid to even look at her reaction.

She stood up and I was sure she was going to tell me to leave, but much to my surprise she went and got a chair and put it at the front of the classroom. "Come here John." Her voice went from caring and compassionate to almost demanding. I walked to the chair and was about to sit down. "I didn't tell you to sit now did I?"

"No Ma'am you didn't" I still wasn't really sure what she was up to or going to do next.

"John, do you masturbate?" she said looking straight into my eyes.

"No!" I said not wanting to admit to what every one else knew was only something losers did.

She took a hand and pulled my chin up to look straight into her eyes. "John don't you lie to me! All boys play with their cocks. Drop your pants and underwear down to your ankles right now and sit down in this chair!" she yelled. "Do it!"

Okay, I admit at this point I was totally turned on at being dominated, and being humiliated by this older woman. My cock was hard as a rock and it flopped out as I pushed my pants then underwear down to my ankles.

"Oh my Lord! Look at that hard cock." She said as she place both her hands on my shoulders forcing me to sit down. "Now John, show me how you masturbate that hard dick of yours. Jack it off for me!" Her eyes were glued to my hardon as I took it into my hand and slowly began to stroke the length of my shaft. "I said jack it off John, not tease it! Pull and tug on it harder and faster!"

"Yes Ma'am" I said as my eyes went down her legs to her feet and looked at her shoes.

I was whacking off at a full pace when she must have noticed my eyes focusing on them. "What are you looking at John? Are you looking at my shoes?"

I nodded as I was devoting all my energy and concentration to whacking off for my teacher. Then she lifted her right leg and brought the point of her shoe to the underside of my balls. She pushed her black stiletto hard underneath my sack, then raised it up pushing my balls up.

"You like that don't you John. Does that feel good?"

"Oh yea" I moaned feeling the cold shiny point of her shoe raking over my nuts while I beat off. I could see up her dress as her leg was lifted. I could see her black panty hose and my eyes followed up her thighs until they caught a glimpse of her black panties. I was sure I saw a wet spot were her slit was. I just knew she was turned on every bit as I was at this point.

She moved the pointed shoe to my asshole and began to bang her shoe into it. "Is this what you think about during my class John? Don't you cum all over my pretty shoes, or is that what you want to do?"

"Yes, oh yes please!" I was so close to cumming I was begging!

"I have a better idea." She said. She brought her foot down and took off both of her shoes. I could see each of her ten toes now through her black stockings and thought for sure at that moment I was going to explode and shoot my wad. "Stop!" She yelled. "Don't touch it anymore."

I let go and stopped beating off very reluctantly as all I wanted to do now was cum. I looked down and the there was a big droplet of clear liquid at my hole.

"Put your hands behind the chair... now!" She yelled while kicking off her right shoe.

I did as she asked and as I did I looked back to see her balancing herself standing in front of me. She lifted her right foot again and she put the bottom of her foot on my cock. The silky feel of her stocking and the heat from soles of her feet met my ridged prick and began to rub it up and down. I didn't want to close my eyes, the mere site of her foot sliding up and down my shaft was totally bliss! God it felt so good!

"Cum for me John! I want to see it all over my black stockings." I swear I heard her moan with me as I let it go. "Oh yes! That's it John!"

I soaked her foott with my white pearly fluid, as my cock throbbed beneath her silky soles. She continued to rub and pump me until I was completely spent.

"Seems we made quite the mess John." She smiled me. "Bring me my purse from under my desk if you would please."

I hobbled to her desk with my pants and underwear around my ankles and brought her the purse. She reached into it and got out some tissues and handed them to me. "Now clean off my foot, and then clean yourself off."

Wow! I thought. I get to actually touch her foot! I took very good care in cleaning her off.

"Now John, if I don't catch you looking again at my feet during class for the rest of the school year, I will let you lick my shoes, suck my toes, and give you a bare foot job without the panty hose after class the last day of school. Do we have a deal?"

"Yes Ma'am!" I said looking up at her as I finished wiping up the last of my jizz from her foot. Lord have mercy on me, this is going to be a rough second semester!


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by Anonymous05/06/18

Great story!

This story really reminded me of fantasizing back in school. Love to act it out now!
Is there more from this author????

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