tagFetishTeacher Needs a Lesson Ch. 01

Teacher Needs a Lesson Ch. 01


I couldn't believe how frustrating it would be to have to go back to school. At 20 I am so much older than these childish kids but the Uni won't take my application without a couple of pre-req's. It didn't help that the local college wasn't offering make up courses so it was back to school or wait a year. Typical, that useless Guidance Officer gave me wrong info and I have to pay the penalty of doing Lit and History as a "mature age' enrolment. I'm in a class with all these 16 year olds that don't know their brain from their bum and I feel like an idiot. The Lit is fine but God, the History course is hard yards.

At least I've got a hot teacher! Hmm Ms Stein - must be in her 40s but great figure. Wonder if she knows how many of the boys have got boners after her class. It's fun to watch actually while I sit at the back. She's got a nice figure and certainly makes a point of dressing to show it off. I'd love to see those stocking tops, or is it pantyhose, when she gets up from her chair to come around the room and then, of course, it's all dicks up as she hovers over your shoulder and incidentally rubs her firm tits on your back as she leans over to correct your errors on your work.

Always in a nice lacy bra too - easy to know as she bends over and always has a couple of buttons undone. She wears sexy gear there's no doubt but what's under that I wonder? Bet she keeps it shaved and wet all day as she teases the boys. It's got to be why she wears that nice perfume - to hide her own scent. Still I must concentrate as I have to pass this course and I must admit I am not a natural at the subject.

Okay, here she comes. Swaying hips and those heels do wonders for the shape of her legs - concentrate! Poor Jim across the aisle is getting the full down-the-front-of-the-blouse view as she leans over his desk front - wouldn't mind betting he's lucky she's not beside him; I'd bet his cock would flip that desk over in a second. Now it's my turn. Round the back she comes and the classic hand on the back of the chair to lean over my shoulder. And there it is - firm tit in the middle of my spine! God she is warm.

"Pardon Miss?" Got to concentrate.

"I said Mark that you're not using the essay structure I showed the class. See ... here and here you need to have the quotes to prove your thesis."

I wish I could tell where she was pointing but as she reached for my essay I got a full right tit in the shoulder and her sexy as Hell mouth is an inch from my ear. I wish I had the stones; I'd just turn and kiss her fully on the mouth and see how those nipples harden.

"I know it's hard Mark, but these students have been doing this a lot longer. You need to put in the extra effort to catch up."

I bet you know it's hard Ms Stein - you're making it that way.

"I will Miss. I'll try to remember."

"Perhaps some extra time is needed. I could help you in my free period later today if you wish?"

"That would be great Miss. Thanks. I'll come to your office after lunch."

"Okay then."

And it's tits away. All the time we chatted she was gyrating against my back. She loves it! Never goes near the girls like that and you can see that one or to wouldn't mind. They can see what she does to the boys but the guys won't complain as long as they are getting a feel of those full boobs. Still, at the end of it all, I have to pass this course so I guess I'll just grin and bare it and try to focus.

After a short period of quiet work the bell went and we made our way out to head for the cafeteria. Lots of books held in front of laps - you've got to laugh. After a snack and a break out in the warm sunshine, the bell went. All the kids headed to class but, being on a two class timetable, I was free. I could have headed home but thought if Ms Stein was offering to help I needed to take what help I could get. A few of the ditzy girls hung around making them very late for their final class. After being here a few weeks I'd already heard the rumours about 'what a hunk' I am. I guess anyone in their world who isn't pimply faced counts as a hunk although, if I am honest, I haven't exactly struggled for lady companionship; at least not until I went back to school.

What a turn off that is when you're in a club ... "And what do you do when you aren't chatting up lovely ladies?"

"I'm finishing high school!" The look says it all - what a retard he must be!

Finally the yard is clear and I can feel safe heading towards the office area. I don't really want the other kids knowing I have remedial classes - they'll think I am a retard too. I still have to get by every day and high school hasn't changed much. Reputation is everything and I still have to have someone to talk to just so I don't go crazy for the four half-days I'm here. I make my way to the office and knock on the door.

"Come in?" Ms Stein's soft voices calls. I open the door and enter. "Well Mark I am glad you decided to come. Let's get started."

Already she was on her feet and coming around her desk. "We can work over here," and she pointed to a side table with two chairs crammed side by side.

I pulled out a chair for her and offered, "Ma'am?"

She laughed, "My what a gentleman," as she sat down. Pushing her chair in allowed a great view down her blouse - was it open another button?

She patted the chair beside her, "Well let's get started," and she looked around and saw my gaze. Standing over her for a change I looked up into her eyes and then back down at those gorgeous tits. She sort of gasped and then turned away, a hand coming up to her cleavage. I guess I'd spoiled it. Oh well, still had a good view first. I sat down and brought out my books and put them on the table.

I moved in to the table and immediately noticed that the small space forced our legs into contact, her thigh alongside mine. She didn't pull away. I wonder how much can be put down to luck and how much to psychology? I'd given her the right chair and I took the left. This had the happy result that her blouse hung open to my view while we were seated together. That plump firm tit and that black lacy bra were in full view as she hadn't actually buttoned up anymore. This was going to be hard work.

I opened my book and we started looking at my notes for the essay topic. As she read them I sat waiting and gazing at her lovely cleavage. I am sure that she wasn't oblivious to this but she made no move to avoid it either. I guess she was enjoying putting on the show. I wonder how wet she was below? Her perfume was quite intoxicating when this close.

"Hmm, good ideas Mark but they need organising. Let me see your planning."

She turned more toward me and put her hand on the back of my chair. More lace on display and practically an open cleavage. Again I flipped a page or two and as I turned the page and put it down the back of my hand brushed across the front of her breast. I could distinctly feel a hard nipple pushing through the material. My God she was begging for it!

Pretending to try to find the page I kept flipping back and forth 3 or 4 times and each time I made a point of grazing against that tit. No protest ... hmmm!

"Ah here it is Miss," I whispered.

"Oh Mark," she breathed deeply, swelling her nipple against my hand, "I think as a mature student and in private like this you can call me Janette. Not in class you understand but in here we can be less formal, okay?"

"Sure Janette."

I left my hand where it was and she leaned in again to read my essay plan crushing my hand against the desk with that pointed tit. I wish I'd written a longer plan! After a brief moment she started to move away and began to speak, "Well I think that your ..."

It was as far as she got because it was at that moment, I don't know why, I decided to turn my newly released hand and cup her lower breast. She took in a sharp breath and then looked into my eyes before looking down. It seemed like an age. We didn't move until I gave the slightest squeeze and she murmured, "Ohh!"

She looked up again but still didn't move so I took the initiative and squeezed more firmly and shifted to cup more of her tit as I leaned over and kissed her. She didn't respond at first but sat motionless. I knew I was well over the line but whatever it was, it was too late now. It's as well to be hanged for a sheep as a lamb my Lit teacher had quoted from somewhere a day or so ago. Never was a lesson learned so quickly or thoroughly.

I pushed in closer and pressed my lips to hers kissing her fully on the mouth. She made a quiet mewling sound as she responded to the kiss and I felt her tongue against my lips. I turned to her and my other hand went straight to her blouse, inside the opening and onto the full firm nipple that was trying to punch a hole in her bra. I squeezed and captured that nipple that seemed incredibly long between my thumb and finger and began to gently roll it around. Ms Stein's ... Janette's breath was coming in gasps and her bosom was heaving with her arousal.

Maintaining the kiss I pushed back my chair and turned toward her, my knee pushing between her two open thighs. Pushing between them she opened more. I sucked her tongue that was now in my mouth. It was unusual for me to have the experience of being kissed this way but her hot and experienced mouth showed me she knew how to kiss as my tonsils were inspected. I allowed one hand to roam across her breasts while I dropped the other into her lap and pushed up the hem of her skirt.

"No! We mustn't!" she breathed into my mouth but I wasn't really listening to the teacher's instructions at this moment.

The stocking clad thigh was hot and my hand made its way along the smooth silky material until it reached a clasp and lacy stocking top. One question answered - she was a stockings and suspenders lady. Not surprising but certainly pleasing. I pushed forward and she clamped her thighs together on my hand, pulling away from the kiss, "No we mustn't Mark!"

"A bit late to say that Janette," I said as I pushed further and there was that inferno of her core at my finger tips. In one of those corny romance novels it would say 'she swooned'. She fell back in her chair and her legs lost their grip on me and my fingers delved into the wetness of her panties. I couldn't see them but they were obviously a match for the lacy bra.

I fondled her cunt lips and felt how much they protruded and were engorged with her on heat as she was. Sliding them to one side I plunged a finger fully inside her and she clamped her vaginal walls to hold it there as she started panting. I withdrew and pushed in again setting up a simple steady pace trying to extend a digit to brush against her clit. Answer number two - as shaved cunt, I knew it!

She had thrown herself back in the chair by now and I was able to thrust a second finger into her and I could sense her building towards an orgasm. The panties were restricting my movement so I stopped pushing.

"Take your panties off!"

"What?" she asked, a glazed look in her eyes.

"Take off your panties for me!"

She understood my demand and didn't even seem to hesitate. She stood up in front of me between the chairs and reached up under her skirt on each side and drew down the soaking material and stepped out of them. The whole time she was looking down into my lap where she saw the outline of my cock tenting my pants. She bent at the waist and picked up the flimsy material scrap and wantonly dropped it atop my cock in my lap.

She started to bend down toward me I think to kiss me when the office door opened. Mr Graham the Geography teacher came in and stopped suddenly.

"Oh sorry to interrupt, just grabbing a text," he said and then he paused to peruse the scene before him.

Luckily for Ms S her blouse had fallen back into its natural position as she stood up when she heard the door opening. Her skirt was at its usual knee length and her knickers were hidden in my lap.

"Oh Harold, that's alright," she said perhaps a little too brightly as she heard the final bell ring in the background, "we were just finishing off."

Not quite I thought!

She turned back to me and the look of loss in her face was a vision to behold - loss of the orgasm I think she was near, loss of the fuck I was going to give her but, at least in my mind, mostly the loss of the panties that were now in my possession. It was an interesting hold to have over my teacher. What a rumour that would be and it would be believed too.

Mr Graham's arrival had quelled my ambition for the moment and my impromptu swelling had wilted quickly. It was only time now for a carefully stage-managed exit. Gathering my books and standing up, secreting the panties in my pocket as I did and still secreting fluids into my boxers, I made my exit.

"Thanks for the help Miss. I'll see you tomorrow in class. I'll get that homework finished tonight."

Only you and I knew the homework would be me using your panties along the length of my cock and smelling your womanly scent as I came into them.

"See ya Mr Graham."


And I was gone.

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