tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher Is Mistaken Ch. 07

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 07


In class Hollie was quiet and the students quickly caught onto her mood. Earlier in the year she had asserted her authority, so now they were glad to just get on with their work without much supervision. Besides, it was near the end term so they had the party to think about, and were winding down for the summer break.

Lunchtime came around too slowly, and as anticipated Roger appeared as soon as the students left her class. She needed her master to remove the butt plug, so she would have to submit to him, even here in what should have been her domain.

She stood up as soon as he entered, standing to attention before him. It was embarrassing feeling so submissive, while hearing students noisily passing outside in the corridor. The classroom was silent, a moment Hollie usually enjoyed.

She shivered in anticipation when he strode up to her to stand very close. She smiled up at him with a longing look.

"Master," she sighed.

"Open up the jacket," he said.

She had kept the jacket on as a symptom of needing to protect her body. Besides that, the nipple rings might show through the thin silk bra and white cotton blouse. Feeling his hands over her breasts through the blouse, her face reddened in embarrassment.

He pinched her nipples and pulled on the nipple rings, watching them grow proud of the thin cotton. Embarrassment turned to humiliation, as he pushed his hand up the skirt to feel between her legs.

"Please master, I need to go to the bathroom," she stated. Her breathing was ragged from being so heated from his touch, and his powerful presence.

He kept a hold of her sex, preventing her from escaping, though he knew what she meant. "It stays in all day. Do you understand?" he asked.

"But master, I need it removed for the bathroom, please!" she implored him, with words and a desperate look in her eyes. She had of course tried to remove it, but there was some kind of mechanism holding it in.

She had intended to avoid calling him master in her class, with the hope of limiting his power over her to outside of school. Needing him to remove the butt plug was just an excuse to defer to him. As soon as he was close, a shiver of excitement brought on an overwhelming thrill, bringing with it a need to be controlled.

"Follow me, slave girl," he ordered.

Discreetly she followed her master, trying to look casual, as though they were not together. She had to leave the jacket in class, so anyone could see her erect nipples protruding through the blouse. A faint outline of the small piercing rings was clearly visible. That wasn't what made her so nervous. She was worried about where he was taking her, and what he had planned.

When he walked into the first aid room she hesitated, fiddling with her bag, desperately hoping no one would see her follow him in. Looking around to ensure no one would notice, she quickly slipped in to the room. She needed that damn butt plug removed, so there was no choice, she had to capitulate to his demands.

"Bend over," Roger ordered.

With a momentary thought of how inappropriate this behaviour was for a teacher, she bent over the cot, and lifted the back of her skirt. He pulled down her panties and she stepped out of them. She only just resisted a desire to wiggle her ass at him, to entice him with her pussy that was now rudely protruding between her thighs.

It hit her hard that she had become such an appalling slut under his influence. Fiddling with the butt plug excited her, which was a new and confusing experience. It had never occurred to her that anal stimulation could be arousing. She hoped it was because it was him doing it to her, and not another perversion he had taught her.

"In there, and make sure you clean yourself up," he demanded.

"Thank you master," she whispered. It should have been humiliating being told to clean herself up for him, yet she felt grateful to be allowed to use the toilet. His control of her body and mind was becoming so ingrained she accepted it.

Scuttling back to him she again bent over. Her thoughts were racing with trepidation over where they were and how dangerous this was. To be caught with a student would be fatal to her career. Being caught having him fit a butt plug into her bottom would be extremely shameful.

"Does my slave girl want something else, something big and hard inside her?" Roger asked his teacher.

"Oh! Master! Yes please master," Hollie whispered. As the words left her lips she shivered from fear. She really did need his cock, but here in school it was so wrong, and so very dangerous.

"Ask properly," he demanded.

Not wanting to risk her career she nevertheless capitulated to a deep need. "Please, master, take your slave girl, make your slave girl happy, please," she whispered. The close sound of two students arguing outside the door was frightening and arousing.

"Do you want your master to spank you, for not asking properly?" he asked.

The thought of anyone hearing loud slaps upon her bare bottom, as she was spanked by a student in school, was dreadful. "Please master, tell your poor slave girl what she must say," she implored of him.

"Do you want your master's cock in your slutty teacher's cunt? Do you want to be fucked?" he asked.

Overwhelming passion rocked her back on her heels. The nasty words fired up an already overheated body. Her whole body was smouldering with passion, emanating from a throbbing hot pussy.

"Please master! Fuck your slutty teacher's cunt. Your teacher is your sex slave, master, and needs to be fucked, slave girl needs to feel your big hard cock in her cunt, please master," she whimpered.

The bad words spilled from her lips uncensored. All inhibitions had been surrendered, as she became totally submissive to him. Feeling his cock nestling between her swollen lips ignited her. She was on fire with passion. A loud moan rang around the small room.

Roger reached for a bandage, conveniently left out on a shelf above the cot.

Hollie hardly noticed him gagging her. All her attention was concentrated upon her sex. She pushed back upon him but he avoided her. Instead his cock teased her by sliding over wet lips and engorged bud. With every squirming movement it ran across her gaping wet hole, causing a heightened frustration, and muffled moans.

He slapped her ass. "Hold still naughty slut teacher," he whispered in her ear.

"Please master, fuck your slutty teacher! I'm your slut slave, please fuck your wanton cunt, please!" she moaned through the improvised gag.

Roger wrapped his arms around her and pulled open the blouse. He tweaked her nipples, pulling upon the piercing rings. She yelped with pain. If she had been able to think clearly, she would have been surprised to find she was fired up from the pain.

Unable to hold on, she pushed back, trying to find his cock. This time he thrust in, hard and deep. He had to put a hand over her mouth and gag, to stifle the yells of pleasure. With the other hand he squeezed a breast, pumping it in time with the thrusts of his cock.

"Fuck your slave's cunt hard, master. Punish your teacher for being such a wanton slut, master. Fuck your teacher's tight cunt hard, master," she tried to yell, through the gag and his hand.

Roger slapped her ass hard. "Keep quiet you nasty little slut," he demanded.

It was no good for she was unaware of anything but his cock. He was driving hard into her with all his youthful vigour. He lifted her off the ground with every strong thrust. She moaned fitfully when held off the ground, briefly supported by his cock pressing tight up inside. It seemed to stretch her vagina it felt so full of cock.

The wonderful feeling of being full of her master's cock was electric. Feeling him cum, she too had a deep orgasm. Her whole body trembled. Hollie was overcome with love for her master. Nothing else mattered. She was his willing sex slave, under his control and loving every moment of her submission.

Feeling his cock recede from within, left her needing him all the more. It was a consolation when he tightly wrapped his arms around her body.

"Calm down, my lovely slave girl," he soothingly spoke, close to her ear.

She had been whimpering sounds of delight to him, through the gag. It was only then she properly realised he had her gagged. She was breathing hard through her nose. The sounds of students gathering along the corridor, talking loudly as they made their way back to classes, came to her in a rush.

It was both humiliating and exciting to be gagged, bent over bare assed, with his cum running down her legs. Anyone walking in now would be shocked. To see a teacher in such a demeaning and crude position was unthinkable. Hollie wallowed in the lowly position of being nothing more than a student's compliant sex slave.

"Your master has another surprise for his slave girl," he said.

"Thank you master," she automatically replied, not worried in the slightest if it might be yet another demeaning experience.

"Hold still," he said, when she fidgeted.

She felt his fingers gliding over her pussy lips, still sensitive from a thorough fucking. 'My master has fucked his cunt hard,' she purred silently. The thought shocked her. That she should think of her-self like that, and used such mean words, was surely wrong. The feel of something entering her vagina cut short the idea.

"What is it? Master," she meekly enquired. So worried was she the necessary word, 'Master', was added as an after thought. "What have you done to your slave, master?" she asked, with a tremulous voice.

"It's a Chinese egg. It will keep you on your toes this afternoon. Don't worry, you'll find out how it works later," he smiled. Roger cupped her sex in a hand, pressing both her pussy and the butt plug. Her sex had been so wet and open the device had slipped in easily.

He helped her pull up her panties and pulled her blouse back together. She was stunned and compliant, from what he had done to her, as well as recovering from a deep orgasm.

"Your slave girl needs to wash, master," she quietly mentioned. It was highly embarrassing, having to ask a student for permission to wash his sperm away from her thighs.

He cupped his hand, running it up her thighs, and held it to her lips. Without being ordered she licked his hand clean. The salty acrid taste was a mixture of hers and his sex juices. The nasty taste was only pleasing because it was her master's important seed.

His voice had become so commanding over the week, whereas her demeanour had sunk to an even greater low. He had completely mastered her. He controlled her in her apartment, then his, and now in school. It seemed her only refuge was in her classroom,

In his apartment she was his obedient slave girl, willing to pander to his every whim. She recognised this as a terribly pathetic condition to be in, but could do nothing about it.


Hollie was unaware of those around her as she staggered back to her class. The throng of students parted for her as they to hurried back to a class.

Conflicting feelings and thoughts raced through her mind. How could she have let a student do that to her, let alone doing it here in school. It was so bad, so very wrong.

Despite this she was on a high. Her master had taken control, demonstrating his power over her. He had made her his sex slave by controlling her body and mind.

In class it had been difficult at first to take charge, or to even find her voice. She made the excuse of suffering from a throat infection. This helped keep them quiet until she reclaimed some composure. Sitting as still as possible she tried to forget that awful thing up her bottom. Whatever it was in her pussy, she tried not to dwell upon.

In the middle of a lecture about a historical figure she would be suddenly reminded of what her master had done to her. A simple movement would have both devices rubbing inside her, colliding together, sending little quivers of sensations through her body.

Her nipples were engorged and her pussy was soaking her panties. Not allowed to wash his sperm from her legs meant they were encrusted with a mixture of their sex juices. She had to keep to the front of the class, away from them, fearing the students would smell the odour of an illicit encounter.

If not that, then surely they could see her engorged nipples. The guys were taking a close interest in her, and it wasn't the boring subject of the revolutionary wars. When someone asked about slavery she felt weak. Her voice cracked when trying to answer the question.

She was a slave! She was a young master's slave, ready to be mounted by him, whenever he felt the urge.

"It was terrible being a slave, and owning one too. It corrupted them both," Jean crossly answered for her.

"I was just thinking about my father saying he was a wage slave," Billy answered.

"Some looked after their slaves so well they were better off. I mean they were paid so poorly, after the war, when free," Jim added.

"I'd look after you if you were my slave girl, Jean," Daniel interjected.

Both Jean and Hollie blushed brightly, while the class laughed. Jean was looking at Daniel, trying to think of a clever retort. The look she gave him was a mixture of anger and pleasure.

"I bet you'd enjoy being his slave girl, Jean," Jim taunted, for a greater round of laughter.

"That's enough! You know I don't tolerate a noisy class. It's an interesting debate but let's get back on track. For the next twenty minutes read silently from chapter ten. Then we will continue. The class groaned, not as loudly as the teacher wanted to.

She had to sit down, wanting to cover her flaming red breasts, feeling the nipples on fire. Her face was embarrassingly red and the colour had spread down her neck to her breasts. On sitting the devices inside were squashed inside her body, sending messages of desire to her nipples, further inflaming them.

With orders not to wear the jacket, she had to leave her breasts on show, for the whole class to see. It wasn't too obvious, but the way she felt, the blouse and bra seemed no protection at all. The small piercing rings wouldn't have been so bad on a student, though on a responsible teacher, they looked lewd.

The first afternoon class seemed to drag on for ever. She imagined everyone staring at her breasts. She croaked out a request for them to quietly study, while she looked at some paperwork. Her throat was constricted from being so aroused and embarrassed.

The girls were looking at her with subtle acknowledgement, some sympathetic, others gave her derisory looks. The guys were less subtly ogling her. They sensed the state she was in, rather than knowing what she was going through from experience.

It was a relief when the class changed and Roger walked in. Her master was there and he had promised to look after her. She began to relax under his benevolent smile.

This time she didn't attempt to stand and lecture the class. Instead she quietly asked them to study whatever they felt they needed to. Not willing to jeopardise this unexpected free time, they settled down to daydream or actually study something, not necessarily history.

She looked at her master with a longing look. She noticed he was pointing something at her. It was hidden in his hand, but she was looking at him intently and watched his fingers, otherwise the slight movement would have been missed. What she couldn't miss was the movement inside her vagina, causing a slight vibration. Intently watching his fingers, the suspicion was confirmed, when he fiddled with it again, and the vibration inside her body intensified.

Damn! He held a remote control for that Egg. He was stimulating her vagina in class! Already feeling hot, he was driving her to the edge of an orgasm. Not in class!

That couldn't happen, especially since he had her yelping and screaming at the peak of a deep climax. Sex had never been so thoroughly consuming before he took control of her. It had always been a quiet and pleasant feeling, never so dramatic.

She looked at him with a pleading look, needing it to stop. He was taking control of her in the very last sanctuary left to her. 'Please, master, don't fuck with your teacher's cunt in class, please master.'

For a dreadful moment she thought she had whispered the demeaning words. Hollie struggled out of the chair and hobbled to the door. "I won't be long, just carry on working, and above all, keep quiet," she breathlessly told the class.

She didn't remember staggering along the corridor to the restroom. She sat there biting her lip trying not to make a sound. The damn Egg was still vibrating even though she must be out of range of the control he used. Damn! It would carry on stimulating her until she returned, and he decided to switch it off.

Playing with her bud was a necessity if she were to get back to the classroom. Imagining her master was taking care of her she pressed her hard little button then began to rub it hard.

"Please master, let me cum!" she desperately whined.

It didn't take long for an orgasm to develop and it was soon over. It helped, only marginally.

She was still sensitive to the vibrations within her vagina, but could now withstand the stimulation. When she stood up the Egg pressed against the butt plug through the thin wall separating them. She yelped and held onto the wall. She turned around to lean over the toilet with legs spread, as though being searched by a cop.

Her legs were spread wide, trying to give the two devices inside her body room.

"How the hell did I get into this? He has me panting for his cock in my classroom. I can't go on like this," she complained, in a low whine.

Hollie walked back to class bow legged, as though she had been riding a horse for a week. Pulling herself up straight outside the door, she walked in, trying to appear normal, as though nothing was wrong. It was all wrong, so damn wrong!

She looked at her master with a pleading look, and thankfully watched him switch her off. She was still suffering from an over sensitive vagina. Every time she squirmed in the seat she had to squash her swollen lips against the chair.

Daring to look up at him she saw the warm smile and quickly looked down at the papers on her desk; unable to focus on them. He had demonstrated yet again his power over her. He could work her up with his mere presence, and a touch of his hand had her wanting him. Now he could switch her on at the merest whim, like a love doll, open and ready for his cock.


Driving from school she was so preoccupied with thinking of a way to get out of this awful predicament, she mistakenly arrived at her apartment. Damn! She didn't have the key, so had to drive on to his house.

On arriving he was waiting for her. Without even a hello or letting her speak, Roger made his demands upon her.

"Turn around and lift up your dress. Bend over," he commanded.

Feelings of humiliation swept over her as she let her student examine her bottom, reminding her of his power over her. He moved it around eliciting a soft murmur of pleasure.

She gasped in delight on feeling his fingers exploring her pussy. Damn! He was checking to see if she still had the Egg inside her vagina. It was still there, as she knew only too well on the drive here. Every bump in the road vibrated the damn thing.

"I'll take them out later. Something to eat first then we can play. For following instructions you deserve a reward, and we have the whole evening ahead of us," he lightly said.

"Please master, can you take out the Egg, please?" she asked. She watched him finger the small control panel and shuddered. She shouldn't be asking anyone, let alone a student, to free her of such a horrid thing.

"Did you enjoy it?" he asked.

"Sort of master," she demurely replied, looking over her shoulder at him.

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