tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher Is Mistaken Ch. 06

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 06


Early next morning Hollie slipped out of bed leaving Roger undisturbed. She looked at the young man, her student, sleeping peacefully. She smiled broadly with contentment. The wicked things he was doing to her were both disturbing and exciting. It was impossible to escape the conclusion this was the most wonderful relationship she had ever experienced.

It was wrong to be sharing her bed with a student, but the excitement of an illicit affair was too strong to resist. Roger was too strong to resist. He had forced her to submit, yet how could she complain after receiving such intimate attention. He was demanding and caring, all at the same time.

The two conflicting influences had her panting for more.

In a dressing gown Hollie made breakfast for two. Even this simple chore was new and exciting. Cooking for her young handsome man was a delight.

"Here you are, breakfast in bed," she said.

Watching him ravish the food, reminded her of how he ravished her, always with great enthusiasm. After last night she had to feed him up, ready for tonight. The thought made her giggle.

"You're happy this morning," he laughed, between mouthfuls. He swilled the egg and bacon down with a swig of coffee.

"Get my bag, I have something for you. Don't peek!" he warned.

"We don't have time for games. We need to get to school," Hollie complained.

He pulled her over the bed and playfully slapped her bottom.

"Alright, I give in, let me go!" she squealed in delight.

Her round rump looked so tantalising he leant forward and kissed it. He licked her fresh smelling bottom, tickling it with light fingertip touches.

"Nooo! Please sir, let me go," Hollie yelped.

"You look good and taste good enough to eat. What do you say?" he asked, with a devilish look plastered across his face.

He was trying to look stern, though it was too difficult. He wanted to laugh from feeling so happy. He was in his teacher's bed slapping her bare ass. She had given up complaining about this mistreatment instead she complied with his demands. It was a perfect arrangement, for him, though she was obviously enjoying it too.

"Yes, sir, what ever you say sir," she laughed. Giving in hadn't been an option, as she had learnt that he always got what he wanted.

Quickly returning to him, she keenly watched with a shiver of anxiety and excitement, as he delved into the bag. What gift of torment he had for her was eagerly awaited.

"Here put these on while I shower. Nothing else until I'm ready for you," he told her.

"Yes, sir," she demurely answered.

It was becoming a habit, allowing him to dress and undress her. He was controlling more and more of her life. At least this wasn't something terrible rather, it was a nice surprise. Knowing it was another small step toward being totally his wasn't so bad. It was an exciting adventure!

Once dressed as ordered, she fixed her make-up. The small pierced earrings were a constant reminder of that dreadful evening. At least the ones in her nipples and bud were small enough to hide. Hearing him drying off she stood up, almost at attention, to wait for him.

She felt a little foolish doing this for one of her students, but it had become a habit. For a moment she wondered what was happening to her. She was submitting to him more and more, yet surely it should have been the other way around.

He came in rubbing his hair with a towel. The fresh male smell was worth waiting for, as it gave her a slight thrill. He looked at her. His smile turned to a broad grin, quickening her pulse. He was naked and obviously liking what he saw.

"Wow! You look gorgeous. So sexy, I really could eat you all up," he grinned.

"No! Please sir, not now, we'll be late," she groaned. It was difficult to resist but someone had to think of something else other than sex.

"We had better hurry up then. Pull your panties down to your knees," he commanded.

"Oh! No! Please sir," Hollie softly protested.

"I'm going to inspect your pussy, to make sure it's smooth," he informed her.

"Oh!" she managed to whisper.

Reluctantly Hollie pulled her panties down, with a seductive roll of her hips. She stood before him wearing a black silk push up bra, with matching panties. They were see-through, though that didn't matter now because they were tightly slung around her knees. She stood with legs slightly apart to keep them there.

The suspender belt was part of the matching set. When he pulled the underwear from his bag, she thought they would be a cheap nylon set, scratchy and uncomfortable. The fine black silk was a delight to wear. That he had correctly guessed her size was a surprise. He was full of surprises, not always as pleasant as this.

The sheer stockings had a black sheen. The high heels complimented her legs. Not used to them she wobbled a little, and was reminded to stand upright. She couldn't help admiring the outfit in the mirror. Not something to choose for school, though who would know except him.

Hollie felt his hot breath upon her bare pussy. He looked up at her and smiled. She had to look away when seeing his hand about to touch her. It was humiliating being examined down there by a student before school, though so terribly arousing.

Without a thought she had shaved her lips bare, for him, for her lover and master.

"Nice! Very nice! Smooth and fresh, ready to eat," Roger teased. He took a deep breath detecting the aroma of excitement. He placed a finger against her bud and gently pressed.

"Am I ringing any bells?" he asked.

"Yes sir. No! Please, sir, not now. Tonight, anything you want tonight," she breathlessly moaned.

"I'll hold you to that," he laughed.

She knew he would. It took all her willpower to resist grabbing a hold of him there and then. Calling him 'sir' was just another habit acquired at his insistence. Hollie knew it underlined their relationship, but couldn't resist his demands.


In class one or two students noticed the high heels, though nothing was said. Hollie couldn't get out of her mind what she was wearing. The underwear was sexy, though it was the fact that a student had bought the set, and made her wear it, which had her thoughts in turmoil.

Every time she crossed her legs, a buzzing sound of the stockings reminded her she had been dressed for his pleasure. Submitting to that intimate inspection came to mind too often. If she wasn't careful she would become too aroused to think straight. That led on to wondering about his devious plans for tonight, and her promise to submit.

At break-time she had to rush to the restroom to splash her face with cold water and fix her makeup. At lunch time she hurried there to lock herself in a cubicle. Biting her lip she tried not to touch herself. It was no good resisting the urge. She pulled the crotch of the panties to one side and grabbed a hold of her pussy.

She held it tight, imagining it was her lover's hand. He would know what to do to her, what she needed. A finger rubbed against her bud pulling a whispered groan from between her lips. When a couple of colleagues walked in she quickly pulled her panties up, feeling guilty.

If they knew she was lusting after a student they would pity her. If they found out she was submitting to him, letting him master her, they would revile her. She dare not walk out now, for they would see she was so near an orgasm. Hollie felt weak and pathetic. There was no way out, and no way to escape Roger, her dominant lover. She was trapped! He had her right where he wanted and they both knew it.

Walking back to class she saw that horrendous young girl flirting with her man. A sudden mean feeling of jealousy overwhelmed her better judgement. Hollie desperately needed to use all her authority, as a teacher, to put the girl in her place.

Striding up to the pair of them, she abruptly halted, only just refraining from making a fool of herself. What could she say or do? They were both eighteen year olds, entitled to talk to each other at lunch time. She was supposed to be a responsible teacher, not a silly slut besotted with a student.

She felt helpless and foolish. They ignored her, seeming wrapped up in their own world where teachers didn't exist. Embarrassed from ineptness, unable to think straight, she became desperate.

"Roger, may I have a word?" Hollie politely asked. Hollie managed a wane smile for the girl, as Roger turned to her. His pleasant open smile melted the anger away in an instant. She blushed like a silly young thing.

"Your project needs some attention," she began to explain. The innocent phrase took on a whole new meaning, as she considered it meant her. She was his pet project, his special sex project. It was true, she needed his attention.

"I need to see to my project, see you later," Roger told the girl. He walked off with Hollie, to her classroom. When they were out of earshot he spoke to his teacher. "Is my project feeling as sexy as it looks?" he asked.

"Yes," Hollie responded, not meaning to, only she was so damn hot. It was bad enough letting him work her up in her apartment, but here in school, it was so very wrong. The danger of it was working her up, until she trembled with passion.

In the relative safety of her empty classroom, Hollie turned on him. Before she had a chance to off-load the anger, he stopped her with a kiss. He wrapped her in his arms deeply caressing her.

"I'm sorry, sir," she stuttered, when able to take a breath.

"Don't worry about her she's nothing, just someone to put everyone off from suspecting us. You know that. Don't you? You are mine, I'm your master, tell me," he demanded.

"Yes, master, I'm yours," she whispered.

Looking around the classroom it seemed so strange to be there, admitting to a relationship that was obviously wrong. She had to admit, for her it wasn't just a game. Calling him master started as a game, though now she was beginning to strongly feel he was her master.

"Do you promise to look after me?" she whispered.

"Yes! Your master will look after you. You must promise to obey me in return," he stipulated.

"Yes, master, I promise to obey you," she quietly submitted. At that moment she meant every word, driven by the dread of losing him. The fear of losing her career had been forgotten. The need for him was so strong she would have promised anything.

"Give me your panties," he demanded.

Without a moment of hesitation she submitted, despite feeling it was a dreadful thing to do. They both knew it was a token of her surrender and accepted it with shared looks. He looked at her with satisfaction, and she returned his smile with a nod of acquiescence.

Hollie pulled up the skirt of her smart business suit, revealing stocking tops, and shimmied out of the panties. Holding onto her desk she pulled them from around the high heels. Handing them to him wasn't just a small token of surrender it was a deep symbol of submission.

In her classroom she was handing over her panties to a student!

She held the skirt up showing off the suspender belts, tightly holding her creamy thighs. She couldn't help herself from wantonly showing herself off to him. The thought of that young rival had her desperate to please him.

"Keep the skirt up until I give you permission to drop it," Roger ordered.

Hollie looked from his serious face to the small knot of students gathering for the next class. She had already been excited from playing with herself, and even more so, because he had her panties in his hand. She took a deep breath and leaned against the desk, pinning the skirt in place around her thighs.

The students piled in hurrying past, not seeing her predicament, bustling in talking amongst themselves, finding desks and seats. As soon as they settled down they would notice her. Before that happened, he nodded. That was all it took to save her disgrace. Her master had given permission to cover her shameful display, so she straightened up, letting the skirt fall into place.

The feeling of submission wasn't so easily shrugged off. There were only two classes that afternoon, and she managed to bring herself together enough to conduct the class with decorum.


Once home Hollie breathed a sigh of relief. She wanted to run to her bedroom to pull on a pair of panties. All afternoon she had been careful not to mark the back of the skirt when sitting down. She had been fearful and aroused, though in control enough not to let it show.

She had playfully called Roger her master a few days ago, and this afternoon it had become more serious. She was in a turmoil knowing this too was going to be difficult to resist if he persisted with this new game. She wondered if he knew how deeply it affected her.

When Roger arrived she still hadn't slipped on a pair of panties. The lack of willpower to even carry out this simple act, without his permission, worried her.

"Roger, I'm sorry about this afternoon. It was foolish to, I mean, of course you can talk, I, that girl you were talking to," Hollie blustered incoherently. It couldn't be admitted she was jealous, even though they were both aware of it.

"Never mind that, it's past. Lift your skirt up, right up," Roger demanded.

Having her silliness dismissed left her feeling better. That she was a teacher, and an older woman being treated like a lovesick schoolgirl, left her feeling vulnerable.

"Your legs look so wonderful in those stockings and your thighs look so enticing," Roger grinned.

From his raw enthusiasm and admiration Hollie felt reassured. His approval lifted her spirits. It didn't matter what she had to call him, for she was ready to give herself to him. She unconsciously swayed her hips, as though waving her denuded sex, enticing him. She was ready for her master to take her.

"That bare pussy looks ready for its master," he laughed.

Instead of dropping her skirt in embarrassment from the lewd remark, she thrust out her hips at him. It was no wonder Hollie was so sexed, up for she had been teased and kept on the edge all day. Giving away moral values with her panties she simply wanted to submit to her master.

"Oh, yes, your pussy is ready for its master," she seductively cooed. "I'm a slave to your cock, master," Hollie added, shocking herself.

The moment of astonishment didn't last long, for she was soon breathing heavily, staring at him with a look of longing. The poor thing had been worked up into a frenzy of lust, willing to be anything he wanted, just so long as he took her.

"Please master, I need you," she whined.

"On your knees slave girl," he ordered, with a flick of his hand pointing to the floor.

This isn't what she wanted; she needed his attention down there, where the ache of desire burned. He was her master and knew best, so she would have to obey him. Besides, it was sure to lead to what she desperately needed.

Hollie crawled across the floor to him, quickly unfastening his jeans to pull out a big hard juicy cock. She lavished it with kisses then pursed her lips over its head. With the gentlest of touches her lips held her masters throbbing head, while increasing the sucking ever so gradually.

She wanted him to give in and take her. All inhibitions over demeaning herself so basely had evaporated. Feelings and desires fixed her mind into thinking of herself as his slave girl, dependent upon his cock. If he cum into her mouth it would have to be accepted, even though she needed to feel him riding her, completely taking her.

Roger watched his teacher teasing his cock. He had been surprised how obedient she had become despite figuring out she had a submissive side to her personality. The sight of his teacher on her knees submissively sucking on his cock was too much to resist.

In a state of aggressive excitement he pushed her to the floor. He lifted her legs over his shoulders, spreading them wide. His head pushed between her thighs, with his lips clamping upon her engorged sex, strongly sucking every thing into his mouth. His tongue explored inside her, reaching as far as possible, sensitising the red hot hole even more.

"Oh hell! Yes, master, yes, that's it, just there. Your slave needs you master. Please master, fuck your slave master. Your slave girl needs to feel you inside, master, please!" Hollie wailed.

He pulled away, to quickly move up her body, crushing her into the carpet. With fervour he thrust into her prone body. All the way in he reached with a rod of iron, swollen with lust. He pumped away at her with youthful enthusiasm and strength.

Although expected, Hollie had been taken by surprise, only recovering from the onslaught after feeling him thrusting in. She wrapped her legs around him, digging her heels into his butt cheeks.

"Fuck me master! Oh, yes, master me, make me your slave. Fuck your slave hard!" she breathed out through clenched teeth.

Both of them wore animal ugly expressions of lustful craving. Both pushed and heaved in time to a shared need to orgasm. Roger beat her vagina with his manhood, while Hollie yelled out her need for him.

As though it were a race to an orgasm they drew to a finish. Roger slumped over her compliant body, squashing her. Hollie felt a part of him as though he had consumed her. He rolled off onto the carpet, dragging her with him, pulling her into his arms to crush her to his chest.

"I'm yours master," she whispered into his chest.

They staggered up from the floor, exhausted from the exertion of love making. It had been an animal like release, all inhibitions thrown aside. Now they threw aside their clothes, to shower. Together they explored each others bodies, more gently this time, with slippery suds.

"Put this on. No underwear though. Do your hair in plats," he demanded.

This was something new and she wondered what further delights she was to comply with. On seeing a thin blouse and little skirt the reference to that first time together became clear. She was to dress like a fellow student, or was it as his slut? It didn't matter, she was his to command.

The skirt was too short not to wear a sensible pair of panties. The blouse was too thin not to wear a bra, without showing off her breasts. It wasn't that troubling her. He had seen her naked so many times she had no fear of him seeing her body, but what game was she to be playing now?

"Your breasts look nice in that blouse" he said.

Despite her nervousness she blushed at the compliment.

"We're going out. Come on!" he told her.

In a sudden fright she stammered. "No! Please master. I can't. What if someone sees me dressed like this. I can't master. Please, don't make me, master," she pleaded for mercy.

With head down she gripped the skirts hem, trying not to be seen, while Roger drove through the crowded streets of the city centre.

"We're here," he announced.

The sound of the tyres crunching gravel gave a clue that they were somewhere out of town. Determined not to get out of the car she scrunched down in the seat only to slip forward out of the skirt, showing off not only her legs but everything else.

Squirming in the seat she sat up to see with surprise a large modern house where she expected to be in some lonely park or parking lot. This was certainly not somewhere private.

"My parents home," he declared. "Don't worry they're away," he added.

She remembered the place from before. With some relief she considered that at least he wasn't about to show her off to his friends. Dressed like a slut for his private amusement was one thing, but being shown off like this would be humiliating. Once inside it felt safe, at least enough to let go of the skirt, which had continually swirled around her thighs, threatening to reveal a bare bottom.

"I'll show you around," he said. "This is the library, obviously," he joked.

They continued through the house with a minimum of comments. Hollie was embarrassed when they passed his bedroom, from remembering that first night together. She was surprised he hadn't led her inside his room; instead she meekly let him lead her through the rest of the house.

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