tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher Is Mistaken Ch. 08

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 08


Chapter 08

Hollie sinks deeper into slavery

"Please master, can your humble slave girl remove these chains for school?" Hollie pleaded.

She felt like a young schoolgirl, seeking permission from her father not to wear an irksome uniform. Instead, she was an adult, a teacher needing this young student's permission to dress decently for school.

As humiliating as the grovelling made her feel, she had to please Roger, while desperate for his help. She had tried to remove the chains, even if it meant being chastised by him. The vigorous struggling had been in vain, for they were locked in place at the collar, and between her legs.

After cooking breakfast she stood before him, waiting upon his answer. Surely he wouldn't send her to school like this?

Roger examined his beautiful teacher, wearing just a slave collar and chains. She was hot from being so vulnerable, and having to beg a mere student for freedom. He could have her right there, on the floor at his feet, ready to suck his cock. She had sunk so low, that she would take him between those luscious lips, at just a word of command.

She had gone from thinking of him as a domineering student, to playing at being his slave girl, pandering to his dominating role as master. She submitted to any indignity he cared to put her through, as he had brought to the fore her submissive personality. She was now addicted to humiliation, becoming excited just from the prospect of another shameful situation.

To keep her in place he thought up ever more embarrassing situations and humiliating punishments, which were working out well.

"Over my knee slave girl," he ordered. There was no need to be fierce or particularly heavy, as she had learnt to automatically obey him.

"Yes, master," Hollie murmured. It was important to keep her master happy, or he might not remove the chains. The fear of that was exciting, but she dare not think about arriving in school wearing them, or she would become too aroused.

"This butt plug needs replacing," Roger told his slave.

"Thank you, master," Hollie intoned.

She bit her lip, while trying to suppress the moans of pleasure, as he massaged her bottom with grease. The butt plug popped out easily. She wondered how it worked, for it had been impossible to remove when she tried it. After the first abortive attempt she gave in to his order to leave it in.

She sighed heavily, acknowledging this compliance as further proof of how much under his control she was. It was comforting to know she didn't have to decide anything any more, as her master looked after her. Like now, it could be so pleasurable giving in to him!

The touch of his fingers circling her asshole, teasing it, was wonderful. With his other hand fingers were teasing her pussy and stroking her thighs. He was playing with her lips, just missing her bud, occasionally pressing it delicately. If it was the weekend, she would wish for this to continue all day. This morning they had to get to school.

"Oh!" she yelped, as the butt plug was eased into her bottom. The butt plug often felt larger, though it would do, as her sphincter had tightened around his finger. She relaxed again, as those magical fingers continued to tease so delightfully.

She felt a hand stroking her thighs, while fingers teased her pussy. This was such a wonderful way to relieve the stresses of teaching, the technique should be taught in school. Hollie imagined giving directions to the guys in her class. Up a bit, that's it, not so rough, maintain the pressure just there. There was no need to guide her master, for he was guided by the soft moans of pleasure.

"Did it hurt, slave girl?" he sympathetically asked.

"Only a little, master," she replied.

"It's a bit bigger than the last one, so be careful for a little while. You'll soon get used to it, as you did with the others," he told her. "Come on, you'll lie there all day if I let you. Get dressed, the choice is yours today. Just a treat, so don't get use to it," he said.

"But master, please, the chains!" she moaned in dismay. The casual remark about the butt plug was soon forgotten, as she realised he wasn't going to remove the chains.

"You'll just have to wear something to hide them, and be careful in class," he warned her.

"Oh! Please master! Your little slave girl might get found out. She'll be helpless without her master. A slave girl in chains, in class, it will be so dangerous master. Anyone could take slave girl over and make her theirs, while she is in chains. Please remove them master," Hollie beseeched him, while on her knees.

Roger very nearly gave in to her. She was acting so humble and pathetic, really going for the slave girl act. The way she had given in to this submissive side so completely, was surprising. He guessed the fear and thrill of discovery, would keep her hot all day.

It was unlikely anyone would find out about the slave chains, though he wondered how she would react if they did. What would happen if someone took hold of her collar? Would she slip into the submissive role with a stranger? Would she become so submissive they could lead her away, for her to become their unwilling, yet obedient slave girl?

It was almost worth setting up to see what happened.

"Over my knee slave girl," he ordered sternly. Hearing her whimpers of apology was satisfying. It left him feeling strong and powerful. He could no longer think of the woman as an authority figure, as a teacher, or even an adult. How could he when she so willingly submitted to him as her master.

He slapped her bottom hard. He heard her suppressing the yelps of pain. "You are a naughty little slave girl. What are you?" he asked.

"I'm a naughty little slave girl, master," Hollie answered with sincerity. "Ouch!" she blurted out when he slapped her again.

"You can yell if you like, but you're master is going to sting your bottom so you remember to behave and obey. Understood?" he demanded.

"Yes master, sorry master," Hollie answered with a humble little voice. She tried to hold back, but couldn't help yelping as her master spanked her bottom.

Several strokes later she stood before her master looking sorry for herself. "Yes, master, thank you for spanking your errant slave girl, master. Your slave girl will obey you master, honest," she faithfully promised.

Her cheeks stung as a reminder that she must fulfil the promise and obey him. She ran to the bedroom to get dressed. Pulling panties on, a hand wanted to stray between her legs. She was so wet it was imperative the itch was scratched. Knowing her master was waiting she held off from touching her sex.

There was only one option and that was the business suit, which would hide the chains. It had been worn to make her look older, more mature and suitable as a responsible teacher. Yet here she was wearing slave chains, subjecting herself to a young guy's whims.

There was no time to think about how or why this had happened, besides that, she dare not dwell upon the sordid state she had sunk into. Without a glance in the mirror she ran, as an eager to please slave girl, back to her master.

As usual they stopped just inside the door before leaving.

"Open your legs, a bit more," he said, while reaching up the skirt, pushing his hand into her panties.

Hollie felt his hand rubbing her crotch, exploring everything, to check she had shaved smoothly enough. Having become used to this routine, it was no longer humiliating for a student to be delving into her panties. He already knew she was smooth down there, for he had fitted the butt plug, so this was just another way to assert his authority over her.

Pulling herself together before a mirror a quizzical look distorted her features, crooking her eyebrows. She sharply tugged at the skirt again.

"Your master had it shortened," Roger smiled. He knew she would have to choose the suit, as it was the only thing that would cover the chains. Now the hem was well above her knee. It was a little short for a teacher, though not flagrantly outside acceptable standards.

"Oh!" Hollie muttered, not knowing what to say. She was already anxious over the chains, and this added to her fears. She would be a bag of nerves all day.


On the drive to school Hollie had plenty to think about. She drove slowly, agonising over the prospect ahead, of sitting in class wearing a slave collar and chains! Looking in the mirror, yet again, to check the collar wasn't too obvious, she pulled at the blouse, trying to hide it completely.

It was a silver band with two chains running from a loop in the front. Apart from the small lock, fixing the chain in place, it looked like a fashionable piece of jewellery. The chains might look as though a pendant hung from the collar, though it was better to try and hide it. At least it didn't have a slave name tag on it.

In the bathroom earlier, she had tried to remove it without success. One end fitted into the other, sealing it tight. Without giving it much thought she concentrated on the chains. A tiny lock between her lips held the piercing loops together, and locked the chain to them.

At the lights she fidgeted and was reminded of the butt plug. It was only this morning her master told her he had been fitting larger butt plugs into her bottom. She hadn't realised what he had been up to. This had been forgotten on realising the chains weren't coming off. Sitting there dwelling upon the butt plug, she suddenly realised what it meant.

"Oh! My god!" she exhaled loudly. She was a mature woman, though she had to admit not so worldly wise after all, as this was so very dim-witted. She had let one of her students enlarge her asshole, over the last couple of weeks, with only one possible explanation.

A car horn sounded and she saw the light had tuned to green. Trying to calm herself she slowly pulled away, with the impatient driver following closely.

"That's it mister, get up my ass, its big enough now," she laughed. The sound was too close to hysteria for comfort.

Forcing herself to think about something else, the experience of last night came bounding in. Hollie shivered from remembering that nasty guy pulling upon her nipples, while fitting the large piercing rings. This morning she wore a substantial bra, under a white cotton blouse, to hide them.

A large pair of white cotton panties helped her feel better too. The uncomfortable feeling of large thick rings through her bud, and lips, could be withstood. The lips were down to a dull ache now.

The agonising humiliation of that piercing parlour was heating her up, so she had to think of something else. She caught herself getting wet from a pleasant memory. Last night her master had spent some time soothing her tortured body with his lips and tongue. Remembering that was even worse, for both nipples pushed prominently at the blouse, despite the sensible bra.

Thinking of piercings reminded her of the earrings. She pulled her hair back on one side and glanced in the mirror. Damn! With so much else to think about she had forgotten them. The large hoop earrings were too slutty to wear in school.

She had always thought of them as slut earrings. The kind of girl that wore them in college dressed in short skirts and tight tops. They would be available to the guys, as long as they got what they wanted in return. She certainly wasn't like that!

She was a slave girl, and her cunt belonged to her master! The thought crashed over her like a wave off the cold Atlantic Ocean.

She was using nasty words, and thinking of herself in that bad way. She sighed heavily. There was no denying it. She was dressed in slave chains, and wore his ownership collar. She was a slave girl; his slave to do with as he pleased. It meant being under his control and that gave her a warm feeling, knowing he was looking after her.

Hollie drove slowly into the car park, not wanting to shed the safety of her car while others were about. Leaving it close, she quickly made her way to her classroom, not wanting to be late. There were others dashing to class, but they were in too much of a hurry to notice a teacher.

When at last she sat at her desk, without anyone noticing her on the way, she jumped a little. A shiver of fright was felt as though receiving a bite from the butt plug. The chains were silent, but the very thought of them kept her from moving around. Every time she lifted her chin too much, the chains would rub her sensitive bits.

While the students quietly got on with set-work, she mulled over her masters words from last night. It was after their wild session on the lounge floor.

At the time she hadn't been in a fit state to take in the significance of what he said. The collar had something to do with it. That was it! He wanted her to agree to be his live-in slave, and in return he would give her a slave name. It would be etched on the collar for ever. More than that, he would own her.

Sitting at her desk Hollie tried to mark some assignments. She dare not look up at the class, for she was brightly blushing. It was a good thing he wasn't there, or she would have to look at him, and that would give the game away. She would flutter her eyelashes at him, signalling to everyone they had a relationship, though how could anyone guess at its true nature.

Pressing down on the butt plug, as a painful distraction, also reminded her how completely she had succumbed to him. With such youthful vigour, he had mounted a sexual onslaught of pleasure, leaving no chance to recover her senses; never enough to resist him. This latest assault upon her body gave no respite, even in the classroom.

Would being a live-in slave be so different from how she was behaving now? Could she agree to being owned by him? Hollie didn't want to think about such a change in their relationship. She pressed her bottom into the hard chair, feeling the thing bite.

She thought of his words this morning. 'You must wear this larger one all day. Then tomorrow I'll fit a bigger one,' her master had casually informed her. He was preparing her asshole for his use! The disgrace was both shocking and arousing.

He acted as though he owned her body, whether she agreed or not and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it.

Hearing her breathing blowing noisily through her nostrils, she opened her mouth wide. Trying to calm it down, she went back to thinking what it might mean to be his live-in slave, rather than just playing at it.


That girl last night! Hollie had forgotten about her. The Asian girl had been envious, thinking she was Roger's permanent, collared slave girl. Could she take that extra step, accepting that he owned her?

The embarrassment of showing off her body so blatantly, and revealing those piercings, meant she had been in a daze.

It had only been a brief conversation, until the next customer walked in. The girl was serving in her father's restaurant at the takeout counter. She had lifted the side of her hair to reveal a pair of hoop earrings, and opened her mouth to display a pierced tongue.

There was no need for Hollie to reveal anything, for the dress was so thin and tight, her body was on show already. From the rough treatment of her nipples, they were still swollen, enveloped tightly as though vacuum wrapped.

After being pierced with those big thick rings, she had to stand with her legs parted. With the light behind her everyone who walked in could see, in silhouette, her distended lips with those big rings piercing them. The sheath dress was pulled tight over her mons, showing it was clean shaven. The ring in her bud pushed at the thin material.

The hem of the dress pulled under her cheeks, cupping them. If it rode up any further the butt plug would be revealed. One glance in a full length mirror was enough. Hollie had never felt so fragile and vulnerable in her life.

Every time a customer walked in Hollie had to press against her master for protection, with the need becoming overwhelming.

A couple of young guys walked in, immediately eyeing her up, whispering rude remarks about her. The smirks on their faces revealed their lewd thoughts, and shared whispers.

Her master was right, she was a slut, and needed to be controlled for her own good. Why else would she let him dress her like that, if she wasn't a dirty little slut? She needed him to control her, needing to be completely mastered by him.


Hollie coughed loudly to cover up the gasp of arousal. A face or two looked up, and quickly looked back at their work, not wanting to draw attention. They were probably doing something other than history, but Hollie was past caring. She was too busy trying to bring herself under control.

Eventually lunch time arrived. As soon as the class emptied he was there.

"Master!" Hollie exhaled, quietly though forcefully. He smiled pleasantly, and beckoned for her to follow. She knew where and what to expect. She eagerly trotted along, a few paces behind him, trying to be discreet. With every movement the chain pulled upon her naughty bits.

Her nipples were swelling, beginning to show even through the layers of material. It was imperative she get out of the corridor, and into the first aid room, before someone noticed.

The nurse came out of the first aid room, halting her by the drinks machine. Her master carried on, walking past the nurse. She fussed in her purse, as though looking for something.

"Hi! Do you need change?" a student asked.

Hollie was dumbfounded. It was that girl, the one flirting with her master. Wanting to say something to put the student in her place, she instead flushed red and stammered intelligibly. Still leaning over her bag, the neckline bulged slightly, just enough to reveal the slave collar.

"That's a nice choker, where did you get it?" Angela asked.

Before she could straighten up, the girl put a finger around it, weighing it. The slight movement ran the chain over still sensitive nipples, dragging it through the ring in her bud, and pulling on her lips. The humiliation of having this girl do such a vile thing to her, a rival for her master's affections, was dreadful.

She couldn't speak, couldn't tell her to let go. Of course it couldn't be revealed what the girl was doing to her body. Again she was in a helpless situation with this creature. The girl had a hold of her slave collar, stimulating her nipples a pussy!

"It's heavy, must be expensive," she said, while moving it up and down.

"Please, let me go," Hollie whispered, with a light wispy voice. She had meant to say, let go of the collar, but in her aroused state it all came out wrong. The vibrations over her bud would have been nice anywhere, other than in a school corridor.

"Eh? What's the matter? You OK?" Angela asked. She pulled on the collar harder. "Sorry, my finger is stuck," she lied. She pulled the teachers head up.

The girl looked her intently in the eye, with a sly smile across her face.

Damn! She suspects something, but surely she hasn't guessed all of it. If she found out about Roger it would put her in a difficult position, as if this wasn't bad enough. Hollie couldn't look away from her. She heard the few usual lunchtime students making their way to and fro, which heightened her embarrassment.

"Your boyfriend bought you this collar did he?" Angela asked, with a wiry grin distorting her lips.

"Yes!" Hollie whispered. So used to truthfully answering a master, it was likely she might reveal all. The humiliation and fear was stocking her so much she swayed a little.

Angela brushed the teacher's hair away from one side, to reveal a large hoop, pierced earring. Hollie felt as though she were an animal being led to the slaughter, terrified and helpless, unable to resist.

"That's interesting. I bet if I looked at the back of this collar I'd find it was sealed, tightly shut," Angela stated.

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