Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 05


"Yes sir. Err, can I get changed, sir?" she asked. The humble sound of voice betrayed how humble she felt, as much as the words used.

"No! Get undressed. I want to see your lovely body," he demanded.

"Yes sir," she acknowledged.

With care Hollie rolled the spandex from her body, trying hard not to touch the piercings. A yelp or two couldn't be avoided.

"Nice! You look adorable as usual," he smiled.

They ate in silence. Still stunned from what happened, she tried to come to terms with why she had given in to such a drastic thing. It was difficult to accept the complete submission. Her whole self-image had to be downgraded to accept such profound obedience to a young student.

"Come here and I'll sooth the soreness," he commanded.

Squatting on the floor at his feet, she felt every touch as he gently massaged her breasts with a cool ointment. At least the throbbing held back the usual arousal.

He had her lying back on the carpet with both legs spread wide. This time the cool ointment was eased over a less damaged place. Her nub had been already pierced, so it just ached from a ring replacing the small stud. The little ring was more noticeable but then who else but him would see it.

Inevitably she became aroused from his now expert touch. He knew her body so well!

"Just lie back and enjoy it," he told her. "I'll kiss it better," he added.

He stroked her thighs just the way she enjoyed it. He licked and kissed her pussy, just enough to keep her back from an orgasm. She began to tremble with passion. It took a long time, a gorgeously enjoyed timeless age, until the passion became a torrent of orgasmic sensations.

This time he stayed over at the apartment, despite their agreement. Roger looked after her as though she were a little injured bird. Every time she opened her eyes he was there, in her bed, sleeping soundly. Over the last few days she had often woken up missing him. She wanted him in her bed for always. She needed him.

Hollie brushed back hair from his eye, and kissed his forehead. He stirred and moaned, not waking. She laid her head on the pillow, just touching his. She closed her eyes, and fell into a deep contented sleep.


Hollie stopped him leaving the class, as the others shuffled out.

"Roger. I want to talk to you about the work you handed in," she said. As soon as the last of them left the room, she pulled at the top to reveal a collar. "This is terrible!" she crossly said. "You have to give me the key!" she demanded.

Sunday they had continued the game, with her as his dutiful slut. Becoming used to wearing the collar it had been forgotten about. Monday morning she found it locked to her neck, with a small padlock and no key.

"Oh!" he laughed. "I wondered why you were wearing a high necked blouse. I forgot to give you the key," he quickly added, seeing how annoyed she was. "I'll see you tonight," he said, over his shoulder as he left.

Hollie sat there wearing the symbol of his ownership, feeling highly embarrassed. One of her students thought he owned her, and was treating her like a pet project. Her face flushed red as another class sauntered in. It was going to be difficult to concentrate on history, while wearing this ever present reminder of her lowly position.

At least the air-conditioning had been fixed, so the high collared blouse wasn't too uncomfortable. Focusing on Charles the First helped, but ever so often, she had to stop a hand reaching up to finger the collar.


As soon as he arrived Hollie walked into the kitchen to escape him. Waiting for the coffee to percolate, she stood in the doorway.

"Roger, I'm sorry, but you can't do that again. It was so embarrassing wearing a collar in class," she admonished him.

Roger smiled back at her. She had given up stating it was all over. The complaints now revolved around trying to curtail this experimentation upon her. It had been worrying finding out he had more ideas, from the internet, to try out on her. Wearing a collar would become the least of her worries.

"No one knew did they? Don't worry so much. OK! If you were in an accident and it was found it could be explained away as a joke. You were on a hen night, and friends did it to you," he told her.

"I guess so," she murmured. "Did you bring the key?" she said, looking expectant.

"I did, but you don't get it until later. So long as you behave yourself," he smiled.

She looked down at the floor between them, feeling embarrassed from what that might mean. He intended to make her earn her freedom, and knew freedom would only mean from the collar, nothing more. He had her trapped, pandering to his whims, like a silly little slut.

They ate and chatted about nothing in particular, just getting to know each other. It was surprising how little she knew about him. They had the most intimate knowledge of each others bodies, without knowing about their lives outside of the relationship.

"I want you to pleasure me this evening," he said. "You are my sexy slut and will do as you are told," he stated.

Being close to him heated her up. The whole day she had been worried and excited, knowing he would arrive here to claim her obedience. The anticipation over what he might do next, added to the tension inside her.

"Get undressed," he ordered. He watched as she slipped out of her clothes without protest. He smiled at her, making her look away demurely. She was so cute looking like that a broad grin spread across his face.

"You really are beautiful," he honestly stated. He was rewarded with a shy smile in return. It was wonderful to have his teacher obeying him. Having her strip naked, in her apartment, was the sexiest thrill imaginable.

"Crawl to me lovely pet," he commanded. After clipping a leash to the collar, she obediently crawled to the bedroom. He lay on the bed, beckoning her with a warm smile. He cuddled her while stroking her hair, whispering how attractive she was, how sexy she was, and that he wanted to look after her.

She sighed, while clinging on to every word. Gone long ago were the reminiscences of college flings and high school crushes. Every thought of love, romance, and sexual adventure, became rolled up into this moment. He was her master and was looking after her. She vibrated with sexual need. It was a need for him, not just a self-satisfying lust.

He pushed her up, away from the warm embrace. "It's my turn, remember? You are to give your master satisfaction. Pleasure your master," he demanded.

Hollie couldn't keep her hands off him. She only just managed to avoid grabbing his penis. Lost were the thoughts of being tricked into something, or made to do something bad. This was what she needed to do. She had become his slave girl, devoted to her master's pleasure.

Smoothing her hands over his body, she explored him, wanting to discover every crevice, every sensitive place. She tenderly kissed his face. Everywhere except his throbbing cock.

He turned over with help from her guiding hands. While massaging his back, her eyes were on his firm buttocks. She kissed the base of his spine and continued over his cheeks. She licked between them, tasting the salty sweat, relishing her subservience. She nuzzled her nose in the cleft, telling him she was his lowly slave girl.

More insistently this time, she turned him over. His cock was throbbing and her hands shook.

"May your slave girl have master's cock, please, master," she said, with an unsteady voice. She didn't hear his reply. As though it were a magnet, her lips were guided down to his erect member, pulling her mouth toward it.

She was familiar with the idea of a blow job, though had little experience. Only twice before had she tried it. Once was with him, when totally carried away in his bedroom.

With just a slight hesitation she lowered her head toward his. With one hand cupping the sack and the other gripping the shaft, she hesitantly licked and kissed it. It was now or never, so plucking up courage, she sucked at the swollen gland, swallowing as much of it as possible without choking.

Very soon he began to spurt cum into her mouth. Almost retching from the acrid taste in her mouth and nostrils, she let go an instant after he did. Not as intense as usual but climax was gratefully received. She fancied his cum was spilling from her nose it seemed so much. It was just the smell of it swamping her senses.

At the end she had been more than passively taking him in. With enthusiasm she had sucked every last drop from his sack. She drank it all down with great gulps, as though the spoonful was a pint.

"Thank you master for letting me cum. Thank you for letting me swallow your lovely sperm," she whispered. Her whole being was subsumed into the role as his loving slave girl.

"Come here, slave girl," he said. Opening his arms up, she snuggled onto his chest.

Wrapped tightly in his arms feeling wonderfully cared for, she submitted to the feeling of being nothing more than his slave girl.

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