tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher Learns A Lesson

Teacher Learns A Lesson


Tia struggled at the front door of her apartment with her keys. They just refused to co-operate with her. It was 10pm and she had just had a very long and tiring day at the college. Everything had gone wrong today. So after locking up her little office at west hall where she was an English lecturer, she had headed down to the local bar for a few drinks and some good music to help her unwind. Tia was 35 years old and very attractive. She was an unassuming tease to all the college boys she did and did not teach. Any man would have to be out of his mind to not be attracted to Tia.

She had long red hair that reached down to her perfectly shaped ass. Her tiny waist only accentuated the large tits that stood proudly always beckoning and teasing. With her beautiful emerald green eyes Tia cast spells on every man she came across. The women who knew her were threatened by her beauty. The men who knew her craved for her. Tia loved sex, but was adverse to it now that she had broken up with her boyfriend of 6 years. She hated relationships from then on and buried herself in her work hoping it would help her forget Rob.

Earlier in the evening she had driven down to the Dukes Inn, the best bar and club in the little town where she lived. She wore a thin beige top. A brown short skirt that modestly ended mid thigh and a brown blazer completed her work outfit. High strappy heels accentuated her long slender legs that seemed to never end. She took a seat at the bar and ordered a whisky on the rocks. Several people she knew were there. She nodded her hello's and proceeded with her drink. After 2 large whisky's Tia's head started to feel light. At last the stress and weariness were easing away slowly. She got into her car and drove home. In her apartment Tia walked to her bed room and opened the blinds. She lived on the 5th floor. The cool air caressed her face and made her feel good inside. She wished Rob were here. She stripped off her jacket and walked about, not knowing that every step she made was being watched.

Danny hid in his teachers closet and watched as she removed her jacket. His goddess was now removing the pin that kept her lovely red hair piled onto her head. One more whisky in hand, the silky hair cascaded down to her ass. She removed her skirt. God! She wore a beige lacy thong and he could see that her pussy was clean shaven through the underwear. His erection hurt. How he wanted to throw her on the floor and push her panty aside and fuck her. But he couldn't. He had to wait and the waiting was killing him. Next off came the top, and her tits almost made Danny pass out. They were strange in a way. They were the biggest set of jugs Danny had ever seen. He had had his fair share of sophomores and even some of his mother's friends and his friend's sisters. But none of them ever had tits so large and perky. They stood round and firm on her chest and pale pink nipples stretched over her tits like they would never end. Her nipples already poked through the beige bra.

Were they erect already he asked himself? They were at least a half inch long already. Unbuckling the straps of her shoes, Tia collapsed on her bed. She turned on the television and to Danny's surprise the prim and proper English teacher from his college was watching porn. A young boy came into view as he jacked off his cock. In front of him spread-eagled was a much older nude woman already being fucked in the ass by one boy and in the pussy by another. The standing boy shoved his cock into the bitch's mouth and moaned as she sucked it. Tia rubbed her hands across her tits and moaned herself. Danny's cock throbbed as her watched his teacher take a vibrator out of her night stand and push it into her pussy. She was so horny the thong had just been pushed aside. One hand massaged her left breast. The nipples were at least an inch long now and stood out thick and pale pink, and very delectable. The movie went on as Tia masturbated herself moaning and groaning wildly while she thrashed about on the bed. She kept saying, Rob! Oh Rob! Fuck me, fuck me.

Rob must have been the old boyfriend thought Danny. Well after tonight she will never call for Rob again vowed Danny. Tia fell asleep after half an hour thoroughly exhausted. The T.V played on as women moaned as cocks entered every orifice of theirs. But Tia was fast asleep the vibrator still stuck up her pussy hole. Danny slowly emerged from the closet. He switched off the lights and watched his fantasy woman moan softly. She was having some sort of a dream. Definitely sexual he decided by the way she moaned. He took rope and bound both hands firmly to the bed posts. Quickly he removed all items of his clothing and climbed over Tia. She trembled as her ran his fingers lightly over her tummy.

Oh Rob! She moaned.

Gently he cut her panties off with a kitchen knife, and then her bra. Her tits sprang free. Fuck! her nipples were ready to suck. Large and hard. He moved down her tummy and stopped his face right over her pussy. The smell was intoxicating. He turned the vibrator on. She squirmed and moaned Rob's name even louder. Lower and lower he crept until he reached her feet. He knelt in front of them and lifted a leg. Gently he inserted her toe into his mouth and sucked. Tia gasped as he sucked hard on each toe. Her pussy juice was oozing out now. He turned the vibrator off. He didn't want her to come so soon. He came upward running his tongue all over her legs nibbling and sucking behind her knees. She was in ecstasy. She called out her man's name louder and louder and asked him vulgarly to suck her cunt.

Wait baby! Said Danny softly. He lay down over her. He was hard and athletic. Muscles rippled as he lay himself on top of. His cock throbbed against her pussy as she unknowingly wrapped her legs like scissors around his waist. Danny was only 19 but extremely good in bed and made sure she felt it. He wanted her to crave for him and call out his name as she did Rob's. Her dark head moved over hers and kissed her parted lips. She responded hungrily kissing him back. From then on there was no turning back. He kissed her passionately, savoring each moment as she hungrily tried to force him back to her lips roughly. He realized that she like it rough and on purpose delayed everything he did. His lips moved down her neck as he kissed her there all over her neck and sucked gently leaving hickies all over her neck. Tia yanked at the ropes.

Baby! She moaned. Ahhhhhhh baby.

Yes my little slut. You love this don't you he said sucking her neck a little roughly now.

Yes, yes, yes she cried.

He stopped and looked at her nipples. They were long and erect. Sitting on her, He took both nipples and squeezed them between his thumb and forefinger, twisting them in opposite directions. She screamed and moaned even louder. He played with both hard nipples squeezing her breasts and twisting and pinching her nipples. He noticed that she cried in ecstasy when he pinched her nipples roughly. He bent over her and stuck out his tongue and licked her left breast. Her whole body shuddered. Then he licked the other one painting circles with his tongue all over her fat plump tit. All the while he kept twisting and turning her nipples while he licked and sucked her breasts. Then he stopped and took one hard nipple into his mouth and sucked. Tia's eyes shot open. The pleasure was exquisite. Her pussy creamed as he suckled her, his other hand kneading her free tit. She was wide awake now. Realizing what was happening, she trashed wildly knocking him off her.

Rob? Who are you? She screamed.

Danny stood over her. It's me Danny Michaels from West Hall. He said his voice husky.

What the fuck is all this? She asked. What are you doing in my apartment? How did you get in? Her hands tugged furiously at the ropes binding her.

Danny fell on her, pinning both legs under him.

Shhh sweetheart, he said. You were loving all of this up until now. Stop with the ropes, you'll hurt yourself. I'm gonna make love to you now and make you come. You don't know how long I have been waiting for this baby. I love your sexy body. I love you sweetie he said, kissing her face.

Get off me, she yelled trying in vain to get him off her. He was too strong. You'll never get away with this.

Either you let me make love to you or I'll have to rape you, he said his voice full of conviction. Suddenly he reached across and hit her hard across her face. Stop screaming Tia, he said angrily. Either we do this the easy way or the hard way he said. It's your choice. But I am going to fuck you tonight and that's the end of it.

Tia sobbed softly and he started kissing her again. Her cheek hurt where he had hit her. She had thought it was all a dream. She felt Rob's hands on her breasts not some strangers. Let alone her student. She cried as she wondered how this person who was so gentle before was so rude and violent now. His mouth was back on her tits, and he was gentle again. He suckled her nipples. Inspite of herself she felt her pussy oozing out cream. Her cunt throbbed for Danny's cock as he kissed and squeezed and sucked both her tits. This was so wrong but she could do nothing to stop him.

Mmmm she said relaxing under his touch.

His hands reached down and one finger slipped inside her pussy sending shockwaves through her body. He took his finger out and showed it to her.

See how wet you are baby, he said and pressing his cock onto her pussy he continued. See what you have done to me. His cock felt large. She couldn't see it but she could feel it ending up on her thigh fat and long. Danny was very cute and every girl in the college seemed to have a crush on him. He could have any girl he wanted. Why her? She wondered who was so much older than her.

He sucked his finger covered with her cunt juice like a mad man. Let me love you Tia he said. Please don't stop me. His mouth went down to her cunt and he rubbed his face in-between her pussy lips.

Mmmmmmmm baby. He said parting her cunt lips. With the tip of his tongue he licked her clit. Her whole body spasmed.

Oh God! She cried. Please don't Danny.

He licked even faster. This was the first time she had used his name. He licked her whole slit from her little pink asshole to the tip of her clit. He ran his tongue over her clit in circles changing direction every now and then. Tia was thrashing about wildly on the bed. Danny! She cried. Fuck me baby. I don't care anymore, just fuck me please.

Danny stood up. Say it again, he said.

Fuck me Danny she cried.

Say it again Tia. He ordered.

Take your big cock and shove it in my mouth and then in my cunt Danny please……

He stood up and took his dick in front of her face. Suck this you bitch, he ordered.

His cock was at least 9 inches long and very thick. She struggled to take the whole thing in her mouth as he shoved it rudely into her mouth. She hungrily swallowed all she could and sucked hard, drinking every drop of precum off his massive cock. I never knew you were so large, she said.

He smiled. I've been told it feels fucking amazing in the pussy he said taking it out of her mouth and kneeling between her legs. He rubbed the tip of his cock on her clit making her cry with anticipation. Suddenly without warning he inserted the whole cock into her pussy.

He moved slowly allowing her to adjust to his size then suddenly thrust in deep without warning. Tia felt her cunt almost tearing into two. She loved it. She was wonderfully stretched and it felt great. Danny fucked her swearing every time his sock drove home.

Fuck bitch. What a hot cunt you have. Shit! Amy's cunt ain't never like this. Amy was Danny's steady girl at the college.

I'd like to suck you off Danny, said Tia. I want feel my cream all over your dick in my mouth. I need to taste you honey, she said. Untie me.Danny looked at her suspiciously, but then decided she was too horny to stop now or try any tricks. He cut the ropes that bound her wrists, and to his surprise she immediately flew at him like a wild cat. The knife was in her hands and she threatened him.

Don't you dare you bastard, she said. Stay away from me. She was sobbing and the knife in her hands trembled. With one hard swing Danny knocked her across he face. The knife went flying across the room. He roughly grabbed Tia by her hair.

This could have been fun baby, he said. But you had to go and ruin it all, didn't you. Well now you're gonna feel what it's like to be raped. He threw her on the floor on her stomach, and spread her legs from behind roughly. Violently he shoved his 9 inch cock into her pussy from behind and drove home. Her pussy hurt and she sobbed, crying to be released. She felt herself throbbing. Danny just kept going on cursing and swearing all the time. Bitch, he said. I love you. And he fucked her even faster. Despite her fear she was wet, and his cock made squishing and slapping sounds every time it entered her pussy hole. He seemed to go on and on unrelentingly. Suddenly he fucked her harder and grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her head up. He bucked into her harder and harder until she felt him explode inside her. His spunk flowed into her, she could feel it. He rode her with deep thrusts all the time holding onto her hair, until he came. She was flat on her tummy, legs spread-eagled with him behind her in her twat. Atlast he withdrew, and rolled over to her. She was sobbing uncontrollably.

That was awesome hon, he said reaching out for her lovingly. His hands stroked her hair. I hurt you didn't I? He asked. She just kept sobbing. I'm sorry baby, he said reaching out and pulling her limp body into his arms. I couldn't help myself. I wanted you so bad and when you refused me, well that just set something off, he said. His brown eyes searched hers for and answer. She looked up at him. He was cradling her to his chest. She had to admit he was fantastically good-looking. His eyes were a deep brown; they looked like they carried some deep dark secret. His lashes were long, his lips full and his body muscular and young. But yet he was so mature, she thought.

I would love to make love to you again baby, he whispered kissing the top of her head. But this time I want you to come to me willingly. No more force, I don't wanna hurt you again.

Fine she whispered back. But no one need know of this. Promise me.

I promise he said, smiling.

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